RECIPE FOR DISASTER: 'Trump's Wedding Planner To Run HUD OFFICE'

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  • Juliet Katakanya
    Juliet Katakanya 9 days ago

    The orangutan supporters who thought that voting for a millionaire is gonna make rich to, hahaha we are going to fight each to fit in one hole that they are digging for us

  • DM Tea
    DM Tea 10 days ago

    A wedding planner? This is as bad as Bush's "Brownie".

  • Christine D.
    Christine D. 10 days ago

    I'm chiming late on this one....but holy shit...REALLY???

  • Davia Adams
    Davia Adams 10 days ago

    Does is strike anyone else odd that the only place for Black people in WH is HUD? (Except the unclear what she does actually position held by Omarosa)

  • xXRambodianXx
    xXRambodianXx 10 days ago

    Dear god this channel is extremely left wing, to the point of Marxist.
    The comments below reflect this blatantly.
    So sad to see this level of stupidity 😞

  • TheGmodkilla
    TheGmodkilla 11 days ago

    Reaaaally starting to think they should have a "Talking stick" mode that mutes EVERYONE but the one allowed to talk with a timer showing how long they've been allowed to speak. They each get turns and if one of them has been silenced unfairly it is very clear.

  • Daniel Colton
    Daniel Colton 11 days ago

    Trump acts like a crime boss!

  • richie s
    richie s 11 days ago

    Gump should resign for the sake of the nation this administration is a embarrassment to the nation

  • gina graves
    gina graves 14 days ago

    he gives people jobs so they can gut the departments of cash not because they are qualified. check out the video of him wanting to get revenge on people who didn't do what he wanted.

  • bella sanchez
    bella sanchez 22 days ago

    What the hell is our Country turning into . Why is Trump's son telling him who to hire . Isn't that a conflict of interest ?

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore 29 days ago

    Yet another instance where Trump has proven himself to be the asshole-in-chief. His ineptness and stupidity in playing president is beyond unbelievable. You know shit is bad for America when W looks like he was a pretty good president.

  • brian walrod
    brian walrod 1 month ago

    Hypocrites ! What happened to Trumps only bringing in only billionaires, soon as a regular person you go crazy! How about we give people a chance!

  • Titus Nixon
    Titus Nixon 1 month ago

    Trump, I got my drone license maybe I can run the FAA

  • Ad Wat
    Ad Wat 1 month ago

    lol...come on she planned one Wedding and she is locked into being a wedding planner? her other qualifications and accolades before stating she is not qualified...

  • Steve Cousins
    Steve Cousins 1 month ago

    Andre, You are an idiot.

  • Isabel Bell
    Isabel Bell 1 month ago

    Isn't there someone, in the u.s To start a rebellion against the idiot trump? The u.s.a has dropped to nil in the sight of all the world countries, with the idiot trump real estate dumb ass as president. The world is laughing, for crying out loud, someone do something before it's too late, and the u.s is a third world country under a dictator....

  • Clara Brock
    Clara Brock 1 month ago

    Lawd I am running for president

  • Fast Er
    Fast Er 1 month ago

    This kind of shit happens when we let ignorant deplorable inbred white trash racist hillbillies have voting rights and be citizens in this country. Then you get a wedding planner so that Trump can get all the money he wants from her and an ignorant lying piece of garbage like Andre Bauer defend her as a very good choice.

    EURO VIZ USA YAY 1 month ago

    Kung Fu isn't Japanese, you smelly, stinking scrotum face.

  • Lenore Leitch
    Lenore Leitch 1 month ago


  • 3rdworldtraveler
    3rdworldtraveler 1 month ago

    God save America

  • amazed totally
    amazed totally 1 month ago

    Trump and America is the best comedy show on TV, the whole world turns in and laughs, and it gets better and better. Thank you America, you are making the entire world laugh.

  • Irwin Wins
    Irwin Wins 1 month ago

    Trump Prez Now Niggas!

  • jane gregs
    jane gregs 1 month ago

    I'm sorry, what happen to the surgeon?

  • Biffy Coach
    Biffy Coach 1 month ago


    FAST HANDS 1 month ago


  • Gern Blanston
    Gern Blanston 1 month ago

    this reminds me of the guy who was in charge of FEMA brownie dad worked out well

  • xxtoronto xo
    xxtoronto xo 1 month ago

    Why doesn't fox news ever talk about these things

  • A Sabry
    A Sabry 1 month ago

    If Andre thought the last person to serve at that position was so unqualified, then why is he defending the appointment of someone who is so unqualified?

  • BillyBBDB Q
    BillyBBDB Q 1 month ago

    Wow yet ANOTHER Logical Republican, Margaret Hoover. Yes, pick someone with at least SOME experience! I guess if Andre needed heart surgery, he would pick his wedding planner with 0 experience in medicine. OOOOKEY DOKEY!

  • norman edwards
    norman edwards 1 month ago

    @ trump and his whole administration needs to be kicked off the fucking planet!!! he thinks running the country is a fucking joke anyway...

  • Holly B
    Holly B 1 month ago

    Someone in trump's inner circle has to grow a back bone and tell the POTUS that he's completely lost his mind and needs to retire. Every day trump makes an ass out of himself and his "yes men" won't tell him.

  • dan rather
    dan rather 1 month ago

    this is why i hate cnn, do not bring in stupid trump supporters! at least bring in someone intelligent

  • Lucas Vegen
    Lucas Vegen 1 month ago

    Have you ever been so embarassed of man kind.

    Like, this isnt TV people, this is real life. Not a sad joke in American dad or something. Real life.

    We have a coal man who does not believe in Global warming running the EPA.

    This is creepy, do you remember the EPA guy from simpsons? He was militant and stupid and even embarrassing for a Cartoon. Soon to be reality.
    Life. Wow. Just wow. What the fuck are we doing. Wow.

    That.. and now this? Really?????? Wow.

  • Darrell Smith
    Darrell Smith 1 month ago


  • Afarro
    Afarro 1 month ago +1

    Somebody should have told this dummy that kung fu is Chinese not Japanese...

  • Catharsis The Antidote

    WHAT!?! 6:16

  • dancejinz
    dancejinz 1 month ago +1

    Next Trump will hire his gardener as Secretary of Agriculture, one of his Uber drivers as Secretary of Transportation, a cast from pirates of the Caribbean as Secretary of Treasury because we all know Pirates love Treasures.

  • WattanaPui
    WattanaPui 1 month ago

    What is amazing to me as a European who always believed in America's strong stance towards democracy is how the American public 'swallows' all the B.S. and destruction that has been taking place in and around the White House for MONTHS now - on a daily basis!
    Why aren't the streets full of protesters, why aren't people laying down their work until this orange-haired toddler - along with his just as incompetent gang - is literally running away from Washington and never comes back? Hard to believe what working, tax-paying people are seemingly ready to accept and deal with.

  • pgc4sean
    pgc4sean 1 month ago +2

    The covfefe act of 2017 CLEARLY states.... Donald Trump is full of shit. His surrogates are happy to eat that shit and call it chocolate.

  • Carmen N
    Carmen N 1 month ago

    it's not his billions of dollars so he doesn't care

  • Carmen N
    Carmen N 1 month ago

    he just keeps proving he is nuts...he appoints friends as he call s them...oh and she is black... inner-city...problems.. that's his bias

  • the one
    the one 1 month ago +1

    This reality series is all over the place! What episode is this?? I think I missed the trailer on this one. ooh well, ill go get more popcorn and vodka.

  • ThunderDog97
    ThunderDog97 1 month ago

    Is it just me or do ALL the trump surrogates go on word salad diarrhea that gets louder and louder and goes on and on and on.... but never seem to actually say anything of relevance? (ok, slightly overstated....but...?)

  • sir Robert of Bruce
    sir Robert of Bruce 1 month ago

    shy quack media breaking news hundreds of protesters gather at CNN in Atlanta today ,the reactance is growing

  • Grimm Grimm
    Grimm Grimm 1 month ago

    who are the f*** is Margaret Hoover a republican dress like a s*** like they all do looking at her f****** face when everyone else is talking what a little f****** c***the f*** are we you Republicans what the f*** is your f****** problem

  • deathgirl71
    deathgirl71 1 month ago +1

    main qualification for a position in the trump administration: no experience

  • l l
    l l 1 month ago +1

    Ay'and welcome to the,
    Trump White House Circus.
    What a Pathetic, Clueless Man. Idiocy.

  • Egan Kawamoto
    Egan Kawamoto 1 month ago +3

    Andre Bauer, Kung Fu is Chinese not Japanese. Flaunt your ignorance.

  • Concerned American
    Concerned American 1 month ago +1

    This is truly a new low for Trump. A bunch of idiots in senior positions. Get Trump the hell out of Washington

  • DavidAsset78
    DavidAsset78 1 month ago +1

    "Trump wants people in there who have no experience in government". That's why his administration is so screwed up right now and there are scores of positions unfilled.

  • Trey Corteź
    Trey Corteź 1 month ago +3

    She's black so of course she should do housing! What's the big deal?

  • O C
    O C 1 month ago

    What fucking snobs.. these talking heads.

  • Carlos Otero
    Carlos Otero 1 month ago +1

    Is this seriously happening

  • O C
    O C 1 month ago

    And the wedding planner will do a better job than the hacks that usually run it.

  • DavidAsset78
    DavidAsset78 1 month ago +1

    Putting Ben Carson in the Cabinet position of Housing and Urban Development was insult enough, given that he's a brain-dead brain surgeon, but this tops it all. The HUD job is a pay back for Eric Trump's wedding.

    • Ava Limpa
      Ava Limpa 1 month ago

      David, Carson should have been Surgeon General. He would have done a good job. Maybe Trump wants these people to fail.

  • EarlyLove2014
    EarlyLove2014 1 month ago +1

    Enough Already..! Trump picks SUCK..!

  • Aaron Berg
    Aaron Berg 1 month ago

    Are you the same people that elected a community organizer to be president?

    • Ava Limpa
      Ava Limpa 1 month ago

      "Are you the same people that elected a community organizer to be president?"
      But at least Obama was an Illinois senator first. But doctor and event planner to run HUD?

  • Diane Owen
    Diane Owen 1 month ago +1

    Andre is one of those republi cons who has no argument so just talks over and louder than the others, thinking this somehow makes his pap true.

  • Quasiiii
    Quasiiii 1 month ago +1


  • Diane Owen
    Diane Owen 1 month ago +1

    Does this wedding planner not realize she is in over her head? I guess not. None of trump's other unqualified appointees seem to realize it.

  • Diane Owen
    Diane Owen 1 month ago +1

    Another trump decision based on self interest and weak ego. Poor little donnie. Are people with skills and experience not willing to work for you?

  • jeff sierakowski
    jeff sierakowski 1 month ago

    oh but Obama did the same thing

  • Giorgia Ciuti
    Giorgia Ciuti 1 month ago +2

    Kung Fu îs now from Japan? I love it the sky is the limit to the depth of ignorance of Trump's supporters

  • only asitiswritten
    only asitiswritten 1 month ago +1

    Hmm...He needed a face like Carson Riigght!

    FLEM FLAM 1 month ago +2

    This is why they hated Obama so much because he is a smart and intelligent BLACK man ,that happened to be THE America President.Republicans are not the smartest of the neanderthals

    FLEM FLAM 1 month ago +1

    Andre is just happy that someone will hear him speak but, I will no longer watch any segment with this laughing monkey on it!

  • Finn Jones
    Finn Jones 1 month ago

    Public housing and planning a wedding? Same thing...let them eat cake? This is insane

  • ThreePalmsII
    ThreePalmsII 1 month ago

    Republicans love incompetents

  • Erock Gman
    Erock Gman 1 month ago

    the fact that half the parties that exist is republican and the other half is Democrat shows no one is safe no one is secure and no one can do any job

  • Jao Mario
    Jao Mario 1 month ago

    lol this nigg Trump don't give a fuck... plus he knows he's White so he can get away with it. America is a joke

  • vdogg43
    vdogg43 1 month ago

    I guess it would be like Google giving me the CEO position when I have never in been a GM, just middle management.

  • Humongunous Nutz
    Humongunous Nutz 1 month ago

    holly crap at least let the man talk. damn this is ridiculous.

    TRAY NICE 1 month ago

    lololololololol, this is what you all wanted

  • Slime Frank
    Slime Frank 1 month ago +1

    4:06 Kung Fu is Chinese not Japanese.

  • hrsqsiest
    hrsqsiest 1 month ago

    But but but Obama.

    The minute he came out with "y'all", I knew Obama would be brought into it.

  • hrsqsiest
    hrsqsiest 1 month ago

    I truly believe that he knows his days are numbered and he's going to fuck things up as much as possible before he's kicked to the curb.

  • luv muzik
    luv muzik 1 month ago

    what a bunch of idiots

  • nomadic hunter
    nomadic hunter 1 month ago

    Obama and Hillary are prime examples of cronyism, you have these shemales complaining. Gtfo

  • Gifted Eyes
    Gifted Eyes 1 month ago

    I dare one trump surpoter defend this shit

  • Lew Rodd
    Lew Rodd 1 month ago

    This tells me that Americans are most definitely stupid.

  • Bec Thumma
    Bec Thumma 1 month ago +2

    Andre should do his homework, Caroline Kennedy was an ambassador, that is many times given to people without qualifications, many times it's how Presidents thank people who backed them or like Caroline have a history of working in politics. BUT, he should also know that she did such a kick-ass job that the Japanese people LOVED HER and ask that she NOT be replaced. But of course Trump ignored Abe's request. So he has no argument using Caroline. It's like Keith Boykin said, Trump has no experience, he needs people in his cabinet and others who fill key positions to KNOW how the US Government works, because what happens when you try to put people with no experience in you end up with them quitting as many did in his cabinet or you end up with Ben Carson (who is the one who put her name forward), a man who makes asinine statements and gets laughed at and then tries to makes decisions that he finds out afterwards can't be done, there are rules and regulations that they have to know about. They could at least read about their positions but they don't.

  • David Wood
    David Wood 1 month ago

    Replaced someone who was qualified. Someone who had history and experience in the field. Not a fraud wedding planner.

  • David Wood
    David Wood 1 month ago

    She has a degree from Liberty and a Masters from Trump...oh wait.

  • Tim Swinson
    Tim Swinson 1 month ago

    as an party planner this gives me hope i too can run HUD one day

  • Omemeemom mom
    Omemeemom mom 1 month ago +1

    please don't have Andre on anymore! there must be some Trump supporters that aren't off the wall

  • Ken Hal
    Ken Hal 1 month ago

    they're attacking a black woman moving up in the world

  • Laszlo Szujo
    Laszlo Szujo 1 month ago

    what position the gardener will get ?secretary of agriculture?

  • August Bisson
    August Bisson 1 month ago +2

    -It takes some nerve to assume a position for which you are unqualified.
    -Such bad choices affect operational effectiveness and diminish morale.
    -Experientially and academically qualified staff will never respect undeserving hires.
    -Staff will run things outside of figureheads who take our tax dollars without earning them.

  • Eli Empire
    Eli Empire 1 month ago +1

    Keith is right👌🏾

  • carcillian
    carcillian 1 month ago +5

    She got the job because she's one of the only black people in their world and if you're black then you must qualify to live and work in the ghetto. Their racism knows no bounds.

  • J Batman
    J Batman 1 month ago +1

    kung fu is Chinese!!

  • Panthy85
    Panthy85 1 month ago +1

    Smarmy grin. Crazy eyes. Yokel voice. Spot the Trump advocate.

  • William Pittman
    William Pittman 1 month ago

    Don Lemon is qualified to suck and get reemed without a vagina!! let that sink in!!!

  • William Pittman
    William Pittman 1 month ago

    Andre is spot on!!! the two black men and white woman belong in a comedy show!!! lol funny if they were picked they would be thankful!! lol

  • William Pittman
    William Pittman 1 month ago

    Lynne Patton is more than capable of running HUD!! If Don Lemon can pretend on being a woman by bending over and take it in the butt and suck penis!

  • james west
    james west 1 month ago

    a wedding planner running hud and TV TERRORISTS controlling the media, I'll take the wedding planner anyday!

  • Julio Batres
    Julio Batres 1 month ago

    this white guy is a fucking idiot.

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