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If you like short, comedic, musical nonsense, then you've come to the right place!



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Comments: 100

  • MrHouseProductions
    MrHouseProductions 3 months ago

    Idea for next dance vide
    Kid vs growups
    High school party kids not allowed
    battle time!!!

  • Cal Fornia
    Cal Fornia 3 months ago

    jew much?

  • The Haunted Lyre
    The Haunted Lyre 3 months ago

    Hey, does anyone know if Scott is doing okay? At least twice now, I have received a notification for a video that he has posted, but when I try to click on it, it says it has been removed by the admin. Is everything all right?

  • MadNinjaGato Shadow
    MadNinjaGato Shadow 4 months ago

    Great Videos, still waiting on the "To be continued" Star Trek vs. Star Wars Dance Battle. Spock had some moves.

  • Mari Marikuza
    Mari Marikuza 4 months ago

    i love you dude

  • Hatziathanasiadou Eleanna

    The original brothers all of them (The Vampire Diaries) VS The Volturi (Twilight Saga)

  • Brad Orndorff
    Brad Orndorff 4 months ago

    Scott You ROCK!!!!

  • Tammy Workman
    Tammy Workman 4 months ago

    Great job Scott - Just saw one of your videos today ~ led me to see another! lol They are adorable and witty. Great kids and nice moves. Keep doing what you do - it is def your gift. God bless (2 thumbs up)

  • 07 SkipO
    07 SkipO 4 months ago


  • Real dude Barrett
    Real dude Barrett 4 months ago

    Hey Scott I might have a pretty good vid. idea for you if your interested

  • krystalla martin
    krystalla martin 5 months ago

    are all of your videos dance battle?

    THE WEIRD BROS 5 months ago

    Hey ScottDW can I be in one of your music's dance battles I think there amazing and awesome

  • m4k
    m4k 5 months ago

    Good day dude, this is a really great quality channel and I subscribed!! I would love if you checked out my channel and subscribed and stayed active, thanks in advance. I also have a shout out Sunday series on my channel which you can gain tons of active subscribers and will really assist you out, hope this helps :)

  • Spiderman Spider-Man
    Spiderman Spider-Man 5 months ago

    Hey are you the guy who filmed the elementary school dance off?

  • finn brauer
    finn brauer 5 months ago

    Pls make a Dance vid with Phoenix lil`mini <3

  • aaliyah gameing Melvin


  • aaliyah gameing Melvin


  • Maximus
    Maximus 6 months ago

    Awesome Man Where The Hell Were You Love Your Work Keep Rollin Like You Do Loved It Yeeeeaaaapppp

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 6 months ago

    Hey ScottDW great videos

  • Midori Gurin
    Midori Gurin 7 months ago

    Your Dance battle videos make me happy, because they are funny, and your dancers are super talented and I enjoy the songs that you write. Keep up the FANTABULOUS work!!! :) <3

  • VH-Chronos
    VH-Chronos 8 months ago

    Most specifically your song born to be so good...

  • VH-Chronos
    VH-Chronos 8 months ago

    Hey Scott where could I ask about using one of your songs in a YouTube video

  • Donna Hughes
    Donna Hughes 8 months ago

    you should do a dance battle at a birthday party video

  • Kirsten Olsen
    Kirsten Olsen 8 months ago

    I've been seeing all these articles about parents recreating their kids instagram pics. You've done videos for Geeks vs Jocks, Cheerleaders vs Ballers, I would love to see a video of High Schoolers vs Parents!

  • Prince'z s
    Prince'z s 8 months ago

    hello to everyone who see's this i hope you have a nice day! :-)

  • iAm English-TV
    iAm English-TV 9 months ago

    Nice video, would love to see you on my channel sometime soon as well, keep it up!

  • Mathew Ramos
    Mathew Ramos 9 months ago

    +ScottDW Hey man,im a 17 year old dancer and been dancing for over 6 years. Id like to finally show off my talents to the world. If you want to know more about me, please feel free to contact me +Mathew Ramos. I know how to pop(animation),bonebreak,tut etc.

  • SDSaxMan
    SDSaxMan 10 months ago

    My first video today Trump vs Clinton. I was in stitches awesome gonna watch all . great work

  • Marcello Minghetti
    Marcello Minghetti 10 months ago

    there seems to be a quality issue with your videos when playing from PS3 youtube app, I couldn't figure out what resolution it's playing, but it looked sub-720p. have someone look at it.- thanks

  • Ellie Shiu
    Ellie Shiu 10 months ago

    Your work brought me so much fun~ I like the video "DONALD TRUMP VS HILLARY CLINTON" a lot and recommended it to many of my friends to watch it, thank you for the great work~ looking forward to seeing more ^^

  • MrHouseProductions
    MrHouseProductions 10 months ago

    Man your dance battle are something, funny creative, love your work, i would love to do something like that ;)

    Maybe use some younger dancers they rock ;)

  • Linh Hoàng
    Linh Hoàng 10 months ago

    do one on Students VS Teachers!!! plz plz

  • IRockLikeISaid
    IRockLikeISaid 10 months ago

    Damn I can't believe I JUST found this channel, how did I ever miss a channel this epic?

    • Kate Whitley
      Kate Whitley 10 months ago

      I said those very same words to myself last night, exactly:
      "I can't believe I JUST found this channel, how did I ever miss a channel this epic?"

      Except I left out "damn", hahaha.

  • JBCwasHere
    JBCwasHere 10 months ago

    Great Trump & Clinton dance off. How about throwing in some Gary Johnson? He's winning among millenneals & independents so probably would be well received.

  • Tati Owens
    Tati Owens 11 months ago

    Oh and I love your videos by the way

  • Tati Owens
    Tati Owens 11 months ago

    sorry I meant part 3 of Star Trek vs Star Wars dance off or what ever u want to call it Stupid autocorrect

  • Tati Owens
    Tati Owens 11 months ago

    Hey when are u going to make of 3 of the Star Trek vs Star Wars dance off or what ever u want to call it?

  • violetblueberrys
    violetblueberrys 11 months ago

    Yes to this whole channel

    DUNGON DANCHER 11 months ago

    piz harry potter vs twilight part 2

  • Joy Charmicheal
    Joy Charmicheal 11 months ago

    hi bro love your vids but I'm wondering when r u gonna post the belle elsa dance off video?

  • Joel Geller
    Joel Geller Year ago

    Hi Scott! first off i just want to say love ur videos. Anyway, i was just wondering who that new girl is in the summer fun video I saw her on the Ellen Show

  • Zack TV
    Zack TV Year ago

    Friend, you could please take your complaint to my video? Credits left in the description, my channel is small , I'm not profiting anything from it ...

  • Elinor Lee-Ranson


  • Amyah Lewis
    Amyah Lewis Year ago


  • Amyah Lewis
    Amyah Lewis Year ago

    You should do one on Football players V.S. Band or Cheerleaders V.S. Dancers

  • Camryn Keegan
    Camryn Keegan Year ago

    I want to become a producer or a director when I get older. Any advice?

  • Ruslan Chorba
    Ruslan Chorba Year ago

    I love the dancing videos that you make. I have a question when are you putting new videos of dance battles? I would love to be a part of your videos. Thank you ScottDW

  • John Garrison
    John Garrison Year ago

    I vote geeks and your videos are awesome.

  • Radio Station
    Radio Station Year ago

    I think ScottDW just did a commercial called "Bring the Bold with Fanta" .. it looks just like his trademark stuff

  • Jan Hendricks
    Jan Hendricks Year ago

    More Dance Battles please they are so great

  • D.J Flufffy mixer

    Awesome videos! Could you make another video of the orcs from Lord of the rings dancing again but this time with the elves doing a dance battle. That would be epic.

  • eden payash
    eden payash Year ago

    i'm a cool girl in gr. 3 now and you'er a geek

  • Raiden BR
    Raiden BR Year ago

    Man, I am Brazilian and I love both your videos you do not have any idea how much your videos give inspiration to me a likely future I try a dance career. what you do and surely what I envision for my future

  • ZamyaAndKellieceWorld Bowlds

    I love your videos! your dancing bravo!

  • Devan Elkins
    Devan Elkins Year ago

    I'm jealous, I wish I could dance even half as well as your cast.

  • Just Lewis
    Just Lewis Year ago

    Hey Mr Scott,

    I wish I could send you this in a real message but I wanted to say that you are a great inspiration for me and watching your videos and vlogs are very educational for me, I am just starting in film and I wish I had the honor of just following you around and studying under you, study is a strong word but I think you know what I mean, anyway I just wanted to say thanks actually for all the amazing work you put out there because you inspire and make people feel great when watching your art. Take Care and Much Peace!!!!

  • Whitney Tay
    Whitney Tay Year ago

    can my kid do a videos with you it relly wont to
    she loves you
    wow wow wow

  • Whitney Tay
    Whitney Tay Year ago

    your videos are awsome

  • Whitney Tay
    Whitney Tay Year ago

    one word wow!!!!!

  • MarkDov
    MarkDov Year ago

    So glad I found your channel these vids are so good

  • pablo mago
    pablo mago Year ago

    come by my ch. to check out natural treatment to Lyme, if u want. regardless, be well...we all love ur vids.

  • Mhamed Zidna
    Mhamed Zidna Year ago

    could you make a video on maldives

  • Daniel Frame
    Daniel Frame Year ago

    you should do a parkour artist chases a chicken

  • James Petersen
    James Petersen Year ago

    Hey Scott, I think it would be cool if you did a video or a snapchat of all the equipment you use. It would be interesting to know the setup for your computer as well as all the components needed to record music like you do.

  • Susan Castle
    Susan Castle Year ago

    been doing the cool kid dance for years

  • Erin Jankowitz
    Erin Jankowitz Year ago

    I have always loved dancing and you put those dance videos up and they all told me I CAN DO THIS thank you soooo much scott

  • Merriman Devonshire

    Scott, would you be interesting in commenting about the #WFTU movement here at YouTube? I would be curious to see what tales your channel has had to contend with over the years.

  • Nøreen
    Nøreen Year ago

    JUST watched "A Trip To Unicorn Island" And I known EVERY one of your songs <3 You made the vid even better

  • wavyhead
    wavyhead Year ago

    Did you see that? Lol Cool clips!

  • Taz69Airsoft Vidéos

    Tes vidéos sont trop top, Je me régale à chaque fois bonne continuation ....

  • Eric Etter
    Eric Etter Year ago

    I'm in charge of an A Capella group at BYU, and would love to help/ do a collaboration!!

  • Virginia Henson
    Virginia Henson Year ago

    Hey we have beenblasting your fruit ninja videos at my elementary school! The kids love them! I am an art teacher who uses videos to introduce lessons. We are painting sliced fruit in 5th grade! And we started the new year watching your super hero flying kittens just for fun! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! DO you recommend any other channels that might have some more epic videos to hook my students!

  • Seek Adventure Media

    wheres the free wristbandzzz??????

  • Sara Ahmed
    Sara Ahmed Year ago

    im get jealous im like WHY is my life not like that D:

  • Evan Morris
    Evan Morris Year ago

    am i the only person who notices someone saying "did you see that" in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO!?!?!?!!
    p.s. who's voice is that?

  • Comando Bernoulli Airsoft

    Great job, amazing chanel.
    Like, Thank you

  • All About Nicole


  • Dani Madani
    Dani Madani Year ago

    Better and sweeter Video

  • Академия Страхования [Мультифинанс]

    Сердито! Это нужный канал Надо рассказать про ваш канал на youtube своим друзьям на фейсбуке.

  • Cheyenne Craig
    Cheyenne Craig Year ago

    They are amazing!!!Im an 8th grader and are not supposed to be watching your videos but they are so irresistable.I just love the beautifulness.keep up the good work!!!

  • Mark Bentsen
    Mark Bentsen 2 years ago

    you deserve at least 1,000,000 subscribers.

  • Just A Fleshwound
    Just A Fleshwound 2 years ago

    Can you please please make a Doctor Who dance battle? Companions versus Doctors or similar!

  • Grumpy Bunny
    Grumpy Bunny 2 years ago

    hi, ScottDW. can I use your songs for my videos ? I'll be greatful if you say "yes"

  • Barrie Preston
    Barrie Preston 2 years ago

    Do wwe stuff

  • Underground Hip Hop
    Underground Hip Hop 2 years ago

    great job

  • nerdygeekcam
    nerdygeekcam 2 years ago

    Hey can you guys do Hunger games vs. Divergent dance battles? 

  • George Harpen
    George Harpen 2 years ago

    When is Part 3 of  Storm Troopers vs Star Trek going to happen

  • Twicha Twich
    Twicha Twich 2 years ago

    You should do a "Bronies Vs. Non-Bronies" dance battle! :3

  • Thahani Hassim
    Thahani Hassim 2 years ago

    love your videos

  • horse pony
    horse pony 2 years ago

    love the twilight vs harrypotter dance battle. Painful yet accurate

  • validore
    validore 2 years ago

    Yeah so can you put this on Itunes so that I can buy it immediatly?

  • balanel92
    balanel92 2 years ago

    I just watch at 3 videos and I already love this channel! F#king AWESOME! :D :3 (Sorry for my bad english)

  • Mighty Panda
    Mighty Panda 2 years ago

    OH MY GOD! I found out about you trough your kitten video on =3... You are epic!

  • Kannaki Sujith
    Kannaki Sujith 2 years ago

    Amazing videos

  • Brian Day
    Brian Day 2 years ago

    thought about doing Assassin's Creed versions. Templars Vs. Assassin's? Templars are rich and can afford to be trained the Assassin's come from the streets. and the costumes can come from the various games. Shoot that can a whole set of different videos for each timeline

  • The Bucket List Life

    Love all of your videos! They are so beautifully crafted and enjoyable to experience!

    • vinay parmar
      vinay parmar Year ago

      +ScottDW hey scott what did filmmaking ?? coz i wanna join filmaking industry as DOP may be...anything else i just wanna be part of filmmaking. please do reply. m from india and your vdos so amazingly shoot.

    • ScottDW
      ScottDW 2 years ago

      +The Bucket List Life Thank you!

  • Devan Elkins
    Devan Elkins 2 years ago

    Hey guys, How about some warhammer vs starcraft up in here.  I'm dying to see how the brutality of warhammer compares to the mechanization of starcraft.

  • teppec
    teppec 3 years ago

    I get a blast out of the dance videos you've put together but I'm curious.  Do you have any footage of continuous shots?  I'd love to see a routine done without all of the cuts, or at least with a lot less cuts.

  • Everything Viral
    Everything Viral 3 years ago

    Hey! I am a new channel with some great potential. In these early stages I could use some help to gain subscribers. I will feature your channel, and hopefully we can both grow, even though I know you are doing great on your own it be extremely kind to use that power to assist my channel Thanks for considering this. Let me know what you think and i will do anything to help you as well.

  • ariel tchlenov
    ariel tchlenov 3 years ago

    can you please do a lanisters VS starks dance battle?

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