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Hoda Kotb’s Tearful Reunion With Kathie Lee Gifford: ‘Where’s My Other Girl?’ | TODAY
Added: 3 months ago
Hoda Kotb, new mom of adopted baby Haley Joy, reunites with Kathie Lee Gifford and gets a basket of gifts, including KLG's album of lullabies and a “Hoda ...
Kathie Lee And Hoda Look Back At All The Fun They Had On TODAY In 2016 | TODAY
Added: 6 months ago
As 2016 comes to a close, Kathie Lee and Hoda look back fondly at all their fun-filled, wine-soaked and occasionally spanky mornings together on TODAY.
Kathie Lee Reveals She Once Thought About Leaving Frank Gifford | TODAY
Added: 8 days ago
As Kathie Lee and Hoda chat about the topics of the day, KLG gets serious for a moment to discuss a troubled time in her marriage to the late Frank Gifford.
Whitney Cummings Crashes KLG and Hoda | TODAY
Added: 2 years ago
While Kathie Lee and Hoda chat this morning, guest Whitney Cummings is stuck in the kitchen doing Pilates. This comedian's antics send Kathie Lee and Hoda ...
Kathie Lee Gifford on How Hoda Kotb Helped Her After Frank's Death
Added: 5 months ago
Today show co-host Kathie Lee Gifford talks to Dr. Oz about how her co-host Hoda Kotb ran to her side when Gifford's husband, Frank, passed away. Watch ...
Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford Show Spanx While Exercising!
Added: 6 months ago
Watch the hot and sexy Hoda and Kathie Lee flash their Spanx while doing exercise demonstrations!
Barbara Streisand Inspires KLG, Hoda To Put Siri To The Pronunciation Test | TODAY
Added: 11 months ago
Barbra Streisand didn't like the way Siri the virtual iPhone assistant pronounced her last name, so she recently convinced Apple CEO Tim Cook to fix it.
KLG and Hoda Leno keg stand
Added: 8 months ago
KLG and Hoda - Family Recipes
Added: 7 years ago
KLG and Hoda - Family Recipes 091224.
Director Judd Apatow Tells KLG And Hoda About New Film ‘The Big Sick’ | TODAY
Added: 5 days ago
He's best known as the director of such hit comedies as “Trainwreck” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” but Judd Apatow is also a producer of the critically acclaimed ...
Fullips tested by Kathie Lee and Hoda on The Today Show!
Added: 3 years ago
Watch as Kathie Lee and Hoda have fun giving our Fullips Lip Enhancers a test drive on The Today Show. These ladies are too funny! Hopefully you enjoy this ...
Hoda & Kathie Lee on Today in Nashville
Added: 1 month ago
Hoda & Kathie Lee from NBC's Today hang out with Today in Nashville hosts Kelly Sutton and Carole Sullivan during their visit to Nashville. Today in Nashville ...
KLG & Hoda Look For Matt’s Tickle Spot | TODAY
Added: 2 years ago
Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford surprise Matt Lauer on the plaza, saying they were sent by Ellen DeGeneres to find his tickle spot. » Subscribe to TODAY: ...
KLG and Hoda Gifts
Added: 8 months ago
Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb Spill the Tea on Each Other | #WCW | WWHL
Added: 7 months ago
Kathie Lee and Hoda play "Oh Shush You Lush" and reveal secrets about one another! Women Crush Wednesday highlights the brightest and hottest women of ...
Michael Douglas Gives Kathie Lee A Personal Tour Of Bermuda | TODAY
Added: 2 months ago
Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas' mother was born in Bermuda, so he has plenty to show Kathie Lee Gifford on a personal tour, including the country's ...
NBC6 News - Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb
Added: 2 years ago
New You Fall 2014 issue featuring: Kathie Lee Gifford's greatest successes have been her great family and giving back through philanthropy.
Puppy Bowl Stars Meet KLG & Hoda, All Up For Adoption | TODAY
Added: 5 months ago
The Falcons and Patriots go head-to-head this Sunday, but of course the REAL action takes place at Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. “Ruff”-eree Dan Schachner ...
Ray Liotta’s Manly Aroma Has KLG And Hoda Wishing For Smell-O-Vision | TODAY
Added: 1 year ago
Actor Ray Liotta is starring alongside superstar Jennifer Lopez in the NBC show “Shades of Blue.” The ladies poke fun at Ray and go gaga over how great he ...
Flashback: KLG & Hoda’s Most Hilarious Halloweens | TODAY
Added: 1 year ago
From Wilma and Betty of "The Flintstones" to Wayne and Garth of "Wayne's World", Kathie Lee and Hoda have pulled off some hilarious Halloween duos on ...
Kathie Lee, Hoda Go Shopping For Small Business Saturday | TODAY
Added: 8 months ago
Kathie Lee and Hoda spotlight small, family-owned businesses in New York City as they shop for toys and other holiday gifts for deserving kids at Cassidy's ...
TODAY Moms Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie And Others Talk Motherhood | TODAY
Added: 2 months ago
Kathie Lee Gifford threw an early Mother's Day celebration at her home, hosting fellow TODAY moms Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Sheinelle Jones, Dylan ...
Hank Azaria Talks 'The Wizard Of Lies', 'Brockmire' With KLG And Hoda | TODAY
Added: 28 days ago
Actor Hank Azaria is taking on new roles as Bernie Madoff's right-hand-man in HBO's “The Wizard of Lies,” as well as an alcoholic baseball announcer in the IFC ...
Kathie Lee and Hoda Today Show NBC Beantown Bedding
Added: 2 years ago
Thank you, Kathie Lee and Hoda for featuring Beantown Bedding's luxury disposable linens on your Favorites segment of The Today Show!
Craig Ferguson Tests KLG and Hoda’s Knowledge Of History | TODAY
Added: 1 year ago
Former “Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson has now brought his humor to the new History channel show “Join or Die,” on which the Scottish-born American ...
Tina Fey Nails KLG And Hoda’s Comedy Quiz | TODAY
Added: 1 year ago
Actress Tina Fey in starring alongside Amy Poehler in the new comedy “Sisters.” The SNL alum is just as big a star on the Fourth Hour, acing Kathie Lee and ...
Kirstie Alley Dishes On ‘Scream Queens,’ Celebrates 66th Birthday With KLG And Hoda | TODAY
Added: 6 months ago
Actress Kirstie Alley joins Kathie Lee and Hoda to talk about her fun times on set of FOX's “Scream Queens,” including getting gifts from co-star Jamie Lee Curtis!
Kathie Lee, Hoda, Regis Reenact ‘Regis And Kathie Lee’ For Halloween | TODAY
Added: 8 months ago
Kathie Lee and Hoda flash back to the '90s as they reenact then-popular daytime show “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee” for TODAY's Halloween.
Kathie Lee Gifford Didn't Always Have Chemistry With Hoda Kotb | E! Live from the Red Carpet
Added: 2 months ago
The "Today" host reveals how far she and Hoda have come from their first year together on the long-running NBC show. Subscribe: ...
Kathie Lee's First TODAY Broadcast | Archives | TODAY
Added: 3 years ago
The new co-host of the TODAY's fourth hour and Hoda Kotb reveal three things they don't know about each other. » Subscribe to TODAY: ...
Cloris Leachman Keeps KLG And Hoda On Their Toes | TODAY
Added: 1 year ago
At age 89, actress Cloris Leachman is still in show biz, playing an ornery grandmother in the new film “This Is Happening.” Kathie Lee and Hoda pay her tribute ...
Hoda, Kathie Lee, And Willie Geist Get Payback With Regis | The Meredith Vieira Show
Added: 1 year ago
Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Willie Geist all have a bone to pick with Meredith for their previous appearances on the show. With a little help from Regis ...
Matt and Ellen as Hoda and Kathie Lee
Added: 3 years ago
With a transcript from the 4th hour of the "Today" show, Matt Lauer and Ellen dressed up as Hoda and Kathie Lee to put on a little teleplay. Enjoy.
Intervention: Kathie Lee and Hoda - Late Night with Seth Meyers
Added: 3 years ago
Some of Kathie Lee and Hoda's loved ones confront them about their wine consumption. Subscribe to Late Night: http://bit.ly/LateNightSeth Watch Late Night ...
Kathie Lee And Hoda Jump Into Billy Bush’s Rockin’ Rickshaw | TODAY
Added: 10 months ago
In a new segment, Billy Bush pilots Billy's Rockin' Rickshaw, a personalized pedicab. On Friday, Billy offers visitors free rides through New York's Central Park ...
AMEX - Kathie Lee & Hoda
Added: 1 year ago
TODAY show hosts Hoda & Kathie Lee Chats 2017 CMT Music Awards
Added: 1 month ago
Find more at http://goncc.com.
Hoda Kathie Lee and Chelsea
Added: 10 months ago
KLG, Hoda bare it all?
Added: 11 months ago
Clara Sunwoo featured on Ambush Makeover, Today Show with KLG and HODA
Added: 2 years ago
Contestant looks amazing wearing Clara Sunwoo from head to toe!
Dr. Ish on Kathie Lee and Hoda | Feisty Fights
Added: 3 years ago
Dr. Ish talks feisty fights on Kathie Lee and Hoda.
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