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Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight (Wednesday, July 19th)
Added: 10 hours ago
Tonight on #Kimmel Jon Favreau, Tiffany Haddish, music from The Revivalists, and Jimmy talks to a family from Florida who had sausage from God rain down on ...
Pedestrian Question - On Vacation or Unemployed?
Added: 1 day ago
We do our show right on Hollywood Boulevard where we get a very eclectic mix of people walking by. We get lots of tourists on summer vacation and we also ...
Caitlyn Jenner on Late Night Talk Show Hosts Teasing Bruce Jenner
Added: 1 day ago
Caitlyn talks about getting caught when secretly dressing up as a woman, her faith, revealing her secret to her kids, and she confronts Jimmy about him, Jimmy ...
Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details of His Son’s Birth & Heart Disease
Added: 2 months ago
Jimmy and his wife Molly welcomed their second child together, William “Billy” Kimmel. At three days old, Billy had successful open heart surgery at Children's ...
Jon Stewart Crashes Jimmy Kimmel's Interview with Bar Mitzvah Kid
Added: 6 days ago
When kids have their bar or bat mitzvah they normally have some kind of theme and a young man from Media, Pennsylvania named Will Rubin is no exception.
Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Perfectly Named People
Added: 28 days ago
Every once in a while you come across a person whose name fits their occupation, so we scoured the country for people with names that match their jobs and ...
Jimmy Kimmel on Response to Emotional Monologue About Baby & Health Care Debate
Added: 2 months ago
Jimmy returns from his time off after his newborn son Billy had heart surgery and he talks about the outpouring of love and support he has received, the ...
11th Annual Jimmy Kimmel Live Belly Flop Competition
Added: 7 days ago
Every year we set up an above-ground swimming pool, pull a group of confused pedestrians off the street, put them in bathing suits and make them compete in a ...
Jimmy Kimmel on Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia Emails
Added: 8 days ago
Jimmy addresses Donald Trump Jr.'s emails regarding a meeting with a Russian lawyer, Hillary Clinton's reaction and Kellyanne Conway stops by to clear the ...
Jimmy Kimmel Asks Caitlyn Jenner if She Regrets Voting for Trump
Added: 1 day ago
Caitlyn talks about the last time she saw OJ Simpson, reveals whether or not she regrets voting for Donald Trump and explains why she's a Republican.
Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Kids About Health Care
Added: 27 days ago
Whatever version of the new health care plan gets approved, it will affect the lives of millions of Americans the most important of which are children. So Jimmy ...
YouTube Challenge – Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Dad I Love Him
Added: 1 month ago
Every year we issue a Father's Day YouTube Challenge. In years past, we've asked you to spray your dad with a hose, to serve him breakfast in the shower but ...
Jimmy Kimmel Gives High School Valedictorian the Chance to Finish Speech
Added: 29 days ago
At a high school graduation in Exeter, Pennsylvania the senior class President gave a speech that did not go over well with the faculty. They cut him off right in ...
Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kellyanne Conway About Donald Trump Jr.
Added: 9 days ago
According to the New York Times Donald Trump Jr., his brother in law Jared Kushner and Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort met with a Russian lawyer to ...
Aunt Chippy Massage Prank
Added: 1 day ago
Jimmy came across a massage therapist by the name of Dr. Dot who specializes in bite massage so he thought 'Who would hate a massage like that more than ...
Jimmy Kimmel on Trump’s Visit with the Pope
Added: 1 month ago
Donald Trump went to the Vatican to meet the Pope so Jimmy breaks down how that went. U2's Surprise Performance of “I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ...
Behind the Scenes with Jimmy Kimmel and Audience (Layla)
Added: 14 days ago
During a commercial break, Jimmy talks to a pregnant woman in the audience who plans to name her child Layla. Jimmy is blown away by the fact that she has ...
Jimmy Kimmel on Donald Trump’s Transparent Border Wall
Added: 6 days ago
Jimmy talks about Donald Trump's trip to Paris and Trump's announcement saying that he wants the wall bordering Mexico to be transparent. 11th Annual Jimmy ...
Neymar Jr. Attempts Terrifying Shot from Jimmy Kimmel’s Roof
Added: 1 month ago
If you are a soccer fan, you're undoubtedly familiar with the superhuman known as Neymar Jr. He's the star player for both Barcelona and the Brazilian national ...
The Scarf Guy Interrupts Jimmy Kimmel's Monologue
Added: 1 day ago
Jimmy's monologue is interrupted by Todd Glass - The Scarf Guy! Guillermo Back-to-Back with Stars at Disney's D23 Expo ...
Jimmy Kimmel Demonstrates How Amazon Will Change Whole Foods
Added: 29 days ago
Amazon announced their plan to buy Whole Foods for 13.7 billion dollars. And while many business leaders are praising the move, some customers are ...
Jimmy Kimmel Grills Kit Harington for Game of Thrones Spoilers
Added: 9 days ago
Kit talks about possibly shooting the next season of 'Game of Thrones' and Jimmy tries to hack into Kit's phone in an attempt to find spoilers. Jimmy Kimmel Talks ...
Kids Tell Dads the Worst Thing They've Ever Done
Added: 1 month ago
As much as most of us love our dads, we keep secrets from them too. Everyone knows that honesty is the best policy so we went out on the street and asked kids ...
Jimmy Kimmel Live Staffers Read Mom Texts
Added: 2 months ago
In anticipation of Mother's Day and as a tribute to moms of the world, we went around the office and asked some of the people who work here to read actual texts ...
Billy Crystal vs David Letterman in Embarrassing Old Clip
Added: 2 days ago
Billy talks about being on 'Battle of the Network Stars' and Jimmy shows an old clip from the episode where Billy raced against David Letterman. Jon Stewart ...
Jimmy Kimmel's Tribute to Don Rickles
Added: 3 months ago
Jimmy pays tribute to the great Don Rickles on the day of his passing. He reminisces about their friendship including their dinners together and he reads some ...
Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Baby Products with Terrible Names
Added: 28 days ago
Those of you who have babies at home know that a lot of stuff comes with them and to be honest we don't know what half of it does. What we do know is that ...
Jimmy Kimmel's Daughter Refused to Dance at Ballet Recital
Added: 1 month ago
Jimmy reveals that his almost 3-year-old daughter Jane refused to dance at her ballet recital over the weekend. Zach LaVine Plays GREAT Prank on Fellow NBA ...
50 Cent is Standing Right Behind You
Added: 6 days ago
We do our show every night from Hollywood Boulevard where the people who pass by our studio tend to have a lot of opinions. We went on the street to ask ...
Jimmy Kimmel Talks to LA Lakers #2 NBA Draft Pick Lonzo Ball
Added: 27 days ago
The NBA draft is the most interesting draft in sports so we sent Guillermo to Barclays Center in Brooklyn to help Jimmy interview the number two pick by the Los ...
Guillermo Back-to-Back with Stars at Disney's D23 Expo
Added: 2 days ago
The brightest stars from the Disney, Marvel and Star Wars universes gathered to delight their fans at the D23 Expo and our very own Guillermo was there to ...
Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Monologue
Added: 4 months ago
Jimmy's opening monologue from the 2017 #Oscars. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Watch the latest Halloween Candy Prank: ...
Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight (Tuesday 7/18)
Added: 1 day ago
Tonight on #Kimmel Caitlyn Jenner, Finn Wittrock, music from Brett Young and Jimmy's aunt Chippy gets a bite massage! SUBSCRIBE to get the latest ...
Jimmy Kimmel monologue 7/19/17 : Health Care Bill - Drunk Donald Trump
Added: 8 hours ago
"Obamacare was a big lie. You can keep your doctor? Lie. You can keep your plan? Lie. It was a lie. Directly from the President," says President Donald J. Trump ...
Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Really Happened at Craziest Oscars Ever
Added: 4 months ago
Jimmy shares his personal perspective on what really happened when the Academy Award for Best Picture was given to the wrong movie at the #Oscars.
Who's The Baby Daddy: Jimmy Kimmel or Matt Damon?
Added: 5 months ago
Jimmy and his wife Molly have a baby on the way. They don't know the baby's gender, they would like that to be a surprise. When they recently went to the ...
Jimmy Kimmel & Jacob Batalon Surprise FaceTime with Tom Holland
Added: 7 days ago
Jacob talks about his close friendship with Tom Holland after playing best friends in Spider-Man, then Jacob and Jimmy surprise FaceTime with Tom who is ...
Jimmy Kimmel on James Comey Statement
Added: 1 month ago
Jimmy gives his thoughts on James Comey's prepared statement in anticipation of his testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Jimmy Kimmel ...
Kristen Bell's Guest Host Monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Added: 2 months ago
With Jimmy out on paternity leave, his pal Kristen Bell stepped in to host the show for a night. Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details of His Son's Birth & Heart Disease ...
Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson on Mayweather - McGregor Fight
Added: 6 days ago
Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson talks about his friendship with Floyd Mayweather, the famous 'money phone' picture they took and Floyd's upcoming fight against Conor ...
Jimmy Kimmel Feels Sorry for Mandy Moore
Added: 1 month ago
Mandy talks about shooting under water for the movie 47 Meters Down and Jimmy reveals why he feels bad for her. A Message to the Class of 2017 from ...
Kimmel Kidversations – State of the Union
Added: 1 month ago
We are now 130 days into the Trump administration and so far, it's been smooth sailing, some would even say perfect. Adults are biased and partisan but ...
Snoop Dogg Surprises Jimmy Kimmel with Generous Donation
Added: 2 months ago
Snoop Dogg surprises Jimmy by presenting him with a check to Children's Hospital LA, where Jimmy's son Billy and so many other kids get such great care.
We Ask Russians if They've Met with Donald Trump Jr.
Added: 7 days ago
It is still unknown whether or not Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with someone from Russia was a one-time thing. There have been no reports thus far of other ...
Jimmy Kimmel’s FULL INTERVIEW with Dave Chappelle
Added: 3 months ago
Dave explains why he doesn't allow cell phones at his shows and he talks about living in a small town with his family, doing stand-up with LeBron James, his ...
Caitlyn Jenner Reveals 'Dude Looks Like a Lady' Was Her Anthem
Added: 1 day ago
Caitlyn talks about living a life of secrecy, meeting Steven Tyler and reveals that 'Dude Looks Like a Lady' was her anthem when she was struggling with gender ...
Robert Downey Jr. & Tom Holland on Spider-Man: Homecoming
Added: 1 month ago
Robert and Tom talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming and Tom reveals that he went undercover to prepare for the role. Mean Tweets – NBA Edition #5 ...
Brett Young Performs "Like I Loved You"
Added: 1 day ago
Brett Young Performs "Like I Loved You" on Jimmy Kimmel Live Guillermo Back-to-Back with Stars at Disney's D23 Expo ...
Guillermo vs LeBron James at 2017 NBA Media Day
Added: 1 month ago
We've been sending Guillermo to Media Day for six years now and he's talked to everyone including Steph Curry, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant but never to ...
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