Caught on CCTV, woman doctor removed IV line for father

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  • As her old, frail father lay in the Intensive Care Unit of a Chennai hospital, his daughter, a medically trained doctor, is recorded on security cameras entering the room. Then she pulls out the intravenous drip injecting crucial medicines directly into his veins.

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Comments: 732

  • Sangeeta Thapa
    Sangeeta Thapa 5 hours ago

    ohh my god

  • György Klutsik
    György Klutsik 6 hours ago

    disgusting race

  • shamsunnahar mili
    shamsunnahar mili 12 hours ago

    kill the bitch with his two son

  • SPANIARD Christian Warrior

    People in India do not value life at all even if it's their own family members by knowing this is soon as you get older now get the hell away from your relatives because they will try to take everything you have.

  • Surya Narayana
    Surya Narayana 14 hours ago

    What a bloody bitch... she kills her own father or husband whatever for bloody money? Have you seen the son of that bitch hiding the property documents after signed by the patient? Rot they in the hell..

  • Easy Boi
    Easy Boi 1 day ago


  • M Wasim pervez Jaan

    It made me tearfull...😢

  • Rag Stargaryen
    Rag Stargaryen 1 day ago

    The people behind this are not going to die alone..If u know what I mean..

  • IwantAgoodCleanFight

    This is why I stay the fuck away from human beings. I dont trust the fuckers.

  • J M
    J M 2 days ago

    Alwis the same scum Koran readers they ar the worst people on earth pakkie scum

  • Jenny Jenkins
    Jenny Jenkins 2 days ago

    Very sad.

  • T Bone
    T Bone 2 days ago

    A Daughter like this ... A Father should have cursed that moment when her mother conceived her. The lady bitch doctor and her helpers are convicted of attempting murder.

  • Ajano Humtsoe
    Ajano Humtsoe 3 days ago +2

    omg.....this is the worst a daughter can do to her father......and see how this two stupid bastards instead of stopping their mother joining her in this heinous crime. They should face a time in their life when they wish for death but death should not be so kind to them at that moment..... everyone should realise as you sow so shall you reap.

  • Gunny 29 V2
    Gunny 29 V2 3 days ago

    Thats fucked up

  • Acharlu Sharma
    Acharlu Sharma 3 days ago


  • Pam Semones
    Pam Semones 4 days ago

    Douche Bags

  • Peek-A-Boo
    Peek-A-Boo 4 days ago

    You will not bleed to death from a removed IV line.

  • here here
    here here 5 days ago

    there are many bastard doctors like this lady but they are hidden

  • volrak griot
    volrak griot 5 days ago

    It's in India right? Why the surprise? Evil is normal in those places

  • Shams Tabrez
    Shams Tabrez 5 days ago +1

    that's why doctor is the only creature on this world, i hate most !
    there are three creatures in this world.Human, Animals and Doctors. and the Doctors lie at the lowest level.

  • Alena Lyn
    Alena Lyn 6 days ago

    Evil! The boys will do the exact same thing to their mom & she will deserve it!

  • Nawaz Shaikh
    Nawaz Shaikh 6 days ago +1

    Shame of all in ICU . They all must be punished life time jail

  • randy kinch
    randy kinch 6 days ago +1

    Stupid Dr. had she pulled the curtain none of it would be caught.

  • Nikhil Pimpodkar
    Nikhil Pimpodkar 7 days ago

    Basterd mc

  • Bitly Toobna
    Bitly Toobna 7 days ago +1

    A Pakistani anchor Dr. Moeed Pirzada, anchor of channel did the same with his father in Dubai... same way caught on CCTV.. sentenced... and now doing a show right now... Telling politicians what is good and what is not.. what an asshole these are... Shame on all people like them.

  • roopinder grewal
    roopinder grewal 7 days ago

    God knows every thing....

  • prabal rana
    prabal rana 7 days ago +1

    we have to stop talking about rituals.
    if this is a reality . .
    shame on these type of people .

  • Derek Tomlinson
    Derek Tomlinson 8 days ago

    I hope this scum are now in jail.

  • Liew Sze Yiung
    Liew Sze Yiung 8 days ago +1

    what goes around will comes around.

  • Jim Bo 007
    Jim Bo 007 8 days ago

    They all look possessed .  They play with black magic.

  • Glitter
    Glitter 8 days ago

    India is a 4th world trash dump!

  • Col Sinclair
    Col Sinclair 9 days ago

    Backwards as fk

  • Partho AcharjEE
    Partho AcharjEE 10 days ago +1

    shame on... shame..shame...shame

  • michael green
    michael green 10 days ago

    Hang them till dead

  • Fajar Malik
    Fajar Malik 10 days ago +1

    do you expect this action by a daughter? can't believe how much 💰 is important for humans rather than relationships.

  • King Waqas
    King Waqas 10 days ago

    sali kuti ulad

  • Eunice Adjei
    Eunice Adjei 11 days ago

    Eeeeiii heartless generation

  • sujeetanu kumar
    sujeetanu kumar 11 days ago

    kitne bekar hospital hn,agar cc camera lgaye toh 1,2 person ki b duty lgaye jisse aesa kamo par puri nazar rakhi jaye

  • Alle Rajesham
    Alle Rajesham 11 days ago

    orey babu vastavalu petti shoselmeediya viluvapenchandira

  • Murtizification
    Murtizification 12 days ago

    wow so shocking
    God have mercy.
    what us humans ding to each other we sure are worst than animals.

  • Aisha Hussein
    Aisha Hussein 12 days ago +1

    omg omg omg omg I lost my dad ...i spend every waking minute wishing i had him with me today!!!!
    and here is one trying to kill hers...i will never understand the Whys!!!

  • Karma Hadid
    Karma Hadid 12 days ago

    they forget on cctv... amateur criminal

  • Buzzy Bains BeeZ 555
    Buzzy Bains BeeZ 555 13 days ago +1

    Omg what a cruel world

  • Paro subba
    Paro subba 13 days ago +1

    heights of inhumanity 😡

  • rehmansayyed rehmansayyed

    O. M. G!!!

  • Rama Sir
    Rama Sir 13 days ago


  • Valerie Foster
    Valerie Foster 13 days ago

    Pure evil

  • Monty Lewis
    Monty Lewis 13 days ago

    They are doing it to christians everyday , didnt know they was doing it to there own to the scum

  • Trisha06
    Trisha06 14 days ago

    there degrees should be taken off and put themn in a jail

  • waseem siddiqui
    waseem siddiqui 14 days ago +1

    ohhh Allah she kill her own sad why for
    ...why people forget they r not going to stay alive..for ever we all have to taste dead ..

  • Maria  Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 14 days ago

    what happend to those no good human being

  • Amit J
    Amit J 14 days ago

    guys when you start cutting up people for a living, you end up like dexter.
    Doctor's are the worst, just between cockroaches and maggots.

  • K. sai
    K. sai 14 days ago

    Money makes many things 😔😔

  • Freelance Guru
    Freelance Guru 15 days ago

    Bhaiya property ke chakkar dekhlo

  • Mina Mouse
    Mina Mouse 15 days ago

    Wow India, you cry about this while killing fetus cause they are female. Also notice the class in skin tone on everyone in this Video! 1 billion people and still stuck in the Dark ages :/

  • Anvar Prasad
    Anvar Prasad 17 days ago

    people throw the stones and kill the basteds

  • Irish
    Irish 19 days ago

    Did that lady just clean up blood with no gloves on?

    SHUSHITHRA BANU 19 days ago +1

    thuuuu such a cheap birth, she's a bitch, slpt with many , 😠😠😠😠

  • Archer V.
    Archer V. 1 month ago

    the condons is nore shep.

  • Farhana M
    Farhana M 1 month ago

    C whats happening in india only in Pakistan they are not terriost in india also v have our Indians only

  • im riider
    im riider 1 month ago +1

    this is how Indian murdered their father and grandfathers just for money wtf guts grow up,

    God gave you 2 hands, 2 eyes, 2 legs, etc body parts to survive in this world so grow up make money do job , and make your own property instead of murdering someone omg that's speechless

  • Symon Hei
    Symon Hei 1 month ago

    Degree dont teaches morality. Religion does. And not all religion teaches morality

  • Isac london
    Isac london 1 month ago

    Very sad :(

  • Budha

    en tinauo ko fasi

  • GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER
    GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER 1 month ago

    "WOMAN DOCTOR" Really? Smh.

  • bobsagget823
    bobsagget823 1 month ago

    Don't just put this clickbait out there you fucking neo dork TV.

    Fucking indian scum niggers, squat and shit in your own streets. Pretend some of you are better than others with your nigger dotted face caste system, you are all stupid and inferior. Can't even think to post updates when you make news videos smh. So unattentive. stupid asian niggers.

  • Ping
    Ping 1 month ago

    It wasnt ink it was poo.

    Poo in loo pajeet

  • any name
    any name 1 month ago +1

    this is what you get when you keep inbreeding generation after generation..

  • Abraham Nixon
    Abraham Nixon 1 month ago +2

    *This is disgusting!* Old men are to be revered, not bled out with no dignity by an unattractive woman of Third World Color! Do you know how hard it is to reach old age as a Man in the Third World? In Third World Slums the Men work all sorts of jobs that expose them to biological and physical dangers. They to deal with the Worst of the Worst, like intruding Tigers, wandering rapists and sometimes even spiteful daughters whom try to usurp them while they're incapacitated in a Third World Hospital bed. Show some respect for crying out loud! Ciao.

  • Wew Lad
    Wew Lad 1 month ago

    Any arserests yet? let me guess, probably got poobation.

  • Dimitar Chakalov
    Dimitar Chakalov 1 month ago

    indian people are fucked in the head

  • Jumpeon
    Jumpeon 1 month ago +2


  • dopemcee
    dopemcee 1 month ago

    so....not to ask the obvious here..but how do we know, the grandpa isnt some sicko fucked up person that molested babies? evveryone is acting like he has to be the most awesome person by default. i would argue that if you get treated like this at an old age by your own family, you were most likely not the best person to them.

    • Susan Young
      Susan Young 10 days ago

      dopemcee. That was my thought. Usually, a decent human being gets treated like a human being. Usually. But, I'm 64 now and I can see the world changing in a very bad, dark way. I know how women are treated like subhuman in India. That's what my mind went to first. Revenge, maybe.

  • Jesse
    Jesse 1 month ago

    Those scums need to be beaten to death. You willing to murder your own family in cold blood? You got caught, society should do exactly the same to do. Just kill those wanna-be murderers so they can never harm anyone again.

  • Endang 23
    Endang 23 1 month ago

    ga ngerti bahasanya😭😭😭😭

  • Sean william
    Sean william 2 months ago

    thanks to upparwala...i mean cctv

  • Jeet Singh
    Jeet Singh 2 months ago


  • Goodluck Selvaraj
    Goodluck Selvaraj 2 months ago

    Criminal doctors

  • Luca Toni
    Luca Toni 2 months ago

    I've seen allot of Indians who are ruthless and don't care about human life.

  • Vishy 234
    Vishy 234 2 months ago

    that man worked hard his whole life to feed the family

  • Vishy 234
    Vishy 234 2 months ago

    so sad :(

  • Jo LAKE
    Jo LAKE 2 months ago

    Thank GOD for video cameras!

  • Vinita sarabjeet
    Vinita sarabjeet 2 months ago

    Her day is coming she will face the same

  • Cambodian Queen978
    Cambodian Queen978 2 months ago

    Omg that is some fucked up shit... God have Mercy on them m.f. You can't trust no one not even your own freshen blood... smfh

  • Arti Arora
    Arti Arora 2 months ago

    shame on family member

  • Melinda Ott
    Melinda Ott 3 months ago

    how damn sad is that???? I hope these people suffer in such a way that they can never forget what they actually did to their own father and grandfather no matter what family and love comes before anything. No matter what.

  • Mohamme mohsen
    Mohamme mohsen 3 months ago

    اش القصه ترجمو لي

  • Rahul Mark
    Rahul Mark 3 months ago

    sali randi kutiya

    GEE WAGGA BOXING 3 months ago


  • Khan Faraz
    Khan Faraz 3 months ago

    lesson for those who brought up child with black money and corruption .thanks God grandson saw full scene to repeat soon.

  • Surinder Singh
    Surinder Singh 3 months ago +1

    And we think education would bring prosperity to country? and Doctors as highly educated? time to focus on philosophy and moral talks

  • Sahil Behl
    Sahil Behl 3 months ago


  • Sahil Behl
    Sahil Behl 3 months ago


  • kashmiri i
    kashmiri i 3 months ago

    this happen only in Endia

  • kennold noch
    kennold noch 3 months ago +1

    only fucking indians can do something like this..

  • Sai Chandran
    Sai Chandran 3 months ago

    Heartless literate animals! Deserve the worst form of punishment

  • shikhaa dubey
    shikhaa dubey 3 months ago

    che bloody bitch fucker bloody slut n her asshole son, go to hell u demons bloody inhuman creature. he is ur father how can u-u bitch for sm property, shame on u, u shud b killed if u can do this to ur own father....she is so dangerous for society, such are the psycho with criminal mind, bloody cold minded murderer...he is an old man.if I meet that women,takla karke chappal se marungi ghatiya aurat OK. Itna gussa aa raha hai na dekh k

  • Abdu Thottingal
    Abdu Thottingal 3 months ago

    They are not human beings

  • عاشقة الهند
    عاشقة الهند 4 months ago


  • mahmood akhtar
    mahmood akhtar 4 months ago

    great randian

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