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Not an april fool.
5 months ago

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  • Swallowed Adictionary

    thank you for the comment Sir Sic. I am already a fan. It's very gratifying to see someone of your reach like my efforts.

  • Proto Craft
    Proto Craft 24 days ago

    Found a nutjob for ya, this guys believes in demons and magic and shit. Easy pickings

  • Aidan Langridge
    Aidan Langridge 25 days ago

    "New video every Wednesdays and Sundays"

    New videos on Wednesdays and Sundays.

    I'm not trying to be a cock, I'm just a cock.

  • Reaver Fang
    Reaver Fang 28 days ago

    For some reason it keeps unsubbing me from you, ;~;

    • Reaver Fang
      Reaver Fang 27 days ago

      Yeah I had to resub a couple times and it works, it looks like it was some kind of system failure but the fact this only ever happens to me with political channels is a bit...well.. suspicious to say the least. I also follow you on Discord now to make sure I don't lose track of the channel *le nod*

    • Sir Sic The Social Inequality Crusader
      Sir Sic The Social Inequality Crusader 28 days ago

      have you doned the bell too? also if you follow me on the twitters, my vids are posted there... also #totallynothappeningisityoutube

  • Oddjob
    Oddjob 3 months ago

    Your response video to Minnesotaboyy gets removed for violating Youtube's hate speech policy, but Minesottaboyy's original video is still up. GG Youtube.

  • Ectar
    Ectar 3 months ago

    I'm not sure if you respond to videos found by viewers, but I found a flat-Earth video that you might enjoy commenting on:

    • Ectar
      Ectar 3 months ago

      What is the best way to submit videos? Your "about" section doesn't mention an appropriate way to contact you, unless I mistake the meaning of "Business Inquiries".

    • Sir Sic The Social Inequality Crusader
      Sir Sic The Social Inequality Crusader 3 months ago

      I DO! I wish more people shared stoof with me, would save me a big job looking for something funny to mock :P Cheers, ill check it out soon :)

  • Kassarius
    Kassarius 3 months ago

    I have been summoned by the wizard of Woz... Subbed

  • James Meow
    James Meow 4 months ago

    You should do a response to ContraPoints video:

    Debating the Alt-Right | ContraPoints video

    It discuesses discusses the value of debating the alt-right and is a homage to the play, the Rhinoceros, which itself was a commentary on how people who thought they would never be sucked into Nazi or other totalitarian ideas, or in the case of the play turn into Rhinoceroses, did so and was a commentary on how the existence of ideas such as these absorbed people into them, regardless of how people thought they were immune to such things.

  • maxx imos
    maxx imos 4 months ago

    oh my, is this you she drew?
    bloody white knight :p

    • maxx imos
      maxx imos 4 months ago

      nah i know its not you man, im pretty sure shed get it 100% if it was, i just wanted to ironical call you a white knight. now i have done so much explaining it ruined the whole thing.

    • Sir Sic The Social Inequality Crusader
      Sir Sic The Social Inequality Crusader 4 months ago

      I'm not sure ive ever spoken to miss misa, so probably not :P you can ask her if you like.

  • Werner Schweidler
    Werner Schweidler 5 months ago

    I'm looking for the link to the discord fan server but I cant seem to find the vid on which I saw it.

  • Geir PG
    Geir PG 5 months ago

    Flat earth?

  • David Yeakle
    David Yeakle 6 months ago

    It says your stream hasn't started yet and is scheduled to start March 3rd, but it's almost 9pm on March 4th. O_o

  • KG
    KG 6 months ago

    Love your content. My brain hurts from the sheer stupidity of a few of the videos you've responded to recently. On that note, I made the mistake of watching a video that was recommended thinking it had to be another critique of some idiot who doesn't understand basic shit. Lord was I wrong. Have you seen this shit?

  • James Meow
    James Meow 6 months ago

    You should do a response to the SJW youtuber hbomberguy's video "PewDiePie Is A Nazi" where he tries to justify the media backlash towards Pewdiepie's Jokes and saying that the media didn't take Pewdiepie out of context and that the wall street journal accuratly reported on Pewdiepie.

  • Tim Rashed
    Tim Rashed 7 months ago

    Working on putting a video together For your promotional Pmonday. Hopefully you'll like it

  • Devil Eye
    Devil Eye 7 months ago

    Do you have links to your intro and exiting themes? They're pleasing to the ear and I wonder if there's more to them?

  • Extellus
    Extellus 8 months ago

    Hey Sic, your videos are really good, of all the channels revolving around pointing out the stupid in people that are associated with social justice I like yours the most even though I subscribed fairly recently. That being said, I'd like to make some additional artwork (an animated splash screen or an illustration) for you to use in your videos, free of charge, you don't even have to credit me. I make animations/illustrations in my spare time and drawing/animating knights is my specialty, seeing you use a knight as your avatar is one of the main reasons I'd like to do it. :) I have already seen your reply to O T T G down below regarding the artwork you are currently using (which Mrs Sic made) and I completely understand if you're content with it, still though, you can always contact me at

    (My YT channel only hosts animations, all of my other work can be found at

    Best regards!

  • Slay With Regina
    Slay With Regina 8 months ago

    For you to think it's okay to call me a whore looking monkey smh 😑 its not OK to be on social media acting like the kkk to people who don't even know you...
    Freedom of speech is everyone's right and you look like a fucking idiot trying to social media gang bang..
    You should really be ashamed of yourself, and since you're lurking on me anyways"" check my page out soon because I will be doing a story time about you 😂

    • Sir Sic The Social Inequality Crusader
      Sir Sic The Social Inequality Crusader 8 months ago

      I have no idea who you are and I have never called anyone a whore looking monkey, I have a strong feeling someone has either lied to you or this is a case of mistaken identity, I mean ill check out this story time, and if it isn't me, ill do a rebuttal, but you might want to get your facts strait about me before you make yourself look silly. Take Care :)

  • Unbroken Son
    Unbroken Son 8 months ago

    Sir Sic The Social Inequality Crusader, If you're interested "Squatting Erudite" is asking content creators who have been demonetized to send him the information they have so he can compile data on it to figure out the does and don't and try to make a simplified list on how to avoid demonetization. He has a video out on it that explains it better than i can.

  • Briansgate
    Briansgate 9 months ago

    Dude! did you get your theme from Shark Exorcist???

    • Briansgate
      Briansgate 9 months ago

      I just watched a trailer for Shark Exorcist, and your intro theme is the ending theme in it, heh.

    • Sir Sic The Social Inequality Crusader
      Sir Sic The Social Inequality Crusader 9 months ago

      +Briansgate if you mean tge music, where I got it is in the description.

  • Harrison Meads
    Harrison Meads 9 months ago Found out where you stole your name from you plagiarizing bastard. Kekekek

  • Confused Wolf
    Confused Wolf 10 months ago

    Wonderful. Great channel. UK brexit betrayal comment? tell me you voted die (remain)

  • This name is either restricted, too long, or contains too many invalid characters.

    You are why the internet is shit.. dumbfucks pretending to be deep thinkers.

  • pufthedragonCCS
    pufthedragonCCS 10 months ago

    Are you catholic?

  • O T T G
    O T T G 10 months ago

    Where did you get your profile pic from?

  • Wesley Paul
    Wesley Paul 10 months ago

  • Spσσkwαgєns Cαrtσσn Cσusín You'll never guess what this was

  • Spσσkwαgєns Cαrtσσn Cσusín

    So Recently, I have seen YouTube fucking drama plauge the Skeptic Community as a whole... and it isn't just marxist cucks who have turned on the skeptic communities after moving to the topic of the left, Like Steve Shives, No, no one gives a single shit about Steve. It seems that these people, are not feminists who left the Online Skeptics, But shockingly, it's libertarians banding together. If you've seen Sargon's video talking about YouTubers Identifying themselves as libertarians you will know that they are trying to single everybody else out in order to make there own group. Like if as it was some sort of exodus from calling your self anti Regressive Left. They address those who do not belong to their crowd as "statists", and wish for an anarchy. They are (like the Left) are targeting those will opposing views conservative, or threatening people with violence. Like Amos fucking Yee. They are the knew ideology. After the Regressive Left is defeated, They will pick up the torch of stupidity.

    Be Prepared Sic, I know that you already are.