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  • Jelani Pierre
    Jelani Pierre 6 days ago

    I need an "Every Sample from Cozy Tapes 2" video

  • FrankieandJim
    FrankieandJim 10 days ago

    Cool video. Thanks for sharing. I just discovered an up & coming musician similar to this that's worth checking out... Mikey Wax... Search his song "Helium". Really catchy.

  • Nick
    Nick 20 days ago

    get travis scott to explain butterfly effect

  • Sumit Bera
    Sumit Bera 22 days ago

    please need a coldplay song

  • Meg Thicke
    Meg Thicke Month ago

    Also please do Canibus' verse from Beasts from the East check the rhyme

  • Mije Madalin
    Mije Madalin Month ago

    Hi! Can you put a Making Of in Studio of the song Gente de Zona - La Gozadera ? :)

  • Meg Thicke
    Meg Thicke Month ago

    please do Check the Ryhme for Nas & Damian Marley 2nd verse from "As We Enter"

  • Your beloved Father God the Most High:The time is close for My Kingdom to be complete

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  • Matthew Diego
    Matthew Diego 2 months ago

    Hey can you guys try and get Lil Dicky for Molly

  • Your Jesus:The Catholic Church is now about to enter the worst persecution in its history

    Crusade Prayer (96) to Bless and Protect our Crusade Prayer Group

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    Your Jesus

    • Pieni Siili
      Pieni Siili Month ago

      oh jesus! it happened the other day and he died

  • Your Father, God the Most High:As the Creator of all living things, I Am the Author of life..

    Your beloved Jesus Christ: Join together as we enter the Gates of the New Paradise - = El Aviso de Dios = mybookoftruth dotcom/book/ = CRUSADEPRAYERGROUP DOTORG

  • cuteyx89
    cuteyx89 3 months ago

    get kevin abstract or brockhampton on here

  • Leon Hartt
    Leon Hartt 3 months ago

    Ghostemane explains HADES lyrics

  • TDTota
    TDTota 3 months ago

    holy shit... more deconstructed please.

  • D'Tresean Burge
    D'Tresean Burge 4 months ago

    BROCKHAMPTON - FACE , either check the lyrics or verified. please.

  • Bendrea Washington
    Bendrea Washington 4 months ago

    get 070 shake and the 070 crew to do lyrics videos or an interview

  • Brenton Diggs
    Brenton Diggs 4 months ago

    I'm no trying to scroll to see if Nas verse from Verbal intercourse is on here.

  • KantoKinte
    KantoKinte 5 months ago

    Mos Def's verse on RE:Definition

  • Adam Merheb
    Adam Merheb 5 months ago

    XXXTENTACION explains LOOK AT ME lyrics

  • voppppppppppp
    voppppppppppp 5 months ago

    Check the rhyme on R.A the rugged man - Give it up

  • jaydank
    jaydank 5 months ago

    Do a Check The Rhyme for Heiroglyphics - At the Helm

  • Fredley tehkid
    Fredley tehkid 5 months ago

    Now that my nigga X is out get him on here. #Xfree #XisFree

  • Klown Loyal
    Klown Loyal 6 months ago

    I would like to see a "check the rhyme" for ANY MF Doom verse

  • Kaspars Jurkāns
    Kaspars Jurkāns 6 months ago

    check the rhyme on Talib Kweli & Mos Def - Redefinition

  • Yasmine Ibrahim
    Yasmine Ibrahim 6 months ago


  • Fajar Fathurahman
    Fajar Fathurahman 6 months ago

    would you mind to make lyrics and meaning video for Kris wu- juice song? that song is part of xXX movie OST and VIn Diesel was on his video. i'm not his big fan, but still that song is lit af so i guess he really need to get juice out of it yo

  • East Coast Rhyme
    East Coast Rhyme 7 months ago

    Big Punisher - Super Lyrical
    Pharaohe Monch - Behind Closed Doors
    Chino XL - Beastin

  • Kamal Khalil
    Kamal Khalil 7 months ago

    yall should do one for travis scott for lil yatchy

  • MaKav3li Dz
    MaKav3li Dz 7 months ago

    Plz Plz Plz do " Check The Rhyme " for some 2Pac's verses PLZZZZZZZ & thnX

  • felix pelvis
    felix pelvis 7 months ago

    felix pelvis you are welcom to my public chanel en joy olso thank you again to your waderful complement am happy i song 475 songs elvis presley en aders best singers in wold 40 your en 7 langs not mine hebruw only foreng songs no one in israel can do that bat no one know me in my contry its my probleme enyay thak you to lessen my baydeyay i wuse borne in maroc casablanca by

  • crazychronic 420
    crazychronic 420 8 months ago

    where the rhyme check on a 2pac song at

  • Slacker
    Slacker 8 months ago

    Where the Nas verses at?

  • John
    John 8 months ago

    Make a Check The Rhyme for AZ's verse on Ghostface ft Kool G Rap & AZ - Battlefield

  • Roman L
    Roman L 8 months ago

    make a video about the verse of king los on gangster 101 with wiz!

  • Patrick  Signer
    Patrick Signer 8 months ago

    will u do some of my labels videos when they come out next week? we are the next big thing. just need some help getting the word out

  • Jean Jeune
    Jean Jeune 9 months ago

    you guys should make an app for song lyrics

    • J Fisher
      J Fisher 4 months ago

      thats true lol

    • Its Donutt
      Its Donutt 4 months ago

      they have an app tho...

    • dexter kev
      dexter kev 4 months ago

      why should they make an app if you can just browse the web on your phone?

  • Baby Magic
    Baby Magic 10 months ago

    channel for gays

  • jagger bloom
    jagger bloom Year ago

    Best website ever.

  • Alistair Wetherall

    This is one of the best channels on YouTube for hip hop fans.

  • my nigga my niggamy nigga

    i love the panda song ki

  • Alexandros Peikos

    in the interview with desiigner what"s the song at 8:28?? please someone answer

  • comeonyougotnerves

    Wow, you know how to produce entertaining content on a high level.
    Love the moderation and creation! Keep it up.

  • kanyallhearmenow

    i subbed caus of the evolution of pablo vid, good job bruh, good channel

  • Aurela Gace
    Aurela Gace Year ago

    I love the songs but most of it the beet and the grove

  • Salih Safi
    Salih Safi Year ago


  • Jonathan Tyndall
    Jonathan Tyndall 3 years ago

    Dude dude dude whats the malfunction rap genius shouldnt contain lame ass fake industry rapperS , Nas is a lil real, RZA was real but you talkin underground learn somethin bout it or delete ya channel real underground rap genius artist are K-rino, Genocide, Vinnie Paz Dead Prez Beast 1333 Prodigy of MobbDeep Paydaymonsanto Crux  LessOn LostChildrenofBabylon Immortal Technique  Ra the rugged Man Plagueon LOWKEY gOONDOX gODMODE nECRO YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW REAL RAP YOU SHOWING MAC MILLER AND MGK FA@@0T ASSES 50CENT COME ON MAN WISE UP! REAL UNDERGROUND RAP WILL RISE THE PEOPLE OUT OF OPPRESSION you PUNK ass White boy wise up! stop listenin to SHEEP music

  • Eyeslow Endo
    Eyeslow Endo 3 years ago


  • Hitzoe
    Hitzoe 4 years ago

    People keep voting my my perfectly good annotations down ... haters

  • KidCori - Topic
    KidCori - Topic 4 years ago

    i love Rap Genius for looking up lyrics because they give me a very simple and fast definition to what the lyrics mean in a song

  • JZA
    JZA 5 years ago

    Yo I wish Rap Genius can interview the GZA, one of the most potent, thoughtful lyricism of all time. He is like the Ray allen of hiphop. Discipline, crafted, serious about his work.

  • qaadir williams
    qaadir williams 5 years ago

    hey yall should do an interview with Honors English... email if ur interested

  • bandicoot2ps1
    bandicoot2ps1 5 years ago

    Did I miss something? Where the hell is the Nas interview?