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  • Timothy Donovan
    Timothy Donovan Month ago

    It is so easy to see why the NHL never gains any ground in popularity, You block games, the 2010 Winter Classic is blocked and the only one is in Russian, How can we support or promote any Sport that blocks games from it's Fan who want to share a sport they love and you wonder why the NHL is dead last in the sports minded viewers, It is your fault. Plain and simple, You are your own worse enemy.

  • Ethen 17
    Ethen 17 Month ago

    do nhl vids pls

  • Adrian H
    Adrian H 2 months ago

    Thanks a lot for spoiling the result of the preds/ducks game 5 with the title. I had a highlight video all lined up, not knowing the score or who won, and in my related videos, this thumbnail comes up and spoils it. Seriously, please don't title your highlight videos like this. The people who watch them are often watching them because they weren't able to catch the game live. Put the score/tagline in the description if you have to, jesus.

  • rajesh kumar
    rajesh kumar 3 months ago

    can you telecast in india

  • HandyPine4308
    HandyPine4308 3 months ago

    GO FLAMES GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WSI SPORTS 3 months ago

    We love supporting the NHL!

  • carry0n
    carry0n 3 months ago

    no live streams.!!!!!!!!!!!wtf

  • David Selby
    David Selby 3 months ago

    Hello! I'm a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and I have just subscribed to this channel.

  • ProKneeHockey
    ProKneeHockey 3 months ago

    Watch Mini Hockey Games Here

  • Tomáš Gola
    Tomáš Gola 3 months ago

    :D ... Do not bet Ottawa, St. Louis or Anaheim ... :D

    • Tomáš Gola
      Tomáš Gola 3 months ago

      :D ... Pathologically Lazy & Incapable ... :D

    • Tomáš Gola
      Tomáš Gola 3 months ago

      :D ... They are simply genius ...:D

  • DoDo WarriorFTW
    DoDo WarriorFTW 4 months ago


  • Zetoria
    Zetoria 4 months ago

    WTF, The video's dont show in Finland

  • Max Fortin
    Max Fortin 4 months ago

    Don't spoil the results in the descritpions ........... can you guys listen to your fans for once?

  • Snapchat Hack
    Snapchat Hack 4 months ago

    Not the hello language I was expecting.

  • The Best Friends Hall Of Fame

    who here is a NYR fan? cuz i am :D

  • Nhl91Rulez
    Nhl91Rulez 7 years ago

    go my team (Hamilton)soon will be a team!

  • RebelR4nger
    RebelR4nger 7 years ago


  • eyescream4icecream
    eyescream4icecream 7 years ago


  • jusineczkin jusineczkin

    please do something with the sound!!! caps rock on!

  • UVStreet
    UVStreet 7 years ago


  • Rihards Cimermanis
    Rihards Cimermanis 7 years ago

    the BEST channel in youtube! cheers!!

  • OvEcHkInG2831
    OvEcHkInG2831 7 years ago

    Let's go Rangers!!!!! Bring home the Cup!

  • dpshi1
    dpshi1 7 years ago

    yeah i'm having the same sound problem, thought it was just me. great channel, thanks guys!

  • Meep
    Meep 7 years ago

    Let's Go Rangers!!!!

  • Lizzi10
    Lizzi10 7 years ago

    GO HABS GOO!!!!!

  • hockeyisasport
    hockeyisasport 7 years ago


  • Jean-Michel Frigault

    Go HABS GO

  • Yung FiveSpot
    Yung FiveSpot 7 years ago


  • Kilian Stockmeier
    Kilian Stockmeier 7 years ago


  • bluealkaline87
    bluealkaline87 7 years ago

    Go Blues! The Blues are not going to lose this year!

  • aryasarwen
    aryasarwen 7 years ago


  • chelmianin
    chelmianin 7 years ago

    just do something with sound

  • Henri Kirsi
    Henri Kirsi 7 years ago

    the image and the sound are really not in sync in these game highlight videos

  • Noel Daniels
    Noel Daniels 7 years ago

    GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!

  • Mindplague
    Mindplague 7 years ago


  • Tom Pham
    Tom Pham 7 years ago


  • hockeyfann8771
    hockeyfann8771 7 years ago

    GO Canucks! :)

  • Jachaos
    Jachaos 7 years ago

    Go sharks go !

  • Vince Harttrup
    Vince Harttrup 7 years ago

    GO SENS GO!!

  • Kiki Berkey
    Kiki Berkey 7 years ago

    could somebody look at the bruins and caps highlights from Oct 1st. from 1:18 to 1:20 Ovechkins first goal is there 6 six guys on the ice celebrating. Maybe I'm crazy but from the moment I saw it until looking at replays there are six guys on the ice.

  • Roman Los Angeles Kings

    Go Kings =)

  • dkstryker
    dkstryker 7 years ago

    Thanks NHL for this wonderful Page!! its so kool how i can watch highlights of all of the games!!!!!!

  • jordin22rules
    jordin22rules 7 years ago

    Where's the Rangers and Senators game highlights?

  • writerERK
    writerERK 7 years ago

    Lets GO RANGERS!!! 4ever...true Blue!!!

  • juan beast
    juan beast 7 years ago

    GO HABS GO!!

  • addggb12
    addggb12 7 years ago


  • Niksutin 95
    Niksutin 95 7 years ago

    Go Ducks!

  • Niksutin 95
    Niksutin 95 7 years ago

    Go BlueJackets!

  • guagili
    guagili 7 years ago

    St louis Blues are kings!! = )

  • theblackpiglet
    theblackpiglet 7 years ago

    Go Caps!

  • Jakub Zachar
    Jakub Zachar 7 years ago

    Colorado avalanche

  • fixer226
    fixer226 7 years ago


  • Hellbling
    Hellbling 7 years ago

    Go Lugano!!!

  • ozzy7689
    ozzy7689 7 years ago

    go san jose

  • Mitch Barnett
    Mitch Barnett 7 years ago

    go isles!!!! okposo, bailey, tavares, streit!!!!! STANLEY CUP

  • briankashtan
    briankashtan 7 years ago

    lets go sharks!

  • Meow Meow Fuzzyface
    Meow Meow Fuzzyface 7 years ago

    lets go lightning!!!

  • Luke Shewchuk
    Luke Shewchuk 7 years ago

    go flames

  • HitmanSox91
    HitmanSox91 7 years ago

    go hawks

  • ApplesForDays
    ApplesForDays 7 years ago


  • SaintsInHell24
    SaintsInHell24 7 years ago

    GO FLYERS!!!!!

  • Floating Apple Productions

    Lets go Rangers!!!!!

  • jchance860
    jchance860 7 years ago


  • mustbeburtreynolds
    mustbeburtreynolds 7 years ago

    lets go red wings

  • TAH2719
    TAH2719 8 years ago


  • jpoops13
    jpoops13 8 years ago

    Horrible commercial... it may have worked for the nba playoffs... not the start of the nhl year

  • jamie sayers
    jamie sayers 8 years ago

    Cmon bruins

  • Frédéric Vuilleumier

    go habs go and pittsburgh

  • hockeyishere
    hockeyishere 8 years ago


  • casey mccloud
    casey mccloud 8 years ago


  • hockeyfann8771
    hockeyfann8771 8 years ago

    Canucks, baby!

  • Yung FiveSpot
    Yung FiveSpot 8 years ago


  • sarah Mints
    sarah Mints 8 years ago


  • The Weepie Sheep
    The Weepie Sheep 8 years ago

    goooo sexy sidney goo

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez 8 years ago

    Go Rangers Go Penguins Go Blackhawks!!

  • Wurmplepenguin1
    Wurmplepenguin1 8 years ago


  • Gewgul Keeld-Utewb
    Gewgul Keeld-Utewb 8 years ago

    Go Habs Go!

  • MkGangsta6
    MkGangsta6 8 years ago

    goo Scrj - Laker's in NLA !

  • Aiden Wadsworth
    Aiden Wadsworth 8 years ago

    go caps go

  • Kylebhoi
    Kylebhoi 8 years ago


  • Cell phone Kid
    Cell phone Kid 8 years ago

    GO DUCKS!!!

  • mitzuki14
    mitzuki14 8 years ago

    Go Sabres and Stars!

  • Pedro Woody
    Pedro Woody 8 years ago

    Nashville Predators !

  • KiDD275
    KiDD275 8 years ago

    go kings

  • TriFF51
    TriFF51 8 years ago

    Gaborik is gonna tear it up in New York....Lets Go Rangers!

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