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  • HoangIsHereOsu

    this guy is ex-kgb agent

  • X-violet
    X-violet Day ago

    One of the kind

  • MosquitoComming 蚊子真来了


  • Pat Singho
    Pat Singho 6 days ago

    CrazyRussianHacker i like your videos

  • Anna Unruh
    Anna Unruh 8 days ago

    I love it when you include your huskies

  • Zakir's Gym
    Zakir's Gym 8 days ago

    Congrats on 10 million subscwibazzz!!!!

  • DragonFire3640
    DragonFire3640 9 days ago


  • E.Entertainment
    E.Entertainment 9 days ago

    good one

  • toom SRO
    toom SRO 12 days ago

    Boom! 10 Mio.

  • [DW] Wodwall
    [DW] Wodwall 12 days ago

    10 million

    SARIM AHMAD 12 days ago

    Congrats on 10 mil Taras!

  • b444ddd g0dz1lla!11
    b444ddd g0dz1lla!11 12 days ago

    10 million11

  • Andrew Sampson
    Andrew Sampson 12 days ago

    Congratulations on the 10,000,000

  • Indira Aryal
    Indira Aryal 12 days ago

    10 mil !!!!!!!!!!

  • Wizz Arts
    Wizz Arts 12 days ago

    Congrats!! 10 Million!!

  • Little Clementine
    Little Clementine 12 days ago

    Congratulations on 10,000,000 :D

  • Rey Ordoñez
    Rey Ordoñez 12 days ago

    Congrats when you hit 10,000,000 subscribers

  • Eli Massie
    Eli Massie 12 days ago

    Less than 100 more subscribers until 10,000,000!

  • Zain Raza
    Zain Raza 12 days ago

    500 more subscribers...

    AGAINST 12 days ago

    youre gonna hit 10 mil tonight congrats!!

  • MePvmRs
    MePvmRs 13 days ago

    2k till 10m! congrats in advance Taras!

  • Bui Huy Quang
    Bui Huy Quang 15 days ago

    Only 5,668 left to earn a diamond play button!

  • DamianDoesStuff
    DamianDoesStuff 15 days ago

    So close to 10 million subscribers!!

  • Vanessa Luna
    Vanessa Luna 16 days ago

    How do I order a shirt with the original logo?

  • Assassins
    Assassins 16 days ago

    10k till 10 mil!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mostafa Hussaini
    Mostafa Hussaini 17 days ago

    I"m so excited for him to hit 10 million
    I have been your fan since 2015 I think you hit 7 million that year
    anyway keep up the good work taras!

  • Hemlock
    Hemlock 17 days ago

    So close to 10mil...

  • Frank Guzman's channel

    In america, you use the computer!


  • Chulws
    Chulws 19 days ago

    why is this even a thing?

  • Backyard Science
    Backyard Science 20 days ago


  • Scire Divulgación
    Scire Divulgación 20 days ago

    We love your crazy science, jajaja

  • Azif
    Azif 21 day ago


  • Dark Wrath
    Dark Wrath 21 day ago

    твой парень

  • Rigo De Bruecker
    Rigo De Bruecker 24 days ago

    do a video about camping life hacks

  • Eliza Chan
    Eliza Chan 25 days ago

    who is from lazyron or aaron

  • [DW] Wodwall
    [DW] Wodwall 25 days ago

    almost 10m PogChamp

  • Tab Lite
    Tab Lite 26 days ago

    do a special video for your 10m subscribers, Taras

  • gokul sharama
    gokul sharama 26 days ago

    Hey bro im a big fan. Can u pls make more Soviet Russia Jokes (Yo Mama)

  • Robert Downey
    Robert Downey 29 days ago

    Hi crazy russian hacker я взял на себя смелость перевести это для вас, так как у вас проблемы с чтением английского языка, я бы увидел, что у вас есть тент и какой бренд вы считаете лучшим для кемпинга, и я пытаюсь получить русскую битву Потому что я хочу начать дегустационный канал для боевых пайков

  • ken candu
    ken candu Month ago

    just scratch flint in to a pile then spark it


    here before 10 000 000

  • Ihazchair
    Ihazchair Month ago

    "BOOM" -CRH

  • herkko hokajarvi
    herkko hokajarvi Month ago

    ten mill is coming

  • Noah Palmer
    Noah Palmer Month ago

    10MIL HYPEEEE!!!!!

  • FAA
    FAA Month ago


  • Archit Mishra
    Archit Mishra Month ago

    Wow you are about to hit 10M!

  • Creative Studios
    Creative Studios Month ago

    dang crazy russian hacker is almost at 10 mil

  • RonjaDerHund
    RonjaDerHund Month ago

    Dude ur solo close to 10 mil bro congrats!

  • Geo-s-85 nta
    Geo-s-85 nta Month ago

    next video hack the dnc so cnn can tell the truth

  • chickenleggaming
    chickenleggaming Month ago

    almost 1 mil

  • Vedant A
    Vedant A Month ago

    almost 10,000,000 subscribers!!!!

  • Puffered
    Puffered 2 months ago


    PSTG PRODUCTION 2 months ago

    Keep going!

  • T CaptAmerika
    T CaptAmerika 2 months ago

    hi where are u born?

  • Abel Arcos
    Abel Arcos 2 months ago

    i like chicken


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  • Omer Keskin
    Omer Keskin 2 months ago

    why have you changed your symbol?

  • JUDE 291
    JUDE 291 2 months ago

    do you have kids

  • Zwan
    Zwan 2 months ago


  • Matt Schick
    Matt Schick 2 months ago

    who likes the new logo

  • Janette Scott
    Janette Scott 2 months ago

    First post here in a year. :)

  • baggelis kalaitzis
    baggelis kalaitzis 2 months ago

    do a draw my life

  • m4k
    m4k 2 months ago

    Amazing video friend, really like your nice content!

  • Tornado Fyre
    Tornado Fyre 2 months ago

    +Taras Kul +CrazyRussian Hacker I will be taking a class on film and video and I was wondering if I could work for free as your editor. It would just be something to test my skills and it would be beneficial as you could film another video as I edit.

  • Bicren GD
    Bicren GD 2 months ago

    o my god!! i didnt know taras was a cvoice actor in "IN SOVIET RUSSIA" in YO MAMA!

  • Артем Постников

    I'm in history

  • some asshole
    some asshole 2 months ago


  • ChemicalX
    ChemicalX 2 months ago

    anyone realize how he always says boom..?

    is the MeLikeBigBoom

  • Jim
    Jim 2 months ago

    More Bee videos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TilskKarishma
    TilskKarishma 2 months ago

    Thank you for the autograph! ♥♥♥

  • rcviper76
    rcviper76 2 months ago

    Ready for Syndication?

  • Gleb Maxrov
    Gleb Maxrov 3 months ago


  • rockstar gaming club
    rockstar gaming club 3 months ago

    fidget spinner

  • Gamerbro 102
    Gamerbro 102 3 months ago

    the russian should do a MRE in the forest

  • AGaelicLife
    AGaelicLife 3 months ago

    I have two questions:

    1. Do you know the Chernobyl Disaster?

    2. Were you born in Moscow?

  • TheCodedGamer
    TheCodedGamer 3 months ago

    Exactly 1,000 videos

  • Enocan Galaxy
    Enocan Galaxy 3 months ago

    You have exactly 1000 vids and 2400 comments as I'm writing this comment!! congrats!!!

  • Arnab Mukherjee
    Arnab Mukherjee 3 months ago

    just give him his toolbox, and send him to the mexican border

  • Draven77
    Draven77 3 months ago

    can you show him some love

  • Draven77
    Draven77 3 months ago

    Draven77- my son, his daycare and I love you guys

  • Curtis Smith
    Curtis Smith 3 months ago

    hey taras, is your post office 523 S Haywood St, Waynesville, NC 28786

  • Draryl Dixon
    Draryl Dixon 3 months ago

    Hey im going to try some Russian food,And what do you think i should.

  • Mohammad Asif IZA
    Mohammad Asif IZA 3 months ago

    plz help

  • Mohammad Asif IZA
    Mohammad Asif IZA 3 months ago

    plz help

  • XychoLight
    XychoLight 3 months ago

    Taras why have you deleted the italian mre video?? :((

  • Andew 7338
    Andew 7338 4 months ago

    Is he russian

  • MIke Walters
    MIke Walters 4 months ago

    Where did you find all of those neat gadgets on the 10 Survival Gadgets video? They are actually pretty neat!

  • Ziad Elleithy
    Ziad Elleithy 4 months ago


  • Ziad Elleithy
    Ziad Elleithy 4 months ago

    Hey, can you try Egyptian MRE

  • ReiverPaoloRimas
    ReiverPaoloRimas 4 months ago


  • Tyler Stein
    Tyler Stein 4 months ago

    HI! CrazyRussianHacker I Featured you in my Video!

  • Reojoe
    Reojoe 4 months ago

    i looked up "what is it with the russians and hacking?" because i keep hearing stories about people getting hacked by russians. did you make your name crazyrussianhacker for that reason? or because you show life hacks?

  • Jacobus Coetzee
    Jacobus Coetzee 4 months ago

    Would like to see what you say about South African MRE.

  • trumps butt
    trumps butt 4 months ago

    I'm bored of mre

  • Finn Skates
    Finn Skates 4 months ago


  • Dylan R. N.
    Dylan R. N. 4 months ago

    For some reason, I just enjoy watching you guys doing stuff.

  • MrNismo1987
    MrNismo1987 4 months ago

    Hello Taras I come from Germany and love your videos. Your accent is great. I wish you and your family all the best. Greetings from Germany

  • Lego Technic
    Lego Technic 4 months ago

    please test Czech MRE

  • Pei TipsChannel
    Pei TipsChannel 4 months ago

    What happened with KGB survivalist?

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