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3 years ago

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  • Abelito Rifnando
    Abelito Rifnando 2 days ago

    l very supported for you...!!

  • Abelito Rifnando
    Abelito Rifnando 2 days ago

    You are very busy for now lindsey, so you ready for (Allianz Opra Theater) in the Buenos Aries and more your conser , l hope you running smoothly (GOOD LUCK) Love you. FRIENDS.......!! Please Reply It.

  • Des Jury
    Des Jury 4 days ago

    i like

  • Sayah66
    Sayah66 6 days ago

    Dear Lindsey, Can You Make An Bendy And The Ink Machine Song? I BET IT WOULD BE AWESOME. After All. You Are Lindsey Stirling!

  • Natalja Fläck Sagova

    You are skilled and I love to see your videos. I personaly have nothing
    against the singing, but as taste I liked you first with only focus on
    you the moves and the violin.
    But as long as you do what feel best for you its good, but I get more emotions from those.
    Still really talented so its nice to see you got this far. My favorite song is Shadow, I think : no words can tell what I think when I listen to that, just love it. many videos in nature or elements also amazing. I am prob more in to classic then pop so might be why I like what I like, well classic and classic. Metal music with femail classic vocals. So everything is a taste and still all work you do is talented.

  • James Dienekes
    James Dienekes 8 days ago

    There are no words in any human language that can describe how great your talent is. Keep it up!

  • Phil Holmes CQConstrucrion

    I think it would be interesting if you did some Alan Walker covers

    • Phil Holmes CQConstrucrion
      Phil Holmes CQConstrucrion 9 days ago

      To be more specific, "Alone" would be a good track to implement your violin skills. FYI, you were amazing at Kool Haus in Toronto. would love to attend another event of yours in my hometown ;)
      (from a Mormon, Brampton Ward )

  • nohora cardenas
    nohora cardenas 9 days ago

    How cute you play the violin I love greetings from Colombia

  • Kahn Family
    Kahn Family 13 days ago

    lindsey you are my personel idol and you even inspired me to start violin lessons (which i have)

  • Anne Ball
    Anne Ball 13 days ago

    Hi Lindsey and team. I know you are excited about Jimmy Kimmel. Not sure what that means career wise. But since you are excited I'm excited for you. I'm not a big fan of Jimmy too Hollywood for me. But I pray you are you and have a great experience and that you have the opportunity to spread light and hope like you usually do. Blessings to you and your team.

  • Abdul Mughees
    Abdul Mughees 15 days ago

    Hello Lindsey, I've just randomly listen you, and become a lover of you, I'm a Radio broadcaster and will make you famous here in Pakistan... keep working hard, love from Pakistan... <3

  • Ryan&Son Johnson
    Ryan&Son Johnson 15 days ago

    Would Love To See A proud to be an American cover Video!!

  • MrMisterMan
    MrMisterMan 16 days ago

    still waiting for that thong video

  • Tessa Turley
    Tessa Turley 16 days ago

    Lindsey! I loved your 'It ain't me' cover! It was so beautiufl and fun! I think it would be awesome if you did a Renegades cover :) I think you would do so amazing with that song! Or 'How far I'll go' from Moana. Love you Lindsey!! Thank you for your beautiful music

  • gauthy dussart
    gauthy dussart 16 days ago

    salut lindsey je suis de france et j'adore ce que tu fait tu es incroyable, et encore le mot est faible tu es un génie. merci merci car ta musique me ressource
    j'espere avoir une réponse. A bientôt


    You remind me of christina grimmie!

  • Bob Sherman
    Bob Sherman 20 days ago

    Your music pales only to your incredible beauty. Whenever I’ve had a bad day or am just feeling down I listen to your music for a while and everything is right with my world again. Thank you for what you do.
    God Bless

  • Mel Stirling
    Mel Stirling 21 day ago


  • Sand Loong
    Sand Loong 23 days ago

    I would love it if Lindsey would play the song "Despacito" :P

  • joseph suzedelis
    joseph suzedelis 25 days ago

    I just watched brave enough-you rock girl!

    BAUTIGAMES 10 25 days ago


    VICTOR VEGA ALCARAZ 26 days ago

    dear Lindsey, one of my favourite songs is "master of tides", could you be so kind to do another sea related track? its my greatest desire to hear your violin doing a cover of "sea of miracles" a song written by Yoko Kano and performed by maaya sakamoto... its called KISEKI NO UMI, its a song from ages ago, but still now its on my mind as strong as when I first heard it. check it out please and if you like it, do a cover ♥

      VICTOR VEGA ALCARAZ 25 days ago

      Thanks! i just listened it, i live in a beach town and when i watch the ocean makes me wanna travel, travel through land, space and time.. forgotten voyage its perfect as background music when you're traveling (still would very much love to hear how kiseki no umi would sound in the hands of lindsey ^_^)

    • Nambicooti
      Nambicooti 26 days ago

      Her song Forgotten Voyage is about pirates, just like Master of Tides :) you should look it up

  • AveryNoel Hobbs
    AveryNoel Hobbs 26 days ago

    I love you Lindsey....let me just say, you have helped me in so many ways.....I don't know where I would be without you and your story helping others.
    I can't wait until you come to Nashville again!!!! I missed the Brave Enough show, which was devastating, but next time Im gonna get front row seats and Meet-and-Greet VIP tickets! I LOVE YOU YOU ARE SO AMAZING

    ps: please do a Sia cover/maybe even a collab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be sooooooooooooo aammaazziinnggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fairy Crafter
    Fairy Crafter 27 days ago

    your awsome

  • Elizabeth Murakami
    Elizabeth Murakami 29 days ago

    Please, make a cover of sailor moon, this anime has beautiful instrumental songs. Thank you for giving us the magic of music with the violin !!!

  • William Scanlan
    William Scanlan 29 days ago

    Just wanted to thank you again for just being you, and doing what you're doing. I've finally gotten my own violin; a Cecilio acoustic/electric hybrid that sounds better than I could've hoped. I can't wait to start learning some of your pieces, though I doubt I'll do them any justice. My sister is giving me free lessons too, so life couldn't be better! You're my hero Lindsey, keep being you.

  • kai1501 wow
    kai1501 wow Month ago

    Nostalgia to the old songs of lindsey, shadows, roundtable rival, master of tides, stars align, elements

  • Bea P
    Bea P Month ago

    It would be great a Nier Automata's Medley, please! *oo*

  • TonyVNtheYouTubeUser


  • gehasy
    gehasy Month ago

    I would love it if Lindsey would play the song, "The promentary" from the movie "The Last of the Mohicans." I think she would do a beautiful job!

  • Jonathan Lohmann
    Jonathan Lohmann Month ago


  • Anne Ball
    Anne Ball Month ago

    So I just bought the you tube red thing just to watch the brave enough movie. I LOVED IT. I will watch it again and again I'm sure. Lindsey's integrity and willingness to share some of her journey with others, is being used of God to bring hope into many lives. Thank you God and thank you Lindsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rianne Bulpitt
    Rianne Bulpitt Month ago

    I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! I got a YouTube account just to subscribe. XD YOUR THE BEST.

  • Khorne, Chaos God of Blood and War

    I am Khorne I am the God of War and Blood and you are protected by my Greater Daemons!

  • Beverly Barnett
    Beverly Barnett Month ago

    I would like to hear you play  Breath by Prodigy

  • Maciej Kadłubowski

    Hi there,
    I've watched Your movie today and came to a conclusion about myself - I am not brave enough, at least for now. Numbing is sometimes the only way of going forward for me, like not allowing yourself to think too much about different things in life, big or small, and just go on. Listen to loud music, play a game, watch a good movie, read a book, do some programming... But never loose Your goal from sight, even though it can get sometimes very blurry and fuzzy...

    I want to say that You are a wonderful person. Keep doing what You do, no matter what!

    Bless You,

    I hope I'll brave enough some day...

  • Nicole Novi
    Nicole Novi Month ago

    Hi Lindsey, I have just become so grateful for discovering you and all of your talents that inspire me so much!!!! You have truly touched my heart; I've already learned so much from you by just watching you perform and hearing your pristine and evocative music. it opened my heart to feel and to cry again and to heal. I've been facing my own share of adversaries; I've been disabled most of my life and have had Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years now. I use a wheelchair and can't do what I used to or what others can do so disease has just progressed and they have found a tumor near my spine. i'm scared for what the future holds but I refuse to give up on my dreams of becoming a published writer, and helping others with my poetry. but it's so hard without any support or family encouragement...i'm lonely and my depression is very deep, plus I have PTSD from past traumas. I just wanted to thank you, however, you've made me want to start fresh and begin writing again and begin to think positively. I love your spritely spirit and style and unrelenting energy. you give so much back to the world and I dream to do that as well. keep rocking out, I love you!!! Sincerely, from Nicole Novi

  • Ken W
    Ken W Month ago

    Hello Ms. Lindsey,   with out your video's I would be lost Because I love a few Instruments and the violin and the piano together is a symphony to my ear's , but your song  on the violin and the background music  of  Hallelujah is a song  I listen to over and over again . I love you , And your skills to make ppl listen to your music and help them to ease their stress . . . it is a wonderful Violin that you play and I love you for it . :)

  • JetouxGame durey
    JetouxGame durey Month ago

    hello can you make the song of aladdin, i saw you made beauty and the beast so i ask?

  • yuki makoto
    yuki makoto Month ago

    has anyone else started playing the violin because of her?

  • Lian Trochez
    Lian Trochez Month ago

    me encantan tus videos tus jestos tuvoz

  • Lightwaves The Great

    I don't know. You're a great muscian, but don't you think you're doing too much? like TOO MUCH. Too much moving around and too much mise en scene, you're making music, not movie. Like, I feel like people should focus on the music and not on the video.

  • Slaying Diamond
    Slaying Diamond Month ago

    Lindsey I am mormon

  • zachary._.w
    zachary._.w Month ago

    Lindsey don't know if you still do this stuff but you should do your own remake of the song Monody by Thefatrat. people like if you think she do this

  • La flor De la alegria

    Hi Lindsey I'm glad I found a violinist to do Musca so good.
    I and my sister have been through difficult times and thanks to your music and phelba your good humor, with your great example of self-improvement you have helped us a lot to move forward to the difficulties, thank you very much Lindsey.
    When did you visit Spain? Here you have fans waiting to see you soon.

  • mark markov
    mark markov Month ago

    Lindsey your music is absolutely amazing and your recent couple songs (Skyrim, assassins creed, lord of the rings...) are incredible. please keep up the good work and if possible continue making parody's of great games and movies as those songs truly stand out. thank you so much for putting unique music in my ears. Next time you could try Moana or Harry Potter or maybe even inception. Please let me know if you would consider it and i will be looking forward to it.

  • Anne Ball
    Anne Ball Month ago

    May Jesus guide you in wisdom and truth Lindsey. He has truly gifted you with a special spirit of talent, love, kindness, courage, and joy. Thank you for sharing of yourself!!!

  • Cameron Johansen
    Cameron Johansen Month ago

    My Dear, Lindsey, it would be awesome to hear you play with Máiréad Nesbitt from Celtic Woman... Duel, Dancing!

  • Benjamin Campos
    Benjamin Campos Month ago

    My Dear Miss Lindsey Stirling, how about a collaboration with fellow musician, vocalist and You Tuber, Chase Holfelder? Thank you for introducing me to The Tenors! Also, please don't get upset by me calling you a "semi-vocalist" on Chase's discussion board...I was only repeating what you yourself said in Brave Enough, (even though I think you have a beautiful voice!).

  • Eliza Seltzer
    Eliza Seltzer Month ago

    Um, hi I was wondering if you could do a cover for NF Can You Hold Me? :)

  • mariano rodriguez

    El violin el mejor instrumento musical y suena mejor con esta gran cancion

  • Ray Hunt
    Ray Hunt Month ago

    Hey Lindsey. I love how you made so many songs especially from good movies and I was wondering if you or anyone else has done one from Dragonheart "To the Stars". its always been my favorite OST from any movie ever. It would be a thrill to hear one.

  • Zach Jackson
    Zach Jackson Month ago

    Lindsey you truly are amazing and i'm sorry for the loss of your best friend, a few years ago i was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma myself. It was the hardest thing i've had to endure so far the emotional strain it put on my loved ones around me was far worse than anything the cancer or the chemo did to me. While i was the one knocking on deaths door it felt like i was dragging everyone else with me and that feeling made me sicker than any chemo did so everyday i woke with a smile,gave it my all and fought as hard as i could to not let it overcome and a small part of that goes to you i would listen to your music on the beginning of the week and my worst days of chemo and to see you so full of life in every video helped inspire me to get over that rocky wave in my history. I'm in remission now so i'm clear of it...i just thought that after watching your movie Brave Enough i should try and reach out cause by far you are THE MOST talented musician to date so keep doing what your doing and keep fighting the good fight cause i know i'm going to fight everyday that i'm on this planet.

  • Fidel L. Layacona

    No se si alguna vez leerás esto, pero quiero decirte, que me pareces sumamente hermosa, y con un tremendo Ángel dentro tuyo, tu musica y vos me elevan, y hacen soñar, era solo eso, decirte que me gusta lo que haces, te dejo un beso.

  • carlos baloños
    carlos baloños 2 months ago

    Hello Lindsey Stirling, you know I like your talent and I hope that you continue to Aasi You know since I beo your music I like and I'm one of your fans I hope that you follow this way with your music and good it is a pleasure to greet you Carlos loves you and I live in Guatemala take care of yourself a lot

  • Marcelo Q
    Marcelo Q 2 months ago

    Lindsey, tu música conquisto mi corazón y mi alma... Eres una de esas personas que nacen para hacer feliz y créeme que resulta... Me encantan tus videos, tienes un desplante excepcional, naciste para estar en un escenario.. I love you... Saludos y un gigante abrazo desde Chile.

  • Majkel Masochista
    Majkel Masochista 2 months ago

    Can I use your music ? I'll give you full credits and I"M NOT making money of it !
    Answer probably will be negative, but It's good to be sure :P

  • Miryam Paola Alvarez Flores

    Lindsey! I hope to see you in São Paulo. I already bough my tickets. I am going with my 9 years old daughter Sofia. We are really happy!!! see you!!!

  • Anna Yannaka
    Anna Yannaka 2 months ago

    Lindsey please consider doing a Harry Potter Medley. We know you love Harry Potter and we do too!

  • Robert Gray
    Robert Gray 2 months ago

    Lindsey sweetheart you need to do a wee nice tune for horizon zero dawn the game is really good thank you x

  • Hervé JQM
    Hervé JQM 2 months ago

    Lindsey, Please, make us a clip of "Afterglow" :D
    It's my Favourite <3

  • MissyFRS
    MissyFRS 2 months ago

    I think you should try doing a cover of Red Like Roses from RWBY if you have the time! Just a suggestion

  • the purple squid
    the purple squid 2 months ago


  • kevin carbis
    kevin carbis 2 months ago

    Keep up the good work Lindsey.  I love your music and all you do.  God bless you!

    TIO CEIFAS 2 months ago

    adorei seus videos

  • Christopher Bayne
    Christopher Bayne 2 months ago

    I'm going to predict that Lindsey will equal or exceed Charlie Daniels.
    What do you think?

  • Megan Taylor
    Megan Taylor 2 months ago


  • rallyetours
    rallyetours 2 months ago

    I love you Phelba ;).

  • Erin Janes
    Erin Janes 2 months ago

    Lindsey, you might not see this message but, my name is Erin and I'm from Canada. I have been having a rough time through school and at home. The only thing I really love to do at the end of the day is sit in my room and listen to your music for hours on end. Your music gives me light and happiness. You have beautiful talent that I never want to see go. I love you with all of my heart. Your violin music makes me feel safe and secure. I look up to you. I want to be as talented and beautiful as you are. You have shown me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. You have inspired me to do what I believe in. The whole point of this comment is for me to say thanks to you for being yourself. You have made a big change for me and all the people around you. Keep up the wonderful work! ~Erin

  • Alexandro Valenzuela
    Alexandro Valenzuela 2 months ago

    Lindsey, You have to do Zimmer's and Junkie's "Is She With You"!!!

  • Dean Bianchi
    Dean Bianchi 2 months ago

    ?what is it that everyone is talking about

  • Dean Bianchi
    Dean Bianchi 2 months ago


  • Eyeless Avandrew
    Eyeless Avandrew 2 months ago

    Lindsey, hola, mi nombre es Andrea, este 20 de junio es mi cumpleaños y me gustaria que me felicitaras.
    Y tambien pedirte que si podrias hacer un cover de "Miraculous Ladybug".

  • Abish Sween
    Abish Sween 2 months ago

    hi!! you are my favorite music in the work. i`m SUD :) i from Panama :) i love Lindsey, God bless you

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 2 months ago

    Lindsey, As a combat Veteran who has lost Brothers and Sisters. I can't sympathize enough your loss. I will see you on June 15 in Seattle. You are an amazing person and an amazing artists.

  • Music is Life
    Music is Life 2 months ago

    Lindsey , you are an amazing , beautiful , kind , brave , positive person , follow your dreams and dont let anyone stop you , i love your songs and they make me everyday smile and always look forward 😊 💖 🎻

  • Jayanth joseph
    Jayanth joseph 2 months ago

    Please do "Rising sun" Shinsuke Nakamura's WWE theme

  • Антон Лобанов

    мне очень нравятся твои исполнения но чтоб так на подписку пересылать это жестоко)

  • Rob E.
    Rob E. 2 months ago

    You, Lindsey Stirling, are one of the brightest stars I have ever witnessed. God gave you to us all and in you we find true happiness. Thanks for never giving up.

  • Diuremo
    Diuremo 2 months ago

    You are back, after all this time, it make me so happy, new songs, new videos,
    it's the return of one of the greatest violonist on Youtube.

    I understand reasons which make you leave, and I am sorry for you,
    but I am sure that many people have been waiting for you, here.

    I wish you a great life, full of music and meetings

  • jnjshc
    jnjshc 2 months ago

    pirates of the caribbean

  • Mosey
    Mosey 2 months ago


  • Mr. Prime
    Mr. Prime 2 months ago

    Lindsey your team makes powerful videos. Some make me ferocious and ready for anything and the others makes me cry. Keep the dream going!

  • Allen Sword
    Allen Sword 2 months ago

    I want to show my support to you and your Family, I just watched you video Brave enough video and how you went through the battles of cancer with your father and your friend, I am just starting that journey myself with my Mom, and seeing you go through it has shown me how to lean on God for this in it's entirety and I thank you for the path and strength you have shown us as an example of it's ok to cry and feel there passing as a sing of love and devotion to not just one another but God as well. We shall Show Love to This World.Sword

  • Дмитрий Белозерцев

    May the Force be with you, Linds.

  • Mega Man
    Mega Man 2 months ago

    Anyone else think that Lindsey should do Fire Emblem?

  • Peroneve Hdjeb
    Peroneve Hdjeb 2 months ago

    it is continuing as it

  • Krzysiek Kisiek
    Krzysiek Kisiek 2 months ago

    kupione suby

  • Dodie Egolf
    Dodie Egolf 2 months ago

    I Love your music and Lzzy's, like in Shatter Me, I write lyrics and need some advice on getting music like this made for them, any advice would help. I think there is this type of music missing in the industry today.

  • NiNi drôle
    NiNi drôle 2 months ago

    Hello, je suis française et je suis fan de toi Lindsey, j'aimerais bien t'avoir en contact ???? Tu est trop belle et tu joue trop bien, je t'écoute tout le temps ...❤❤❤❤

  • sanadeat
    sanadeat 2 months ago

    So does anyone feel that a 36 year old man can learn the violin at that age? Or is it a skill more in tune with a young person?

  • Shadow Mordor
    Shadow Mordor 2 months ago

    Хочу её выебать ...

  • SilverWolf
    SilverWolf 2 months ago

    I am an intermediate violinist and could you please tell me how to play fast notes like 16th notes with fumbling or playing the wrong notes?

  • Benjamin Geoffroy
    Benjamin Geoffroy 2 months ago

    do you love a7x ??

  • Hüseyin Topbaş
    Hüseyin Topbaş 2 months ago

    I hope one day can I hear ur voice

  • Hüseyin Topbaş
    Hüseyin Topbaş 2 months ago

    hey lady Lindsey why u don't try sing i think u gonna be perfect

  • Geburah87
    Geburah87 2 months ago

    Take care with this user:

    Is supplanting your identity and is also making scams

  • AD LH
    AD LH 2 months ago

    Is it possible if your able to do a song from Neir Automata? The songs are magnificent and I want to see how you could make it even more amazing.

  • corentin fradon
    corentin fradon 2 months ago

    I love your work but especially your song that gives me every day the cheek to live knowing that I will not bein. She help me to overcome difficult test. So I thank you very much for that. Stay yourself and continue like that.

  • corentin fradon
    corentin fradon 2 months ago

    I love your work but especially your song that gives me every day the cheek to live knowing that I will not bein. She help me to overcome difficult test. So I thank you very much for that. Stay yourself and continue like that.

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