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  • debzoo2
    debzoo2 2 hours ago

    Puddles, you are doing great. Simon doesn't matter. We GET it. No matter how the voting goes tonight. You won with us!

  • Thomas Barbey
    Thomas Barbey 5 hours ago

    I just can't believe what happened witk Simon... You are the winner for me, I never watched this show before, I discover you on it and decided to follow, so nevermind, so happy to know you and your world, I hope you'll perform for long ! Love, kiss, depression

  • jose pimienta
    jose pimienta 9 hours ago

    yo, P! thanks for all your work. it touches my heart. i suggest to you Matte Kudasai by king crimson as new cover. it has the melancholic je ne sais quoi i associate with you. and...life on mars...dayum. right in the feels. - joe

  • SynergyCeleste
    SynergyCeleste 11 hours ago

    Puddles, we (your fans) are doing everything to get you through...but I guess our feeling is, if they don't get you or like your singing then it's their loss... I feel that your energy was a bit off and you over sang a bit, you looked really stressed out and maybe they were rushing you...NOT your fault. It is really difficult to have other people in control, when you are used to running your own show and pacing it the way you like. It hit Simon the wrong way after it seemed like he was your greatest supporter the first time you performed...he's a 2 faced snake! I love Howie and he will fight for you I think... I want you to make it to the end but I think that little girl will win it, on the other hand I wonder what kind of a career a 9 year old can have now? Her parents should've let her become a teenager first. We will all try and see what happens. Your fan base is loyal and you will be very popular, in demand and LOVED, no matter what.

  • Jacqueline Blake
    Jacqueline Blake 11 hours ago

    Puddles. You are fantastic. If they want a little happiness from a sad clown next time sing the titanic theme that you sing to Kevin C. But change it to pictures of you and a clown dog together in different scenes. Have the dog have a little clown suit as well. That will be light hearted and cute. Just a thought that popped in my head! But I love all that you do and I feel blessed to have found you!!

  • Sarah Mcginley
    Sarah Mcginley 14 hours ago

    I would love to hear Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.

  • Troy The Mighty
    Troy The Mighty 14 hours ago

    OK, got the wife and kids to vote for P3 on AGT. That's 50 votes from us.
    We're in this together!!!

  • fishlaugh
    fishlaugh 17 hours ago


  • Zog Zog
    Zog Zog 22 hours ago

    Can you sing, "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" by Creedence? Thanks.

  • em mcb
    em mcb Day ago

    I'd love to hear what you'd do with 'Blue Moon' by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

  • John Lyles
    John Lyles Day ago

    In a world of "cookie cutter singers" its nice to see something very original. Great job.

  • laksana saputra
    laksana saputra 2 days ago

    please do Solitaire by Carpenter...please

  • akskibum1
    akskibum1 2 days ago

    How about some Glen Campbell?

  • Rich Zebro
    Rich Zebro 2 days ago

    Love your covers.  Your Cheap Trick, I Want You To Want Me - very moving.  I could hear you singing The Beach Boys - In My Room.

  • Rick R
    Rick R 2 days ago

    Puddles, I like your covers. Loved the mash up of Folsom Prison Blues / Pinball Wizard. Have you listen to old Judas Priest? I believe you would do a great rendition of songs from Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny. Epitaph, Vicitim of Changes....
    Oh please do.

  • Jim Fox
    Jim Fox 3 days ago

    Dear Puddles, I'm a new fan who just happened to be channel surfing when I turned on AGT and you walked on the stage.... As I was curious,. I watched you in the sad way you approached the stage and addressed the judges. I was frozen wondering what the hell is this huge clown going to do?... Then you queued the music and boom... and I mean boom you started singing... and I was hooked.. that second, minute I was like so many of your fans.... Just amazed at not only your voice that I have to admit blew me away but was your passion, and soul.. you gave it to all of us.... So for that I wanted to say ....Thank you for your talent and I wish you nothing but the best.... You are a shoe in to win AGT, I truly believe your the best I've seen.. One last thing if I may, if you sing "If I can dream" by Elvis on AGT you will crush it.. Just a thought.... either way.. thank you again.. your newest fan for life... GF....

  • Sam Bell
    Sam Bell 3 days ago

    you needed me by ann murray would be great to hear you sing .Puddles  you are the first performer that I love your  version of the song better then the original the way you make it your own... thank you......you are a diamond in this world of music.............thank you

  • Jesus Chavez
    Jesus Chavez 3 days ago

    holy shit. Is this his real account?

  • dundeedell1960
    dundeedell1960 3 days ago

    Perfect Day is just so awesome. Right now I don't have the interest in listening to any other artist!

  • ThebossII
    ThebossII 4 days ago

    Surprised you haven't done the classic Bohemian rhapsody. Saw your clip on AGT and wow i was impressed. Who knew a clown could sign like that :D Keep up the good work

  • ihatemakingusernics

    I would love to hear you cover Nat King Cole's "Mona Lisa" or Judy Collins "Send In The Clowns" or maybe both?

  • Felix Galvan
    Felix Galvan 4 days ago

    Would love to hear a cover of hurt. the one done by johnny cash

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson 4 days ago

    Hi Puddles Pity Party, Would you kindly consider "Eye Pennies" by Sparklehorse.

  • Jennifer Renasia
    Jennifer Renasia 4 days ago

    Puddles is precious and lovable. I think his Firework would be great for his live performance. Love it.

  • David Knapp
    David Knapp 4 days ago

    Go get 'em Puddles - pulling for ya from Poland! Ever think about something by Nick Drake in the coffee shop? Would love to see what you might do with "Time Has Told Me" or "Things Behind the Sun".

  • faioula 16
    faioula 16 4 days ago

    Puddles Pity Party please sing us the song 'People help the people'.

  • Michael Hopkins
    Michael Hopkins 5 days ago

    You should try Seal's "Kiss From a Rose"

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 5 days ago

    Puddles, i have a request probably no-one has requested for some strange reason. Something from "The Wizard of Oz" maybe "If I only had a heart" or even "Somewhere over the rainbow" i feel the music from that movie would pair well with your style and sound. Hope to hear back.

  • Soroush Ghorashi
    Soroush Ghorashi 5 days ago

    Hey man, do johnny cash version of "hurt" for the live shows, it suits your character

  • Bill Zaget
    Bill Zaget 5 days ago

    Please do the Frankie Laine / Gene Pitney / Cyndi Lauper hit "I'm Gonna Be Strong".  It's a challenging tour-de-force you would be brilliant at!

  • Jody Calhoun
    Jody Calhoun 6 days ago

    I would love to hear the saddest cowboy song performed by the saddest clown, gotta sing "Streets of Laredo".

  • Eddie Cramer
    Eddie Cramer 6 days ago

    Puddles how can you not have a version of "Send in the Clowns"?

  • Eddie Cramer
    Eddie Cramer 6 days ago

    Would you perform " Song to the Siren" from Tim Buckley?

  • Lee Debroeck
    Lee Debroeck 6 days ago

    Would like to here your version of Adele "Someone Like You"

  • Rich Zebro
    Rich Zebro 6 days ago

    After listening to you a few times, a very peculiar song came to my mind.  I can hear you singing as a slow ballad, in your deep and penetrating tones - The Raspberries - Go All The Way.

  • Doug
    Doug 6 days ago

    I would love to hear a Puddles rendition of Crackling Rosie, his voice would work well with Neil diamonds songs! It would be great to hear him sing about a man whos lady is store bought.

  • David Bauman
    David Bauman 6 days ago

    Please, I would love to hear your rendition of "Gentle On My Mind"

  • Peter Pound
    Peter Pound 6 days ago

    Requesting you use your golden pipes to sing Amazing grace as a tribute to the fallen !

  • Anatomy Quorta
    Anatomy Quorta 7 days ago

    Do whatever songs you want, you've got so many requests. I would be overwhelmed. Anyways stay sad you pitiful clown.

  • Blatta77
    Blatta77 7 days ago

    Please do the Swedish band Weeping Willows "Blue and Alone" for a swede (me)

  • Blatta77
    Blatta77 7 days ago

    Or Nina Simone - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood or Sinnerman

  • Blatta77
    Blatta77 7 days ago

    Irma Thomas - Time Is On My Side

  • Blatta77
    Blatta77 7 days ago

    or Meatloaf I would do anything for love

  • Blatta77
    Blatta77 7 days ago

    I want you to sing Radioheads "Creep"

  • pain13less
    pain13less 7 days ago

    I would love to hear you do Alone by Ted Nugent. One of my all time favorites

  • C amiller
    C amiller 8 days ago

    I love you, Puddles! Good luck on AGT. Please book some dates in the Northwest!

    I would love to hear you sing Don't Stop Believing by Journey or More Than a Feeling by Boston, or anything by Queen. And I second the Over the Rainbow request. I think the IZ version would sound lovely.

  • anthony bond
    anthony bond 8 days ago

    I know it might get lost in the ocean of requests for you to cover but i think The House of the Rising Sun by the Animals would suit your style very well.
    Best of luck for AGT

  • Kelly Goerbig
    Kelly Goerbig 9 days ago

    Hey Puddles, any chance you can do a rendition of "Over the Rainbow"?

  • Andy Mac
    Andy Mac 10 days ago

    I know you must have lots of song to cover but have you ever done the song What Colour Is The Wind Daddy

  • imphillyboy
    imphillyboy 10 days ago

    go man go

  • imphillyboy
    imphillyboy 10 days ago

    your soft touch and fantastic show of your voice will not cut it in ties finals. you need to bark out something like you did with chandler

  • imphillyboy
    imphillyboy 10 days ago

    do something powerful like the first song Chandler!!!!!!!!

  • Gerald Pottier
    Gerald Pottier 10 days ago

    Your rendition of sia's 'chandelier' Reminds me of the 1970s' Andy Kaufman mighty-mouse routine ~ only better. My new internet hero. Bravo. Subbed!

  • john bejko
    john bejko 10 days ago

    Queen: Somebody to love... Tom Waits: Raindogs.... T.Rex The Ballrooms of Mars, Mambo Sun

  • Shawn Gorman
    Shawn Gorman 10 days ago

    You should cover "The show must go on". I think you would kill it.

  • indychauffuer
    indychauffuer 10 days ago

    How about Patsy Cline's "Crazy"? (or Willie Nelson, whichever you prefer

  • B.A.J.A (Bay Area Jeep Association)

    Are you still in the Americas Got Talent program/process?

  • Eric Conway
    Eric Conway 11 days ago

    Saw you on postmodern jukebox, fantastic. Subscribed to your channel, awesome. Would you be able to cover, don't dream its over by Crowded House

  • Daniel Neely
    Daniel Neely 11 days ago

    Puddles, have you covered Lush Life yet? It'd probably be awesome…

  • Pork Chop67
    Pork Chop67 11 days ago

    Not sure how happy I am that I totally identify with a Youtuber.. but I do. If you ever need ideas for songs my Spotify "Sad Song" playlist is a little too long.

  • windbag tigger3333
    windbag tigger3333 11 days ago

    You're incredibly talented. Song suggestion: Madman Across the Water

  • Blackdagger Airsoft
    Blackdagger Airsoft 11 days ago

    you could do so much with guns n' roses, 'don't cry'

  • karen taylor
    karen taylor 11 days ago

    hi puddles. you are at your best ever when you are on stage sing alone without pianos, guitars, back ground singers. you let loose in song that is beautiful. when you have musical accompanyment with you, you keep checking on them instead of letting loose in song. that is the million dollar trick. kt

  • Kerry Bisset
    Kerry Bisset 12 days ago

    I really like all your covers. Thanks for coming on AGT! Would you mind trying a cover of wrecking ball at some point? I would love to hear your take on it!

  • notDanEL
    notDanEL 12 days ago

    Can you please sing Estrellita by Manuel Ponce? I love your voice adn would love to hear you sing this song!

  • MsD
    MsD 12 days ago

    have you done 'stand by me'? I am seeking!

  • MsD
    MsD 12 days ago

    you also bring to mind the 'cellophane' song in 'Chicago'

  • MsD
    MsD 12 days ago

    Another user posted elsewhere about the Cash version of 'Hurt'- if you ever wanted to try a slightly dark and edgy clip and were willing to be a bit scary I would love to see this in an abandoned theatre or backstage with off centre close ups, harsh shadows and running grease paint

    • MsD
      MsD 12 days ago

      or heck,you could film this song fairly well just standing on the side of a grotty street with a dinged up tin can for change sitting on your suitcase with people walking by and not stopping.

  • MsD
    MsD 12 days ago

    Your style and voice is suited well for some of the sad a broken sounding Mumford and Sons hipster songs

  • luvmbooty2
    luvmbooty2 12 days ago

    Cover Radiohead "Creep" or Frankie goes to Hollywood "The Power of Love" please?

  • Christina Marie O'Brien

    You should sing "human" by christina perri

  • John Bud
    John Bud 13 days ago

    Let’s see you get together with the best again and sing Free Bird. Lynyrd Skynyard knows you can do it.

  • Wayne Letterkenny
    Wayne Letterkenny 13 days ago

    Love you. Love you. Love you. Next time you head off to the coffee shop, I would love to see you take a crack at "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis" by Tom Waits. That would be very different for you. If you want something closer to home, maybe "Martha" or "Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen)."

  • Jennifer Roberts
    Jennifer Roberts 13 days ago

    I'd love to hear Ave Maria or O Holy night. Maybe around the holidays. Also I think Hotel California would be amazing. Your voice is so pure and rich. I just love it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Shanksy
    Shanksy 13 days ago

    Oh my gosh Puddles. I can't stop watching and listening to you because somehow amidst everything that is cold chaos your voice is like a call to come home and be human. Tear jerking beauty. I am a painter/artist-type person and haven't made anything on my own accord in years, but listening to you makes me feel like I could do it again. ...Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Lunar Blues
    Lunar Blues 13 days ago

    Have you ever thought about doing a version of "On Melancholy Hill"? It's not exactly the sort of thing you normally do (it's Britpop), but I feel like it just screams "you," Puddles. "Cloud of Unknowing" would also be beautiful.

  • mullinslife09
    mullinslife09 13 days ago

    Puddles, are you still taking requests? "Moonbeam" or "Think About Your Troubles" by Harry Nilsson! (or really, pretty much anything else by Harry Nilsson that's not been over-covered...)
    Your voice could do his songs justice.
    Thank you!

  • kevin soulages
    kevin soulages 13 days ago

    Journey Journey Journey, Oh could you cover a Journey song. YOUR AWESOME!!

  • Kenneth Sherry
    Kenneth Sherry 13 days ago

    Please cover "I Want You" by Elvis Costello! Thanks!

  • Just A. Bill
    Just A. Bill 13 days ago

    Have you tried Collin Hay's (Men at Work) Overkill?

  • Paul Downey
    Paul Downey 13 days ago

    You have such a classic singing stage voice. Please please please, cover "Bring him Home" from Les Mis. Someday you WILL be on a stage on Broadway

  • marco soncin
    marco soncin 14 days ago

    sei un mitoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Michael McDougall
    Michael McDougall 14 days ago

    How about some Stevie Wonder? Sunshine of My Life, Superstition, Living For The City, Isn't She Lovely, or Boogie On Reggae Woman - any of those would be a thrill. And thanks for all of the great music.

  • jofrade1
    jofrade1 14 days ago

    I finally got my wife to listen to a few of Puddle's video. She's getting hooked. I've heard rumors that you take requests. My guilty pleasure would be Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman's For Cying Out Loud from Bat out of Hell. CRY

  • asoczarath
    asoczarath 14 days ago

    If I may humbly make a request: Tiny Dancer.

  • francisco rivera
    francisco rivera 14 days ago

    I would love to hear the cover of  blonde redhead for the damaged

  • Thomas Barbey
    Thomas Barbey 15 days ago

    Hello Mr Puddles, would you mind to cover "do you feel it" by Chaos Chaos ? Thanks, love, kiss, depression.

  • timber901
    timber901 15 days ago

    I can think of a few songs I'd like to hear. 'Crazy Train' and 'I'm Coming Home' by Ozzy as well as 'November Rain' by Guns and Roses. Maybe even 'One' by Metalica sung by you.

  • milksheihk
    milksheihk 15 days ago

    Should do a Gotye cover (but not the song everyone covers, he's got a back catalogue that goes back 16 years).

    Actually some Smiths & Joy Division covers would be good too.

  • Ted Ahn
    Ted Ahn 16 days ago

    Clown by emeli sande please?

  • JabJel
    JabJel 16 days ago

    Hi Puddles Im looking forward to your next America got talent show Im sure your going to do GREAT good luck !

  • michael brown
    michael brown 17 days ago

    You're awesome!

    If I could make a request, it would be - -
    Reunion - Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)

  • Chad Ruddle
    Chad Ruddle 17 days ago

    Please, Puddles, caption your videos to include the lyrics of the songs that you sing. It would greatly help those of us who can't hear so well, but can still follow the words as you sing them. Thank you!

  • donavanblue9247
    donavanblue9247 17 days ago

    I hope you do the Pinball wizard song on your next agt set, it is really one that will put you to the next, the competition is really getting harder. But lets face it. you will get your own show in vegas in anycase. best of luck & keep doing you.

  • amarrah linn
    amarrah linn 17 days ago

    Reminds me of all the genius talent at Burning Man!

  • amarrah linn
    amarrah linn 17 days ago

    Brilliant in so so many ways!!!! Love everything about all of it!

  • Pamela Anneliese
    Pamela Anneliese 17 days ago

    Oh, please, do a cover of "Skin" by Sixx AM? I just know it would be phenomenal!

  • Randi Steele
    Randi Steele 17 days ago

    You are great ! I like to watch peoples faces when you sing , Puddles have you ever song Pearl Jam ( Just Breathe ) . Vote for Puddles.

  • Eli Cantu
    Eli Cantu 17 days ago

    Luck Be A Lady - Frank Sinatra if it floats your boat. TIA.

  • movinon04
    movinon04 18 days ago

    Love this Guy-- would love to hear him sing *** Something to remind me**** original song by Staind-- bet it would be outstanding-- keep up the great entertainment- blessings

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