A Day With Colin Furze - The Gadget Show

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  • Jerry Blossems
    Jerry Blossems 26 days ago

    dont they eat canadian bacon in england

  • Jejaka Perindu
    Jejaka Perindu 26 days ago


  • godihateyoupeople
    godihateyoupeople 27 days ago

    Is scrapheap challenge still on? Colin would boss it

  • EnDeRGaMerZ
    EnDeRGaMerZ 27 days ago

    That jamie oliver's cookbook

  • Xxzz Robot
    Xxzz Robot 27 days ago

    I am %100 jealous

  • Nils Hawley
    Nils Hawley 1 month ago


  • Teresa Zhang
    Teresa Zhang 1 month ago

    "this is my job!" lol

  • Christopher Neenan
    Christopher Neenan 1 month ago

    make a mug that automatically dunks biscuits

  • Luke Barnes
    Luke Barnes 2 months ago

    What with this being the Gadget Show was half expecting the video to stop 5 times for advert breaks

  • Slava Zelensky
    Slava Zelensky 3 months ago

    This man is an inspiration

  • Burnt Toast Productions

    What your favourite invention to use?!

  • Read behind The mask
    Read behind The mask 3 months ago

    Spinny spinny roundy roundy bacon

  • Hugo Candeias
    Hugo Candeias 3 months ago

    i like this guy....100% creative

    ALI AKBAR 3 months ago

    Meet with romanatwood

  • Dreadnought 1
    Dreadnought 1 3 months ago

    how about a water purifier using heat and condensation

  • linrkirk
    linrkirk 3 months ago

    great sponsorship

  • Fun Family
    Fun Family 3 months ago


  • Rattra farm
    Rattra farm 4 months ago

    This new build they are talking about in this video is the hover bike

    HURLEY 5 months ago

    love the bed idea

  • Shaquille Ekhlas
    Shaquille Ekhlas 5 months ago

    His face is like bonjovi

    _COLD GOLD_ 5 months ago

    Do this with Kim Henriksen

  • Raghav N
    Raghav N 5 months ago

    how about making an real working iron man suit

  • haggis22
    haggis22 6 months ago

    If Colin was your dad

  • Papsi Diet Coke
    Papsi Diet Coke 6 months ago

    I always put this on and Colin Furze's videos at 6 in the morning waiting for my croissant to toast XD

  • bruces lee
    bruces lee 6 months ago

    what about the grapple gun

  • colinpearson2
    colinpearson2 6 months ago

    keep up the good work colin

  • Abraham Nathan-Valentine

    4:53 OR, YOU blow yourself to tiny bits.

  • Lee B
    Lee B 7 months ago

    Colin encapsulates the idea of the excentric English man thinking out side the box is what makes the UK so inventive .
    well done Colin don't change your channel format it's great as is

  • MVG
    MVG 7 months ago

    Well i sure would buy a lot of his inventions

  • JuLi303
    JuLi303 7 months ago

    he never released the bacon machine video, did he?

  • Rendy the cool boy
    Rendy the cool boy 7 months ago

    i love😍you

  • ZethStar Steven
    ZethStar Steven 7 months ago

    Finally a video where Colin doesn't wear his suit lol

  • Bhupesh Itadkar
    Bhupesh Itadkar 7 months ago

    you play gta or clash of clan

  • Bhupesh Itadkar
    Bhupesh Itadkar 7 months ago

    i am your begast fan pls can you will show us that you have make a gun of fire

  • Giggly Ghost
    Giggly Ghost 8 months ago

    This guy is always the life of the party! Glad I subscribed!

  • Zack the Clasher
    Zack the Clasher 8 months ago

    watches FNAF musical with fake flamethrowerchainsaw. watches colimfirze actually make,s flaflamethrowerchainsaw

  • Michael Lilian
    Michael Lilian 8 months ago

    furze you are my best channel in youtube and am waiting to see what you gonna invent once yu start working with ford.......................

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 8 months ago

    Jeez colin looks more like 25 than 37! I guess that's what fun does to you.

  • Athleticbee 935
    Athleticbee 935 8 months ago

    make a knife that can come flying back

  • Llaneel Yort
    Llaneel Yort 8 months ago

    137 angry inventors that kick themselves in the head for not putting their work on youtube. BTW i got that book too !!! everyday super food !!! changed my life.

  • Damn Yourugly
    Damn Yourugly 9 months ago

    I'm here for furze

  • ASAP 21 Kevi
    ASAP 21 Kevi 10 months ago

    he should make a Iron Man suit

  • Jamar Martin
    Jamar Martin 10 months ago

    I hope he don't try to make his videos better, the roughy video style is perfect

  • flref0x
    flref0x 10 months ago

    Imagine a show co-hosted by Colin Furze and Guy Martin

  • Avarickan
    Avarickan 10 months ago

    Colin's secret underground bunker. Only 11,135,482 people know about it. Very secretive.

    • Dr Woo
      Dr Woo 1 month ago

      NERVESxxOFxxSTEEL Colin does!

      NERVESxxOFxxSTEEL 3 months ago

      DarkShadowHT !! but does anyone know his address?

    • DarkShadowHT !!
      DarkShadowHT !! 6 months ago

      Avarickan omg so true omg can't stop laughing 😂

  • James Brathwaite
    James Brathwaite 10 months ago

    Like and comment which Colin Fuze invention you wish you could have

  • Truly Outrageous
    Truly Outrageous 10 months ago

    That moment when Furz means fart in German, Furze is the plural form

  • Martisan
    Martisan 10 months ago

    Colin Furze, King of Youtube.

  • TryDon'tCry
    TryDon'tCry 10 months ago

    u r crazy man))))

  • Elwin Boes
    Elwin Boes 10 months ago

    super cool

  • Lautaro Neirot
    Lautaro Neirot 10 months ago

    Qué es lo que debo estudiar para hacer lo que hace él?

  • Training Weapon Videos
    Training Weapon Videos 10 months ago

    When you realise one man and a camera do a better job than the gadget show.....

  • jmb120
    jmb120 10 months ago

    3:10 Unreal Engine 4

  • Jefferson Rodrigues
    Jefferson Rodrigues 10 months ago

    Esse cara é muito loco.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 10 months ago

    freaking awesome engineering!!! wish I had your skill level in machining ... one suggestion IRON MAN SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Polski Wilk
    Polski Wilk 10 months ago

    The narator has voice like Colin or hi is Colin

  • h gamer
    h gamer 10 months ago


  • ziji helium
    ziji helium 10 months ago

    I'm not a fan of Jamie Oliver.

    • mysterioushooded
      mysterioushooded 10 months ago

      no there are the same guy, did that whole show with editing

    • Strange 030Guy
      Strange 030Guy 10 months ago

      But can you say no to Colin furze trying to build something to cook for him?

  • Salohcin
    Salohcin 11 months ago

    He's pro at flatland bmx??

  • Lewis Hill
    Lewis Hill 11 months ago

    please can you make a 800 900 electric volts motorbike

  • karamat haideri
    karamat haideri 11 months ago

    My son love to make things he is a inventer

  • CookieGuy 719
    CookieGuy 719 11 months ago

    I hope he never quits like if you agree

  • Jakob Gammelgaard
    Jakob Gammelgaard 11 months ago

    this isn't old

  • epicteam1000
    epicteam1000 11 months ago

    He seems like the crazy guy you'd meet in some zombie survival game XD

  • Damian De
    Damian De 11 months ago

    Such a inspiration!

    FAJAR MULIA 11 months ago

    at least his not looks like a crazy profesor lol

  • David Handley
    David Handley 11 months ago

    One of the best entertainment channels on YouTube. Thank you Colin and thank you YouTube

  • Anthony Marrero
    Anthony Marrero 11 months ago

    He should be the Doctor

  • strawberry.stitches
    strawberry.stitches 11 months ago

    He is like a real life Wallace! Does he have a dog named Grommet?!

  • Klavier Gavin
    Klavier Gavin 11 months ago

    Imagine Colin as the 13th doctor

  • smokeybarr
    smokeybarr 11 months ago

    The moment Colin's channel gets some hipster graduate producer, it's finished.

  • SilverRexy
    SilverRexy 11 months ago

    My favorite part is how they call him a internet 'star'

  • smidsyonfire
    smidsyonfire 11 months ago

    Colin Furze... Living Legend !

  • Richard Langedijk
    Richard Langedijk 1 year ago

    Dis is asan

  • tech dude 1.1
    tech dude 1.1 1 year ago

    make iron man suite

  • Leekshooter
    Leekshooter 1 year ago

    How did I miss this episode? I love colin!

  • Red King
    Red King 1 year ago

    I don't understand why people call him a sell out he gets to revolutionize the way we think and he gets money plus free stuff like wtf

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can 1 year ago

    he has BUNKERRRRRR, wow he should made it's door openable from mobile phone like watch dogs

    • Badluck_ Ryan
      Badluck_ Ryan 11 months ago

      Yeah lol, it would be so cool. However i guess he's also preparing for the fall of tech

  • FinaleCadence
    FinaleCadence 1 year ago

    I love this man

  • Euan Murray
    Euan Murray 1 year ago

    Will you ever sell anything?

  • # PHI
    # PHI 1 year ago

    whole new level of nerd

  • Morgan Du Bruyn
    Morgan Du Bruyn 1 year ago

    me too but he is awesome in every way

    CONNOR JARMAN 1 year ago

    U could try to make a hover bored

  • Falconslove Isawesome

    Someone is actually recreating his machines in besiege

  • 1u30
    1u30 1 year ago

    I've got that monkey plate at 1:30

  • Tony Brice
    Tony Brice 1 year ago

    hi can u make a jet pack

  • Wormhole Jim
    Wormhole Jim 1 year ago

    I thought this was a genuine crazy eccentric, who by some incredible lucky strike also happens to understand the internet. Turns out he's just ordinarily brilliant. What a bust! I should never have clicked on this vid.

  • Pewdie pie
    Pewdie pie 1 year ago

    Joe Weller...

  • Eengamespelen
    Eengamespelen 1 year ago

    i am build later a bunker with a bus inside

  • preston rocker
    preston rocker 1 year ago

    dude you should have me and my little brother do something because he has cancer

  • Ali Moussawi
    Ali Moussawi 1 year ago

    he's the next iron man

  • Liza Faye Umali
    Liza Faye Umali 1 year ago

    i did not know furze and ford would team up and creat more things that r crazy crzy fun

  • Salty Viper
    Salty Viper 1 year ago

    Those yellow and black boxes are awesome, I have 25 of them

  • CheeseyNibblets
    CheeseyNibblets 1 year ago

    Ha its controlled by channel 5

  • Григорий Андреев

    he lives like i just dream to live :D

  • Pertamax7
    Pertamax7 1 year ago

    jimmi neutron :D

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