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  • Silly Comment
    Silly Comment 18 hours ago

    I think Bill gets it wrong why people voted for Trump. Personally, I was very close to voting for independent candidate Gary Johnson. I never liked Trump as a candidate. Briefly, I had an appreciation for people who can speak their mind freely about what they believe without fear of how other people perceive it. But it didn't sway me. There were also a couple things Trump said that sounded a little OK. But I liked Jeb Bush because he is level headed and reserved. I liked Rand Paul because he doesn't like spending money we don't have, and he doesn't like going to war unnecessarily. And I liked Marco Rubio. I thought he was well-spoken. In the end, I figured we had a decision between a liberal/democratic ticket, a conservative/republican ticket, and a mixed liberal/conservative/libertarian ticket that may or may not have supported pardoning people who leak classified information. I also have big concerns about things like tweeting late night thoughts and comments that may or may not be complete nonsense. The question I have about the media is about how much power they have in setting the conversation in this country. It is true that both republican and democrat politicians try to spin their own narratives. But so do ordinary people who feel passionate about their point of views.

  • thomas bertone
    thomas bertone 7 days ago

    thomas bertone 7/20/2017 Finally we have a two party system the GOP and the Trumr Family

  • 67Leafs Dreaming
    67Leafs Dreaming 16 days ago

    Mr. Maher please accept this apology on behave of all Canadians, who respect those that give their lives for freedom! Our piece of shit prime minster today paid a terrorist 10.5 million for killing an american soldier. We are sorry the actions of this lame fucktard of a prime minister that we have. To those men and women and their family's that have given so much in both our military's we are truly sorry for this insult . Please feel free to ban any card carrying liberal into your country!

  • Matt C
    Matt C 20 days ago

    You are the only voice of reason and logical thinking I ever hear these days. thank you for all that you do, and continue to expose Trump for the moronic whiny little bitch that he truly is.

  • Brian Parks
    Brian Parks 22 days ago

    Bill, please get this out there. Dems need to have a united voice, as you said, on VALUES. Not the god values that the reps ran on, the human decency ones that trump and his party shit on every tweet. Cut taxes on the rich by taking away health care from my daughter?!? That's immoral! I'm also stoned and in another country. Rhymes with Texaco.

  • Carla Vornheder
    Carla Vornheder 23 days ago

    Was just listening to Bill Maher and a panel of "experts" talk about what the Democratic Party needs to do in 2020. I just wanted to say that though I have been a Republican all my life, I am disgusted by Trump. But, I feel like every time I turn on the TV, I hear Democrats telling me how stupid I am. I feel like Democrats are driving me/us into Trump's arms.

    • Illmatic662
      Illmatic662 16 days ago

      Congrats on the looking at standards versus party, that's the most important thing. This decisiveness and division in politics is why so many Americans have zoned out entirely. If you want real change, you should consider looking at either an alternative or new party.

  • Christen Severson
    Christen Severson 24 days ago

    Bill ask your viewers to contact their Representatives and Senators. Protest people, this is wrong, more billions to the billionaires and no health care for most vulnerable. This isn't the United States is it? WE, the people have the power, be brave and summon yours!

  • Judy Williams
    Judy Williams 24 days ago

    It would be great to be able to watch the whole show and not just some segments. Can we arrange this please? There is no one broadcasting this show here, so no copyright issue. We're starved for intelligent talk shows here in Australia.

  • Rick
    Rick 1 month ago

    Promote more non-reproductive relationships Bill, because it's obvious that modern age hasn't come from 'western society' creating babies and as a result creating things like the fucking internet. Rather, like you suggest all the time, stop making babies and let the uneducated and objectively unsuccessful developing nations produce massive amounts of children. That wont result in a destruction of society, of course not, because thinking that through requires a 2nd grade education in any realm of rationality -- don't reproduce, cupcake, the world of the impoverished will do that for you. Great rationality, thank you sir.

  • R South
    R South 1 month ago


  • Janet Bennett
    Janet Bennett 1 month ago

    Bill, I know you are friends with Oliver Stone but to not comment further on his ridiculus interviews with Putin disappointed me.

  • David Lavelle
    David Lavelle 1 month ago

    All American citizens should be on The Health Plan by Former President Obama including Supreme Court down to homeless man on street and NO BILL should ever carry another Like the TAX Cuts for the rich....Every bill should stand alone.

  • David Lavelle
    David Lavelle 1 month ago

    All American citizens should be on The Health Plan by Former President Obama including Supreme Court down to homeless man on street and not bill should every carry another Like the TAX Cuts for the rich....Every bill should stand alone.

  • JC Ouellet
    JC Ouellet 1 month ago

    @CPAC what OLIGARCHY DOES: 3.8% on annual investment and interest, 0.9% on income= eliminating taxes to 250k$ annual and up

    Nail em, "MAKE VIDEO of rich person or richest European woman, complaining that they will never collect return from those governments that tax them" copy paste in middle of a mob ailing citizens..." or Trump era banner "PRO Oligarchy"

  • Donny Stevens
    Donny Stevens 1 month ago

    The left riot all the time, burn down buildings,burn cop cars,ruin cities, and kill people in the riots

  • Jim Burgess
    Jim Burgess 1 month ago

    Malcolm Nance is the best. He is a beast intellectually and physically... Alex looked pretty scared and of course trays to spin the blame to someone else. Malcolm had a great reason to call him out, death threats are no joke, calling someone baby goerbels is. And big ups to Eddie for jumping in there.

  • kevin mccarthy
    kevin mccarthy 1 month ago

    The question is not that the shooter was a bernie supporter. The question should be was he a NRA member and that in trump speech to the NRA he told the membership to take matters into their own hands

  • Dave Probert
    Dave Probert 1 month ago

    Hey Bill, Kennedy was killed by a long gun....

  • Jennifer Montgomery
    Jennifer Montgomery 1 month ago

    #RTOVERTIME Question/Discussion Topic

    Why is it not mandatory for every voting district in America to mail out booklets discussing in detail the pros and cons of every issue on the ballot to all of the addresses in it a month ahead of the election?

    Americans demand to know every detail about a car before they buy it so why don't more Anericans demand such information about their ballots before they see them?

  • David C
    David C 1 month ago

    Hey Bill, I have been a massive fan of your's and held you in high regard since 'Religulous'. I just saw Whoopi Goldberg on 'The Daily Show' and ask you request her on your show, it would be a great clash of the left as she is a truly amazing and introspective woman.
    With high regards, and belief and disdain of the ignorance of the masses, Dave

  • Ricardo Rivas
    Ricardo Rivas 1 month ago

    let see a BEN SHAPIRO vs BILL MAHER show

  • KingPetra
    KingPetra 1 month ago

    From the HuffPost Black Voices 6/10/2017 - "Bill Mahr is a Dangerous White Man" I so glad we are getting our reputation back. As a Trump supporter, I know that you will be happy to hear that I have subscribed to your channel. Now if you can pick up a similar endorsement from the SPLC, you could probably beat out PewDiePie for number of subscribers. Good work!

  • andre o
    andre o 1 month ago

    As a black single mother who is a disabled veteran I was not offened by Mr. Maher comment when he called himself a house n****. I thoughr it was rather funny that he could poke fun at himself on that level. What disgust me is black role models saying ingrorant things like thats our word and you cant have it back. Look the word up it means ignorant and for you to allow your friends define you as a n***** then maybe you are. That is not our word. It might be yours but definitely is not mine or anyone I associate with. Where is this so called outrage when black people call white people crackers or honkies those are just as bad. But black people laugh at those types of jokes all the time dont be such hypocrites. Bill keep doing what you are doing. These ingrorant people are still giving this word power that should of been let go along time ago. If your friends can call you n*****. Then dont get mad when a non black uses the word. HYPOCRITES

  • thejoethecrow
    thejoethecrow 1 month ago

    What happened to overtime for June 9, 2017 ?

  • jt4880
    jt4880 1 month ago

    Bill, I've watched you for years and have gone to a few of your shows. I find you to be smart, informed and real. As a black man , I completely forgive you for using the N-word last week. I'm certain the comic mind was working. I'm 100 percent sure you do'n't have a racist bone in your body. Shit happens!!... You are good guy and a real American. Keep up the good work. Still a fan!

  • Steven Singer
    Steven Singer 1 month ago

    Ice Cube was not alive to experience slavery. He really only experienced prejudice. By using the N word he makes it kind of easy to slip and use it when we are trying to rid society of its horrible past meaning. Therefore, I believe Bill Mahr was sucked into using it by rappers who through this word around, because they think it belongs to them. It belongs in the past and isolated from our society.

  • Don CASPER DeForre'
    Don CASPER DeForre' 1 month ago

    Republicans need to learn the meaning of words -Trump hoping Comey let things go

  • Red Crow
    Red Crow 1 month ago

    Separate issue! What bugs me about this show is that it is so great, but really not even 24 hours after the show a whole spool of bullshit happens and we have to wait for Maher for another show. I know its hard but, but damn I wish this show was on at max like 3 times a week. Anybody else feel this way? Way too much shit happens in one week now to be covered in one 1 hour show. Anybody? I just wish I'm sure its extremely exhausting for the crews to even do one show.

  • Red Crow
    Red Crow 1 month ago

    I am about as liberal as it gets to most issues, except for the Domestic Violence Act needs some serious attention. But for Bill to apologize which I'm completely with him on all this I'm sorry crap all the time. I have some native American and in me and was called prairie nigger by so many people/friends growing up. I didn't give a shit about it. But For Maher to do what Trump has never or refuses to do on daily basis, which is say "I'm Sorry" or regret anything for that matter. Just shows Trump that Maher is a bigger man and has what it takes in life as a man to make wrongs right by being honest and real. But seriously this is just stupid its a fucking word. And TMZ give me a fucking break they can go Fuck them selves. Another fucking lame sidetrack from real issues that need to be discussed. Fuck You! TMZ. But Bill please in honesty I actually do watch your show for the news. Cornel West is a good guy but can get you sidetracked. There is just so much bullshit that you have to cover to even get to the point where you can actually discuss the issues. Most of your show now ends up just being pointing out what we already know, but you have to explain it for those that don't which is sad. Then there's about only actually maybe 30 minutes of real talk. It must be hard for you to do this show. Same for Trevor Noah and John Oliver. John Oliver is great at covering the issues so fast and thorough. I wish your show was actually a hour and a half not just one hour. I was so bummed to not hear what you and Neil DeGrasse Tyson could have talked about more. Cornel West is good friend but come on that was one of the most boring shows seeing Neil hardly ever able to get a word in or asked his opinions on issues. But the Mars thing he got you on with terraforming. I want to see Al Green make a appearance.

  • Sandra Bandomir
    Sandra Bandomir 1 month ago

    it is a teachable moment for us all- I think even sensitive white people who heard that joke new and felt that was a mistake- it felt wrong- still you don't throw a person s whole character out or to be determined by an obvious insensitivity. How about Chris Rock calling white people crackers or assuming that white people care at all about black peoples hair care I think the double standard the ridiculous hold to the past dosesn't allow you and your white allies to move forward together to a world where race doesn't matter - people of conscious don't want young black men incarcerated they don't want in equality they don't wantr Donald Trumps to win - so lets not separate people of like consciousness by race lets just support the growth and move on

  • Marjorie Garrison
    Marjorie Garrison 1 month ago

    how dare you show "niggers" on who say that have the right to bring up slavery as if it is their right to blabber about it now. This is history, it does not mean they have the right to demand rights now because of it. Intelligence only matters so color doesn't matter. I am sick of black people leaning on this to support their idealism. I am sick to death of putting up with this excuse. Put this ideal down and make them stand up for who they are.

  • Terry Grund
    Terry Grund 1 month ago

    Watched your crucifixion over the N word. Felt like I was watching the O.J. verdict on TV. Wish I could have asked any of your black guests if they would have been offended if Chris Rock had called himself the house nigger. And if not, why?" Well, because we know Chris and realize he's just joking". You know Bill well enough to know he's joking, too?  Whites have no good reason to be racist, black have a very good reason to be racist. But it's still racism regardless. Black people in America have meager weapons and calling out any white person who says nigger is a powerful club to shame that individual. It's a very powerful, dirty word like "Fuck". It can mean many things depending on the users intention. Part of me wants to tell your guests to grow up. It's a bad, bad word. Don't use it around children. And when anyone uses it or hears it, be sure to pay attention to the speaker so you know his intentions. Before long it will become just another bad , worn out  word  sharing the discard heap with poppycock, wanker, pus bucket and fingerfuck.       Terry

  • yasminboo5050
    yasminboo5050 1 month ago

    Ok, so Donald Trump wants to testify under oath. I say great idea, but make sure you hook him up to a lie detector while he is under oath and testifying.

    • Red Crow
      Red Crow 1 month ago

      No shit! Right! like nobody's ever lied under Oath lol! Strap that fat fuck in the chair and hook that lie detector to his fucking mouth. That fat fuck.

  • jdigregorio
    jdigregorio 1 month ago

    Hi Bill! you spend a lot of time going after #45. Good. But I would like to see you devote an equal amount of energy going after the individual departments in detail: EPA, Justice, and especially Education. We all know Ben Carson is the dullest knife in the drawer, but you need to focus on DeVos, Mnuchin, Pruitt, etc. Bring them to the forefront and educate the people on what they are all about. Jim DiGregorio

  • eur0pa7
    eur0pa7 1 month ago

    it is scary wanting to suddenly make the airline control privitized

  • dianne glashagel
    dianne glashagel 1 month ago

    Why is it, a comedian can call our President (Obama)at a broadcast dinner, Nigga (which is awful), but Bill can't, off the top of his head say the N word and have to face so much crap?  It's always lopsided.

  • Michael Livingston
    Michael Livingston 1 month ago

    Could the Russians have hacked the election by intercepting the precinct results going to the state compilation boards?

  • Don CASPER DeForre'
    Don CASPER DeForre' 1 month ago

    Trump poo pooed on Comey comments about the question of loyalty ---friggin media asked Trump about Comey being asked by him about "pledging loyalty " to him. Trump said no - absolutely not - well as far as Ive seen and heard - Comey never actually used the word "pledge" - so for once Trump would be telling the truth. Trump then said a "stupid' - "Why would ask a guy I hardly know...that Ive just met for his loyalty" - Who else would you ask? Your sons the putz twins? Other dickhead friends you hired?

  • Don CASPER DeForre'
    Don CASPER DeForre' 1 month ago

    Just saw on Fox - The Five- where they are saying that no one has been prosecuted on a "hope" -  because Comey stated that Trump said "I hope you can let this go" regarding Flynn --Republicans keep harping on the word "hope'. Well what does Hope mean?
    If I -hope- I win the lottery ...doesn't that mean I want to win the lottery? if I hope Trump has a stroke - doesn't that mean I want Trump to have one ? So if he did in fact ask him "i hope you can let this go" mean -I want you to let this go

  • Bill Dickey
    Bill Dickey 1 month ago

    Bill, The Russian Investigation will never get the results we all hope that it will. The investigation can not interrogate any of the Russian players, so the investigation is one sided. If Trumps team keeps their mouths shut then the investigation will close itself out. Investigators need to be able to apply pressure through the interrogation or to offer a deal for someone to talk. it saddens me this fuck-tard of a man and his entire band of ass clowns are going to get away with this.

  • Patrick Starr
    Patrick Starr 1 month ago

    After taking a bazillion of mostly not even funny jokes about germanys past i cant help but giggle over americas incapacity of taking social criticism. Free speech means F them if they cant take a joke. I want Bill to be edgy, daring and out there because that is his job, make people think about their BS perceptions. Sticks and stones ppl...

  • David David
    David David 1 month ago

    Jewish house nigger.

    The fact hes not being fired, proves he was right when he said that.

  • David David
    David David 1 month ago

    anyone who employs you or advertises with you, will be boycotted.

  • Valygar Ragebringer
    Valygar Ragebringer 1 month ago

    I'm with you Bill Maher, some people just cant take a joke.

  • wd neojoneswd
    wd neojoneswd 1 month ago

    watched the Friday show tonight(Monday) which was a great show and Sen. Sasse was refreshing for sure. What i need to remind everyone about is WHY? Trump is destroying our character thorought the word, ie: G7, Nato, and many more way right here in the US. Trump hates Obama! He has ever since the Press Dinner where Obama made him the joke of the evening calling him out about birthing and 'his' naiive! Trump says it all the time when he signs an exec order. Obama's fault for this and that, always blaming our last real President for all the countries problems which Trump will fix! But its jealousy, embarassment, and the way Obama degraded him as a 'child' a foolish child, with asperations of greatness...that is 80% of why and what Trump does anything-its opposite Obama! People need to hear that every time Trump does something unbelievable. Its about him getting even with Obama. The other 20% is just his low-self-esteem, narcistic self ingrandisement.

  • Otavio Martins
    Otavio Martins 1 month ago

    "im a house nigger!" i laughed so fucking much

  • Disgruntled Guest
    Disgruntled Guest 1 month ago

    As a very long-time fan of Bill's edgy humor and pull-no-punches shtick going back to stand-up days in the San Francisco comedy clubs, I have been a regular viewer of the network and HBO shows. Before Trump's run for the White House, I appreciated Bill's humor on a variety of topics, but sadly most of the commentary over the past year has been focused on gets a little boring week after week. Now this latest criticism of the term "house-niggah" is mind-blowing! Bill is only a couple years older than I and we grew up in a time when ethnic jokes or humor based on debunked stereotypes were de riguer. The uptight SJW liberal mentality of making everyone's causes their own, and this pompous self-righteous indignation in American society has got to stop!!! While I think Bill would agree that those less-intelligent people in our society cannot tell the difference between wit and hate-speech - BOTH are protected by the First Amendment! You have a right not to agree with something said, and even take offense, but censorship is flat-out WRONG!! As a Bernie supporter who begrudgingly voted for Trump, I will take my lumps from Bill week after week for my voting decision - but I still back and support Bill's right to say whatever the fuck he wants to!!!

  • Nathan Frazier
    Nathan Frazier 1 month ago

    You being attacked for your racial joke is the new age liberal turning on you for believing in freedom of speech and freedom of choice. They are trying to stop you for calling Berkeley student fucking babies. They are turning on anyone and everyone who doesn't believe the way they do. We should all be terrified of the so called "educated" college grads that are the future of this country. I'm a conservative but still watch your show because I support free speech, you are a good person with a patriots heart. We just see things a little different when it comes to economics and foreign policy. But the differences we have creates true democracy, what a crumbled world this would be if we all had universal thoughts.

  • Logical Lunatic
    Logical Lunatic 1 month ago

    I wonder how ole Bill feels about his compatriots calling for his head?

    Seems the only thing worse than directing racism towards others is labeling yourself their equal. Time to wake up and realize the alliances you've made aren't worth the morals you sacrificed to cement them. I wonder if the backlash has anything to do with Bill's more recent positions on PC culture, feminism, and Islam?

  • Nig Nog
    Nig Nog 1 month ago

    Poor little white nigger boy.

  • Lane Quenemoen
    Lane Quenemoen 1 month ago

    Ain't it funny how Bill gave 1 million to Obama in 2012 and he won re-election and backed Hillary in 2016 and lost. How much did he give Hillary to lose? Guess he backed the wrong grey mare.

  • MrMoonman3000
    MrMoonman3000 1 month ago

    HBO, don't blow his use of the slang out of proportion. It was said in jest, not in a derogatory fashion, and not used in malice. It was "politically incorrect". That's his shtick. Bill didn't need to apologize, but he did. Keep your eye on the prize, and let Bill do his thing. The real evil we need to spend our energy battling with is the growing authoritarian power in the White House and the one party rule of our country. We need you Bill. Keep up the good work.

  • Tony From Syracuse
    Tony From Syracuse 1 month ago

    Whose the batshit crazy one now Bill? WELCOME TO THE WACKO FRINGE you always made fun of. now...they can count you as one of their members. if you escape being fired when so many have been fired for so much less, it should make you want to cancel your show just on principle as you will be like a lighthouse every show making it clear how hypocritical you liberals are. you.... NEED.... TO BE FIRED for HBO and you to have any semblance of fairness. step down..or HBO cancel him.

  • DJHannibalRoyce
    DJHannibalRoyce 1 month ago

    gurl, you tried it.

  • PlumbDrumb
    PlumbDrumb 1 month ago

    Bill Maher, America's favorite NeoLiberal corporatist sellout.

  • eur0pa7
    eur0pa7 1 month ago

    its scary but it all boils down to money for leaving the agreement nothing else

  • Robert Cook
    Robert Cook 1 month ago

    MEAT AND DAIRY INDUSTRY:  Hey Bill, on climate change, no one ever talks about the enormous effect of the meat and dairy industries.  I'm sure you've seen the documentary COWSPIRACY...  it's not just CO2 and fossil fuels, but that's all people seem to talk about...

  • Kumar Aghna Mukherjee

    Bill its about time we had a progressive on the panel or at least someone from the independent media

    • Bi$harp
      Bi$harp 1 month ago


  • kenneth mabie
    kenneth mabie 2 months ago

    get off Hillary's tits she's a corrupt cunt and the whole reason why that faggot Trump is president

    • kenneth mabie
      kenneth mabie 1 month ago

      clearly you are a moron and do not understand that a comment on here isnt a reply to you fucktard..
      if i had replied to your comment you would be talking to me in your comment thread you braying jackass you are replying ot my comment or are you too stupid to scroll up and see which comment you are replying to fuckfag?

      "I admitted I voted for Hillary and I hate her face"
      whelp you are a bigger retard faggot than i though before ..

      " Even Bill Maher makes fun of people like you in his show as a problem, and you are"
      really ? i bet if Bill where right in front of you you would drop to your knees and make like a circus seal and suck his cock to completion...

      no no no people like you are the problem .. the idiots that are too stupid to lead themselves and look to celebrities to lead you around by a leash ..

      "To me it sounds like you didn't vote for her, so who's the self centered one."
      i didnt vote for either of them you retard .. see i am not like you .. i am intelligent and realize that our system isnt just a two party system .. and there more choices than dick number one and dick number two ..

      oh and btw .. calling a disabled retired firefighter and 9/11 first responder "self centered" .. classy reaaaal classy you stupid fuckwit... keep this in mind .. when little coward pussies like you run out of a burning building .. heroes like me are running in to save pathetic little shitheads like you..

    • Red Crow
      Red Crow 1 month ago

      Is being self centered bad?
      Being self-centered is NOT the same as being selfish. Those who are self-centered are NOT narcissistic, hedonistic, or self-absorbed. Because self-centered individuals are more grounded, they are able to give even more to others. They have the potential to be even more generous and to make even greater contributions. I would rather contribute than steal, which is what trump is doing to the American poor and middle class.

    • Red Crow
      Red Crow 1 month ago

      I admitted I voted for Hillary and I hate her face. But since I'm so self centered my own two legs walked themselves to the podium to vote for her, so millions of Americans could keep there health insurance. Even Bill Maher makes fun of people like you in his show as a problem, and you are.  To me it sounds like you didn't vote for her, so who's the self centered one. I voted for her, not for me but for single moms raising kids on there own like my sister, equal pay in a workplace for women like my sister, global warming an issue that I take serious. I'm so self centered that I was able to vote for her instead of busting for Bernie. No way bro those comments are just  an attack on those who voted for Hillary. When you make a comment like that, the first thing people are going to think is that your one of those that "I didn't vote cause there both oh so evil " kind of person. So she sent some emails over a private server, who fucking cares. She literally has said out of her mouth supporting every basic common sense issue that faces our poor and low middle class working Americans. Don't act like your not a self centered person either, its politics "Idiot" all of these issues pertain to us on a personal and broad level. So take your self centered talk somewhere else. I don't even care if your replying to me or not you sure as shit are offending me already. Don't act like your not self centered idiot. When posting comments like that, that's usually exactly the kind of person people are going to think you are. If your gonna make a stupid comment back it up. Lets hear why she so corrupt bro? I have all fucking day!

    • kenneth mabie
      kenneth mabie 1 month ago

      Dude I wasn't replying to you... I was directing my comment to Bill... damn yo how self centered are you? About three walls of text... that's how self centered...

      You Idiot

    • Red Crow
      Red Crow 1 month ago

      And I'm a supporter of gun rights, huge supporter. There some sloppy background checks. I think the a domestic violence gun rights act needs to be revised. Just cause someone got into a stupid bar fight type incidence doesn't mean they should be deprived from possession. I think these cases are thrown into judges hands or jurors knowing that either of the two could be prejudice. "Don't let the government tell you how to think" "Think for yourself and question authority" -Bill Hicks Rest in Peace my friend.

  • Red Crow
    Red Crow 2 months ago

    Well, with Gianforte charged with assault in Montana now the day before election, lol, and his ties to Russia with $250,000 in index funds with Rosneft an oil company owned mostly by the Russian government. Jesus Christ People! Is there any republican politician that doesn't have ties to Russia. Welcome to the United States of Russia. Watch our infrastructure be taken over by Russia's interest in American Oil. What the HELL is going on right now? Am I dead? Where the hell am I? A environmentalist living in Montana is not easy and watching pretty much my whole state vote for that "Whiney Little Bitch" which MT is made up of rich farmers and watching the rivers get polluted by mining coal, which basically isn't even on a competitive scale anymore.  Then seeing the farmer 4 miles down the river not being able to irrigate to his farm, which is all he has. Credit Goes to "Vice" and Crew for bringing me this story, makes me think the whole world is seriously fucking with me right now? LOL! Most likely that farmer voted for that Orange monkey as well. So everybody can turn the cameras off now, its not funny anymore.

    • kenneth mabie
      kenneth mabie 1 month ago

      hey idiot if i was actually replying to you in my comment this is what it would look like you stupid fuck fag

  • Red Crow
    Red Crow 2 months ago

    Tyler from Montana, liberal Bernie Supporter all the way. I never miss a episode with Bill Maher, Greg Gianforte just body slams a reporter tonight LOL! I'm a Quist Fan, but 250,000 votes are already in before election day. Greg will still win the position, hell while we are at it lets make Hulk Hogan President when that fat ass trump gets impeached. Liberal with big balls reporting from Montana, have a good night.

    • kenneth mabie
      kenneth mabie 1 month ago

      hey idiot if i was actually replying to you in my comment this is what it would look like you stupid fuck fag

  • VLOGeneric's Rants
    VLOGeneric's Rants 2 months ago

    Fuck off you Partisan Hack.

  • Gabriela Jones
    Gabriela Jones 2 months ago

    Dear Corporatist Extraordinaire (that's you Billy)
    Please learn the fucking lesson of the past election. The American people are tired of picking the lesser of the two evils. To lose against history's most biggest Buffon is both disgraceful and monumentally shameful. But guess what? Your dumbass brain does not comprehend why the most hated politician in America became the president of America...its not the people's fault, nor is it the fault of the progressives...its entirely the product of the DNC and its obsession with corruption and dirty money. Haven't you noticed that American politics has been constantly shifting to the right each election? The republicans have became a group of right wing fascists, while the "democrats" turned into a bunch of centrist ass wipers for corporate donors. A decade ago, the republicans campaigned for what modern democrats campaign for now. Year by year, the so-called "liberal" wing has sold out and fallen in line with the establishment. This is unforgivable and destructive...there is NO TRUE LEFT IN AMERICA. Does your brain fucking understand that? Your beloved Hilary Clinton was the epitome of all that corruption. She represented everything that is virtually wrong with Democracy, and because of that, and her inability to keep the election fair and balanced... republicans and certain democrats rolled the dice on the future of this country. They are tired with Wall Street politics. You have a lot to learn my stupid friend, start by opening your eyes and understand the mindset of a common American person. So please, shut the fuck up and stop blaming the progressives for trying to change the elitist system *(like Bernie) which you desperately crave. Step aside bitch, not everyone is a sellout like you.

    • Arvind Parthasarathy
      Arvind Parthasarathy 1 month ago

      Dear Snowflake (that's you Gabriela).... The American people better get used to picking the lesser of two evils, as long as idealists like yourselves sit out elections and get the Republicans in charge of the country. The Democrats, as corrupt as you think they may be look out for the little guy. There is a reason there are two classes of Liberals - the Elitists and the moron idealists. The moron idealists really need to get over themselves. There is a reason even Bernie gave up his Independent status and caucused with the Democrats. He even said it - it was because of the money required to run a campaign. If he can be a realist why can't you ? Since you can't, it the sad truth that the Elitists have to lead the way, their way. There is no room for your weakness.

  • Carls good eye
    Carls good eye 2 months ago

    Down with a ban yet Billy ? Or is Manchester still not enough to admit you were completely wrong ?

    • Nicholasryan17
      Nicholasryan17 1 month ago

      You mean Manchester which was orchestrated by someone by themselves who had no affiliations to terrorist groups? Because ISIS takes claim for everything they can even if they didnt actually do it.

  • Jean Loup T
    Jean Loup T 2 months ago

    Almost 24 hrs after the terrorist attack in Manchester and all the leaders of the world including Putin made a statement..
    Only America's national shame the tiny handed orang-outan did not made a statement or public appearance yet...
    What is he doing right now? Grabbing pussies? Figuring out how great he is? Looking for his advisors? Trying to understand what happened? Or doing what he's doing best... Improvising... Lying.... ?

    I guess the killing of children is not important after he shook hand with the one financing ISIS and Al Quaeda, the king saoud...

  • RJJacob101
    RJJacob101 2 months ago

    I saw the Cornel West clip, fuck you Bill. I like you but stop shilling that fucking cunt Hitlery!

  • casey czarnomski
    casey czarnomski 2 months ago

    Bill Maher, I've been watching your shows since you were on broadcast, and almost always got a good chuckle. I enjoyed Religulous, although it seemed very simple and didn't really challenge me to think. Now, with your inability to lay off the corporate ass kissing, and progressive shaming, you need to get off the air. You do the country a disservice by pushing it into oligarchy. Saying that it is the fault of the people, for not electing a mouthpiece for big money, shows how low you are willing to bend for the corporate donation. I will no longer watch your show, and I will speak with everyone who does and inform them of your policy on money buying politicians.

    BILL MAHER you have turned into the new DENNIS MILLER!

  • J. Leblanc
    J. Leblanc 2 months ago

    Bill Maher , where are you hiding the Cornel West clip? Trump is a disaster, but...
    Hillary would have signed TPP , giving a corporate tribunal the power to **OVER-RULE THE SUPREME COURT!**
    Trump put corporates in his cabinet , but Hillary would have put corporates ABOVE her cabinet.
    How about you think about that for a bit, cause it's about "Real Time" you wake up!

  • Lord Focho
    Lord Focho 2 months ago

    I like how you did not upload any clip of Cornell West this week, I'm still subscribed and will continue to watch the show but deep down i know you have your head stuck in the DNC's cacas so for that reason you do not get my full attention.

    I still do hope one day you get back to your senses, and realize no one else is to blame for Hillary's loss but herself, and the corporate media.

  • Marcos Miranda
    Marcos Miranda 2 months ago

    We as a country need to reclaim what is considered to be a far left society for instance health care for all, taking money out of politics, representing the people and not corporations... everyone wants these things here in America the richest continent in the world, and leaving it up to corporations to charge for our healthcare is reckless. This country`s constitution is presently being used by corporations to wipe their ass, and allowing it to trickle down on it`s people. Bill I love your show and hate to not watch it but I will be pulling for you to have a change of heart on your political stance.

  • Oscar Blanco
    Oscar Blanco 2 months ago

    Guys, you have to do something with this photo of Trump and the Saudi King holding a glowing sphere!!!

  • sfdafsad areesf
    sfdafsad areesf 2 months ago

    Please get rid of the audience! They contribute nothing but interruptions. Utter waste of time.

  • John M. Madsen
    John M. Madsen 2 months ago

    Just a thought here Bill.

    You keep commenting, quite rightly, on the repeated killings of unarmed black men by US cops and attempting to explain the phenomenon. However, one thing I don't believe I've heard you raise is that US cops are, by a HUGE margin, the worst trained law enforcement officers in the developed world.

    In the US a police officer generally undergoes 6 months of training, less in some states, and can often be on the street with a gun on the hip within a month. And of course there is no standard national curriculum...

    In comparison, in most other developed nations police training is generally a three year course which includes rigorous schooling in law and ethics, as well as extensive training in how to handle and defuse situations of extreme pressure and the use of a variety of non-lethal tools.

    In short, US police training is far more akin to the training other developed nations require you to have in order to be a mall cop or security guard and light years away from the education required to be a law enforcement officer.

  • Don CASPER DeForre'
    Don CASPER DeForre' 2 months ago

    Bill asked why Trump hired Flynn even after they found out he was under investigation - ive not heard anyone say it - its because Obama fired him that's why - goes along with trying to erase, change, abolish everything with Obamas name on it - many people compare him to a dictator - I see him as a pharaoh - some would erase, cover or destroy monuments of other pharaohs and not to mention the family deal by most too

  • Paul Montgomery
    Paul Montgomery 2 months ago

    Bill could've handled that one way better than he did. Kudos to professor West for handling it better. I would've given Cornel an opportunity to make his distinction between "disaster" and "catastrophe" as not being equally awful results from either Trump or Clinton being president. Bill, you really can help people reconsider their positions without mere ridicule and contempt while being funny and entertaining. You don't have to just seek the mere approval of the choir.

  • Just B
    Just B 2 months ago

    What the fuck? Been trying to watch Overtime for the last 40 fucking minutes, and there is nothing? Did they cancel the segment?

    • haiggoh
      haiggoh 2 months ago

      yes they canceled Overtime this time because Bill had to get on a plane to Vegas. But shortly before new rules there was a great discussion between Colonel West and Bill, they didn't upload that either, but you should try to find it, it's definitely worth watching.

  • Jennifer Montgomery
    Jennifer Montgomery 2 months ago

    Real Time with Bill Maher,

    The Voting Rights Act needs to be updated, not only just to eliminate illegal laws like many of the Voter ID laws, but it also needs to be updated to mandate that every address in every district of every state and territory for every election be mailed out a booklet exactly like the one that the Colorado State Assembly mailed out about a month or so ahead of the last General Presidential Election, a.k.a. The FU election.

    What that booklet did was it put on paper in a very lengthy, in-depth, and sometimes boring to read, manner every issue on every ballot in the state, detailing to them the argument for as well as the argument against every issue and the job performance of every judge up for re-election, along with a little practice ballot in the beginning of it. In addition to that it listed the lawmakers and their staff responsible for drafting it in the front along with the addresses of the polling places in the back.

    If every district of every state and territory were mandated to mail out booklets like this one free of charge to every address on file with the DMV, it would help the Voting Rights Act tremendously. It would allow people to inform themselves of the issues from the source that is making the ballots, which should help to people to get their information from an official source, help speed up lines so people can get in and out of the polling place and get home to their families quicker, and there would be less of a reason for people to say that they weren't informed about what would be on their ballots.

    The best way to sum up my argument for this booklet being mandatory in every district of every state and territory is best done by asking “Why should the American public not know what exactly will be on their ballot before they get it?” When people purchase items they feel like they should have the right to know what exactly they are getting before they pay for it. Why should that be any different with our ballots?

    Jennifer M. Montgomery

    P.S. Another much needed update to the Voter Rights Act is the establishment of an Election Day Holiday similar to Christmas for every election, or at the very least just the main ones such as the Presidential one and the Congressional ones. That would help people to go vote and spend some quality time with their family and friends.

  • Mr.Wadd
    Mr.Wadd 2 months ago

    The only way this Administration and Investigation ends is by the U.S.Treasury Dept. The Commerce Secretary is the Chairman of The Bank of Cyprus, the Putin Money Laundering Bank for Putin and his Oligarchs. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

  • Marian Gargano
    Marian Gargano 2 months ago

    Dear Bill Maher,

    I watched your show for many years and I thought you were cool. I have come to change my opinion. As an American you should show respect for the peoples' choice for president and you do not. You did not vote for Trump that is obvious but in a democracy the people rule not you. Show some allegiance to our country and support the man the people have elected.

    Marian Gargano

  • Anthony Powell
    Anthony Powell 2 months ago

    skit: Back an forth photos of DT & RN and MP & SA. Impeachment riddle...

  • SAM .B
    SAM .B 2 months ago

    How does a pot abusing, playboy mention visiting, liberal to the point of insanity guy like Maher becomes talk show host on HBO, who did he have to you know what to get it ? when he talks it feels like the whole World has gone insane.

    • haiggoh
      haiggoh 2 months ago

      Well maybe then you know how the other half of the country feels when we watch literally anyone on Fox News such as Hannity for example. To us, they're the ones who are clearly insane. By the way, it's spelled "playboy mansion".

  • Kyle Pfannenstiel
    Kyle Pfannenstiel 2 months ago

    Hey was wondering if it was still illegal to profit from public office because trump really is making a lot of money from it. soooooo shouldn't the other branches of our government be doing something ,i think we as a people have not been screwed by trump but failed by the other branches. so couldn't we the people sue them for failing to do there jobs?

  • thomas bertone
    thomas bertone 2 months ago

    Thomas Bertone @ Stafford Springs CT Could someone answer my question When this "President " going to emplode

  • Yuriy Stakhiv
    Yuriy Stakhiv 2 months ago

    we think you are the best ever like ice cream on the beech, or like money maker like ice van

  • Yuriy Stakhiv
    Yuriy Stakhiv 2 months ago

    we hear you brother dont worry

  • Yuriy Stakhiv
    Yuriy Stakhiv 2 months ago

    you just a pussy eating machine , you dog, get real and eat more brother

  • Crankwhistle SaintThomas

    WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK 'MAHER'.......PROPAGANDA 'comedians' HAVE BECOME FOOLS AND 'YOU' ARE NO EXCEPTION.......your audience is unredeemable no matter how big the knob on the laughing machine is

  • Terry Grund
    Terry Grund 2 months ago

    You cost Gore the election, you hypocrite. I wrote in Sanders because I knew Clinton would take Massachusetts electoral votes. Do you think your efforts made a difference in Florida in 2000?

  • Micah Pounds
    Micah Pounds 2 months ago

    I want to know how many times Donald Trump has grabbed Ivanka and Tiffany Trump's pussies? Any do they enjoy b/c they're all a bunch of creep fucked up liars and criminals who have sold out our country. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!!

  • Robert Randall
    Robert Randall 2 months ago

    Jeff Sessions said that drug disputes can’t be settled in court so they are settled with a gun. Isn’t that good reason to legalize drugs so that drug disputes can be settled in court?

  • Roger Cole
    Roger Cole 2 months ago

    Bill Maher's programme is very popular in my house in Ireland, especially with my kids. However I am of an older generation that remembers a liberal Democratic President Johnson who also escalated the horrific US war in Vietnam, so am no great lover of US Liberals that also support the US doctrine of perpetual war. Clinton & Obama bombed Libya for four months and now slavery has been reestablished there, being just one example. Research has shown Clinton's defeat was nothing to do with Russia and all to do with Americans who would rather abstain or even vote for Trump because as far as they were concerned Clinton was the Wall Street candidate, yet despite this Bill Maher focuses on the EVIL RUSSIANS, which to my mind is not only silly but lazy and boring.

    • FakeMoonRocks
      FakeMoonRocks 2 months ago

      Yes, absolutely predictable. Friday night's show began with Maher's outrage of Comey being fired - total leftist hypocrisy. I change the channel and briefly tune back in, later on in the show, only to hear Maher blathering on about how Trump is overweight.
      WTF? Who the fuck is still watching this crap on a serious basis? I know Maher, and his ilk can always say, "It's just comedy," but who the fuck still gives a shit about this brand of leftist comedy, OR when Maher's strays to give one of his "serious" opinion pieces?
      This is coming from someone who used to watch the show regularly, but can't stand the leftist hypocrisy from a "whiny, little bitch" like Maher. The "Israel before America" Zionist agenda is another reason I can't stand this crap. Bill Maher - American Bolshevik.

    • FakeMoonRocks
      FakeMoonRocks 2 months ago

      Maher delighted in Trump's launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria, which did nothing productive except kill a relatively small number of people that are anti-ISIS. Try and figure that one out.
      I don't recommend tuning in to tonight's show, but it will be interesting to see Maher's reaction to Trump's firing of Comey. Especially considering so many left leaning celebrities were in favor of Comey being fired, not all that long ago, but now that it has happened, they're outraged. Again, try and figure that one out.

  • Evelyn Poole
    Evelyn Poole 2 months ago

    ever wonder why horrible things happen to horrible people . I cook at one of your favorite spots. Karma can leave a bad taste in your mouth. every bite could be your last . Hows that for comedy dumb ass. yum yum . Just kidding Take big bites.

  • Pattie
    Pattie 2 months ago

    does bill maher know his face looks like puke

  • m davis
    m davis 2 months ago

    you're a p.o.s maher. grow up and please ... grow a sense of humor - yours is absolutely sad and pathetic. but hey, you've got some really mentally challenged viewers so i think you're gonna be ok.

  • Penny Winkle
    Penny Winkle 2 months ago

    UGH John Kasich got a pass Friday night. Because he appears more sane, he didn't get asked anything about his record in Ohio. More people have fallen into poverty, abortion has taken hit after hit, he thinks "the Lord" talks to him and tells him what to do, he alienated unions, he wants teachers mandated to do summer internship with business people. PLEASE stop softballing Kasich because he appears more sane than Trump. It is a HUGE mistake. He is an evalgelical who believes in Christian law for everyone.

  • Louis Sierra
    Louis Sierra 2 months ago


  • Carls good eye
    Carls good eye 2 months ago

    Blah Blah blah... I watched a little while ago Billy boy complaining about " the muslim ban" and absolutely nothing since. Are you for or against ? Simple question right ? Would love an answer Bill. Nothing convaluted. Yes or No. Dont care why. Just YES or NO.

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