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  • CoolBeatz
    CoolBeatz 24 days ago


  • larshoneytoast33
    larshoneytoast33 27 days ago

    I have watched three videos today with mistakes/errors. Seriously proof your work before publishing it because that is disgraceful.

  • Vedailota Official


  • Billy Boyce of Namaste` Today

    Re:  Here's why humidity makes you feel hotter, posted July 15, 2017 ---
    Polyester blocks the negative ions required by humans to stay centered and grounded. No
    intelligent person has worn polyester since the '70's. Wearing it is just as stupid as eating GMO foods or painting your house with lead paint or spraying your yard with Round-Up. WTF Tech Insider?

  • Unquality Videos
    Unquality Videos 2 months ago

    Apple dick riders

  • NƎcktie3223
    NƎcktie3223 2 months ago

    I don't get why people hate this channel so much. It's enjoyable to watch! I hate pessimists.

  • Anirudh Konnur
    Anirudh Konnur 3 months ago

    can we send our ideas to your channel and will you make videos out of it if you feel them good?

  • Sebastian Gruszczynski

    Hi I'm wondering what music is played durning your "Animation shows the deadly evolution of nuclear weapons" video, thanks in advance.

  • neostrik7
    neostrik7 3 months ago

    in fact the rat i told you about, only lasted 20 minutes.

  • neostrik7
    neostrik7 3 months ago

    I usually like your video, but the evolution one was frigging terrible cause A) that head thing, there still tested despite what that quack says as this year as that rat thing you showed was done via three rats, one rat decapitated, one rat serving as the decapitated rat body (He literally stitch the head to a still living rat) and use the third as a blood bank to keep it alive.) and even then it didn't live long. (didn't make it past a week) now the planet thing make sense as the stress of living on a different planet will for evolution unless terraforming technology is done perfectly. but the thing with robotics... come on, that cybernetic at best.

  • Tjubsgade
    Tjubsgade 3 months ago

    Teck Insider is the best

  • Aslan Dzitiev
    Aslan Dzitiev 4 months ago

    The DEMONS Among Humans
    useful information on ruling elite and spy agencies

  • William Scurry
    William Scurry 4 months ago

    So close i was, to hitting that subscribe tab until i recognized the pattern of sexist, SJW content........way to go assholes, you've lost money.

  • Dohyun Choi
    Dohyun Choi 4 months ago

    You should change the name from Tech Insider. Its quite misleading if you have Anthony Bourdain talking about scrambled eggs while still having the name Tech Insider.

  • Dengru25
    Dengru25 4 months ago

    i see videos that has 4:3 ratio
    are you a fucking primitive idiot?
    use 16:9 NOW!

  • Mulaan Trimarchi
    Mulaan Trimarchi 4 months ago

    where do you find the music? Loved that song in Playstation hidden features

  • Big Chief
    Big Chief 5 months ago

    I like your 1-2 min long videos. They're loaded with information. (A word of caution: more research backed information, please!)

  • Yevgen Shevchenko
    Yevgen Shevchenko 7 months ago

    Who are youto steal rghts on free to use NASA video? Damn you!

  • Omnes F.
    Omnes F. 7 months ago

    Scammers !! Enough claim on other people's videos! Burn you in hell for such actions!
    Мошенники!! Хватит заявлять права на чужие видеоролики! Гореть вам в аду за такие поступки!

  • Eklykti
    Eklykti 7 months ago


  • Gg Bb
    Gg Bb 9 months ago

    Can you please start using Fahrenheit AND Celsius in your videos! It is making it confusing for the majority of us that you only use Fahrenheit in your videos!

  • Mary Nash Stoddard
    Mary Nash Stoddard 9 months ago

    So many inaccuracies in the shoddy Artificial Sweetener/Sugar video, hardly know where to start. 1st, #Aspartame was approved in the 70s, and the approval rescinded before it hit the marketplace due to concerns about the Scientific Studies showing it caused Brain Tumors in the laboratory. 2nd, unlike Sugar, Aspartame is 10% Methanol by weight, which converts into Formaldehyde in the body. Our Toxicology Sourcebook, Deadly Deception Story of Aspartame (Odenwald Press '98) and Scientific Studies published in dozens of Medical Journals prove the toxic nature of the Aspartame molecule when ingested by humans. (Not just because it loses 'sweetness' when heated!) Follow marystod on Twitter for the real Facts published by a qualified-in-court Medical Expert Witness and Investigative Journalist. --- Hon. #Mary_Nash_Stoddard, Author/Aspartame Authority since 1987

  • 10 months ago

    I like the advanced technology. It's often like magic, when you see it for the first time.

    Thank you Tech Insider for introducing people to the interesting technology, in the mixed stream of make-up, cats, and vlogs that is YTube.

    Have a lucky week, to whoever can find this comment in here !

  • freelancellc
    freelancellc 11 months ago

    Excellent Review Video. Keep them coming

  • DirXtor
    DirXtor 11 months ago

    Horrible!! The Mars rover pictures were overshadowed by the extra large type telling what we already know. Moron producers! AND a video of deep water on Mars? Are you kidding me? Everyone should be skeptical of these bottom feeders. Defiled pictures from NASA, you should be ashamed. Get better or quit.

  • JayRock
    JayRock 11 months ago


  • The Kanał :D
    The Kanał :D 11 months ago

    Shout out for earning money on stealing content. What was that? Thousands? Millions? There were thousands videos with BF1 trailer in it on which you made money. Hope EA sues you

  • kho hong
    kho hong Year ago

    good day sir. i am looking for a video that which shows the invention for solving the sinking floor problem. if not mistaken,i saw it from your channel but i could't find it.

  • NazcaDragon1
    NazcaDragon1 Year ago

    Keegan Larwin and Alana Kakoyiannis, producers of Business Insider "Tech Insider" Qantas Flight 32: Seriously? If you're going to produce a piece about an Airbus A380, don't show a Boeing 747 (:25 and again at 2:49) in your video. If it were arts and crafts you get a bye, but this is supposed to be "Tech Insider". Lazy and sloppy work.

  • Kristian Akseth
    Kristian Akseth Year ago

    Gentlemen, you need your A-Team "Face."

  • Marilyn Simon
    Marilyn Simon Year ago

    Just saw the newest cruchtes could someone design a wheelchair for a person that can't walk or stand? Also one that will not destroy floors or walls!

  • Claudia Aldrich
    Claudia Aldrich Year ago

    If you are the tech insider that created the spot regarding the coyote/wolf, you got a lot of the information about the animal wrong; dangerously wrong.  They eastern coyote and the northern grey wolf interbred years ago (nowhere near 100) as the grey wolf population decreased by way of slaughter.  There is no domestic dog in their genes.  If a coywolf breeds with a dog, their offspring cannot reproduce and they often die young.  Those of us who live with them simply call them coyotes and they have a mixture of coyote and wolf behavior.  Coyotes live solitary lives in the west.  Ours live in family groups/packs and they hunt in pairs and packs as wolves do.  Western coyotes hunt alone.  Our coyotes can be dangerous if you run from them as they click into hunting mode when their prey runs.  You run, the pack chases.  You bloody well climb a tree!  Telling city dwellers who often jog that there is nothing to be concerned about is dangerous and uniformed.  Next time you do an article about an animal, learn about it from those who know it and understand it before you put people at risk....idiots.

  • Shannon Atkinson

    I created my opening recording on YouTube. Check it out and let me know what you think. I look forward in hearing back from you.

  • Mohamed Derrouiche

    التكنولوجيا أساس ااحياة ومن أجتهد وجد

  • Moje Ime
    Moje Ime Year ago

    what happened to "Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how humans will evolve in the future" you guys are scam it played commercials for like 10 minutes before I gave up on waiting for the speech

  • luciano martins da


  • magnific stil
    magnific stil Year ago

    tehnica inseamna viitor!

  • Syafar Al Makkassary Syafar

    Cantik / nice

  • Daniel Njoku
    Daniel Njoku Year ago


  • ajay soni
    ajay soni Year ago


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