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Welcome to the Official Prince channel - celebrating the life, creative works and enduring legacy of Prince Rogers Nelson. Check back often for new additions, including music videos, performance clips and more!


Comments: 83

  • all4Hisgloryalone
    all4Hisgloryalone 20 hours ago

    please post Do me Baby

  • Shanecollins666
    Shanecollins666 3 days ago

    My sister always listens to these tracks ta!

  • valkirk
    valkirk 5 days ago

    Nice..... but why not HD????

  • Lya Rivers
    Lya Rivers 6 days ago

    Does anyone have the video from Sign of the Times "Forever in My Life"? Can anyone post this? I have the concert DVD but would live to see it on youtube to share. Love that song on that DVD.

  • Morton Fisback
    Morton Fisback 6 days ago

    i suppose it's going to stop in 1995... when warner bros lost the rights on Prince's music.

  • Kaii Fallander
    Kaii Fallander 6 days ago


  • John Load
    John Load 7 days ago

    post delirious!

  • Maria Cristina Oyarzun Gutierrez

    i know that Prince must be so angry about this but as a fan, i´m so happy <3 new generations will learn about how genius he was (and freak :P). I hope more videos like seven, moonligth, and that famous presentation on VH1 (pussy control)

  • Mark Setlock
    Mark Setlock 11 days ago

    I'm so happy Prince's videos are being posted. Would you please post the video for Kiss? Thank you!

  • Alaska Groundhog
    Alaska Groundhog 12 days ago

    Loved the re-issue of Purple Rain, loved reading all the notes inside too. I graduated high school in 1984 and Purple Rain was the first movie I saw in college. Still my fave.

  • beloit22
    beloit22 12 days ago

    It's sad Prince had to pass away before these "Gems" could be shared !!

  • Daren D
    Daren D 13 days ago

    Super happy for the new uploads and thank you for all of the memorable music.

  • PhuckHue2
    PhuckHue2 13 days ago

    Sign O The Times videos coming soon! :D

  • River Slaney
    River Slaney 13 days ago

    Please, please, please add the full length 'Thieves in the Temple' and 'I Wish U Heaven'.

  • Indomitable Spirit
    Indomitable Spirit 17 days ago

    Thank you from Mpls.. Thank You for the many great memories in Mpls. you have and always will be God's Gift for us all... O(+>

    Understanding God’s Definition of Love

    “God Is love. If we keep on loving others, we will stay one in our hearts With God, And he will stay one with us” . Our relationship With God Is largely affected by our relationship with other people. If we commit to love and stay in love, then we will keep in one with our hearts With God, and he’ll stay one with us — Because God is Love.

  • Kus Edi
    Kus Edi 18 days ago

    Oh my good God.. I can't believe this is true..
    Welcome back to worldwide net, Your Majesty!
    My humble request.. Please please don't delete all videos on this channel.. ||o;

  • pabloplato
    pabloplato 19 days ago

    omg! is this for real? they won't be taken down?? please upload Alphabet Street!!! i've never see it, only a small clip! and is there a video for Pop Life?? if so please upload! thanks!

  • The Purple Stream
    The Purple Stream 19 days ago

    So great to see this account active & sharing the sweet stuff!! Please share exclusive clips like Piano & Microphone to show Prince's artistry across his whole career!

  • Benji Sun
    Benji Sun 20 days ago

    i would love to see Arms of Orion being featured here as well as anything else from the Batman (1989) soundtrack.
    Lemon Crush, Trust, Batdance, ...

  • Ski Bo
    Ski Bo 20 days ago

    Yo 'Prince', I have no way of knowing who's allowing the posting of these video's in the summer of 2017 but THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my 'purple heart'!! (Tyka did ya hear?) "These kinda cars don't pass you, every day". . . ~Mark~

  • arandomguy46
    arandomguy46 22 days ago

    Upload Little Red Corvette!

  • Patricia Dickey
    Patricia Dickey 22 days ago

    can the next selection of videos be diamonds and pearls era please?

  • Pee Gee
    Pee Gee 23 days ago

    Thank you for the videos!

  • vividangel
    vividangel 24 days ago

    Our world is going darker and darker, since you have gone. But this gives me place to escape to my favourite world, the purple dream world of Prince! It as been my happy place since 1983 and thank you for the video's the help me get true my days.

  • Melissa Booton
    Melissa Booton 27 days ago

    THANK YOU for bringing these videos back for us to watch. He was such a big part of my youth and will remain a big part of my future.

  • Aurelio Abreu
    Aurelio Abreu 29 days ago

    How are there so few subscribers to this channel? Only 23k, and the channel has been up since 2014? Doesn't make sense.

    • Sasha Tamara Keegan
      Sasha Tamara Keegan 8 days ago

      That's because the channel was deactivated and now it's back up.

  • Motown Stickman
    Motown Stickman Month ago

    please post the videos from 'controversy' , '1999' , & 'around the world in a day' in the next batch. those were some classics.
    much <3 O-+->

  • T W M G
    T W M G Month ago


  • Susana Farinha
    Susana Farinha Month ago

    You were the perfect musician ... However you had heart on like not just perfection! No one will ever replace you! Thank you for all your work, creativity, listening your music offers me life! Thank you! You will never die, your music his your legacy!! Thank you!

  • Bobbi Varadi
    Bobbi Varadi Month ago

    The only love there is.. is the love we make. That is one of my favorites. I miss you, dear man. xox hugs to you from Earth to Heaven.

  • RebelThoughts82
    RebelThoughts82 Month ago

    please post the videos "Little Red Corvette" and "Rasberry Beret".


    Can you add more videos on here besides the "Purple Rain" era. Put all of his music videos on here!

  • Corey Schlueter
    Corey Schlueter Month ago

    Thanks for adding his videos back to YouTube.

  • Susan M
    Susan M Month ago

    Love this channel! Thank you so much for this online presence.

  • Yvette Buttigieg
    Yvette Buttigieg Month ago

    Finally well come Back <3 missed a lot his music on youtube .

  • ii skinny ii gonefishing

    We miss you :( Rip Prince.

    RAYWIN HARRIS Month ago


  • Gabriella Kovács

    I hope you will not disappear because we need you. The whole world misses you and your music. Forever 💜

  • Nick Stegner
    Nick Stegner Month ago

    Will there be more videos soon?

  • Elijah & Moses
    Elijah & Moses Month ago

    I miss you so very much!

  • Sherry Constant
    Sherry Constant Month ago

    I miss you soooo much!

  • Naz
    Naz 5 months ago

    I'm forever heartbroken....I know it's impossible but I want you to come back. The world is not the same without you. Miss you <3

  • Aliyyah Harvey
    Aliyyah Harvey Year ago

    I miss you so much. Love always

    JTDRUMZ _ Year ago

    Rest in Peace baby..I love you <3

  • Ƭ̵̬̊ 🎸LOVE 7🎸 Ƭ̵̬̊

    Ƭ̵̬̊ 💖 Ƭ̵̬̊ 🎸 Ƭ̵̬̊

  • K Muir
    K Muir Year ago

    A few mins ago, I was listening to your version of "Crimson and Clover". It brought back the memory of the very first time it aired, thanks to you sending a copy out to some DJ's, before the album was released. Hearing it for MY FIRST TIME, it was if I was levitated on a cloud of music, floating on every note. But tonight, I just couldn't listen , without the tears flowing, knowing that now it is YOU who's life force has levitated back to The Almighty. So now, as you rest peacefully, in Jah's memory, I look forward to seeing you and working beside you and all the resurrect ones, in Jah's New World. He will call, and you will answer. Soon... "Life without end, at last." Sleep well, Dear Prince :^ >

  • Kaytlyn
    Kaytlyn Year ago

    Eye love U! <3

  • Wing
    Wing Year ago

    Thank you for what you brought to our world. Thank you for your super-b music and talent that cannot be replicated by anyone else.
    Please say hello to Bowie while you're up there 'in the sky' - RIP Prince.

  • Markus Rüegg
    Markus Rüegg Year ago

    Thanx 4 U R.I.P.

  • Markus Rüegg
    Markus Rüegg Year ago

    Thanx 4 sharing the goods and bads R.I.P.

  • dbmnfinity y
    dbmnfinity y Year ago

    A big piece of my heart has broken today..... can't hold back the tears. Love you Roger.... 4eva!

  • TraumaStorma
    TraumaStorma Year ago

    RIP Prince.

  • Purplena
    Purplena Year ago

    Love you! RIP :'(

  • GuitarHero
    GuitarHero Year ago

    RIP Prince :(

    PINKIEBABY1 Year ago


  • Luis Miguel Herranz Amor

    Tengo una hija en Bruselas, mi Grill se ha ido 7 días a ve a su hija, NORMAL... Pero Yú PRINCE deberías venir cuanto antes a EUROPA y Benidorm. Soy Fun Tuyo , te he visto más de 12 noches y casi 13 días. Ponle Huevos y ven (COME) too Spain.

  • Aleph26 Ehad
    Aleph26 Ehad 2 years ago

    Life is But a Dream, and You Are...

  • Mr. Lonnie Booker
    Mr. Lonnie Booker 2 years ago

    Mr. Nelson,

    You are as a all time great musician, singer/songwriter, music producer, actor, stage and screenwriter and director most notably as a director and directed and starred in Under The Cherry Moon in 1986 which the film was presented in a black and white picture format and never was colorized throughout the whole film and you was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN on June 7, 1958 currently at age 56. In 1987, You've done "Sign 'O' The Times" and done the all time best ballad was "Adore". Also, you've done "U Got That Look" with Sheila E and Sheena Easton making her co-lead vocal appearance other hits are Hot Thing, Housequake and my all time favorite jam is "If I Was Your Girlfriend" (Say What?!) (If I Was Your Girlfriend?!) "That sounds very silly and funny. But, It's a good funk jam." featuring yourself disguising your lead singing voice forming as your alter ego girlfriend known as "Camille" also played by yourself in a dual lead vocal role on lead vocals and your recording engineer from Paisley Park Studios had to sped up your singing voice and forming your singing voice disguising as Camille and yourself liked the idea and added Camille's singing voice to the title track "If I Was Your Girlfriend" using the 24 track reel to reel tape machine's pitch control and it paid off just like in the previous tune was taken from The B-Side of "Kiss" and scored "Love or Money". On Kiss, The best jam of 1986 which used and played on the Linn Drum Machine which was originally debuted on the B-Side of When Doves Cry is none other than the titled tune "17 Days" and later was redone later be known as "A Broken Heart Can Mend" in a much slower tempo groove version as recorded and performed by Mr. Alexander O'Neal taken from his self titled album from 29 years ago.

    It's been very nice knowing you and much continued success goes out to you and your music and please keep on making some more music coming from you as a great innovator of R&B, Pop/Soul/Funk Music by continuing to add some more songs by your vision and your creativity. God bless you and Keep U always in my prayers.  Always put god first. Amen.

    Thank you for your support - may u live 2 see the Dawn. :-)

    Mr. Lonnie Booker, III
    of Indianapolis, IN

  • Doretha Tullar
    Doretha Tullar 2 years ago

    Dear Prince
    First let me say, you are a great artist and showman.  I really respect you as a artist, just wish i could play like you. If you do a show state side; come to the verizion  center in DC; totally missed a chance to see you;regret it ever since!!!.  Stay true to yourself and much love to you on all of your journeys. please post more pics on you tube love see them. PS! put the song, " Forever in my Life" on a album; Pleeease!!!!!
    Forever you true fan: Mrs.Doretha Tullar of  Severn,MD

    HEHEHEHEHEEEEEEE 3 years ago


  • Kimberly Ballard
    Kimberly Ballard 3 years ago

    Prince, the LORD loves you! Following you since 1984! Vinyl days! Wish you would do more funk now instead of so much rock.  Love your old hair styles and boots! You are awesome.  Once you stood about 7 feet in front of me on the stage and it was a highlight of my life that night! Wanna read the Bible too? Love & blessings Kimberly

  • Shelley Michael
    Shelley Michael 3 years ago

    .¸... .¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸ .• `•.¸.•´ *•.¸ℒℴѵℯ¸.•*`*• •.¸

  • L
    L 3 years ago

    Jesus wurde gekreuzigt, weil er bemerkt wurde.Deswegen verschwinde ich häufig von der Bildfläche.Bob Dylan

  • Megan Perry
    Megan Perry 3 years ago

    This guy is cruel. Makes an official channel, gets every mofo on talkin' about it, and here I am, but there's no videos. :( 

  • TheHumpTV
    TheHumpTV 3 years ago

    /whois Prince

  • Roland
    Roland 3 years ago

    Your Emancipation Album can I use Disc 3 track 9......"My Computer" on a student short film we working on?

  • JesusPuppet
    JesusPuppet 3 years ago

    Dear Prince:

    Hey, it's just me Jesus. You know how I roll, i don't need teach you nothing. Bhah brother, I wish we could reboot this crap story. LOL!

  • D Walker
    D Walker 3 years ago

    Careful; don't fuck around and get sued....

  • Walter Wang
    Walter Wang 3 years ago


  • purplesnowlove
    purplesnowlove 3 years ago

    eye can't live without your music :D 

  • Joséphine B.
    Joséphine B. 3 years ago

    Prince I really love your music, I'm so happy when I listen it. You're beautiful and you have a wonderful smile. I'm young and I should listen all the others artists but It's your music I love. I'm a singer too and you inspired me so just thank you 4 all.

  • CapricornHoneyNM
    CapricornHoneyNM 3 years ago

    Prince on YouTube now... WORD?! (^_^)

  • Honey Pen
    Honey Pen 3 years ago

    embracing the youtube now?

  • Joshua Longerot
    Joshua Longerot 3 years ago

    I don't know if the real Prince made this page or not.  I certainly hope so!  But if you don't own a cell phone, at least you have a YouTube page.... There's a good Prince!  I've been digging Prince for 30+ years now.  I remember watching Purple Rain the year it was released and was just blown away.  And you still got it!

  • Debbie Hill
    Debbie Hill 3 years ago

    Musical Genius, x

  • Stephi S
    Stephi S 3 years ago

    WooHoo!!!  Yes!!  :-)

  • Mirja Leppänen
    Mirja Leppänen 3 years ago

    Thanx Dude

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 3 years ago

    I don't know if U actually read these comments, Prince...but if U do, I want 2 thank U so very much 4 all that ur music has meant 2 me throughout my life.

  • Christopher Genosky
    Christopher Genosky 3 years ago

    Way to be brother man, I dug your insight on cell phones. Think there for those that like to talk... all the time... like neck needs a kickstand.

  • kcoolmuziq
    kcoolmuziq 3 years ago

    The Exodus has begun!

  • JJ Nevado
    JJ Nevado 3 years ago

    God loves U Prince and we love u 2, thanks 4 all the love u give us every day when we listen 2 your songs, dont matter how I feel, your music makes me feel good, and thanks 2 u, Im moving closer 2 God, I pray and read the bible more, I mean, if God helped u 2 change, He will help me 2...Dios es Amor...

  • ajmpepper
    ajmpepper 3 years ago

    Hoping this is real?  If so:  Thank you for the amazing message that you are sending to the world through your life now, it's a great thing to be able to show my teen boys that Jehovah is alive and making a difference in this mixed up world!  Inspiring is an understatement! God Bless you in all you do!  Looking forward to visiting this channel often! 

  • Christypher
    Christypher 3 years ago

    Verified.... 4 real?? :p

    Exciting prospect!

    • Christypher
      Christypher 3 years ago

      Oh....and I'm loving the "new you", it's cool and genuine.
      Just keep doing what ya doing man! :)

      Been loving it all since as long as I have memories! :) x

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