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  • Dunny2k
    Dunny2k Day ago

    "Game of Thrones Is Boring & I Hate It" video next please.

  • Anthony Scotto
    Anthony Scotto 9 days ago

    I have a theory I wanted to share. With recent Canon information and images released and what has been said about The Last Jedi having the greatest reveal in Star Wars franchise history, I believe that there's enough evidence to suggest the following. Snoke is a female, and not just any female but Jocasta Nu. First lets talk about the Vader comics where she was made to have survived order 66 and Darth Sidious has declared her the biggest threat to the Sith and the Empire, so much so that he is sending The Grand Inquisitor and Vader to hunt her. 2nd is her access to the holocrons from the Jedi archive as well as hidden knowledge that only she could have saved during and after order 66. Third is her physical appearance in line with the new photos of Snoke, The same eye shape and color, what appears to be lightsaber holes piercing the throat and larynx area which would explain Snoke's voice (Which would be from her confrontation with Vader and The Grand Quiz). The same color scheme to her clothing as a Jedi. Fourth, would be the timeline associated with Snoke as he/she had said to have witnessed the rise and fall of the Republic and the Empire as well as her involvement with Kamino "If it's not in the archives then it does't exist" and her praise of Dooku and Qui Gons free thinking ways. Lastly is from a marketing standpoint, like in Empire Strikes Back, when Vader revealed he was Lukes Father, even the casual movie goer was invested in the overall idea. It doesn't matter to the casual fan that Snoke is Jocasta Nu but that hes a woman. Disney has openly been pushing their female characters, with Forces of Destiny and what greater way, then to make the main Antagonist a woman to compliment the male/female Protagonist in Rey. Thats something that would transcend The Star Wars universe into one of the biggest kept secrets in movie history, well until now. Hopefully you can make a video on this theory and expand on any of my ideas, Thanks for doing what you do and...what do you think?

  • mmpzred8nmski
    mmpzred8nmski 10 days ago

    PLEASE include that clip from the dark knight rises when Batman and Catwoman are fighting on the rooftop. If you look closely there is a guy who just falls out of nowhere like an idiot. It's so ridiculous how they make Batman look like a badass in those films with weaker fight choreography.

  • Nicola Dallen
    Nicola Dallen 24 days ago

    Could you do 60 actors who were nearly cast as James Bond please?

  • Tyler Burkham
    Tyler Burkham 29 days ago

    you gotta do the new justice league trailer

  • Cscape
    Cscape Month ago

    You were right about the "sexy, sympathetic mummies"

  • Nick McCarthy
    Nick McCarthy 2 months ago

    I just finished watching the Lego Batman movie and it was incredible. There are soooo many easter eggs in that movie, nods to the comics, older movies, all kinds of stuff. Maybe it needs a Things Missed Video?

  • kenny kohler
    kenny kohler 2 months ago

    i love your page.... thankyou?.... /shrug... i dunno... your informative in an absolutely hilarious way... keep it up... or dont... i quit alot... so i wont be mad

  • Co p
    Co p 3 months ago

    None of your videos show up on my sub page... weird :/

  • Drew Manning
    Drew Manning 3 months ago

    I love the podcast but why does Nick Mason hate animation? Is it because his name rhymes with it?

  • フーエン テス. 夫婦.

    Thank you for being one of the funniest/best youtube channels ever! You are a comedian genius!!! Dear Goat....keep on goating :)

  • C C
    C C 4 months ago

    Something you may have missed is the look of the poster releases. So you notice the blade of the lightsaber goes from blue to red at the top? Plus most of it is red, including the Star Wars logo which is traditionally yellow. Could this be a hint that either Luke or Rey will turn to the dark side? There have been rumours and leaks about this very thing. Plus, Luke turns to the dak side in the books. I heard Rey may turn evil and Ben actually come back to the light. Don't believe that but it's what I heard.

  • thomas the dead guy
    thomas the dead guy 4 months ago

    this is about the new star wars episode 8 last jedi trailer. at about 0:49 you hear Leia say" help me obi wan" i believe and at about 1:01 in you can hear Yoda say "train something apprentice" that is what i heard i hope you see this for your 10 things missed or whatever on the star wars last jedi trailer thank you

  • Child of Christ 754
    Child of Christ 754 4 months ago

    Repent in Jesus mighty name i hate the use of foul language otherwise in judgment day God will cast you into a lake of fire for all eternity.

    Colossians 3:8 - But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.

    Ephesians 4:29 - Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

  • Juzzy TV
    Juzzy TV 4 months ago

    Watched your live stream! You are about 20 years older than i expected xD

  • Albert Kleppin
    Albert Kleppin 4 months ago

    Could you please do another kill count video? Would love to see that. Thanks.

  • Miller Hamilton
    Miller Hamilton 4 months ago

    you post some funny ass shit!! keep doing what you are doing brother!!! love the vids

  • Neriyahu
    Neriyahu 4 months ago

    why is your name mr sunday? is it because you only post on a sunday???

    • Neriyahu
      Neriyahu 4 months ago

      somebody help me out

  • Wiggins Boys
    Wiggins Boys 4 months ago

    do kong

  • William Ahrendt
    William Ahrendt 4 months ago

    What have you been up to this weekend? Wheres my JL breakdown video? :)

  • Yuwaraj Umarajan
    Yuwaraj Umarajan 4 months ago

    bro do justice league (2017) trailer easter eggs and review pls

  • TheArtorious
    TheArtorious 5 months ago

    Iron fist surely you picked up on the foreshadowing of Clare temple being white tiger?

  • Rex Tenyson
    Rex Tenyson 5 months ago

    Hey how can i get one of your Lootcrate givaways.......BTW also more of Caravan of Garbage would do....THanks

  • angell2121
    angell2121 5 months ago

    Can you do a Fate of the furious 10 things missed???

  • Matthew Gantt
    Matthew Gantt 5 months ago

    Been a fan for a few years and if she's about, I always pull my wife in to watch your videos (she's from Melbourne) because you crack us both up. She was wondering when you'll do a BLACK WIDOW KILL COUNT. Other than Iron Man, she's been in the most MCU movies and has probably racked up quite a few herself. So g'won and get to it, something for the ladies!

  • Child of Christ 754
    Child of Christ 754 6 months ago

    Repent in Jesus mighty name i hate the use of foul language otherwise in judgment day God will cast you into a lake of fire for all eternity.

    Colossians 3:8 - But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.

    Ephesians 4:29 - Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

    Ephesians 5:4 - Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.

    • Albert Kleppin
      Albert Kleppin 4 months ago

      Listen pal, this isn't the way to get someone to follow Christ. I'm not arguing with your statement, but if you want to really save people, this is not the way to do that.

  • Boggle 100
    Boggle 100 6 months ago

    Will you please do a video talking about the chances of a solo film for a marvel villian/anti-hero such as venom? Deadpool was good but that belongs to fox and he is more good than evil. I would like to see a venom film with the sequel being agent venom who could appear in Guardians of galaxy 3 or 4 or maybe the thunderbolts.

  • mrmoviereviews
    mrmoviereviews 6 months ago

    i love this channel

  • Cameron Cress
    Cameron Cress 6 months ago

    Man I love this channels content and am curious as to how planet broadcasting will turn out but, I'm worrying that it might be pulling a Fine Bros, or at least people might interpret this as such.

  • Damjan Plamenac
    Damjan Plamenac 6 months ago

    If your name is MrSundayMovies why don't you talk about original 'movie' movies sometime? (Arrival, LaLaLand, Hateful Eight, Dunkirk...) Shit, whens the last time you did that. Don't just talk about Marvel, DC and other man-child nerd shit, didn't you ever see RedLetterMedia??? Talk about something sometimes for actual movie lovers. Your opinion is fun to hear.

  • Child of Christ 754
    Child of Christ 754 6 months ago

    Repent in Jesus mighty name i hate the use of foul language otherwise in judgment day God will cast you into a lake of fire for all eternity.

  • Axo The Legend
    Axo The Legend 6 months ago

    in logan, since it is the same shared universe as deadpool is there a chance we might see him in the movie, because technically the guy can't die: (-_-) please answer this im dying to see whether you thunk its probable OR BETTER YET MAKE A VIDEO ON IT

  • MovieNerd_EP
    MovieNerd_EP 7 months ago

    There's a new Logan trailer, get back to work ya dickhead

  • Captain Neckbeard & The Bardbarians

    Why is Han Solo a goat?

  • GrahamTV
    GrahamTV 7 months ago

    Can you please make a video regarding the passing of Carrie Fisher?

  • edgarcortezrocks
    edgarcortezrocks 7 months ago

    When is the next star wars coming out?

  • Dimitri Bitu
    Dimitri Bitu 8 months ago

    hey bro, suggestion: make a video about the other times that the old canon of Star Wars had a story about someone stealing the Death Star plans
    according to Pablo Hidalgo, there were some versions
    thanks ;)

  • Gamer Movie Man
    Gamer Movie Man 8 months ago

    Out of all your videos you have put up my favorite is still 50 ways Superman could kill Batman. "Cause you can't fight bears forever!" HAHAHAHAHA ..................."Then punch his head off!" HAHAHAHAHA

  • sjipsdew
    sjipsdew 8 months ago


  • JJ Mess
    JJ Mess 8 months ago

    Where is caravan of garbage?

  • Andrea Gonzalez
    Andrea Gonzalez 8 months ago


  • Anthony Phelps
    Anthony Phelps 9 months ago

    In a close-up still shot from the movie, you can see Dr Strange's watch was broken and stuck on Wednesday, January 26th. This day/date combo puts the date of the auto accident (which broke his watch) in the year 2011. What significance, if any, does this mean to the time-line of the MCU?
    BTW, it could be Wednesday, January 20th, which would make the year 2016 (it wasn't 100% clear in the screen shot), but it was definitely one of these two dates.

  • Balaji Kumaran
    Balaji Kumaran 10 months ago

    what happened to jermy? did he sell this channel to you?

  • Marvelmania360
    Marvelmania360 10 months ago

    Hi ill stour videos I am Aussie I am 13 years old can you subscribe to me I wold really like that from marvelmania360

  • walle ras
    walle ras 11 months ago

    Where is this Sunday's video?

  • Joe Barnett
    Joe Barnett 11 months ago

    Hey man nice videos. I would recommend recording in a different setting however because there is a bunch of echo in the audio. (sometimes recording with a blanket over you works to keep it down.)

  • Gold Team Rules
    Gold Team Rules Year ago

    Rogue One international trailer, 10 things missed?

  • slade tuner
    slade tuner Year ago

    Punisher kill count

  • Skribduex
    Skribduex Year ago

    Is there anyway for us to see older weekly planet episodes on YouTube?

  • Home Studios Plus

    Shout out?

  • syathuthuka madlala

    think you can do a Darth Bane video.I just read about him.

  • Harry Cripp
    Harry Cripp Year ago

    wheres the doctor strange trailer breakdown??

  • MrMamalovesmango

    The podcast has moved to here:

  • NinjaPenguin897
    NinjaPenguin897 Year ago

    Where is the podcast? did you take them all down?

    • Pat Herrmann
      Pat Herrmann Year ago

      new channel

  • The Hermit Man
    The Hermit Man Year ago

    Did you pull the podcast from your YouTube for good?

    • The Hermit Man
      The Hermit Man Year ago

      me too, but just the tip.

    • MrMamalovesmango
      MrMamalovesmango Year ago

      No problem, I just try to be the best dickhead I can.

    • The Hermit Man
      The Hermit Man Year ago

      +MrMamalovesmango tyvm, this is what being a dickhead is really about.

    • MrMamalovesmango
      MrMamalovesmango Year ago

      Nope he's made a new channel for them mate, here,s the link.

  • Nicolas Antetomoso

    any news on a villian movie in the mcu... actually happening??? it would be so cool to have the perspective of venom and spiderman doing his stuff

  • Charlie Sheen
    Charlie Sheen Year ago

    Damn i haven't been seeing your videos pop up on my frontpage

  • Roman Fox
    Roman Fox Year ago

    It's interesting to see you kids look at gender roles. Men risk their lives to protect women, which is why in old movies men got away with slapping a woman in the face. Women will do something that ruins people's lives if not kill them, and back in the day, people got back from war and saw buddies of their get brutally murdered in front of their eyes and weren't putting up with some emotional/childish crap from a woman. I like your stuff, but jeez, you guys sound like a bunch of hipster children when ever the issue of women are brought up. Is this why Mason is single despite having a big twitter following and being hilarious? It can't be only because he's short. Sounds like no self respecting woman would like a guy who thinks men exist to be a woman's bitch other than to protect and provide.

  • DJ Dawson
    DJ Dawson Year ago

    Hey guys, I listen to your podcast every week, very funny. Sometimes when I'm on the train I burst out laughing and people must think I'm a dick. Currently working my way through the back catalogue whilst taking my dog sonny out for long walks. David. Airdrie

  • Teddy Tube
    Teddy Tube Year ago

    Great video, keep it up.
    I love this.
    Awesome video!
    Enjoyed your video!
    Great video you should make more.
    I really liked your clip.

  • kuririnsan22
    kuririnsan22 Year ago


  • legofam123
    legofam123 Year ago

    Can you maybe talk about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy Year ago

    Check out the prestige great movie and grab that gem

  • Zac Allen
    Zac Allen Year ago

    m8 you should probably change your country to Australia aye. If you did you have the elite title of "72nd Most Subscribed Australian YouTuber". Prestigious, I know.

  • Duh guy
    Duh guy Year ago

    You know what, this is annoying, everyone bangs on about how the All-star Superman is the perfect Superman. Well, he is but that is because he has had time to get there. It wasn't his introduction or a time when people were sceptical about him, the people were already used to him and they loved him because he had a story with them before All-Star. That Superman is the man we should be; The man of tomorrow and that story was the conclusion and a series of the greatest acts of Superman. It is a conclusion and that's why its so great and it would make for a great finishing story for Superman when he's done. Problem is that Clark Kent is to become Superman by his own learning and experience not of the will or command of others. He wants to help people and Jonathan Kent knows this but the problem is that Clark is one person, be as strong as he may, he is still more human than anything and is susceptible to mental pain. Also, by telling Clark he is not ready is to protect him from people who, if they couldn't control him, influence him. That's the primary point when is on who he becomes and why he should also consider the safety of himself and his own family because as soon as he saves the people on the bus, parents come not to say thank you, but to treat him as a religious symbol when he is just a boy.
    The story of Man of Steel is not a story of Superman. Even though he wears the S on his chest doesn't mean he is that hero yet though he is trying to be. I could say that his actions led to the Earth still existing and in comparison to the few buildings he brought down, maybe in an act of irrationality, is greatly undermined by saving the world twice in one day but it wouldn't mean anything if there wasn't a character behind it. One of my favourite stories is Earth One Superman because here you have a Clark Kent who can literally do anything and so he goes around the world to find out what he should do. He saves people here and there but always stays hidden because he knows what the consequences of people seeing him would mean or being allowed to stay with him. He never wanted to to really be Earth's protector because he wanted to live his life as well because this was a world that misunderstood him, were scared of him and thus hated him. If you asked him why he must be a hero, there is no reason because he doesn't owe anyone anything like Martha said when she emphasises the point of his being a hero is choice and should not be guilt. If you asked him why he should be a hero, the only answer would be he hopes that people would get their business together one day. MoS is a story of a powerful man who has to save the world under less than convenient, STRESSFUL circumstance. Batman V Superman is a story, on Superman's side, of the powerful and good man struggling to maintain the the weight of the world as a result of the actions in MoS and BvS then it becomes a story of Superman CHOOSING to be a hero. That is why, I think, this movie gets the Superman title because he becomes that at the end with his sacrifice and same as batman. In response to the common complaint of him having a responsibility to being a hero to which I say that he does and he recognised this in the early side of BvS though he viewed it as a chore not something of will and want.We could also ask ourselves that question as well, why aren't we all doctors or why don't we all work for charities or give away everything we have? You could call it selfishness but people have a RIGHT to be whatever they want and don't have to be a saviour like we all do have the ability to save lives everyday either from giving someone live saving food or making a comment that saves someone emotionally. To do that bitterly because you were told to is wrong, as is with Superman in the starting half, but to do it because of love and joy;choice is simply good. That is the Superman we are given at the end of the movie and is the one we will love. Up until that point, he is called Superman because of his power but now, because of his sacrifice not through force, but will.
    A beautiful way to see this visually in the film is the parallel between the two monuments for Superman in BvS. One is a statue of him which represented just strength and nothing else and the other were the words "If you seek the monument look around you". The monument of strength and the dead was destroyed to make way for a monument among the people. He has instilled in the people hope. "If you seek his monument, look around you" is about the people who are still alive and he has now built up to hopefully be greater. The dawn of Superman.

  • SuperXFilms
    SuperXFilms Year ago


  • bboxfred
    bboxfred Year ago

    @mrsundaymovies You're awesome!! Watch your videos as soon as it's out~ Learnt alot from you too!

  • actually QWERTY
    actually QWERTY Year ago

    Maek mor interesting videos

  • SuperXFilms
    SuperXFilms Year ago

    Dude cap is evil now do a video

  • U wOT maTe
    U wOT maTe Year ago

    Could you do a Harry Potter kill count?

  • U wOT maTe
    U wOT maTe Year ago

    Gandalf kill count

  • Gregory George
    Gregory George Year ago

    Captain America is evil now, get on it james.

  • UmiDvi
    UmiDvi Year ago

    Will you be talking about the new Toho Studios Godzilla Resurgence movie in Japan??

  • Christopher Wright

    Hey it looks like screenrant used your videos in an article but it looks like they uploaded it into their own video player complete with their own ads and not linked to your youtube videos. I don't know if this is known to you but I thought it should be if it hasn't been. Here's the link to the article:

    • Roman Fox
      Roman Fox Year ago

      I could be wrong, but the similarities are too big for me to ignore in terms of time they started, narrator's voice, new logo designs, etc.

    • Roman Fox
      Roman Fox Year ago

      +Christopher Wright
      maybe I'm wrong, but they use the same logo and the guy doing the voice of the channel who's NOT a fine brother sounds EXACTLY like one, and hasn't been seen on video.

    • Christopher Wright
      Christopher Wright Year ago

      +Roman Fox No, I had no idea. That just means they already make millions.

    • Roman Fox
      Roman Fox Year ago

      +Christopher Wright those sons of bitches. Also, did you know that the Fine Bros run Screen rant?

  • Bluebrick2000
    Bluebrick2000 Year ago

    Your Videos are the best Mr Sunday!

  • Ex-aid
    Ex-aid Year ago

    Mr. Sunday movies
    Can you make a video on if batman and superman's mom (farm mom) are a coincident or on purpose. got this from batman vs superman

  • arkham sky
    arkham sky Year ago

    put subtitle in new zealand

  • Mango Man
    Mango Man Year ago

    make a vid of captain america or iron man kill count

  • Ryan Baldwin
    Ryan Baldwin Year ago

    You should make an Iron Man kill count

  • Cameron Macleod
    Cameron Macleod Year ago

    Bloody wake up and tell us what we missed in the Doctor Strange trailer! (yea dickhead)

  • VForce
    VForce Year ago

    When you are new here 0.0

  • Will deBord
    Will deBord Year ago

    COME ON MR. SUNDAY....NEW trailer for Suicide Squad on line....TONS of new stuff...Including BATMAN with a messed up face jumping off a bridge???...NEED U @ BREAK IT DOWN for me!

  • majinwarwulf
    majinwarwulf Year ago

    On a recent Weekly Planet, you guys discussed the live-action Tick tv show. I bpught an extra copy and if you let me know your mailing address, i will send it to you.

  • Matt Manley
    Matt Manley Year ago

    Daredevil Season 2: Anyone else just a little put out by the comical use of wigs on fight doubles?

  • Ste Brown
    Ste Brown Year ago

    please stop with the red arrows, or dont... but do

  • TheKradok
    TheKradok Year ago

    Rouge one trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just make any video on the trailer, all your videos good :)

  • pollenontheshoot

    I just found you guys Thanks to Zack Snyder being a dumbass. Your stuff is awesome! Subbed and watching!!! Thanks.

  • Daniel Palmer
    Daniel Palmer Year ago

    Spoiler for Civil War. I just got a medium pizza at pizza hut. the box had captain america on the cover and all the team cap heroes were in the background. the was a silhouette of a small winged person. has to be the wasp.

  • Just Dev
    Just Dev Year ago

    Dont you think new batman vs super man movie made batman man looks like useless and being a pu**sy ? i mean i love bat man so much im kinda angry at the new movie becuz they distroyed batman's character he's like a thirdwheel when they are fighting that monster

  • The Lad
    The Lad Year ago


  • Mr Random Entertainment

    Wish you had more subscribers 'cos you really rock man!

  • WobblyWobby
    WobblyWobby Year ago

    what about the new x-men apocalypse trailer
    pls do a vid on that

    ZEDAFAK Year ago


  • My Name Is Nobody

    You aren't going to do an X-Men apocalypse trailer 2 video ?

  • İntrosuz Oyuncu


  • Ryatus Recordings

    I really enjoy your channel. Keep it up.

  • Lennon Dhanaraj
    Lennon Dhanaraj Year ago

    Are you still looking for an editor?

  • MJT Free Time
    MJT Free Time Year ago

    nice videos, please visit my channel too and I hope you subsribe :-)

  • Mark e.g. smith
    Mark e.g. smith Year ago

    You should make a video about the General Mills cereal comics in hype for Batman V Superman. Stupid I know, but they show the first time Bats and Supes meet(in the DCCU of course) and sets the stage for the movie.

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