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  • Michael Bowie
    Michael Bowie Day ago

    Google: David Conn Jonestown The man who tried to stop infamous "Rev." Jim Jones and warn Congressman Leo Ryan.

  • AmIonArock
    AmIonArock 3 days ago

    What Happened to you all there. Is it the Money? , The Fame? This your President, the one that didn't do what the powers want him to do. The same powers, that makes you all say and do things that spreads propaganda. Like Russian Connection stories, while hiding DNC's treachery? Are you atheist ? I was never prouder of President Donald Trump, when He spoke honestly about Charlottesville. Evil on both sides was present. For some reason, that was edited out of your footage, along with the masked people throwing rocks and using sprays for blow torches. thats evil... and so is ...................................... fake news

  • kanna231
    kanna231 13 days ago

    Was it fun being in the Sharknado movies?

  • Deanna Bockstadter

    What is the name of the instrumental song that is played as the today show transitions to commercials?

  • robert sparks
    robert sparks Month ago

    Hi from Western Australia love seeing your Movie Review segment but I missed the start please put the 4 July aired your country on Youtube if you can get ok from the film makers. Robert Down Under

  • ReelBillGates
    ReelBillGates Month ago

    I'm glad I stumbled across this channel.

  • Marvin Gershowitz
    Marvin Gershowitz 2 months ago

    6/7/2017 917pm pst

    WHY couldn't the Senators invoke Contempt of the Senate?
    Why couldn't the Senators ask whether their refusal to answer is their version of the 5th Amendment and demanding either they are holding the Senate Committee for 'Contempt,' or they must use the 5th Amendment, but they just can't walk out of the chambers because THEY FEEL LIKE IT!

    that's Bull CHIT! - - marv

    I'm not the EXPERT... so I'm wondering WHY?

  • Fated Destiny
    Fated Destiny 2 months ago

    The world revolves around three primary colors red yellow and blue. 3 colors. it's shown in many tv shows and movies and etc. all over the place for a reason. A set was made a certain way on purpose so for example, if you look at the picture I sent then you can see they purposely put red yellow and blue colors together in a certain order on purpose. the three main colors are what govern our life like for another example at an intersection you can see that it's a red stop light a yellow light to slow down and a green light to go. Green is made by yellow and blue added together. Also, I realized it only costs 30billion dollars to end world hunger yet the government has spent 1.5 trillion on an aircraft that doesn't even work you can even google that yourself. Also, racism isn't real because if you google black and white you can see that those aren't even colors there just labels we put on people. We all are just human beings, in the end, ever heard of a little white lie? it's called that because white isn't a color people are Caucasian and etc.

    I did copy and paste this because I sent it to the ellen show with a picture and just didnit fix the msg but please im asking for help to get this msg out there please.

  • Mackenzie Wachter
    Mackenzie Wachter 2 months ago

    Can you do a special Subway Surfers broadcast to celebrate their 5th birthday?

  • TheSocko Show
    TheSocko Show 3 months ago

    this is so cool hi my name is Socko Star of The Socko Show.

  • Leonidas Marinos
    Leonidas Marinos 3 months ago

    You disrespectful hag. You treated your own guest with disgust. Bill Nye has done so much for our planet, and education. Kathie Lee Geromorphism, however, should be replaced by a younger, smarter, flash card reader.

  • pp rr
    pp rr 3 months ago

    Kathy needs to be fired!


    I've been watching the video on talking to sprits. I just laid my 14 yr old son to rest. He has made contact with me. I raised him from a baby alone. He was my rock. I am truly a wreck. How do I get in touch with this reader. Can you help me please. Thank mark. Please help me.

  • MrSkippypie
    MrSkippypie 4 months ago

    Go home Kathy, you're drunk.

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor 4 months ago

    The way you treated Bill Nye on your show was deplorable and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • It'syehboiStomdey
    It'syehboiStomdey 4 months ago

    This channel is garbage.

  • Questions for Science
    Questions for Science 4 months ago

    You need to work on getting a new host..Kathy Lee is an unprofessional brat. GTFO.

  • Matthew Yarlot
    Matthew Yarlot 4 months ago

    Cancel your trash show and bring back Bill Nye

    • pp rr
      pp rr 3 months ago

      yes, replace the today show with the bill nye show!

  • Urge
    Urge 4 months ago


  • Val Thomsen
    Val Thomsen 4 months ago

    IMO, You OWE AAP, their staff and the millions of people that have been following April's progress, being educated as we watch, learning about the importance of conservation...A Huge Public Apology for your ignorant remarks. Do you really think that this will increase your ratings? Guess Again! You have already lost thousands of viewers that want nothing to do with your show.


    where`s the interview with Jon bon Jovi on theday 12-march ??

  • Jesus G
    Jesus G 5 months ago

    TRUMP is positioning himself to deliver a "Major Obama Smackdown" like no other.
    The corrupt "Obama Deep State" is finished

  • Pinaki Deb
    Pinaki Deb 5 months ago

    What do you know about Kolkata(Calcutta) that you mentioned "filthy streets of Kolkata" in one of your videos

  • Brian Eckerle
    Brian Eckerle 5 months ago

    It’s March 1st 2017 about 4:00am, and I just woke-up from a dead sleep. You see I watch Trump’s speech last night along with ABC-CNN and Bernie Sanders spin of it, and I don’t think anyone has realized what Trump intends by setting aside a $1 trillion infrastructure package financed through both public and private capital means. Think about it; what is the one US infrastructure project he has been talking about for over a year? That’s right the US-Mexican border wall. I think Trump is trying to be sly and is going to get the tax payer to flip the bill for his wall. What do you think?

  • Boss Cat Daddy
    Boss Cat Daddy 6 months ago

    Lies and Propaganda.

    HOLLYWOOD L.A. 6 months ago

    *Hello, world...*

  • Pops Dance
    Pops Dance 7 months ago

    Jimmy Sion !!!

  • BoydofZINJ
    BoydofZINJ 7 months ago

    FYI: That Cory Booker democrat that has been pretending to care about America is a Phony. Recently, a vote to allow drugs from Canada into the United States came. Some Republicans voted for the bill. However, 13 Democrats did not and the bill failed. Cory Booker was one of those Democrats. He also receives a large donation from Big Pharma. Cory Booker is a Democrat and a PHONY. He does what ever BIG Pharma says. Cory Booker is not a true American and needs to quit and resign! Some of the Democrats, such as Cory Booker, are a disgrace!

  • Homer Miller
    Homer Miller 8 months ago


  • Garry Parsons Design
    Garry Parsons Design 8 months ago

    Mine was back in the early 70s. It's just a memory now.

  • Karolyn Issup
    Karolyn Issup 8 months ago

    What was your high school song.? Unofficially, mine was Purple Rain, by Prince. That was in 1985; but during one of the first spring rains of 2016 while standing at the bus stop, I had just learned one of my old teachers had died. I was a little sad about it, I guess. Well, anyways... the lavender sky infused with pale rays of sunlight was reflecting from the ground. The world was illuminated above my head and under my feet at the same time with a faint purple glow. And it was lightly raining. It was very pretty and comforting. I was not sad anymore...and for the first time in my life....I saw the rain was purple. The song...maybe it was not all nonsense. LOL

    • Karolyn Issup
      Karolyn Issup 8 months ago

      Okay... i just read the lyrics to Purple rain...uh 31 years later. HAHAHAHA. Okay.... it sort of fits. A little. Except for the bathing part. This is probably what kept it from being my class song.

  • Shaken Grain
    Shaken Grain 8 months ago

    Today Show has some good people, but don't you think it is time to retire Matt Lauer? He is vindictive, arrogant, entitled, controlling and comes across as down right hateful. Completely out of touch with American maintstream. It is not his place to interrogate, attack and demean people to promote his own social and political agenda. He is like a broken record and has nothing to contribute to the show anymore. Time for a change. Retire Matt Lauer.

  • shelectra
    shelectra 9 months ago

    I and many thousands of others around the world watched live streams of
    the Standing Rock horror happening for more than 5 hours last night. I saw no violence from
    the water protectors and horrible violence from the militarized police,
    national guard, so called law enforcement, militia, etc, brought there
    to help an international oil company violate sacred lands and the
    peoples that own them by treaty. Why is it impossible to find this
    attempted genocide being covered by main stream or even alternative
    media? This should be top of the news, and should be top priority for
    the government of the United States. This country should be ashamed of
    itself. These are the original "owners" of all the land in the United
    States and have suffered nothing but abuse since the original immigrants
    showed up here. Please help get the truth out there about what is
    happening, not the lies being told by the Sheriff's office there, who
    claimed there were no water cannons being used. I saw with my own eyes
    the water cannons being continuously being aimed not an any fires, but
    directly at the unarmed peaceful protesters. There are hours and hours
    of live streamed video archived that needs to be shown on all news
    outlets, and the office of the president of the united states needs to
    step up immediately and order these abusers to stand down, and order the
    oil company cease drilling and find a different way to get the poison
    oil where they want it to go. Too many news organizations and
    politicians have their hands in the pockets of the corporations and it
    needs to stop NOW.

    QUEENVALDJON 9 months ago

    Bravo Donald Sutherland!

  • Moorland Moss
    Moorland Moss 9 months ago

    Great place to find upto date news clips and footage...I'm a Motovlogger in Portland, Or.

    FUN FACT 10 months ago

    Every time Hillary coughs a little WikiLeaks out

  • Will C
    Will C 10 months ago

    Legalize cannabis for medicine

  • Cassie M
    Cassie M 11 months ago

    To the people of The Today Show

    I want to express my deep shock and awe over your decision to publicly humiliate Corey Feldman on your show. I think you people are sick and made nothing more than a contribution to the decline of moral humanity.
    When I first heard he would be performing on your show, I cringed and opted not to watch. I've seen him sing before and it's unquestionably embarrassing, but a friend of mine insisted that it needed to be viewed. So I watched, and I was appalled. From the very start it was clear on the faces and in the voices of the hosts that Corey was not being taken seriously. They were unveiling a joke. The heart of a young man who has been through hell and back, was out on his sleeve and he allowed himself to be vulnerable in order to show something that he was proud of. You people crapped all over it, knowing full well the world would not be kind in the face of his performance. Maybe he needed to realize his music is bad, but was that decision really up to you? It shouldn't have been.
    Corey Feldman seems to be a kind person. Any idiot knows he's been through the ringer and has mental issues. You should be ashamed of yourselves for knowingly allowing this person to humiliate himself on national television, all the while pretending not to think he was a joke.
    Corey was legitimately famous as a child but his fame as an adult has only been enabled due to the sickness of our society to laugh at and dehumanize someone with mental illness, further taking advantage of someone who has likely been taken advantage of his entire life.
    I will never watch your show again. Many of my friends and I are outraged by this and will be boycotting your troglodyte circus from now on. Bullying is a serious problem in our society and you handed Feldman up on a silver platter, fresh for the picking. How do you live with yourselves?


  • markdogg
    markdogg 11 months ago

    Couldn't watch this everyday, but every now and than is alright. You know, when im channel surfing.

  • mns
    mns 11 months ago

    Shame on the Today Show and Matt Lauer for having Tyler the "Psychic" on your show without any skeptical or critical analysis of his methods!

    • Candy
      Candy 10 months ago

      Shame on them for distorting the news.

  • mik12833
    mik12833 Year ago

    Shame,shame folks. God's not happy with you.

  • Sunny Bhardwaj
    Sunny Bhardwaj Year ago

    This channel is a disgrace after how you treated David Icke on your show. You people are the perfect example for why the real news is kept from the public coz of your ignorant and ridicule behaviors. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • Illuminate Ü
    Illuminate Ü Year ago

    can't believe people watch this garbage

  • Walter K Bauer
    Walter K Bauer Year ago

    Anyone know why Natalie,is heading West?
    3RD hour is sad, without Dark Natalie!
    A woman who says what she's thinking is so rare.
    I love me some Tamra Hall laughter.
    Liked Big Willy, even before I knew his Dad was Bill Geist of Sunday Morning (the Greatest segments where his Dad's)
    Of course anyone who doesn't LOVE AL, well hell they should be just DEPORTED!!!
    Want to lose some dead weight? Matt,and Cathy Lee. Send em out on a long ride, on a short pier, and leave em! I'm just sayin'!

  • Mr Edison
    Mr Edison Year ago

    Who cares what Abe Fuxmen thinks about what happens at a Trump rally. Fuxmen is subhuman garbage. Way to play the holocost/perpetual victim card. Congrats for showing your true colors, Today Show.

  • friends _videos
    friends _videos Year ago

    Hi! Could you, by any chance, share with us the 'Today' special with Matt Lauer on the set of 'Friends' in 1996. I can't find it anywhere. I know it's old, but still... I would love to see it as many other people. Thx in advance

  • D.L. Junkie
    D.L. Junkie Year ago

    I watch the Today show every morning too! Natalie & Al are my favs!

  • Te Boz
    Te Boz Year ago

    Just watched Jeff Rossen's video , his is NBC's ''National Investigative Correspondent'', on ''Car seat alert Could a winter coat endanger your child?'' I could not believe my eyes that NBC / the Today Show would show this kind of reporting. And I am not talking about the Safety issue the segment is about but the way Jeff Rossen and his team conducted themselves and the dramatic license they took to show a baby crash dummy flying out of his/her car seat and blaming it on the fact that the dummy was wearing a winter coat. Jeff Rossen did the strapping in of the test dummy personally and it was the way he failed to snug up the straps , the harness clip that connects to the two over the shoulder straps is suppose to be slid up to armpit level but Jeff slides it down to the dummy's waist just about. etc. etc. etc. Then he compares the result of this crash test to one where the lady that is running this lab straps in a child dummy that does not have a winter coat on and as she is explaining all the right ways to do all the adjustments you realize that Jeff had ignored all of these key points when he readied his crash test dummy that was wearing a winter coat. YOU just need to go to youtube and read all the this one '' Lacey Jaey 1 month ago
    OK so..... a few things... his child was not snug in that car-seat... you could tell it was still loose with that jacket on. number two the hill in the car safety test was not snug either... when he checked it I looking through the screen could tell how loose it was... FURTHERMORE the dummy was not even strapped in properly. obviously they know the two finger rule and that the chest buckle should be at armpit level so why was the dummy shoulder straps on the side of its arms instead of on the shoulders and why was the chest strap way lower than the armpits... this test was not run properly and no I am not saying jackets are not a danger I'm just saying this was a crappy study that looked like the buckles had been put on by a child'' It's like they are fabricating the results to make the outcome of the test more Shocking just to sell the story...and the whole Today Show group jump on board ! Now I do think there is a safety lesson here that parents and the rest of us should pay attention to. Yes , from watching these videos I can see where a kid being strapped into his or her seat without the bulky winter jacket would probably stay in place , if in an accident compared to if he or she had kept the jacket on. But lets be honest about the testing used in the two different crash test and agree we/jeff is not making an honest attempt to show what the real life results would be if each test dummy was secured into the test seat using the same guidelines . Because sadly this will make you doubt the integerity of anything Jeff Rossen and the Today cast. See for yourself the video they made and read the comments people made , the majority of which sound like this one :-(

  • Best Realtor USA | Real Estate Agent USA

    I watch the Today show every morning

  • Rookie
    Rookie Year ago

    Hey if you find a couple minutes today I'd love for you to check out the playlist I precisely uploaded of my first songs. If you feeling it please help share them particularly the Micheal Brown shooting tribute.
    Much love n thank you

  • tyler the awsome

    goooooo All rocker in the Rocker thon

  • Poet The-Xtra
    Poet The-Xtra Year ago

    You guys are always doing things out of the box and it is always refreshing to not know what to expect. Every Saturday, I will be doing a web series called "What Do You Think?" on my channel. Topics will be unique. I would love for people to leave comments and share in some conversations with things people may be thinking about!

  • Poet The-Xtra
    Poet The-Xtra Year ago

    I know you all have mentioned the South Carolina flooding on your show. I would encourage residents of South Carolina and other areas to check out my YouTube Channel. Subscribe Watch The Flood- Poem. Stay blessed you guys!

  • Waynnos The strange

    Vicki Gardner interview, 2800 thumbs down to 14 thumbs up. People are coming together and waking up to this utter crap/hoaxes and psy-ops on humanity. 

  • Steve Frey
    Steve Frey Year ago

    Check out the thumbs down on your video with the Virginia shooting survivor, people are waking up to your lies, you scumbags

  • Brazil Carnival Videos

    Hello TODAY ,

    Check some of the innovative and creative new materials used by Carnival Queens in their costumes. Impressive and impacting!

    All the best from Rio de Janeiro,!

    Brazil Carnival Videos Team!

  • Minecraft Nerds Mike

    Will you be uploading the Smosh episode?

  • Evangeline Custis
    Evangeline Custis 2 years ago

    Drone Life Preserver Drops at Pompano Beach - If there is a problem reaching the target, might I suggest having a detachable leash on the life preserver that can be released from the drone by the operator once the target catches the life preserver.  This would allow the drone operator to continue moving the drone to the exact target in the even of rough waters, etc., 

  • Future Solutions Media

    Hello from Los Angeles, you guys rock!

  • Jeely
    Jeely 2 years ago

    I love you! i just started to make beauty videos myself! <3 :)

  • jam mek
    jam mek 2 years ago

    well.. same video same way same place.. imean if u let my video standing ull not lose anything.. in fact ull win in other ways.. i mean life is for all if u chose to ignore others ull pay the price in other way.. ur politices is a big lie... intelligent ways will win anyway.. just smart ppl know this today.. hope that will change someday so dumbs will disappear for better life for all... god bless you

  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 2 years ago

    Greetings from Singapore! Cheers =)

  • Daryl Gingrich
    Daryl Gingrich 2 years ago

    Dear Hoda! I want to thank you, for TRULY BRAVE. I am a tough logger, fall timber an run heavy equipment. When i watched the video and the song!!!!!!!, Well it put me to my knees in tears. 

  • Super Cartoonist
    Super Cartoonist 2 years ago

    Wow, you guys subscribe count is soooo little!
    Well I guess you guys will only have a lot of viewers who watch television, just not as much on YouTube.

  • chip
    chip 3 years ago


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