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Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens is an American pop singer and producer best known for his work on YouTube as an a cappella cover artist. With over 1.5 Million subscribers, his videos have reached more than 200 million viewers since 2011. Hollens has collaborated with some amazing artists, including Brian Wilson, Jason Mraz, Hunter Hayes, Lindsey Stirling, George Watsky & The Piano Guys. He has released over 100+ digital singles and has been involved with a cappella music since 1999 when he co-founded the University of Oregon’s male a cappella group On The Rocks. In 2010, he was featured on NBC’s The Sing Off!

I make music using only my voice and mouth. Please stop by and take a listen!

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Peter Hollens
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Comments: 98

  • dallasgoldbug
    dallasgoldbug Month ago

    Appears like you are on the right trail. Take a look at my videos, I think you will find it helpful.

  • B. Scott
    B. Scott 8 months ago

    Phenomenal Talent & Creativity!! Keep up the Generous Sharing!!!

  • NivMizzet13
    NivMizzet13 11 months ago

    The Hollens Family do amazing work and joint efforts! If you haven't considered it, the song"One Voice (singing in the darkness)" would be something amazing to consider!

  • SweetiePie
    SweetiePie 11 months ago

    Hi I`m a huge fan, I love you and your wife's singing =) If you ever had the chance to read this, is it possible to do your version of "I'm Alive" by Celine Dion??

  • Arikiba
    Arikiba 11 months ago

    I just wanted to express how fond I am of your music. In the years since I first discovered you, I've eagerly awaited each update every time. You have such a lovely voice and an ear for music, and your sounds have always helped me through hard times. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world, Peter. I hope it brings you as much joy to make your music as it does me to hear it.

  • christopher conner
    christopher conner 11 months ago

    id love too see u and zyrah rose do a colaboration

  • Joshua Creamer
    Joshua Creamer 11 months ago

    Could you please do the song from Brave "Touch the Sky?" That's one of my daughters favorite songs! Thanks!

  • Ftanng15
    Ftanng15 11 months ago

    Salutations!!! I just want to say that your talent is inspiring. I would love to start my own channel, but I was wondering if with your permission and with credit towards you, if I could learn how to improve through your works? I admit I'm not as talented as I want to, but I want to learn and improve. I hope to hear from you in the near future about this and keep up the amazing music.

  • Rayne Nagle
    Rayne Nagle 11 months ago

    I don't think I've found a song of yours yet that I dislike. I guess I'll throw in a request too, and suggest the duet "Let Me Be Your Wings" from the Thumbelina album, performed by Barry Manilow. It's one of my favorite songs of all time.

  • Miranda Lockley
    Miranda Lockley 11 months ago

    Can you do a cover of "My Heart Will Go On?"  Please?

  • Kendra Linn VanDonkelaar

    I would love to hear your rendition of Health to the Company

  • Maggie Grace Webb
    Maggie Grace Webb 11 months ago

    AGH I saw your instagram story!!! I'm so happy!

  • Clark Hamblen
    Clark Hamblen 11 months ago

    Amazing music. we are big fans!

  • Clark Hamblen
    Clark Hamblen 11 months ago

    Amazing music. we are big fans!

  • Joel E
    Joel E 11 months ago

    Peter can you sin Across the Vast Eternal Sky by Ola Gjeilo please!!!

  • Joshua Malley
    Joshua Malley 11 months ago

    Cover suggestion! "Top of the world" - Tuck Everlasting The Musical

  • Tony ou
    Tony ou 11 months ago

    could you do sakura by ailee or che'nelle with evynne?
    I think you would do great.

  • Chloe Macdonald
    Chloe Macdonald 11 months ago

    Could you do "Look to the Rainbow" from Finnegan's rainbow? Bot very famous but worthy of a great cover. :)

  • Zia Watcher
    Zia Watcher 11 months ago

    do you think you could do a accapella of fireflies by owl city?

  • Filip Rydlo
    Filip Rydlo 11 months ago

    Peter, there exists a NEW portal song!! Yeah, really! Please, cover it too! It will be certainly fun :-)))
    It is called : You Wouldn't Know (New Portal Song) Lego Dimensions

  • The Hero
    The Hero 11 months ago

    I don't know if he'll read this, but I think it would be awesome if he did his own version of the "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" Theme song. It would be awesome for him to put his own touch on it.

  • White Raven
    White Raven 11 months ago

    hey ,Ertan Whiteraven Grüßt sie Herzlich , hiermit bitte ich Sie mich auch zu Abonnieren . werde später nochmal nachschauen ,
    mfg : Ertan Whiteraven .

  • Daniel Vergara
    Daniel Vergara 11 months ago

    Hello , I'm from Mexico and I love listening to your music , what if you sing Carmina Burana O fortune

  • Chad Biar
    Chad Biar 11 months ago

    Any chance for some covers of Simon & Garfunkel? Sounds of Silence? Bridge Over Troubled Waters? The Boxer?

  • M47TH3W99
    M47TH3W99 11 months ago

    Could You do Boys of Fall by Kenny Chesney

    • M47TH3W99
      M47TH3W99 11 months ago

      Or could you do Candyman (Zedd and Alec Blacc's version)

  • legothoron1
    legothoron1 11 months ago

    could you do the song "Playing with the big boys" from the Prince of Egypt?

  • Larry Berger
    Larry Berger 11 months ago

    You'll never walk alone

  • Skater Girl
    Skater Girl 11 months ago

    Hello peter my name is mikayla and I have a question that im hoping you can answer and get back to me thanks.

  • Dragon Eclipsed
    Dragon Eclipsed 11 months ago

    could you do 7 years by lukas graham please?

  • Racehorse Love
    Racehorse Love 11 months ago

    How about Stand By You or Fight Song by Rachel Platten? It would be awesome!!

  • Line Viper
    Line Viper 11 months ago

    I have no idea if you'll read this or even mildly consider doing the song but I heard it and I immediately thought that I wanna hear you and your wife sing it in a duet? I should get to the point, From Now and Forever from the Pebble and the Penguin.

  • MulRooster
    MulRooster Year ago

    Yo! Do 'My Eyes' from Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long blog! (or you know anything from that!)

  • Joshua Regan
    Joshua Regan Year ago

    Song of Persephone - Red Rising Trilogy. can you sing this song?

  • Tram Tran
    Tram Tran Year ago

    I came here from your kpop reaction video with the Fine Bros! Please do Eyes, Nose, Lips or ANY SONG by AKMU (like Melted or ReBye or How People Move)!!!!

  • Sandra Pinto
    Sandra Pinto Year ago

    Peter, I'd like to listen to "GONE" (Snow White and the Huntsman Soundtrack) in your voice !

  • ibenjammin2012
    ibenjammin2012 Year ago

    For the kpop video, you should do "her" by Block B

  • Defrali
    Defrali Year ago

    I heard your comment on you tubers react and I went looking for songs you might like to cover. I think you might like Lightsaber by Exo (to soothe the inner nerd), or one of their softer songs Sing For You. Just a suggestion! Regardless of whether or not you do them your work is absolutely amazing and I love listening ;)

  • Mizore Kuchiki
    Mizore Kuchiki Year ago

    I have a Disney song request for you if you don't mind me asking. Can you do I'm still here from treasure planet for my friends birthday coming up

  • Chloe Lumbard
    Chloe Lumbard Year ago

    I love your music so much it makes me feel relaxed and to stay calm because whenever I am stressed I listen to your amazing voice and it makes me feel so relaxed and so happy

  • Jon Candoza
    Jon Candoza Year ago

    could you please consider making a Legend of Zelda melody?

  • Todd Wandell
    Todd Wandell Year ago

    I would love to see you do "everylittle piece" from pete's dragon. maybe even mosh it with "if i were a rich man"? love what you do!

  • Megan G
    Megan G Year ago

    Have you ever considered doing some of the songs from "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron"? I loved your "Prince of Egypt" Medley, and thought it would be a cool continuation of Dreamworks music :) Love your music, can't wait to hear what's next!

  • missystar013
    missystar013 Year ago

    You mentioned on the K-pop react video that you wanted suggestions for a K-pop accapella song to do:
    Eyes, Nose, Lips or Wedding Dress (which has an English version) by Taeyang!

  • Min Bang
    Min Bang Year ago

    Hey, you said to tell you to give you some Kpop songs to do some acapella to, and I would like it if you did one to B.A.P's "It's All Lies", "What My Heart Tells Me To Do", or "What Should I Say". They're a little ballady, so thanks if you could! Also, your singing is amazing!

  • Treg Butterfield

    I have a request, from the movie 20,000 leagues under the sea, A Whale of a Tale by Kirk Douglas. Please and Thank you. Also, keep up the good work!

  • Sunrise toDeath
    Sunrise toDeath Year ago

    Hello... I dont know if this would be possible but its just an idea... Could you maybe do mabye try to sing from the movie interstellar the soundtrack "no time for caution"? I think that would be epic just like your other performances :) thank you anyway for everything ^^

  • Christina Strickland

    i have a request can you make a cover of the song angels among us by alabama my mom loved that song and sadly on aug.13 at 2:42 am she passed on and became one she listened to your singing whenever the cancer made her feel worse so please it would meen alot to me if you could.

  • Racehorse Love
    Racehorse Love Year ago

    "Fight Song" or "Stand By You" by Rachel Platten. Those done by you would be awesome!

  • Irelynd Williams

    You should do "You Raise Me Up" or something with Celtic Woman. Love your singing!

  • Nathanael Martin

    It was really great to meet you at Lindsey Stirling's concert earlier this week. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry. You have an amazing talent, thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  • Heather McDaniel

    I'd love to hear "Feed the birds" from Mary Poppins, if you felt inclined to do it. Your music is beautiful.

  • Master Vampire
    Master Vampire Year ago

    Hey, can you do a cover of "Abraham's Daughter" from the Hunger Games?

  • Johannes R
    Johannes R Year ago

    Thank you for being such a great person and singer and being my favourite subscription by far. Your music and love have effected me in such a large way. Thank you a thousand times, and God Bless you and your family

  • x0xEmo4lifex0x
    x0xEmo4lifex0x Year ago

    i would love to hear/see you do a wonderful cover to Darkness Darkness Performed By Lisa Torban the tribut to the R.M.S Titanic, i sure you would do a wonderful video that everyone would love.

  • BadLuckFox
    BadLuckFox Year ago

    Hey Peter Hollens, love you and your wify's music! You two are great but since you like a lot of the same music that I happen to like too I'm here with a different suggestion, don't know if you seen these or not but you'll probably really like the music in them! It's Secret of the Kells and Song of the Sea, and both have beautiful songs in them that you and your wife may be interested in doing.

  • DaNublet
    DaNublet Year ago

    PLEASE DO A INDIANA JONES SONG!!! <3 thanks, luv ur vids <3

  • james ware
    james ware Year ago

    how do I stop from yawning while singing really messes things up?

  • Bilboth Miller
    Bilboth Miller Year ago

    I was hoping that since pete's dragon is being remade, you should sing "Candle On The Water" with Evynne. This song is my mom's favourite, so i want to see you do it!

  • Zackaia
    Zackaia Year ago

    I don't know if you will read this, but can you please do a cover of Israel Kamakawiwoʻole's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow?"

    • Zackaia
      Zackaia Year ago

      +Peter Hollens oh! i guessed i missed it! I just listened to it and it is beautiful.

    • Peter Hollens
      Peter Hollens Year ago

      I did that!!

  • CanuckTakesOn
    CanuckTakesOn Year ago

    you got an awesome sound! you would make Amanda Stott's I Still Believe sound epic!

  • Atea1793
    Atea1793 Year ago

    Have you thought of doing covers for the songs from "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron"? Those songs are BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Blackfire
    Blackfire Year ago

    I just want to say: Thank you ^^

  • John Tyler Jamison

    Hey Peter sing I get around by the beach boys

  • Samuel Oruh
    Samuel Oruh Year ago

    Peter Hollens can you do a cover of Billy Joel's Mr. Piano Man

  • Lizzy Baca
    Lizzy Baca Year ago

    Can you please please please do a Hunchback of Notre Dame medley?!?

  • Amy Lewis
    Amy Lewis Year ago

    The legend of zelda theme tune

  • Heather Jones
    Heather Jones Year ago

    I think you would have fun singing songs by Mumford and Sons. Just an idea.

  • Bronwyn Thorn
    Bronwyn Thorn Year ago

    You are awesome! Linked to you after watching Lindsey Sterling and Pentatonix, also awesome. I would love to hear any of you do just about anything from Muse, but my recommendation would be Undisclosed Desires. My favorite song of yours so far is I See Fire. Keep up the good work!

  • Vinay Orekondy
    Vinay Orekondy Year ago

    Hi Peter - if you could do that extraordinary piece 'Light of the Seven' which was in the Game of Thrones finale...that would be amazing

  • Alex Cheung
    Alex Cheung Year ago

    You look a bit like a young Chuck Norris tbh

  • Rogarthe
    Rogarthe Year ago

    Hey, love your music. just wanted to mention that the playlist you have for your duets with your wife seems to be missing some of your best duets. Seems like the newer ones haven't been added.

  • Teddie Palmer
    Teddie Palmer Year ago

    +Peter Hollens could you and your lovely wife do a duet of Siul a run pretty please?

  • Chris Oimi
    Chris Oimi Year ago

    I want to support you via paypal. How can i do that?

  • James Fleischmann

    Would you consider doing a cover of Mo Ghile Mear, or a medley for Spirit: Stallion of the cimarron?

    AWESOME Year ago

    Peter Hollens, you should do "Lament For Boromir."

  • Colby Robinson
    Colby Robinson Year ago

    Hey Peter,I was wondering if you could start making tutorials for male singers.You are absolutely amazing at using the gift of singing that God gave you and I'd love to learn from you.

  • John Evans
    John Evans Year ago

    love ur voice, I have a song for you to do. it's also a bit of story telling as well. The Bells of notre dame. my childhood right there, would be awesome to here you compose this piece. :)

  • The Iron Mechanic

    Feeling Good? cuz that would make me feel good... dat sounds wrong :P

  • Agenta 1999
    Agenta 1999 Year ago

    Can you please do Light in the Hallway from Pentatonix's album. Would be incredible to hear it. Possibly bring in someone else for it as well?

  • phil27
    phil27 Year ago

    I would like to hear "god knows" by Amalee

  • Shanna S
    Shanna S Year ago


  • Shanna S
    Shanna S Year ago

    I love the songs "Only Hope" and "Someday We'll Know" from the soundtrack A Walk to Remember! It was kind of a chickish movie, but the soundtrack is pretty awesome.  Those two from the track would be awesome.  I love Jon Foreman's and Mandy Moore's voices on those two tracks, but I would really love to see what Hollens could do with them.

  • Karl-Robin Grönberg

    Can you make a Book of Mormon medley or cover<3

  • hermes931
    hermes931 Year ago

    CHALLENGE: Try and see if you can do An Eala Bhan- The White Swan.

  • Roman Wolf
    Roman Wolf Year ago

    "monster by skillet" as an idea for you.

  • Michael Welker
    Michael Welker Year ago

    I'd like to hear "United we Stand" from the Quest for Camelot soundtrack :)

  • Jared McD
    Jared McD Year ago

    Can you and Evynne or Nick or yourself please do a Hamilton medley? That would be amazing if you could. Thanks.

    • Olivia Maloy
      Olivia Maloy Year ago

      All three of them should do it X3 it would be amazing

  • flamebot9
    flamebot9 Year ago

    subscribed after watching !!!!GT LIVE!!!! love your vids and can you do a music video with Game Theory.

  • Hallaloth
    Hallaloth Year ago

    Not sure how often you get to look back at comments, or if you even catch them all. Thank Mat and Steph for recommending your channel! You have an awesome voice and totally have a new subscriber from me!

  • MoDroKour
    MoDroKour Year ago

    I don't know many people who know about this video game called Dishonored, but there is a song called Drunken Whaler. I would flip sideways to hear you cover it, or do your own rendition of it!

  • christopher conner

    if u take requests id realy like to hear you do sunday bloody sunday by u2

  • Andrew Rousseau
    Andrew Rousseau Year ago

    You should do a cover of the amazing Malukah Reignite, or see if she would be willing to do a cooperative version

  • kira dickson
    kira dickson Year ago

    i just discovered that more songs from the lord of the rings books have been sung so can you sing one like thewolfpoet made a compilation of different songs from the book, the video is The Songs and Lays of Middle-Earth: A Compilation of Tolkien Poems

    • kira dickson
      kira dickson Year ago

      in the beginning of each song she has who sung it and in the description all of the songs in the video

  • Hector Ayala
    Hector Ayala Year ago

    Excelentes videos y excelentes canciones, sigue editando mas videos de clásicos de películas. Un gran saludo hermano

  • Jonah Macs
    Jonah Macs Year ago

    Hello Peter Hollens I am Jonah Munnings. A big fan of yours. I was hoping you might be able to do "God's Not Dead."

  • Jacob Furrow
    Jacob Furrow Year ago

    Have you ever considered a Steven Universe medley?

  • ShanksGodlike
    ShanksGodlike Year ago

    It just happened that i stumbled over the Gummibear Intro and instantly felt the need to tell you, that it would be very awesome if u perfom it :)

    Greetings from Germany and keep up the good work.
    We love every song from you and the LotR ones i listen too all the time while gaming :D

  • Jonathan Zucker
    Jonathan Zucker Year ago

    Peter please do Try Everything from Zootopia. Its cool, upbeat, has a great message, and lends itself well to acapella.

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