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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning program that looks at the day's top headlines through a sharp, reality-based lens. Along with the help of The Best F#@king News Team Ever, Trevor Noah covers the biggest news stories in politics, pop culture and more.

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  • Monomanian Distream
    Monomanian Distream 4 hours ago

    Lack of recent videos on this channel is intolerable, we must be up to date.

  • Saurav Silwal
    Saurav Silwal 5 hours ago

    i wonder what the daily show has to say about what trump has been ..saying.

  • akil s
    akil s 10 hours ago

    Videos has drastically reduced since last 2 weeks and when i go to CC website, it says i cannot see your show from my country (India)
    I like your videos pls upload more videos or show me a way to watch your show. Cmom Trevor

  • Fayzah Mughal
    Fayzah Mughal Day ago

    "I take a lot of vacation because I GET a lot of vacation." (Jim Rome, great contract). Hurry back Trevor- there's tragic comedy gold!

  • Fredrick Oloo
    Fredrick Oloo Day ago

    What have you done with Trevor?

  • Mohammed Faisal Aliyu

    No new episodes for seven days in Trump's era... I guess it's no longer a daily show.

  • Meat & Potato Burrito

    Trevor Noah is racist against white people!

    • xzbit rox
      xzbit rox 2 days ago

      he is against anything that doesn't make sense. not white people or black people...

  • julia Okeowo
    julia Okeowo 2 days ago


  • Yvet Jo
    Yvet Jo 2 days ago

    Hello Trevor, what happened to the "daily" videos from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah?

    • Yvet Jo
      Yvet Jo Day ago

      Okay, I just found out that you're in South Africa for a few days.

  • Clarence - The regular Cat

    remove the titles from the thumbnails. YOUTUBE ALREADY GIVES SLIGHTLY BIGGER TITLES. geez.

  • Nic B
    Nic B 5 days ago

    From one mixed person to another.... Be real. Don't sell out! Change the world!

  • Nic B
    Nic B 5 days ago

    You look good on TV but on the grand scheme of things... you suck. You did more when you were stealing music and hosting parties to make people happy than you are doing now. I'm sorry.

  • Nic B
    Nic B 5 days ago

    Good luck on the awards, but Not so good on the world lives.

  • Nic B
    Nic B 5 days ago

    what are you really doing to help!!!!??? All the foreign correspondents only report, but what are you doing???!!! Not saying that the United States is the only super power OR that I agree but what happens here affects the world, not that I think that we are superior, but shit is getting real!!!! what are you doing to help? Really? I have been watching your whole career, from Soweto to New York, and I thought you could give a fresh perspective so we could stop complaining and solve the problems, but you are doing the same exact thing! What are you doing to help????????

  • Brittany Hirsch
    Brittany Hirsch 5 days ago

    Why is it so goddamn loud at the end of every daily show segment on youtube?

    • Atlantic Picture
      Atlantic Picture 2 days ago

      +1, especially messed up on headphones. it's WAY LOUDER than the main sgmt.

    MUNIR MEHTA 7 days ago

    Haven't seen monologue videos for many days. Is it only available on CC ?

  • Avinash A
    Avinash A 8 days ago

    Dude go easy with the exit music on your videos... The entire video has low volume so one has to turn up to max to hear and as soon as the video ends it's loud as hell. Please bring down the volume to normal.

      MUNIR MEHTA 7 days ago

      True.. Happens to me all the time...

  • Andrea Noylander
    Andrea Noylander 8 days ago

    So Trevor i am a young African Canadian, looking for some mentorship, am in Up State New York working at a summer camp. I will be here till the end of the summer when we will host a group of inner city kids , Would love to meet you, i know it is a slim chance but it can't hurt to ask

  • Germaine Hascall
    Germaine Hascall 8 days ago

    Where the f*ck are all your videos? Is this whole channel just the Trump twitter bullsh*t gag now?

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 10 days ago

    Dear Donald Trump, Jr.

    There is a book I would like you to read, called "Red Storm Rising", by the guy who wrote "The Hunt for Red October", Tom Clancy.

    You were born in 1977, you were about 8 or 9 when it came out.

    The Berlin Wall fell shortly after the book came out and you grew up in a world without it.

    I lived on the edge of that world, there but for the grace of God go I.

    It is CYA time, cover your ass, you need to get out of DC and NYC, buy yourself a Harley Davidson, spend the next few months visiting every state capital in the US.

    The company can get along without you, or you haven't been doing your job up until now.

    Your Father wanted that miserable job, it is his responsibility, not yours.

    Ride the Alcan Highway.

    Spend the winter holed up in some out of the way ski town like Crested Butte, find a cute little barmaid to keep you warm, and let the media find someone else to get upset about.

    "They have been in that room for a week, for the first 3 days all they wanted from room service was pizza, beer and condoms, after that they just wanted pizza and beer."

    That is the kind of headline you need about now.

    The election races for Congress are already starting, if you can just stay out the way long enough, everyone might just forget about you, in a good way.

    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss

    Whys like half of this stuff not available in the UK! JESUS

  • LoneStarr1979
    LoneStarr1979 13 days ago

    /me liked the endscenes with moving Trevor better.
    Great show anyway!

  • JM R
    JM R 13 days ago

    Why the Hell is Trevor real whiter than usual on your youtube main page?
    Give him his tan back!

  • bram duprez
    bram duprez 13 days ago

    jackbuttkissinabox fucks off kindley, 'sthesaynghohsc

  • Pete Long
    Pete Long 14 days ago

    Why are the videos NEVER available in the UK?!

  • Ox Bone
    Ox Bone 16 days ago

    please cancel this "show"

  • Amrita Yogi
    Amrita Yogi 17 days ago

    Would love to see more videos or even full episodes on youtube. I'm currently traveling in Asia for 6 months and the videos aren't available on the CC website in this part of the world.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 18 days ago

    Hi All,

    Building a ferrocement teepee using wire spools.

    Take a number of wire spools, bolt them together to build a tower. Create a cone using wire stretched from the edge of the top spool to the ground.

    Stretch chicken wire over wires, Trowel concrete over the chicken wire, both inside and out. (If you want it to last, ask Jay Benford about better quality mesh.)

    Once the concrete has set, remove the wire spools, or just set them on fire, the fire won't hurt the concrete.

    Doors and windows at your discretion.

    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 21 day ago

    Dear Mr. Jared Kushner,

    You seem to have gotten yourself into a bit of a fix, but I may have a solution that might help.

    Your father in law got elected to a public office, you did not. You did not join the military. You can walk away from it all.

    You could move to a small college town in Iowa, buy yourself a nice house, not too big.

    Open a restaurant, say like that one in the movie "That thing that you do", "Villapiano's", sell a little pizza, have live bands on Saturday nights, close up and go home to your wife.

    If you believe the lawyers on TV, prosecutors look for whether the person is likely to "re-offend", if you are in Iowa, selling pizza, you are highly unlikely to "re-offend", at whatever you were doing in New York City.

    A person is all of a piece, when your father in law refused to release his taxes, that was all I needed to know about him. "The guilty flee where no one follows."

    The statute of limitations can be a wonderful thing in your case. The real scary stuff in your father in law's taxes is already two or three years old, at a minimum.

    If you can stay under the radar for a few years, the odds are good something else will come up, and people will forget about you.

    There is a scene in the movie "Murphy's Romance", Mr. Murphy owns the drugstore, a customer calls and wants "cough medicine", and Mr. Murphy says don't give it to her, she is drinking it for the alcohol.

    Mr. Murphy was refusing to be "co-dependent", if she wanted alcohol, she should buy it at the liquor store, not the pharmacy, or she shouldn't drink it.

    I think you can do your father in law more good running a bar in Iowa then you can doing whatever in Washington, he needs to stand on his own two feet without you.

    You can't protect him from himself, all you can do is protect yourself, your wife and family.

    When Sonny Barger was about your age, one of those old women who had known him since he was in short pants, described him as a "nice boy".

    You might be in need of cash flow, turn it into a reality TV show, bring it all full circle.

    Do you want and need all the horse manure, or would you really be a happier man in Iowa?

    I mentioned your wife, would she be happier in Iowa?

    Thanks for your time, take care good luck..

  • Sean Suarez
    Sean Suarez 21 day ago

    Hey Trev - did you hear that Trump is secretly vetting a sequel wife for his 2nd term run -?? Ivana Trump, Marla Maples and Melania Knauss-Trump, and . . . ?? can you put your team on it??

  • Olof Palmén
    Olof Palmén 21 day ago

    Now wait a minute! There is one major issue that needs to be addressed. This all started back in Stewart-times. The Daily Show show has been making fun of Mitch McConnell's turtle-like appearance for far too long. I understand. The guy has no soul and needs to be made fun of. But hey, The Daily Show, understand this. Only Mitch can make fun of his appearance. Get it? He was born with that face. When he was a kid and was like "I'm going to be a great man and one day lead a party of really old white men", his face was there going "Fuck you, Mitch! Fuck your hopes and dreams! With a face like me you're going nowhere! Everyone will make fun of you! And even though the 80's will make ninja-skilled renaissanceturtles popular, you will never be! Fuck you, Mitch!". But he didn't bow down. He didn't retreat to his shell. He fought that hideous monster of a face and won. In the end he walked over that flaming wreckage of a face shouting "Fuck you, face! Now look at me! Leading a party of mummified white men! No thanks to you! Fuck you twice, face! Mitch out!"Lesson being.. Mitch is the only man on this planet that has had the courage to get in the ring with that face and unless someone else is willing to fight that face for a lifetime, no one else in entitled to make fun of that jurassic face.

  • Fuk Hue
    Fuk Hue 22 days ago

    Trevor needs to do a follow up. Carrier is laying off all of the people the President said he saved 7 months ago.

  • Ariel Wollinger
    Ariel Wollinger 22 days ago

    Hey, I would like to suggest you use a free software called JES Deinterlacer to improve the edges of you deinterlaced videos.

  • ya yaya
    ya yaya 23 days ago

    no doubt ev1 tiring of another americans 12% black population mindless race obsessed show. only 12% yet they are showing much more than that on usa tv now. isnt usa largest "minority" latin americans, or smallest asian/etc, giving them some kind of priority? what their obsession with blacks just in the middle? what about all the other ethnic groups? even every city and community become its own culture and ethnic group after how many generation. regardless its all idiocy like going to china, japan, korea, phillippines, nigeria, england, anywhere and complaining about the majority group that built and runs that place. how many generations can americans media keep pushing contrived culture/economy of conflict? fuelled by encouraging mother of all sin, pride in *pointless* groups.

  • The Travel Vlogger
    The Travel Vlogger 24 days ago


  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 24 days ago

    Dear Mr. Barron Trump,

    Photo Op 2. There is an old TV show called "Flipper", with two young boys about your age, a dolphin, and a "dad".

    There was lots of zooming around in fourteen foot boats with about a 25 horsepower outboard motor, and skin diving in impossibly clear water.

    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Midorikonokami
    Midorikonokami 25 days ago

    Hi there, Show team! I encountered something interesting on Tumblr - a post about an App called Solomon's Shield. Since it's on Tumblr, I don't know how recent this is, but as TN has spoken about police and people being pulled over in the past, I thought he may be interested in this. <3 Thanks!

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 27 days ago

    Dear Mr. Barron Trump,

    You are going to want what are called "photo opportunities", or photo-ops. Sailing could provide this.

    There is sailboat called the Optimist Pram, about eight feet long, and designed for about 100 pounds or less of payload.

    So, you take a couple of months to get good at it, and then you challenge Jared and Don, Jr. to a race.

    Because of the shape of the hull, a person of about 200 pounds can, very gingerly, sit in the boat, and actually sail it.

    It can be hilarious, because the boat is so small, the adult's legs are hanging over one side, and their head and shoulders out the other.

    Because of the increased resistance, the adult is lucky to attain half the speed of the child, ie, you, and you should be able to sail rings around them. Good for your ego, if not theirs.

    The Naval Academy is just down the road, they should have boats just a bit larger then a pram, and as good public relations gesture, (and it would be), they could teach you to sail.

    Like I said, lots of good photo ops.

    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • 111967 6346534653456

    why are u deleting old clips, do u have to ?

  • Muhammad abu jabal
    Muhammad abu jabal 29 days ago

    its starting to be boring man stop taking about trump there are a lot of subject need to be addressed so please get over your trump hallucinations boys john oliver doing a nice job without dedication his hall show to trump please we already full of shows taking exclusively about trump

  • Butter Nutter
    Butter Nutter Month ago

    Don't know if it matters but an account named JOHN OLIVER 2017 has been re-uploading your videos on youtube, several of them have been deleted and several have been privatized.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing Month ago

    Hi All,

    There is a representative from Iowa who does not think too much of Planned Parenthood.

    If the people from PP want to influence him, here is a technique that might be effective.

    Iowa grows a lot of corn, a lot of that corn is turned into methanol, and by law, added to gasoline. Because Iowa has the early presidential caucuses, no candidate can say that program is a bad thing.

    (Whether it is a good thing or not never gets discussed, I have no real idea.)

    However, this is not a presidential election year, and won't be for a while.

    One of the commentators asked somebody, "Who is the head of the Democratic Party? I do not remember the answer, but the answer is that nobody is the head, partly because there is not A Democratic Party, there are Many Democratic Parties.

    Follow me on this. The Republican Party dominates the Midwest, much of its area is "contiguous", it all connects together. As each state party builds up, there is cross fertilization across state lines.

    The Democratic Party is urban based, with each city having a Democratic party that is much more self sufficient. Each state Democratic party has a leader, with some having more influence, and some less, but there doesn't have to be a single national "leader".

    Many of the leaders of those state Democratic Parties could care less about methanol in gasoline, either way, for or against.

    What a lot of people may not realize, methanol messes with a lot of machinery, and you can buy methanol free gasoline if you have that problem. A lot of that machinery is in REPUBLICAN regions, rural, nonurban. If Democrats could remove methanol from gasoline, they could make a lot of useful friends.

    Weirdly enough, one of the things that gets rural people mad about city people telling them what to do is methanol in gasoline, but it is other rural people who are demanding that methanol be put in gasoline, most urban people don't care one way or the other.

    Now, there is a plan to build a plant on the West Coast, to take natural gas, turn it into methanol, and ship it to China.

    How about we take the methanol out of the gasoline, and sell IT to China, and convert
    the farm machinery in Iowa to run on compressed natural gas.

    If Planned Parenthood, which is highly urban based, can influence all the urban parties and mayors, they represent many more electoral votes then Iowa.

    Anyway, that is the theory.

    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing Month ago

    Dear Mr. Barron Trump,

    In the movie "That thing that you do", the manager has the drummer always wear sunglasses when he is on stage.

    You might find a couple of props useful. A camera and a book. Take pictures and post them. money to go to some charity. You will get better with practice.

    Carrying a book would set a good example and you might just read it. There is going to be a lot of sitting around time for the next three years.

    Which book? In the Dewey Decimal System, 940.54 is World War 2, that is good place to start. A good mix of fiction, westerns, detectives, and science fiction. Boatbuilding and airplane design are useful.

    Dashiell Hammett, Robert Heinlein, and Louis L' Amour. Howard Chapelle. Lloyd Kahn's Shelter. Architecture without Architects. Domebook Two. Zenna Henderson. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame. The Boxcar Children.

    That should keep you busy for a while

    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Jezze
    Jezze Month ago

    What the... ? I added two new shows (today and yesterday) to my watchlist and now they are private!

  • Deformed Goldfish

    This channel was great. WAS. Why is there no actual content here anymore?

  • Joseph Saviano
    Joseph Saviano Month ago

    Honestly, this show wasn't funny when Jon Stewart was running things. Now, it's nothing more than another liberal bias, left-wing, Trump-bashing "news" show. It's not even original. You get the same rhetoric from Samantha Bee, Steve Colbert and John Oliver. Oh, wait...they all used to work together on this show, back in the days of Papa Stewart! Big surprise!

  • Ann deedrich
    Ann deedrich Month ago

    he led the trump tweet 3 day museum, it may have put him in the sights of those who does not like a foreigner with a fast growing viewer platform. educating the people. with the south african experience of aberrant governing leadership, its easy to spot the pattern.. america is merely finding adjustment to the shock of current administration and shock takes a while to settle in and convince the mind that its REAL.. trevor is experienced in the baffling leaders arena, so he basically does a great job at telling americans that it is not a figment of their imaginations, the shit is real lol..

  • Ann deedrich
    Ann deedrich Month ago

    trevor noahs account has been barred by youtube.. i could not access the trevor noah channel, wtf..

  • ajmetz82
    ajmetz82 Month ago

    Are you able to allow the uploads to be viewed in the UK again? I know Comedy Central UK is uploading some Daily Show clips for us too, but they're generally not as long/complete as the ones shared here. They're also slower to appear. I get notifications for this channel, and see a cool new video is uploaded, and then come here, and find I can't watch it, and it sucks as an experience, 'cos Comedy Central UK often won't have it until a day or so later, =/.

    FULLM3TALPR0 Month ago

    Stop talking about fucking donald trump all the goddamn time, what about the G20 riots, what about the prison riot in south africa.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing Month ago

    Dear Mr. Barron Trump,

    About half the population of the US is under the age of 35, and you are very nearly the only representative of half the population your father is likely to meet on a regular basis.

    I would suggest you read the book called the Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tsu. ( Lao Tsu just means "Old Man", there could have been many authors or contributors.) ( I read the translation by Jane English and Gia-Fu Feng.) It will allow you to sound smart about things you know very little about.

    Second, you are going to want to get away by yourself, and this is going to be very difficult. What you want is a "Western" White House, where you can ride a horse all day, camp under the stars, drink coffee with the old men. The federal government owns a fair amount of land in places like Wyoming, and they could keep watch over you with drones.

    Third, try to finagle some penpals, people you can write a letter once a month and get one back. There are service academies, an eighteen year old freshman will only be a few years older then you, you will have a chance to learn about things that no one would tell your father, but they might tell you, and you could tell your father.

    The next few years of your life are going to be extraordinary, keep a journal if you can.

    Good luck, thanks for your time, take care.

  • Atlantic Picture
    Atlantic Picture Month ago

    Covfefe!! Where are you??!

  • Patrick Röber
    Patrick Röber Month ago

    I miss this content! Pls come back

  • Indraraj Gunasekara

    why no videos in 2 weeks?

  • Chris Bernecker
    Chris Bernecker Month ago

    Man, you have TONNS of fans here in Euro who are in need of FRESH Trump News! Start Updating your Channel again, since we can't see the stuff on the CC App ;)

  • Peter rodwell
    Peter rodwell Month ago


  • vicenzo mantilla
    vicenzo mantilla Month ago


  • msms47
    msms47 Month ago

    oh nooo i think trump make trevor go jail :( ! RIP Trveror

  • Nya joseph
    Nya joseph Month ago

    The Daily Show is off for the next two weeks. They will return July 11th, 2017

  • Bini1
    Bini1 Month ago

    Why there is no new uploads? It's been more than a week

  • Simba Kim
    Simba Kim Month ago

    Where you at!

  • Tae Tee
    Tae Tee Month ago

    why have you made some videos unavailable for us people outside the US. How you gonna do me like this daily show?! Forcing me to unsubscribe smh.

  • Deloune Comfort Matongo

    Administrators to this page need to update people about what is happening. We cannot be coming on the page everyday hoping to watch a new upload only to be disappointed. They should at least update us if they are on vacation, attending some conference or if there are other political issues making it difficult to run the show. It is the people who make the show great, and if they treat us this way, this show will die a natural death......

  • Chuks Sokari
    Chuks Sokari Month ago

    Someone must have noticed this already.Trump doesn't tweet. He tweetrants. He uses TWEETRANT! app, only available for purchase at Mara Lego

  • reallycoolstuff
    reallycoolstuff Month ago

    Is the name changing to The Weekly Show? What's happening? Can the Daily Show clarify for its fans please????

  • Milagros Montserrat Dominguez Szarvak

    Where are the new videos? I saw on Facebook that there are new shows but nothing here :( if you are outside the US this is the only way to see them

  • mahlet chala
    mahlet chala Month ago

    Where did the show go???!!! i was refreshing you tube to see if i missed something for 4 days now

  • Clifford Lucky
    Clifford Lucky Month ago

    Trevor where are you ..???

  • Diego M
    Diego M Month ago

    sorry it's in spanish, but have you seen this?

    great program

  • Lynne Hand
    Lynne Hand Month ago

    Hi CC - I am suffering withdrawal symptoms here. Where is Mr Noah? We need to know.

    If he's on holiday, "Have a nice break." If he's ill, "Get well soon." If he's been arrested, "Where do I send the bail money?" If he's filming something awesome, "Hurry up mate!"

  • Gerald Mackay
    Gerald Mackay Month ago

    trevor when you run your mouth on tv about racism reguarding Philando Castile maybe get you facts correct before you force feed your narrative on your show.

  • Naked Spoon
    Naked Spoon Month ago

    Please fix your decibel rate when editing your videos for youtube so they don't blow my speakers out and wake members of my household. The actual video is very quiet, I have to turn the volume up, but then your end card is loud as hell. Setting a max db rate in video editing software is one the fundamental necessities for editing audio for youtube/broadcast/etc. How is it that you guys don't do this?

  • kesa1986
    kesa1986 Month ago

    Hi I'm in the UK , I use to be able to watch the Daily show clips every time it was posted but recently all the post aren't available in the UK???? Why.

    • Lynne Hand
      Lynne Hand Month ago

      What! You mean there are clips I can't watch? What is going on - guys this is the internet, not the outernet.

      "Goes off to switch on VPN."

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing Month ago

    Hi All,

    Proposal for an airplane, a warplane. A Thunderbolt 3, the follow on to the nearly 50 year old A-10 Warthog.

    A single engine fighter of World War 2 had a maximum takeoff weight of about 10,000 pounds, or about 5000 kilograms, more or less.

    The twin engine P-38 Lightning had a maximum takeoff weight of about 22, 500 pounds.

    The seventies era A-10 Warthog has a maximum takeoff weight of 50,000 pounds.

    They make commercial airplanes to carry about 80-100 people. Scrounge a couple of engines that size, use the engine placement from the A-10, and you wind up with a maximum takeoff weight that should approach 100,000 pounds.

    The Spitfire of WW 2 started out with 8 machine guns, in .30 caliber, or 4 cannon, I cannot remember exactly how big.

    The American designs usually had 6 or 8 .50 caliber machine guns. (12.5 mm.).

    The A-10 had a monster cannon that fired a 30 mm round, that would make it a 1.2 inch diameter, a Gatling gun that fires at fantastic rate, you have to fire in short bursts, the plane can slow down too much if you are close to the ground.

    The Super A-10 would get an even bigger round, how about a 50 mm, a 2 inch. That would scare me if I saw it coming my way.

    The little Textron Scorpion has an almost identical takeoff weight to the P-38, 22,500 pounds, and costs about $20,000,000.

    All things being equal, I would expect the super A-10 to cost about $100,000,000. give or take a bit.

    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • kokoro nagomu
    kokoro nagomu Month ago

    i love this show, i love the host. what i don't like is that at the end, whoever does the sound mixing and blasts the headphones off my ears with the ending add-on bit. why can't it all be the same volume?

  • Collin Oswald
    Collin Oswald Month ago

    I really, *really* appreciate that you guys don't have a video on your main page that autoplays as soon as the page loads. Literally every other official YouTube page I visit has one of those, and it's incredibly annoying, so... thanks for that.

  • Kyle Bensley
    Kyle Bensley 2 months ago

    this show is so stupid the jokes are terrible I can tell trevor comes up with them himself and they add the stupid laughing sound effect just to give him the confidence to continue making his sad jokes.

  • gary morton
    gary morton 2 months ago

    your a fucking punk trev

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 2 months ago

    Hi All,

    Over on Forbes on Fox, they are talking about cutting taxes, because that is what they do.

    One of their statistics failed to account for inflation.

    The Great Inflation happened, more or less, from about 1975 to 1985.

    To put it in perspective, the New York Times had an article about the original Monterey Pop Festival, back in 1967, and the ticket prices were from $3.50 to $6.00.

    That sounds like a pretty good deal, except the dollar lost about 90% of its value between 1975 and 1985, so the inflation adjusted price for those tickets would be about $35 to $60, which sounds much more reasonable.

    Minimum wage increased in this period, but not enough to keep up with inflation.

    The statistic used on Fox was that under President Reagan, the Capital Gains Tax was cut substantially, and revenues went up.

    The trouble with that statistic is that it comes right at the end of the Great Inflation, so the real revenue to the government was about the same, in real terms, even though the nominal dollar value had increased by about 60%.

    I am not overly fond of the Capital Gains tax, I do not like complicated taxes, I like the gasoline tax, buy a gallon of gasoline, pay X amount in taxes. Fair I don't know, but definitely simple.

    They want to cut taxes to spur the economy, but they are cagey about how they intend to fund government at the same level.

    They need to raise other taxes, cut programs, or run deficits, but it is always time for a commercial before they get to that part of the equation.

    The Budget deal we are currently operating under expires in September, that is about three months, or 90 days.

    Very little work gets done after lunch on Friday, and not much on Monday morning, and with Saturday and Sunday off, we are left with about 56 days.

    The 4th of July comes on a Tuesday, so that week is shot, and with Labor day, we are down to about 48 working days to get a budget deal worked out.

    To complain about the Main Stream Media, and then not talk about the whole, messy budget, bothers me a lot.

    Folks, you have to get this real straight, we are in a lot of trouble, and not talking about it doesn't help.

    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Chris Denmark
    Chris Denmark 2 months ago

    why the fuck are censoring ur vids ?
    fucking bigotts !

    FENIX 2 months ago

    I live in Britain, I subscribe to this channel, yet on quite a few occasions I'm told that I can't watch the video as it's not permitted in my country? I thought YouTube was an international medium? And why is it only on certain videos?

    • Adam Bomb
      Adam Bomb 4 days ago

      Trump is using cable companies as a medium to restrict internet content. Specifically anything released via trademarked television broadcast has to be registered through an American broadcasting service and logged in through your provider account before watching anything cable based.

    • kesa1986
      kesa1986 Month ago

      This is exactly my problem, I use to be able to see all the shows. I specifically subscribed to catch the gossip on trump. Why can't we see them anymore. Today it has 2 great videos that I want to see and can't

  • Rafz Tick
    Rafz Tick 2 months ago

    Prison Break S01e20 09:28

  • Phil Boswell
    Phil Boswell 2 months ago

    Why do I keep getting alerts for videos which I cannot watch? I am in the UK, and when I visit the "video list" (see link above) I don't see any videos less than 3 weeks old: the newest was on 12th May. I have received alerts for several videos since then, but when I click on them they come up as "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

    Why can I watch 3-week-old videos but not today's? Is there some kind of moratorium? How do I find out when the availability changes so that I *can* watch today's video?

  • HyberNate
    HyberNate 2 months ago

    So fed up of not being able to watch your videos because im in the UK. ugh...

  • Tag them all
    Tag them all 2 months ago
    WTF is going on??? Trevor Noah 2017 is gone :-/

  • Tag them all
    Tag them all 2 months ago

    Your banned??? WTF

    THEBUCKLEDSHOE 2 months ago

    Why are the videos now no longer available in the UK - I used to be able to watch all the short videos from the show about the News and whatnot but now the only thing available is the behind the scenes shit that I don't really care about

  • Lawrence Robson
    Lawrence Robson 2 months ago

    I am a supporter of the president Donald Trump, who was elected democratically. He's doing a great job. Trevor Noah (an immigrant?) needs to be respectful towards the President please!

  • Kilroy Was Here
    Kilroy Was Here 2 months ago

    I wonder if Trevor's gonna do a bit on the terror attack in London...

  • Schtang
    Schtang 2 months ago

    Thanks for Geo-blocking all of your videos, I'm sure Trevor also believes in censorship and inequality to information.

    • Ruth F
      Ruth F 23 days ago

      there are so many solutions for your problem i dont know why you are complaining to this channel.

  • Sharon Bellenger
    Sharon Bellenger 2 months ago

    I see only one video. Is this because I live in Canada? What's going on?

  • Gold fish
    Gold fish 2 months ago

    Why is it all just between the scenes stuff? What happened to all the real content?

  • Theo Christie
    Theo Christie 2 months ago

    FFS Trevor, Make your vids available in england! i want your videos!

  • lamortexotique
    lamortexotique 2 months ago

    Where is Trevor? :'( I miss him.

  • Matlyn Smith
    Matlyn Smith 2 months ago

    Trevor! I am shocked about the Tiger woods arrest this past week! This was a example of police dehumanizing a black man while in need of a ambulance! That is very clear that he was reacting to some medications he was prescribed! At that point... he given (2) breathilizers. That supposedly removed any thoughts of biased opinion of aanything illegal or elicite! The only thing he did not do during this arrest was to request a ambulance.  he was having a medical emergency he should not have been arrested...he should not have been booked photographed and fingerprinted for a medical emergency! This is also call defamation of character while unable to speak for himself! He was treated badly and there was no compassion from the officers for finding Tiger and calling a ambulance for him!  Outrageous! racial profiling, and the officers were insensitive to his medical emergency! This is a Lawsuite waiting to happen!

  • Michael Gross
    Michael Gross 2 months ago

    When is the whole Trump line not funny anymore? What a pathetic lack of writing that is just not even going anywhere new. Either same line everyday or at least try to make a comedy show. #FOX

  • john smithson
    john smithson 2 months ago

    Why the hell are you guy's Region Locking your video's that sucks man, so much #fakenews :/

    Sorry about that.

  • Christian Klamroth
    Christian Klamroth 2 months ago

    Plese make CC episodes available in Mexico!

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