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Benham Brothers
20 days ago
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GLAAD Presents: Out
10 months ago

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  • Thomas Bohrman
    Thomas Bohrman Year ago

    The LGBT community should fight fire with fire, as they now actually have the best weapon available. What is for a part of the sum, is also applicable to the whole -- no will or can be immune. Turn it around to attack those who created it. Religious beliefs are had by every individual to some extent. The LGBT community have those and some beliefs. So since the christian bigots and zealots also commit sins every day against the 10K, it is also applicable to them. this is not a one-way street. Let them secure the hackers for adult websites on the those individuals and expose them. Go to work, and where co-workers are always flapping their mouths, one learns what kind of habits they have at home, use it as a weapon against them, and report them to HR, using your religious beliefs. See how easy it is? There also should be an aggressive attack not only in this area, but in business, putting signs in the door. An aggressive attack should be commencing to write to those business who have threatened to pull out of the state/s, making good on their word.

  • jklucas53215
    jklucas53215 2 years ago

    All gays should die.

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  • John Barfield
    John Barfield 3 years ago

    love this channel!

  • sykeo123
    sykeo123 3 years ago

    Fucking filth

  • Ryan Major
    Ryan Major 3 years ago

    In life, act as if what you do makes a difference. 
    It does :) ♥ Ryan Major

  • kbventures
    kbventures 3 years ago

    DD backlash.  Never even heard of them until GLAAD made them even more popular!  I don't leave comments, BUT in this case I had too express my disappointment in their involvement in this battle.  Did GLAAD really think A&E would cut off their own hand?

  • Terry Phillips
    Terry Phillips 3 years ago


  • Terry Phillips
    Terry Phillips 3 years ago


  • Terry Phillips
    Terry Phillips 3 years ago

    How many of those people in the video have a job? All? None? My employer never ask if I was a homosexual.They just paid. They paid for a preexisting condition for a life style I had 14 years earlier. I quit smoking in 99. Get a rel job with a real company. Quit whoring you butt hole around and stop asking me for money whaen some guy pumps you butt full of aides. That is like a klans man asking you for bail money when he gets locked up for a hate crime. Same thing.  A dumb ass doing dumb ass things.  

  • o0lBobl0o
    o0lBobl0o 3 years ago

    I used to support a mans right to do as he pleased, but you just changed that.
    I'll never be tolerant of of queers again. From now on I'll refer to you as queers and take every opportunity to stop you.

    • o0lBobl0o
      o0lBobl0o 2 years ago

      No thanks, you intolerant ass.

  • cosmo kramer
    cosmo kramer 3 years ago

    I support Phil Robertson and his right to speak his opinion

  • sugarluv
    sugarluv 3 years ago

    why do the gays complain about bigotry and discrimination when there is a lot of that within their community?  so it's ok for gays to discriminate against other gays who don't fit their types but then when straight people discriminate against them it's not ok? it's like having a spiked dildo shoved up their butts.  lots of comments in gay ads read " no butch"  "no femmes"   "no chubs"  "no asians"  "no blacks"  "transgendered people need not apply"  and what not!!  what the f***?  maybe those gays should consider relocating to another planet:  uranus!!   give this world a favor.   just go back in your damn closets!

    • Thomas Bohrman
      Thomas Bohrman Year ago

      +sugarluv That's tantamount in saying that it's okay for the blacks to use the N word within their own race, but surely not for the whites or any other race. Stop avoiding the subject. You kill your own babies, yet condone that. You commit adultery and condone that, along with making bastard children out of wedlock, and oh, you create us -- you create gay people, so you are responsibility to a very large extent. Did you do this with the Jim Crow laws, or are you a millennial? Either/or, it's sad! Peace

  • TheUnmaskedMagician
    TheUnmaskedMagician 3 years ago

    If you don't like what Mr. Robertson has to say then don't watch DD. If I don't like something on tv I change the damn channel 

    • TheUnmaskedMagician
      TheUnmaskedMagician 2 years ago

      +Bailey C. maybe some people like DD and want to watch it, yet u are trying to take that away from them

    • Bailey C.
      Bailey C. 2 years ago

      +TheUnmaskedMagician Then don't whine to us about what we protest. Just change the channel. 

    • Terry Phillips
      Terry Phillips 3 years ago

      Some how I think no one gives a crap about these people. WIN!

  • crzymoonrock74
    crzymoonrock74 3 years ago

    Freedom of belief, speech, and lifestyle, should be equal rights for all humans, otherwise isn't it hypocritical? If you feel its right to oppress someones right to express their objection to your lifestyle, then you guarantee they will NEVER accept your lifestyle and ALWAYS fight your right to express it. Isn't that contrary to what your organization is trying to achieve? I don't think its wise to go after Phil Robertson, & Duck Dynasty considering its HUGE conservative following, for attention to your cause. Good luck with that! Speaking for myself, and apearently millions of other heterosexual Duck Dynasty fans out there, If you try to take away something that we enjoy, love & cherish, namely Duck Dynasty, We will fight to keep from you something that you are fighting for namely gay and lesbian marriage

  • Emily Iannielli
    Emily Iannielli 3 years ago

    Hi, My name is Emily and I am male to female transgender. Here are some of my links including one of my writings as I write almost every day. I'm an amateur writer but I write from my heart.

    Emily talking about her transgender struggle and dreams 001

    Thank you,

    Emily (birth name: Edward D. Iannielli III)

  • HipHopHeadCL
    HipHopHeadCL 4 years ago

    Your quietness with regards to the Bradley Manning trial has been DEAFENING!! You should be ashamed of yourselves

  • reyesred
    reyesred 4 years ago

    They refused to defend our vote thus stripped us of our constitutional rights! DOMA is not Prop. 8 and SCOTUS politically motivated decision to strike it down and your false representation as to what it means regarding Prop.8 shouldo create sympathy or to use to get what I want.Thank You for giving me the courage to speak my heart & mind. be illegal.You are lying to your viewers and making them believe that SCOTUS decision means CA changed their mind,when that is the furthest from the truth! .Demanding tolerance while you are intolerant of the moral majority defeats whatever purpose you have. And I am no bigot.

  • reyesred
    reyesred 4 years ago

    I am coming out,thanks for giving me the courage to stand for what I believe.I believe marriage is only for one man & one woman.I have the same rights but I would never force a law upon society to accept my choices. This law was forced upon CA.We spoke our minds & voted not once but twice to insure the sanctity of marriage.Califs elected officials refused to do the job they were elected to do which would get anyone else fired.

  • pumbaaj
    pumbaaj 4 years ago

    GLAAD- I know you mean well, but this celeb coming out of the closet campaign is one of the most awkward and offensive campaigns i have ever seen from any gay media organization. The real message of support is a bit muddied by the presentation.

  • jasmine johnson
    jasmine johnson 4 years ago

    PLEASE upload the video of Anderson Cooper's speech!

  • A Gar
    A Gar 5 years ago

    Please, upload Ellen's appearance!
    Thank you

  • HeeKey2011
    HeeKey2011 5 years ago

    I spy Josh Huterson I think

  • Alexis Dash
    Alexis Dash 5 years ago

    Are you going to post clips from the new york award show. Please post clips of Naya Rivera.

  • Juliette Lo Say Yick


  • jbooks888
    jbooks888 5 years ago

    oh great - first you tried to use the black issue now you're using bullying as a mean to give credibility to your disgusting cause - you are dishonest and immoral - the gay lifestyle kills people at a young age - spreads disease at a higher rate and is completely irresponsible. keep it to yourselves and get out of everyone's face. if your gay, no one needs to know.

  • Jenna Fox
    Jenna Fox 5 years ago

    Sending a SHOUT-OUT to you all! ^_^ International Holiday greetings... ^_^

    NORMA GONZALEZ 5 years ago


  • Richard Nelson
    Richard Nelson 5 years ago

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  • Khaled .abdalsttar
    Khaled .abdalsttar 6 years ago

    what is GLAAD
    GLAAD is a group for gays and lesbians (dirty ) :P

  • Carla D
    Carla D 6 years ago

    Thanks! I will stand up at church for sure, as the commercial suggests, AGAINST the homosexual, transgender and lesbian lifestyle.

  • chiskiaooo
    chiskiaooo 6 years ago

    you are disgusting gays dont deserve to live

    LUTETIA VOLLINTINE 6 years ago


  • anthonyok
    anthonyok 6 years ago

    THANKYOU GLAAD. The haters will always hate, but thank buddah that your drowning out there messages, making them barely audible, we are a force that can not be stopped!!!

  • Zdrohce Chordz
    Zdrohce Chordz 6 years ago


  • WeeItsNookies
    WeeItsNookies 6 years ago


  • comingoutnowtogether

    Hey! Great Channel!
    I started a channel devoted to bringing together LGBT coming out stories, how it affects their lives & how families & friends reacted. Its evolving as awareness & participation increases, & reflects our growing LGBT community helping & supporting each other with related issues & challenges. I'd love any input on the channel & especially in PMs. Also, I added you as a friend & subbed, & would be honored if U did the same. Thanks

  • Matt Ginash
    Matt Ginash 6 years ago

    Thanks to George, Elton, Ellen, Rick; all the way to Professor X and Magneto. Ha ha... It's getting better.

  • james valentine
    james valentine 6 years ago

    I love Kristen C and I love this Channel. This is my new must see channel

  • SamaraElleRiviera
    SamaraElleRiviera 6 years ago

    luv u guys muahz besos

  • Stephen Osterday Jr
    Stephen Osterday Jr 6 years ago

    R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor you will be missed

  • Zdrohce Chordz
    Zdrohce Chordz 6 years ago

    thanks for the amazing work glaad... you guys rock... :D

  • beaverbunch
    beaverbunch 6 years ago


  • Danielle Notaro
    Danielle Notaro 6 years ago

    Come check my lesbian poem (more to come soon) Medicine Bundle and feel free to watch the others. I am new at uploading. But have been writing and acting for a long time.

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 6 years ago

    Late Report:
    Civil Disobedience: 3 counts/ 3 counts Subject Abuse/ Sexual Discrimination/ Embezzlement indcicating scam on reputation/ Illegal Hazing/ Pledge Activity. Violation of Student's Rights. 3 counts of Mental Anguish/ SSA for more info. Stalking which provides: (illegal persecution, biased testimony.) (3 counts) Falsification/
    3rd party reports./C.J.M.

  • Zdrohce Chordz
    Zdrohce Chordz 6 years ago


  • IMAGIMATIONanimation

    Discrimination against homosexual marriage is no different than hating inter-racial marriages, inter-religious marriages, or other marriages. May we all be reminded how some religious groups created laws that for many years, prevent the types of marriages I just listed.

    Now, it is time for Gay Marriage to become legal. US law has been hypocritical regarding the establishment clause, as the only arguments against gay marriage have been religious ones.

    Glaad, I support your cause. There has been a lot of unnecessary hatred against the homosexuals. I am not gay, but I recognize your moral rights, and the injustices faced by the gay community. Be excellent, GLAAD, and the LGBT community!

  • Magic Man
    Magic Man 6 years ago

    Great Channel, Thanks for Sharing!

  • davidlo83
    davidlo83 6 years ago

    Im not gays or lesbians i mean shit I have friends that are gay but I think you guys are nuts yall pulled a trailer over something silly people do crap like that all the time I see gays that make fun of or do jokes against straight people or other races shouldnt we consider pulling what they do to?or not?

  • Brianna Salazar
    Brianna Salazar 7 years ago

    I love adam lambert!!! Hes sooo good!!! <333 =]

  • beverlygw
    beverlygw 7 years ago

    Drew Barrymore is such a beautiful, talented young woman. Thanks for posting.

  • Suse R
    Suse R 7 years ago

    brilliant quality - thanks so much for this

  •  7 years ago

    ...oh, and I will be an even happier supporter if you post the "Music Again" video. I love Adam, he is truly a beacon of light in this dark world!!!!!!!!!

  •  7 years ago

    Thank you so much for the epic Fever video!!!!!!!! You've always have my support, but now I am a happier supporter, lol.

  • Jeni Galia
    Jeni Galia 7 years ago

    Hey, I want to thank agai for Adam Lambert's performance of Fever. Do you have a vid of him performing Music Again? I can see many are requesting! :)

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth 7 years ago

    Are you going to be uploading his performance of Music Again? I would love to see that in good quality.

  • PhiphthVyoo
    PhiphthVyoo 7 years ago

    So sad that 2/3 of that audience has discovered normalcy in lameness. Oh dear, what do we do with this creature? Poor things didn't know what to do with Adam Lambert.

  • jieschreck88
    jieschreck88 7 years ago

    Great Adam add that message in the end, yeah for promoting diversity in this community. Adam is sooo inspiring!!

  • jieschreck88
    jieschreck88 7 years ago

    Thank you for the video, finally here!!! The fan video already has more than 20,000 views!!!

  • Mad Gall
    Mad Gall 7 years ago

    YAY, ADAM!! Thank you

  • nikinm77
    nikinm77 7 years ago

    Why is the Adam Lambert video "private". I can't view it.

  • Susan M Lee
    Susan M Lee 7 years ago

    Please, please... upload Adam's performance! Thank you :)

  • Puma J
    Puma J 7 years ago

    Where is Johnny Weir? Vids please!

  • Cliff Hennessey
    Cliff Hennessey 7 years ago

    Adam has taught all of us so much about diversity, tolerance, and love. Unfortunately, we have learned nothing from him about patience, since it is not his strongest trait, either. We love you all, but will love you more when you give us our "fix" of Adam Lambert. We are so immature, but fun.

  • Jory H
    Jory H 7 years ago

    can't wait for Adam Lambert video please. thanks :)

  • PhiphthVyoo
    PhiphthVyoo 7 years ago

    Perhaps it's just a great tease. Glaad did waffle on the whole AMA thing....

  • akhamsy73
    akhamsy73 7 years ago

    Still waiting for Adam....please...thank you....

  • blackrose881
    blackrose881 7 years ago

    jweir video pls~!!!

  • Jeni Galia
    Jeni Galia 7 years ago

    I want to thank you in advance for Adam Lambert's performance vid. I saw a YouTube vid of his performance but I know you have a better quality :) THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR HAVING ADAM LAMBERT! :)

  •  7 years ago

    Adam Please!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeni Galia
    Jeni Galia 7 years ago

    Will you put up Adam Lambert's performance? Thank you :)

  • Anoel
    Anoel 7 years ago

    Please put up the GLAAD media awards LA footage ASAP!! I'm dying to see it.

  • Lizzy K
    Lizzy K 7 years ago

    It was so great to volunteer at the NYC GLAAD awards. Can you post a video of Brett, Ron and Scott?

  • Zdrohce Chordz
    Zdrohce Chordz 7 years ago

    Love + Peace

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