Top 7 Most Satisfying Cold Starts!!

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    Caterpillar D7 -
    Peugeot 505 Gti -
    Mercedes 407D -
    DW-21 -
    F1 Car -
    Vauxhall Carlton -
    Volkswagen Passat -
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  • Osnola
    Osnola 14 hours ago

    2:48 when he discovers the starter (air button for the carburetor) everything goes ok

  • JurisKankalis
    JurisKankalis 1 day ago

    Are you an idiot? Just say yes and we're good. What the fuck is the stupid prick music? Who the fuck cares if the engine makes smoke when it's started after 10 years? Who the fuck taught you your french, idiot? Peugeot, right, idiot?

  • Turn J
    Turn J 1 day ago

    The light blue car sound was fire🔥

  • silkdestroyer
    silkdestroyer 3 days ago

    This kinda gives me some hope. I have to try and start a garaged stored Citroen CX, 2500 injected petrol, sat for for probably as long as 10 years. Wish me luck!! LG.

  • Ace D
    Ace D 6 days ago

    was recently starting a 72 ford that had been sitting since 84 and it fired up in about 5 minutes, just poured a little gas down the carb, got a new battery, and put fresh gas in the tank.

  • Devin Coble
    Devin Coble 9 days ago

    1:30 more like how to give four guys carbon monoxide poisoning inside of two minutes. Exhaust fan is recommended obviously.

  • Module79L
    Module79L 11 days ago +1

    1:02 - Unknown? I see you didn't even go to the trouble of reading the description in the video you put the link of in your own description!

  • meganspecv
    meganspecv 13 days ago

    how did those porches behind the F1 car get into the shop to begin with??

  • Luka Ruzic
    Luka Ruzic 14 days ago


  • grzesiek brzenczyszczyk

    Nr.4 it's not Carlton

  • Mehmet T. Bakkal
    Mehmet T. Bakkal 19 days ago

    Lol what is peugiot?

  • vampire64
    vampire64 20 days ago

    Some of these people could have died of carbon monoxide poisoning turning on a vehicle inside an unventilated area.

  • Connor9291
    Connor9291 22 days ago


  • Lina Maes
    Lina Maes 24 days ago

    establish impressive evolve degree hypothesis outcome establishment review.

  • Stephen's Word, Farming and Mechanics

    People, gasoline has a shelf life of about a month. Ethanol decreases that to about 2 weeks. Put some fuel stabilizer in there and it will help with it. If youre going to put the car up, put it up, drain all the fuel out, and if it has a carburetor, take it off and drain it. The carb still holds gas even if its been drained out of the tank.
    Side note, not pertaining to last said: On the Cat d7, theres 2 engines, a gas and a diesel engine. Before glow plugs, you had a small gas engine that would vent the exhaust around the main diesel engine block, and would also act as the starter for it, when the guy is moving his arm back and forth quickly, thats the clutch for starting the diesel engine. Fun fact, almost all diesel engines on tractors and bull dozers back then were like that.

  • Matteo Venafro
    Matteo Venafro 26 days ago

    1981 rx7 with a turbo 13b sat for 15 years outside, with new injectors, plugs and oil, the fucker started took 2 hours,

  • Katalabix
    Katalabix 28 days ago

    Awesome machinery.

  • Adrian Lemic
    Adrian Lemic 28 days ago

    those guys need some serious help

  • Christian Kinzel
    Christian Kinzel 28 days ago

    Best noise is when I start my car every morning :)

  • Meow ;3 Körvson
    Meow ;3 Körvson 1 month ago

    Whats that music my man

  • Rolling Guy
    Rolling Guy 1 month ago +1

    It was actually a good idea to push that 22 years old engine a bit because it was going to die on him. Happened to me when I bought my 15 years old BMW M5, I gave it a push because the engine was sitting dead for over a decade and it nearly died on me when I first ignite it.

  • JR
    JR 1 month ago

    I cringed so hard when that mechanic revved the Volswagen.
    I mean come on! The car has been sitting for 22 years unused, still cold, and the first thing that comes in your mind is to rev it?
    Why are people like that mechanics?

  • Donutdudes66
    Donutdudes66 1 month ago

    of course the f1 car still ran. it's got a yamaha engine. nothing beats an old yammie

  • Scratch Gaming
    Scratch Gaming 1 month ago

    notice how none of those were Ford's


    @ (02:17) that 505 Peugeot with the ZDJ "Douvrin" i4 engine shouldn't been on this list, since its gasoline engine...

    ofcourse there are diesel engines available for this car.... but this one wasnt the one..

  • Rory King
    Rory King 1 month ago

    how can you not no that F1 car.

  • Ferrariman601
    Ferrariman601 1 month ago

    The F1 car is an ex Damon Hill 1997 Arrows Yamaha!

    • Ferrariman601
      Ferrariman601 1 month ago

      And revving that poor VW motor! I could feel the grinding timing gears from here!

  • Mason Farrell
    Mason Farrell 2 months ago

    that Peugeot actually sounded pretty good

  • Dayton T
    Dayton T 2 months ago


  • サンディプ Sandeep パンデPandey

    All rested and logo is new first one ☝️

  • Karl Nordstrom
    Karl Nordstrom 2 months ago

    That F1 car is way to advanced to be 12 years old

  • VinceTheQuadRider
    VinceTheQuadRider 2 months ago

    1:30 After starting this, they all died from lack of oxygen traggic loss...

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  • Nikola Dukic
    Nikola Dukic 2 months ago


  • 1974 Ford Bronco Bronco!

    I need to cold start my mustang when I have time

  • Marco
    Marco 2 months ago

    the F1 car is an Arrows A18 v10 "Danka" (1997)

    LITTLE BRAT 2 months ago

    what is a cold star

  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni 2 months ago

    that satisfaction when that caterpiller finally off to stretch its legs

  • Vortec 3501999
    Vortec 3501999 2 months ago

    the car guy's bread and butter

  • PaulSpomer03
    PaulSpomer03 2 months ago

    How is that satisfying

  • Mongrel Productions
    Mongrel Productions 2 months ago

    in two days it will be the twentieth anniversary of my dad taking apart his jeep... he will be done fixing it in about a week if all goes to plan... it's a 1975 CJ and it was his first car when he got it in 1982 incase anyone was wondering

  • Adam Rycroft
    Adam Rycroft 2 months ago

    Everyone in clip 2 died of carbon monoxide poisoning...

  • jakub gotowicki
    jakub gotowicki 2 months ago

    you shouldn't rev an engine after starting it let alone after 22 years. idiot

  • Vinnie Cross
    Vinnie Cross 2 months ago

    The F1 car is a 1997 Arrows Yamaha.

  • Marc Parra
    Marc Parra 2 months ago

    I instinctively held my breath when I saw the inside of that first van. Almost forgot to breathe

  • Wisconsin and Northwestern Railroad

    That f1 sounded like my snowmobile

  • Kaspar Marcusson
    Kaspar Marcusson 2 months ago

    I can't be the only one who looked at that old Porsche in the back @2:00

  • Spinnin Records Nerd
    Spinnin Records Nerd 2 months ago


  • Cash Coyle
    Cash Coyle 2 months ago

    what is this music

  • picax8398
    picax8398 2 months ago

    That's awesome with the dozer built to last!

  • Jacob Games
    Jacob Games 2 months ago

    what's this song called anyone ?

  • Simone Taricco
    Simone Taricco 2 months ago

    2:10 peugiot?!!😂😂

  • FauneRs
    FauneRs 2 months ago

    the f1 car is a 1997 arrows a18

  • Puck Darlington CEO Channel48

    No the credits , the financial ones go to you , you monetize videos you have no copyright on , naming and linking to the owners is not a free road to make money with their content , sorry had to mansion this , as a video content creator on youtube

  • Der Isländer
    Der Isländer 2 months ago

    Thw unkown F1 car is an 1996 or 1997 Arrows

  • Will Thies
    Will Thies 2 months ago

    I should have recorded the startup of my 79 vette that sat in a field for 15 years

  • BlackOut
    BlackOut 2 months ago +2

    When I left my BMW 520i off for 3 weeks, and it was 'running' on 5 cylinders... But after driving a couple 100 meters, it was running on all 6 cylinders again. BMW is a great car man, I recommend it.

  • Toaster Oven
    Toaster Oven 2 months ago

    Its funny because i saw all these videos separately before seeing this a year later xD

  • DuckPlayzRoblox YT
    DuckPlayzRoblox YT 2 months ago

    Pollution we meet again

  • Stephen's Word, Farming and Mechanics

    its amazing how long things can last and still run. the harvester in my picture is 50s
    p.s reving a cold engine wont always kill it. the worst is that you go from low to high throttle and flood it, which is what the guy did at 7:03
    also heavy machinery starting was cool back then because they had two motors, instead of a heavy starter, have a 12 volt starter and an engine to start the diesel

  • I am kill_em_all3456
    I am kill_em_all3456 2 months ago

    did anyone else see the image bend at 8:45

  • EndlessVibez
    EndlessVibez 3 months ago


  • gregwddriver
    gregwddriver 3 months ago

    I heard that free revving a cold engine is really good for it...especially with no initial oil pressure.

  • Blake Vella
    Blake Vella 3 months ago

    I bought an old 1974 Corolla, had not been started in 30 years (in 2012) I got it home and she start straight up and even ran on old fuel

  • just plane crazy
    just plane crazy 3 months ago

    My mom's car (2002 Nissan almera) was sitting in my front yard for 12 years, should my mom start it?

  • Slender_04
    Slender_04 3 months ago

    It should be called "old starts"...

  • tuesday
    tuesday 3 months ago

    i really wish they kept pony motors, you dont need to worry about batteries or wires and plus you can keep cranking it until the pony runs out of gas and not worry about frying it

  • Guðmundur Pétur
    Guðmundur Pétur 4 months ago

    Gaman að heyra íslensku öðru hvoru 6:27

  • Joe Nichols
    Joe Nichols 4 months ago

    My mom had a 505 diesel

  • QuebeC VR
    QuebeC VR 4 months ago

    I could watch these cold starts all day

  • Farm Power
    Farm Power 4 months ago

    Thanks Viral vehicles for having my video in your Top 7 Most Satisfying Cold Starts. Love the video great job!! Would have been nice to know my video was in yours so i could pop over and watch it! Thanks again Viral vehicles.

    • Farm Power
      Farm Power 4 months ago

      Thanks. Keep up on the good videos.

    • Viral Vehicles
      Viral Vehicles 4 months ago

      Sorry man. I should have let ya know. I had no idea it would be a popular video! Love your farm videos btw :)

  • Hauling Ass
    Hauling Ass 5 months ago

    Yep all that F1 carbon monoxide from methanol. lol dumbasses

    THE MTB FANATIC 5 months ago

    Wait so the caterpillar needs an engine to start its engine?

  • Sergio González Torres
    Sergio González Torres 5 months ago +1

    Saw this M47 Patton tank on eBay, and if I could only buy it and put back the original engine that was left in a garage......mah god, that would be great!

  • Juul de win
    Juul de win 5 months ago

    started my yamaha YZ 50 (neos) after 2 years of being outside in freezing temps.. :D

  • JP Labs
    JP Labs 5 months ago

    i think that dozer deserves a lottery prise and a huge applause.

  • Miguel SD
    Miguel SD 5 months ago

    3:48 where his legs at tho

  • Justin Lynch
    Justin Lynch 5 months ago

    What was that last machine?

    • Tyler Kilby
      Tyler Kilby 2 months ago

      Justin Lynch It was a Caterpillar DW21 scraper.

    BADASS MOTO 6 months ago

    you can't kill a vehicle witch runs with Diesel they run no matter how Long they stayed Or how cold it ist outside they run perfectly

  • The space Doge
    The space Doge 6 months ago

    What a cold start!! Still better than the lambo

  • Suzuki Motors
    Suzuki Motors 6 months ago

    Jeez, people on YouTube are really going out on the satisfying videos. I didn't think we would come to cold starts being satisfying.

  • Vadym Lishchenko
    Vadym Lishchenko 6 months ago

    Peugeot not Peugiot!

  • Taiga Aisaka
    Taiga Aisaka 6 months ago

    Worst transition music ever.

  • MarinerPL
    MarinerPL 6 months ago

    u know whats cold start?

  • Cherokee WarWolf
    Cherokee WarWolf 6 months ago


  • YGK Mobile
    YGK Mobile 6 months ago

    what about that russian ww2 tank destroyer? that was pretty amazing

  • Edward Sessum
    Edward Sessum 6 months ago

    Gotta love the D7 with pull start...

    • Edward Sessum
      Edward Sessum 6 months ago

      What kinda little motor that can start that would be pull start?

    • John Hall
      John Hall 6 months ago

      Pony motor.

  • Chris Rathbun
    Chris Rathbun 6 months ago

    CUMMINS 6.7 runs in REVERSE  FAIL !!!!   Must see this    please share this.

  • FindMeOrBeFound
    FindMeOrBeFound 6 months ago

    The Formula 1 car at 1:03 is the Yamaha A18 from 1997. Also the driver is named Damon Hill.

  • Mustafa Diler
    Mustafa Diler 6 months ago

    heavy machines start so easily

  • col bikes
    col bikes 6 months ago

    love the thing when it shows the old D7 dozer..70 years old and the guy is amazed it still runs!! old school beats new school any day..older farm and construction gear was built to last..all the shit today is all electrics pure rubbish.

  • MrFerraristadoc
    MrFerraristadoc 6 months ago

    The F1 car is Arrows A18 with Yamaha engine OX11A V10 3.0 Litre prepared by Judd ,F1 1997 year

  • Pianoguy32
    Pianoguy32 6 months ago

    the f1 car i think is a 1997 arrows team

  • Pianoguy32
    Pianoguy32 6 months ago

    instant cancer

  • The Legionist
    The Legionist 7 months ago

    Where are the old British diesel trains?

  • 1973stefant
    1973stefant 7 months ago

    the F1 car is a Arrows Yamaha from 1997


    Thats a hell of an idea using a pony motor to build up oil pressure

  • I am Phoenix
    I am Phoenix 7 months ago

    That idio revving that vw

  • HellNBack
    HellNBack 7 months ago

    I did a very cold start, middle of winter and built a fire beneath my D6 Cat to get it going to clear the snow.

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