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  • darrell jones
    darrell jones 2 days ago

    keith olbermann and micheal moore are both heroes

  • darrell jones
    darrell jones 2 days ago

    keith is the source for truth at all times

  • Free Helicopter Rides

    You are not a men's magazine.

    You are far-left communist scum who deserve to be killed. (((Olbermann))) what a surprising name.

  • j zachary
    j zachary 23 days ago

    So when does Keith finally whip out Orwell's 1984 to show the similarities to Trump's reign to all who have no clue how they are being institutionalized one tweet at a time? Resist!

  • Kevin Gillihan
    Kevin Gillihan Month ago

    Keith don't stop doing what you're doing man. It's so entertaining!! You zany liberal psychopath!!

  • JohnnyBeeeeeeee
    JohnnyBeeeeeeee Month ago

    Keith Olbermann has clearly committed an act of treason, in calling for the overthrow of our government and duly elected president Donald Trump.

    The penalty including carceration for the federal felony that is he is committing, also applies to those who aid and assist him in said felony.

    The fact that your organization, GQ Magazine, would still affiliate yourself with this traitor speaks very poorly of your organization.

  • Bruno Coelho
    Bruno Coelho Month ago

    Really hopping his contract runs out by episode 100...nearly there.

  • Bruno Coelho
    Bruno Coelho Month ago

    Jesus dude give it a rest. What the? Why is Keith Olbermann on GQ?

  • Grizabeebles
    Grizabeebles Month ago

    Dear GQ (and Keith Olbermann in particular), I would like to enlist your support in promoting the following:
    I would like people to help me help Senator McConnell in visualizing the effects of the proposed health care bill.

    Please mail him Turnips. If every American who stands to lose Medicare spends approximately $9.50 to send a Turnip (cost included) to Senator McConnell, this would create a 19 ton pile of turnips that would fill the entire capital rotunda to approximately knee height.

    I believe this will explain the problem with the bill in a way words cannot. Please check my numbers, I believe they are correct.

    • Jonathon Loomis
      Jonathon Loomis 6 days ago

      I do like the image of McConnell drowning in turnips.

  • Kyle Noriesta
    Kyle Noriesta Month ago

    I make stop motion videos enjoy with music tell the family !!! enjoy your day

  • Ray G
    Ray G Month ago

    You guys better get 2 Chainz back on sail again or some unsubs will kick in real quick.. he ran this channel.

  • SR Ghost
    SR Ghost Month ago

    This channel lost so many subs lol

  • Pierre00
    Pierre00 2 months ago

    Olbermann should get a prime time slot on a news channel!

    • Kevin Gillihan
      Kevin Gillihan Month ago

      He has nothing to talk about since that crap story about Russia and Trump was completely false.

    • Anita Bueno
      Anita Bueno Month ago

      Where is Keith ? I am praying that everything is okay .

  • Glenn Speake
    Glenn Speake 2 months ago

    WHERE ARE YOU???????

  • Prospero
    Prospero 2 months ago

    GQ is brain rot.

  • Gary Anderson
    Gary Anderson 2 months ago

    Donald Trump & his Personal Lawyer are threatening to charge James Comey with the Criminal Act of “LEAKING” Highly Confidential Conversations between The President and The FBI Director. If these Leaked “Statements” attributed to the President are TRUE, then the “Guilt of Leaking” could certainly be theoretically true (ignoring the counter arguments to that point). BUT, if Comeys’ leaked statements ARE FALSE, then how could Comeys' statements qualify as “Leaks”!?!? By "legally" classifying Comeys’ released statements as “Illegal Leaks”, then the President and his Lawyer are Tacitly Admitting these “Leaks” are TOTALLY TRUE!
    This is just another example of Trump always "wanting his cake and eating it too". That, along with lying, is just two of his defining characteristics.

  • kinklee
    kinklee 2 months ago

    Lot of Russian stooges on here making comments. I wish McCarthy was still alive, he would be having kittens with all the amerrussians running the USSR(united states Soviet Republic) Best reality show ever. Keep it up Keith, I love reading all the little rooskie's pained comments and feeling their pain. The episode where donnie and marie go and see the eh-rabs, zionistas, the popester and the euros was the best. God imagine if it was real and not made up. Great writers on that show.

  • Captain Kent
    Captain Kent 2 months ago

    No Keith, no subscription. Good-bye. -waves bye.

  • Sevenfifteen Music
    Sevenfifteen Music 2 months ago

    I'm waiting for Keith Olbermann. I hope he's not given up to resist.

  • mark allen
    mark allen 2 months ago

    where is keith? trump is a PIG

  • K Brown
    K Brown 2 months ago

    What happened to Olbermann bae

  • TheLordkorv
    TheLordkorv 3 months ago


  • Matthew Parker
    Matthew Parker 3 months ago

    I would subscribe if this channel was Keith Olbermann resistance videos only. Maybe he needs his own GQ page..

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 3 months ago

    where is keith? without him this channel is not worth my time.

  • zachythingy
    zachythingy 3 months ago

    Keith's only standard is double standard. Begging Russia to help overthrow a constitutionally elected president? And calling it a coup? His logic and reason is so twisted. You're making Alex Jones look like a saint.

    GQ if you want Trump 2020 keep Olbermann on the channel. He's the personification of everything wrong with the left.

  • Artifactsofmars
    Artifactsofmars 3 months ago

    You are giving voice to a traitor, Keith Olbermann, who needs to be locked up in a prison. Your magazine should be harshly fined. You are NOT free to ask foreigners to help overthrow your country. That is not covered by the freedom of speech clause of the First Amendment.

  • Barsoom Herald
    Barsoom Herald 3 months ago

    What was keith olbermans job before he got on with trump

  • koggyb
    koggyb 3 months ago

    Keith Olberman is the ONLY reason to visit this channel - GQ is shallow garbage that dangles bling in front of puerile morons.

  • Robert Greathouse
    Robert Greathouse 3 months ago

    Fix your The Resistance playlist. It's in reverse chronological order. It should start with the oldest, and proceed in order to the latest.

    • Bear Wolf
      Bear Wolf 3 months ago

      I'd just be happy if they kept the playlist up to date; there's a video posted THREE DAYS AGO - and a second more recent - that haven't been added yet.

  • Colby Hodges
    Colby Hodges 3 months ago

    Ditch Keith Olberman. Let him go screw Katy Thurr. I will not watch GQ on YouTube until that POS is gone.

  • Cannabis On Fire!
    Cannabis On Fire! 3 months ago

    Yes! This GQ is the real deal for Cannabis news! Keeping it coming! We need to make cannabis legal EVERYWHERE.

  • Webbie
    Webbie 3 months ago

    Keith Olbermann is god

  • airdaleva42
    airdaleva42 3 months ago

    Thanks all the gods for Obermann.

  • iluvatar003
    iluvatar003 3 months ago

    Get Keith Olbermann to talk about Bill O'Reilly!

  • Len R
    Len R 4 months ago

    I'm so very interested to hear what Keith says about the missiles launched on Syria.

  • Tyler Jordan
    Tyler Jordan 4 months ago

    keith, where ya been?

  • Arrow Valley
    Arrow Valley 4 months ago

    Sorry, this channel has too much salt for me.

  • Atimatik Army
    Atimatik Army 4 months ago

    Your "fashion" SUCKS!!

  • Mike2020able
    Mike2020able 4 months ago

    ' Israel Did 911- All the Proof in the World '

  • Bokuda Kateikyoushi
    Bokuda Kateikyoushi 4 months ago

    Get rid of the 30 second commercials and I'll subscribe.

    CLASSIC 5 months ago

    Lets get this straight again, this is supposed to be a site for GQ the magazine ?  shows its a nothing magazine when this crap is all you got, anti Trump big babies desperation, how pathetic.

  • pwndecaf
    pwndecaf 5 months ago

    Why was KO's last video deleted. I wanted to share it with the world.

  • My Latest Review
    My Latest Review 5 months ago

    Hey GQ,
    This Channel is amazing. I just watched the video that has been uploaded a few days back. It made me smile. :)
    Thank you so much for the content.

  • Ehud Goren
    Ehud Goren 5 months ago

    Dear Mr. Olbermann,
    I'm in complete agreement with everything you say, and I understand the frustration and anger you feel, but you have to resist sounding like the lunatic angry man, or you will risk coming off as just an angry automatic nay-sayer, and allow yourself and your message to be dismissed as just that.
    Keep doing what you do - an important voice of reason, in this mad period - but make sure you are perceived as the voice of reason, and not an angry prophet.
    Thank you for... well, everything!

  • danekeeper1
    danekeeper1 5 months ago

    Hey Kieth...your piece about corporate money in politics/ citizens united....imagine a Foreigner ...Call them Petrograd oil sets up shop/ becomes a corporation in ...let's say texass yes T.E.X.-A.S.S then the name becomes Peter-oil or Putin Oil......then this corp. has the power to open up their check book and get whom they want to be a Senator/ congressman.......They have an office in lets say Shithole Texass with 1 secretary , 1 compactor, 1 desk and one BIG FAT get what I'm sayin here.....

  • Bob Melisso
    Bob Melisso 5 months ago

    Olbermann is speaking truth to power. That's what America is about.

  • legend
    legend 5 months ago

    He and all of his uneducated knuckle draggers must go! "To School in order to learn some basic truths about what America represents and stands for, and that this countries democratic values and what we believe in is a visionary experiment still in its infancy, that requires a back bone of hope! He must go because he stands for redefining America to suit his fearful and paranoid view of molding this country into a petty psychological addict where anything or anyone that is not completely familiar to his fearful based identity ego, that he feels a sense of alienation and separation and so he want to put up walls instead of insisting upon the beauty and potential of unity within our diversity; So unlike Obama"
      And while he's at it, he can take that trouble making MUTT Giuliani along with him!

  • Torgeir Stain
    Torgeir Stain 5 months ago

    Cuck Oldermann. :D

    KYS TROLL 5 months ago

    Olberman is a beast. Subbed.

  • Mad Mack
    Mad Mack 6 months ago

    Keith Olbermann is ruining your brand with his unhinged hysteria.

  • Stu MacQuarrie
    Stu MacQuarrie 6 months ago

    Can you please start recording Keith with a close mic through some sort of compression? His old stuff on MSNBC has so much more gravitas because you can't hear the sound of the boomy studio in which he's recording.

  • Sense Of Rumor
    Sense Of Rumor 6 months ago

    Lots of triggered republican brownshirts and Russian operatives, here, want to silence free speech in America.

  • Brian Eckerle
    Brian Eckerle 6 months ago

    Mr. Keith Olbermann, AKA the Resistance; Trump has been in office about one month and he and his staff have been in outrages daily public and often multiple daily public scandals acts, but is it the face you see or is it the face you don’t see that conceals the real treachery. On that the question is thin; where has the United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson been and been up to?

  • uglyfish2000
    uglyfish2000 6 months ago

    GQ should do a series on bending over and call it the permittance. Olbermann can host that one too.

  • bob beranek
    bob beranek 6 months ago

    Maybe those commenting should stop watching. To quote a character that I'm sure many of you will remember "YOU CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH"

  • The Brand New Swag
    The Brand New Swag 6 months ago

    It's probably best that you guys stick to fashion instead of politics. Really makes you look like biased liberals.

  • CinemaVoltGaming
    CinemaVoltGaming 6 months ago

    I really liked this channel when it represented "the premier men’s magazine." Now it's just a bunch of garbage political propaganda. Bring back the style and leave out the politics, and you can win back all the other subscribers that left with me for the same reasons.

  • Instagram Hack
    Instagram Hack 6 months ago

    This is so great, puts TyT out of the water.

  • inadaizz
    inadaizz 6 months ago

    Not a fan of this kind of channel format. I would sub for Keith but I don't want the other content as of now.

    • inadaizz
      inadaizz 4 months ago

      I don't. The contents just seem mismatched and unrelated.

      I guess I appreciate anyone bringing me Keith content. Just don't prefer mixing in stuff i have no interest in.

    • Mike Erickson
      Mike Erickson 6 months ago

      Then don't watch the other content.

  • Snapchat Hack
    Snapchat Hack 6 months ago

    Do one for Obama.

  • WhatsApp Hack
    WhatsApp Hack 6 months ago

    This is clearly better than The Young Turks.

  • temudjin1155
    temudjin1155 6 months ago

    You're not a resistant. You're a lunatic. Nuance.
    I can't believe you asked Trump to resign and expecting he would do so.
    Please, stop polluting the internet.

  • someday
    someday 6 months ago

    That older man is an awful human being.

  • Deplorable Politics
    Deplorable Politics 6 months ago

    YO YO YO WHAT UP WHAT UP all y'all in this wretched hive of scum and villainy

  • Little Ricky'sFlyingCircus


  • dafuq
    dafuq 6 months ago

    By far one of the worst channels out there. You libtards are just going to have to accept it. Trump is the the president. Get over it.

    • panpsychism
      panpsychism 2 months ago

      Sure- "worst channel" - that's why they're getting millions of views...

    • Noah S.
      Noah S. 2 months ago

      Obama makes policy after policy that hurts the american people but once America gets a President that puts them first he's a traitor? You are beyond stupid.

  • Deadman
    Deadman 6 months ago

    i see GQ has taken up the mantle left by the failed BuzzFeed as the new Fake and fascist news outlet... gg!

  • baddbradd89
    baddbradd89 6 months ago

    this is the msnbc for youtube......pathetic channel...Keith olberman lol---loser

  • D Kelly,Jr
    D Kelly,Jr 6 months ago

    Keith Olbermann = the Michael Moore of news commentators.

  • D Kelly,Jr
    D Kelly,Jr 6 months ago

    Keith Olbermann = a "glorified" __________________( Fill in the blank with your ideas)

  • D Kelly,Jr
    D Kelly,Jr 6 months ago

    Keith Olbermann = the Ted Baxter / Norman Bates of TV "news" personalities.

  • Granola Gaye
    Granola Gaye 6 months ago

    GQ weak, just weak.

  • Thomas Christiansen
    Thomas Christiansen 6 months ago

    It should clear to all people that trump HATES PEOPLE

  • bluumax
    bluumax 6 months ago

    Poster child for why we NEED mental health facilities for these people.
    Not joking.

  • Wayne Daly
    Wayne Daly 6 months ago

    Olbermann is aTard

  • Not Complicit
    Not Complicit 6 months ago

    jesus christ all you can do is talk about trump

    give it a rest your losing credibility fast


    Stop acting like little kids just because you didn't get the president you wanted.

    • Pierre00
      Pierre00 2 months ago

      ...instead it's the president no one wanted...

    • Bennett Davies
      Bennett Davies 4 months ago

      we will never stfu regardless of the president, because that is in our rights. Expression of thought is an american belief.

  • bklaw1234
    bklaw1234 6 months ago

    Keith, you were outstanding on the Maher show. Glad to see you there lending your cogent point of view.

  • sethman75
    sethman75 6 months ago

    What is going to happen in a few hours when reality starts an Trump is the president for the next 8 years? The fake reality of snowflakes is going to crumble.

  • Lewis Hatton
    Lewis Hatton 7 months ago

    This channel is like a collection if everything sick in the world. Anyone subscribed to this channel needs a serious bit of self reflection.

  • laurie
    laurie 7 months ago

    the only reason I subscribe was because of keith olberman, I cant wait to hear what he says next, talk about speaking his mind oooh I think we all should while we still can, may I ask he have a bigger part 5 to 8 minutes once a week I think you can do better

    • Wayne Daly
      Wayne Daly 6 months ago

      Yes he should do 25mins like a real sitcom

    • Cougar Brenneman
      Cougar Brenneman 7 months ago

      Me too. I suddenly have greater respect for GQ

  • Elizabeth OHara
    Elizabeth OHara 7 months ago

    Ok, so this is back tracking a bit...but I need people to know what really happened w/re to the Ethics committee issue. Michael Moore heads up a resistance "team" - Here's what happened: "Thank you, all of you who began flooding the Congressional switchboard at 9am with calls opposed to the Republicans gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics. One hour and seven minutes later, Trump himself, while expressing his displeasure with the Ethics Office - calling it "unfair" - joined in with those questioning why this action was happening on day one. Now, after three hours of a citizens revolt online and on the phone, House Republicans have backed down and will not kill the Ethics Office today. The media pundits, the ones who gave us Trump, will credit his tweets (posted AFTER the public backlash began) for this change. Don't lose sight of the fact that you and thousands of others who, beginning last night, started contacting and protesting your members of Congress over this MADE THIS HAPPEN. Thank you! Now - on to the next fight. The day, and the damage they will do this afternoon, isn't over." But Trumpelthinskin took ALL the credit. Together we can do it.

  • Kirk Clements
    Kirk Clements 7 months ago

    Keith was not that good at sportscasting but seems to excel at IYI (intellectual yet idiot).
    It is not that we voted for Trump and his policies.
    It is that we voted for someone to rid the system of the political class elites and destroy the infrastructure of government that they have put into place since they took out JFK and installed the "great society" welfare mechanisms that are destroying the productive part of the economy and expanding the non-productive part of the economy.
    The non-productive part of the economy does not leave enough in the hands of the productive part so that it can compound and produce economic growth that will keep the dream alive of class mobility that is essential for people to achieve a better standard of living.
    If you can not grasp that then please get out of the way of those who do!

  • michaelwoooo
    michaelwoooo 7 months ago

    Would be great channel and magazine if Keith Olbermann would be removed

  • Mike Erickson
    Mike Erickson 7 months ago


  • Abhijith K.R
    Abhijith K.R 7 months ago

    Hey, guys, I have a question,I have this thing coming up in January and I want to look formal but I don't want to buy an expensive suite so I want to go with a formal but casual look, so I need some advice on shoes, shirts, and basically I need help picking the right colour the fit ,so hope you guys can help outreally appreciate if do so thanks.

  • Andre Duvenhage
    Andre Duvenhage 7 months ago

    Where's Olbermann? I'm missing my regular dose of absurdist comedy.

    JAB_ZERO 7 months ago

    I'm Keith Olbermann and this is The Uneducated, Propagandist, Desperate, Dishonest and supposed "Resistance".

    The only thing you are "Resisting" here is founded logic. I recommend that you return to being a sportscaster Keith..

  • Headchip1
    Headchip1 7 months ago

    Keith Olbermann needs to be gagged and arrested. Do you ever put anyone on your channel that is a real Gentleman? Do you just use thugs for the attention?

  • J MG
    J MG 7 months ago

    Has GQ put a fatwa against lapel microphones? #Keith-O

  • Steve Grant
    Steve Grant 7 months ago

    never address Keith Olbermann as a journalist

    FUN DANGO 7 months ago

    Keith Olbermann eats AIDS, and smokes crack.

  • Mia
    Mia 8 months ago

    German national socialist was the best.

  • Josiah Baker
    Josiah Baker 8 months ago

    you're so adorable....

  • Kristoff Bjorgman
    Kristoff Bjorgman 8 months ago

    My gosh! And I thought The Young Turks was bad!

    • Arjen Laan
      Arjen Laan Month ago

      If I may ask a question. After the past five months and impeachment five or fewer months away, what do you think about Olberman's assessment now? Same question to others who posted in this thread. Not trying to bash, I am just curious.

  • The Ancient WUN
    The Ancient WUN 8 months ago


  • TruthOverAll
    TruthOverAll 8 months ago


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