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  • Shashank Ubarhande
    Shashank Ubarhande 2 days ago

    +MinutePhysics If possible make a video on Flat Earth...

  • Berkana
    Berkana 3 days ago

    There is an error in your video about polarizing filters letting light through when you stick a third filter between two filters. Please see the comment I left in the video.

  • Dogus Sahin
    Dogus Sahin 3 days ago

    how to apply to translate for other languages like turkish?

  • Smokey the Bear
    Smokey the Bear 4 days ago

    Loser deletes his Hillary Clinton video! LOL

  • Juan Kristianto W
    Juan Kristianto W 4 days ago

    Hey can you explain why is there no current flow when i connect two opposite terminals of two separate batteries

  • k1n x1ang
    k1n x1ang 9 days ago

    你瓜批是不是石乐志? 字幕弄个繁体的? 这边十三亿人不弄简体?

  • David Ringelspaugh
    David Ringelspaugh 18 days ago


    CARLA QUARIO 21 day ago

    My 2-year old likes watching your videos with airplanes.. He likes the animations very much =)

  • NeonsStyle
    NeonsStyle 21 day ago

    Do a video to explain how magnetism works. Show them how the force carrier works. So many people misunderstand this, and think magnets work like magic. Knowing how they work could blow away those idiotic claims that magnets will heal and do all sorts of things. You have a wide audience. When I was at school, it took me a year of searching to find a book that explained the mechanics of how it worked, that a transfer of momentum carries the force.

  • Rex Legason
    Rex Legason 26 days ago

    If you reverse time and see the world go backwards, What would other people that are not reversing do they see you go backwards?

  • Brian Wyters
    Brian Wyters Month ago

    Where is your video on gravity assists?

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago


  • Michał Janik
    Michał Janik Month ago

    What do you think about that whole Derek Miller and Bill Nye shit?

  • Apud1984
    Apud1984 Month ago

    Fantastic videos! watch my channel, I'm sure you will like it.

  • Science4 Life
    Science4 Life Month ago

    Hi can people possibly give feedback to my channel? I made mine in inspiration of minutephysics and Veritasium. Thanks everybody! If anybody wants feedback, I can help! Let me know with a reply.

  • noelli amancio
    noelli amancio Month ago

    I have a question...

  • Daniel Mukherjee
    Daniel Mukherjee Month ago

    please make a video on " why universe expanding".... Btw I love ur videos...

  • ddmalcore
    ddmalcore Month ago

    You do one more shill video like the battery one, and I will unsubscribe.

  • Noeleen Pisani
    Noeleen Pisani Month ago

    please come back henry , don't leave us alone with trump.

  • Noeleen Pisani
    Noeleen Pisani Month ago

    where is henry

  • The Primeval Void

    Dear Henry,

    Is it possible for you to make a video about Bohmian Mechanics and the Pilot-Wave theory?


  • Myint Win
    Myint Win Month ago

    My invention has all the necessities to solve #climatechange _ clean, renewable, scalable, low cost to setup and to operate, inexhaustible, and much much more
    It can prove that #EnergyCanBeCreated and perpettual motion machine can be built.
    Looking for someone who can help me to proceed.

  • shahriar parvez
    shahriar parvez Month ago

    Big fan of yours.
    just got got a question for you today.
    Imagine thers a ocean . A yatch and a life boat is floating and they also connected with a rope. now if someone pulls the rope from the yatch the life boat would come closer. similerly if someone pulls the rope from the lifeboat again the lifeboat will go closer and not other way round. Why?
    I know the simple answer is lifeboat's lighter but I am sure there's more scientific explanation then that. Thanks.

  • Brayton Goller
    Brayton Goller Month ago

    Science Question: please help. There is lightening in my frozen bottle of water! Why? Here's what I did to recreate my discovery. Frozen bottle of water, half melted. (Still frozen center core) then refreeze the bottle. Now turn out the lights. It must be completely dark. When you squeeze and twist the solid ice bottle, lightening(or so it seems) streaks through the ice leaving cracks. It's very very dim and I couldn't catch it on video, but it sent me googling with no explination atm. Love the channel. Learned lots from you. Thanks

  • Gianfranco Pesci
    Gianfranco Pesci 2 months ago

    peccato che parla solo inglese che non conosco..

  • Hagar Sayed
    Hagar Sayed 2 months ago

    القناه حلوة لازم اشوف الفديوهات طبعا

  • AL
    AL 2 months ago

    Please collaborate with Prof. Walter Lewin! Would love to watch a series voiced by the MIT professor!

  • Logan Luhrsen
    Logan Luhrsen 2 months ago

    Like and Love this channel. Would like to see a video about insulation versus conduction, as applied to electronics and in general.

  • Physicsverse
    Physicsverse 2 months ago

    learn from the mistakes of other countries so its better to make your country islam free. Else in the name of freedom of religion will be disasterous for america as their motto is to establish islam all over the world.

  • Matthew McCormick
    Matthew McCormick 3 months ago

    can you explain the double slit experiment i don`t understand it and can`t find some one to explain it with me actually understanding the whole concept.

  • MrFishbone111
    MrFishbone111 3 months ago

    "Freedom of speech"
    Deletes video about supporting Hillary because he can't handle the freedom of people telling him he's a dumbass.
    10/10 Hillary hypocrisy.

  • Axo The Legend
    Axo The Legend 3 months ago

    hey Henry why aren't you posting any new videos? like is something wrong because i love this channel and your content..

  • Peter IB
    Peter IB 3 months ago

    Hello Henry;
    I was wondering if you could help promote the idea of the need to make channels like yours in Arabic.
    We, as humans, need to fight the ideology that promotes hatred and terrorism in its own centre, smartly, without clashing. This can be done easily over some period of time, by promoting wonder, curiosity, and critical thinking among the younger generations that have easy access to the internet, but instead being exposed to videos encouraging hatred and fanaticism. They need more options when browsing, and not only hate filled content.
    - A Secular Canadian of Egyptian ancestry that has recently been there and saw how much hate and intolerance brewing among the masses there.

  • Donnell
    Donnell 3 months ago

    Freedom to keep and bear arms*

  • Janet and Dave
    Janet and Dave 3 months ago

    Hi. Was just rewatching your How far could Legolas see video and it got me thinking. Technically human eyes can see at best about 20/8, but hawks can see 20/4. In your analysis you considered Legolas with essentially human eyes although you did briefly consider UV light before discounting it. If elves had fovea with hawk like density (or more?) the equations change.

  • TheRealGamer
    TheRealGamer 3 months ago

    RIP minutephysics. I don't care about the politics, the channel is dead because of the lack of uploads

  • Zanimoniak
    Zanimoniak 3 months ago

    I want to know how fast a stationary object on earth is moving in space, because earth is spinning, its traveling around the sun and the sun is also moving because the universe is expanding. What do you think?

  • Rik Schaaf
    Rik Schaaf 3 months ago

    With static electricity you'll probably hear the teacher say: "It's not the volts that kill you, it's the amps.", but isn't it technically really the Watts that kill you?

  • Viet Stephen
    Viet Stephen 4 months ago

    How about a kind of matter(darkmatter i think)has massive < 0, then it make thing expanding(antigravity i think) intead of make thing move closer (like gravity) and also make thing ACCELERATING like gravity (because i was ask myself what if a object has massive < 0 after i know what is antimatter)

  • Stanley Angelino
    Stanley Angelino 4 months ago

    Why am I experiencing this anomaly? While I'm playing Geometry Dash or listening to the TV's sounds, something strange happens. The pitch of the sounds are lowered by almost a semitone.

  • jamesbowden85
    jamesbowden85 4 months ago

    I have a question about Light, cannot find an answer. could you have anti-light? i.e like a torch with a anti-light bulb? its kind of related to the double split experiment, light as a wave can destructively interfere with itself cancelling itself out, doesn't that mean in theory you could have anti-light?

  • Archit Maurya
    Archit Maurya 4 months ago

    Hey Henry,
    Can you please make a video about Max Planck Please.
    Thank you.

  • Sawyer Mirage
    Sawyer Mirage 4 months ago

    I see ignorance and bullying in Top comment in your Discussion Forum...
    Like non of them seen how dark ages (politics) effected science.
    Anyways I am trying to contact Henry about creating a (physics/ neurology/psychology/anthropology) video about science <-> politic relations.

  • Shubham Cheema
    Shubham Cheema 5 months ago

    Does wheelie make a bike go faster? I understand that there is weight distribution, air flow (drag), static friction and all. So, we can do the calculations for a specific condition, like wheelie of 10 cm, at 100 mph and certain atmospheric conditions. But still it's a bit complex. Do you think you can help me with that? Btw I'm a mechanical engineer. Just trying to figure about the benefits of anti-wheelie electronics which manipulates the engine basically to control that in numbers. Thanks

  • Sahil Dahiya
    Sahil Dahiya 5 months ago

    Hey Henry, can you please make a video on the new creation of an object with negative mass.
    Thank You!!!

  • Mohamed Ramadan
    Mohamed Ramadan 5 months ago

    Someone stole your video and published it without your permission in a facebook page here:

  • El-Mahy Trading ETCo
    El-Mahy Trading ETCo 5 months ago

    Someone stole your video and published it without your permission in a facebook page here:

  • Malthe Mågård-Hansen

    Hey, can you make a video on why it is less windy at night than during the day?

  • Siane Alex
    Siane Alex 5 months ago

    @minutephysics what do you think about Russian TV program Битва экстрасенсов?

  • Adonis4000
    Adonis4000 5 months ago

    Stop consuming my life by linking every video to the next and so forth!
    I have been watching too many of them, dank it 😂😂😂

  • Rose Anne Sun
    Rose Anne Sun 5 months ago

    BigbangRegistry, Please Fix!!!!!

  • TheVoissa
    TheVoissa 5 months ago

    Please program "Running on the treadmill or outdoors"

  • Waahid Khan
    Waahid Khan 5 months ago

    (Freedom of Speech + Channel Art) + Science = ??? . Where is the Science or the physics?

  • Sobe2305
    Sobe2305 5 months ago

    What is the most optimal peeing distance (for a man) or urinal height to minimize splatter? If the urinal is lower, wouldn't the pee have more time to accelerate and create a larger force on the urinal? But if it's higher, would the force of the piss coming out be higher? Shower thoughts? or can this actually be solved?

  • A Random Guy On The Internet


  • SpyingDutchman
    SpyingDutchman 6 months ago

    Freedom of speech, expression & assembly ... if you're a liberal ...
    If you're a republican you have to shut up & get attacked.
    Liberal logic 101

  • yuval szwarcfiter
    yuval szwarcfiter 6 months ago

    May I suggest a topic for your next video: Exoplanet Search
    (which could include the wobbling effect, transition method, using the sun as a giant telescope with gravitational lensing , telescopes with internal occultation ,
    external occultation with starshading)

    • RussianFederation
      RussianFederation 5 months ago

      Search up "How do we find exoplanets scibright" A youtube channel called scibright has covered this before :) good luck :)

  • bitterbarf
    bitterbarf 6 months ago

    what would be the distance of a light year if the year was measured at lights velocity?

  • Nathaniel Kidson
    Nathaniel Kidson 6 months ago

    Hey man I don't care what your political alignment is, your videos were good and helped me with my depression.

  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous 6 months ago

    Never saw your political video (never cared to hear your political view...unless it was as well designed as your vids). Really want to see you come back regardless as I very much enjoyed your work....

  • smurfyday
    smurfyday 6 months ago

    Thanks for standing up against tyranny. When only college-educated females were the only white subgroup to vote against Trump, and almost all the other groups were the opposite, something is scary wrong. I didn't vote for her, but let's watch the world (or at least the USA) destroy itself.

  • Shaun Varga
    Shaun Varga 6 months ago

    What happened to your videos? I always enjoyed watching them. Don't listen to the idiots on the internet hiding behind their anonymity.

  • Kushal Patil
    Kushal Patil 6 months ago

    I would really like to know why aren't you uploading videos? Its been 2 months. Looking forward for the videos.

  • Peace and Love
    Peace and Love 6 months ago

    what you think about making a video & explain us what is dB, dBA .... mean :)

  • Thomas-L L
    Thomas-L L 7 months ago

    Video Suggestion: The Keystone Pipeline

  • Lutherus123
    Lutherus123 7 months ago

    Hello Henry. In our german highschool our current subject is Lorentz–lenght-contraction. Does this contraction crush down a photon into two demensions? And is our "4th" timedemension analog to the length demension of the photon? Would appreciate an answer. P.S. I love all your 3 channels. p.p.s make more mandoline videos :)

  • Gökay Bayraktar
    Gökay Bayraktar 7 months ago

    will my turkish translations publish?

  • It's Black
    It's Black 7 months ago

    I remember when this channel had 200 subs

  • Bibhatsu Kuiri
    Bibhatsu Kuiri 7 months ago

    I open everyday , and i dont find any new videos :/ where are you henry ???

  • JasmineQ LOISEL
    JasmineQ LOISEL 7 months ago

    please continue to make more videos; your videos are AWESOME as always!

  • vedic kanya Gurukulam
    vedic kanya Gurukulam 7 months ago

    hey! your videos are amazing ,does drawing and presenting stuff save both money and time?? please let me know thank you :)

  • MisterBrrown
    MisterBrrown 7 months ago

    make more vids

  • Alespider
    Alespider 7 months ago

    What about beating innocent people because they want to listen to one guy you don't agree with? Is that enough freedom of speech? Unsubbed.

  • alphastrata
    alphastrata 7 months ago

    Could you do a video about electrons moving through a PCB, quantum computing and how we ended up building computers on a base two system.

  • prynzy125
    prynzy125 7 months ago

    Can you make a video about Elon Musk's theory of warming up mars in order to make it more hospitable. He said that he plans to detonate nuclear warheads in the martian poles in order to make a greenhouse effect thus making the planet warmer. Is this theory plausible?

  • Ryder Lee
    Ryder Lee 7 months ago

    Can you do a video explaining higher dimensions? The clearest explanation on youtube right now is "Imagining the Tenth Dimension", but I know you disagree with his point of view. Even if its a longer video, Its an important topic that many people don't understand or misunderstand.

  • hell's fury
    hell's fury 7 months ago

    hey everyone!
    can anyone tell me is time real or just a illusion

  • Mobius Boy
    Mobius Boy 7 months ago

    My Dearest & Coolest Math & Science Friends, like my Very Mobius "Math Is Cool" Project Picture - Many-Mobius Thanks, Mobius Boy - www.facebook.com/RussianMath/photos/a.10154926087430902.1073741987.253855635901/10154926087945902/?type=3

  • suvakankshi ghosh
    suvakankshi ghosh 7 months ago

    Please make a video on what's wrong with Nassim Haramein's Schwarzschild proton model . I know it has already been debunked by many . But still it will be great to see it to be explained by you . Thank You !

  • Amanda Castle
    Amanda Castle 8 months ago

    Regarding the No Cloning Theorem video, I'm curious if there is a point in utero at which a pair of identical twins (or octuplets?) could theoretically be observed and cloned. BTW, thank you for putting yourself out there, Henry. Your contributions are much appreciated.

  • John Hightower
    John Hightower 8 months ago

    Have you discussed what happens when an electron tunnels into the nucleus? I seem to remember radiation, but I don't recall that... element (If you forgive the joke.)

  • Hortonius Imperialus
    Hortonius Imperialus 8 months ago

    An aspect of physics has bothered me for some time now. When discussing black holes, it's said that its gravity is so great that nothing can escape it, not even light.. That last bit, thrown in for the sake of emphasis it would seem, has always gone unchecked, unchallenged and, honestly, wholly unexplained. We say, 'yeah, black hole is so strong, not even light can escape its gravity' and never challenge what that means.

    But Light is energy, not matter; and only matter can have mass and only mass can be effected by gravity.. Therefore light should not be effected by gravity, no matter how great. Right? I"m familiar with the wave-particle duality theory in a rudimentary way but still don't recall anything where its say that a photon can have mass at the speed of light.

    If Fg=G(m1*m2)/r but m1=0 or m2=0 then Fg=0. No gravitational attraction to entities without mass..

    Could you help clear this up?

    • Hortonius Imperialus
      Hortonius Imperialus 7 months ago

      the more i ponder this question, the more I think it boils down to the fundamental contradiction or conflict between classical mechanics and quantum physics. You're having to redefine something so elemental as light in a way that so strongly contradicts its previous definition. It's not just a tweak. It's not, for instance, adding in air resistance after building up a set of equations that govern ballistic flight. We're saying it is exactly what we were saying it wasn't in our previous definition. It's like being through the physics looking glass. We're talking about the fundamental nature of matter itself, to say nothing of the laws of electromagnetism.. It's alot to take in.

    • sciBRIGHT
      sciBRIGHT 8 months ago

      There's a small aspect to what you wrote which is wrong. In general relativity, gravity affects anything with energy. While light doesn't have a rest-mass, it has energy which means it is still affected by gravity.

      If you think of gravity as a distortion in space-time, no matter what the object is gravity affects it as the object exists and is going through this distortion in space-time. As long as it exists; gravity will affect it.

  • Atahan Gökdemir
    Atahan Gökdemir 8 months ago

    could you make a video about turing test

  • djan959
    djan959 8 months ago

    Mr Reich, .. would you consider making a minutephysic video to expain what a "field" is, as in, the higgs field, or, gravitational field?

  • Dlesar
    Dlesar 8 months ago

    May I suggest doing a video on proteins? Mayhaps the number of different ways amino acids could be ordered to create a protein. It's a ridiculous number.

  • Nick Geninatti
    Nick Geninatti 8 months ago

    Why do gauge blocks stick together?

  • Ambis Magee
    Ambis Magee 8 months ago

    Forgot freedom of association.

  • Arongil Productions
    Arongil Productions 8 months ago

    You may want to fix "freeom of speech" on your Youtube channel page image.

  • AmFilms123
    AmFilms123 8 months ago

    This guy was a Hillary supporter?! All that grey matter & yet none.

  • LOKESH Chaparala
    LOKESH Chaparala 8 months ago

    hai i have a doubt in twin paradox
    if a person is on the embankment of a train station and a high speed train passes on the rails
    according to the person on the embankment the time on the train runs slow
    according to the person on the train the time on the embankment runs slow
    who is correct
    who's time is running slowly for truly

    • LOKESH Chaparala
      LOKESH Chaparala 8 months ago

      please somebody help me understand this

    • LOKESH Chaparala
      LOKESH Chaparala 8 months ago

      say there are two twins
      both of them in two separate spaceships left the earth in opposite direction with equal and opposite velocities ( more than 75% of c ) after some years they both stopped and sent images of their respective faces
      who looks older now
      according to one twin the other should look older

  • Vercingetorix
    Vercingetorix 8 months ago

    Are you going to make more Nobel Prize videos? I saw the 2011 and 2013 ones, and they were really informative.

  • Sandeep Kumar Dash
    Sandeep Kumar Dash 9 months ago

    Dear Henry,
    In your proof of E = mc^2, you told due to special relativity E = Eo(1+c^2/v^2)
    Can you please derive it

  • Borko Plays
    Borko Plays 9 months ago

    it's not even freedom of speech it's "free-om of speech"

  • Tahir Gorgen
    Tahir Gorgen 9 months ago

    We are not sure about us rigth afterwards. Were here now. So let me explain coriolis the easy way. No one did understood it. I took an orange and it took about 1,5hour for me.. 1 part: goog to know.. earth rotates clock wise. To the east. When we shoot and object to an target where ever on earth we are (it doesn't make any difference forget the upwards push low presure and high presure the towards pull. This will be the 2 part of coriolis). From south on Australia for example. Aim to the right. Wile the object is underway the target will move to the rigth. From the south to the north (ps: where ever you stand you will always between the north and south pole) and it doesn't make an difference where you are, aim left. Wile the object is underway earth will rotate to the left, when we look to the south.. now comes it.. from west to east aim below. Because wile the object is underway, earth will rotate eastwards and the east will drop down and the west/we will rise... from the east to the west, aim above.. wile the object is underway we will drop down a bit and the west will rise.. this is verry easy to understand with and video. They didn't understand coriolis. This is my gift. For you all. I discovered, understood a lot back in 2014. This one is new. 1 year old.

  • Tahir Gorgen
    Tahir Gorgen 9 months ago

    Time in space and climate change couses I explained in 2014 in Holland. Also on 'de vrije gedachte' (site of freethinkers were I have being active). Obama wanted to gather 100 billion dollar for climate change. I said back then: 'he wants to pin the magnatic north, that there isn't and use clean hydrogenbomb' and explained what climate change couses really is.. Nasa said on Turkish news channels that this year will be the warmest year in 100year but why? They pointed at me. Some one has to explain this and I would be happy if you did... particles in our atmosphere absorb sunlight. The moon is near the horizon more red less uv/blue because the light of it has to travel a longer distance to reach the surface/us (also some particles at a simular highed do effect this. I will explain this on part 2.). They are being absorbed more so less uv reaches us.. a man founded the uv of the spectrum of the light with an termometre, back in 1860s. I could go further with important information/knowledge. Flora does know that autumn has come from the more red less uv of the spectrum of the light and the shorter dayligths. They absorb/need less nitrogen to make the chlorofyl. Some trees have almoat skipped autumn here. If you understand this you will be mutch smarter. Clear dayligths means more uv that reach the surface as in the past. So the difference between warm and cold weather will be greater/more as in the past. I like youre video's and others as you. It would make me verry happy if you or some one else shares this. Knowledge has to be shared and I had have figured out mutch in physics to. I know the Gravity of Earth, coriolis etc to. And more. We have not reached the end of physics.

  • Tahir Gorgen
    Tahir Gorgen 9 months ago

    Youre the first one that I have approached. I want you to explain my findings. Time in space: the experience of the moment that passes (time for us organism inside our atmosphere. Our brain has adapted inside our atmosphere. No need to be hyper or more energy use for example) for us to opposite to the creator (real time and speed. Because time is related to speed. = time AND space) and ingenieur of our mind/soul. Time IN space was quantumlogic and is neuroscience/physics/evolution if you may aim or the purpose of the creator. I experienced quantumlogic myself. Youre only example of quantumlogic is mine. Quantumlogic means with what I have experienced, in my words: stuf our brain does'nt see/be awere of or understand.. If you all understand this, you will be understand much and much more. For example I did understand time in space and the difference of time abd space then I understood the Gravitational force of the sun, also mine. It spinns at a higher speed than we see in real. So it spinns at high and pulls itself and all towards. I will share another one right after this. If you want to you may make an other video about climate change. Couses.

  • Smokey the Bear
    Smokey the Bear 9 months ago

    LOL this dude ruined his youtube channel by supporting Hillary...and now the cuck DELETES THE VIDEO HAHAHAH oh man.

  • shailesh bandoliya
    shailesh bandoliya 9 months ago

    sir i have a question how is it possible to see a 3d image on 2d surface for e.x mirror

  • deathpony698
    deathpony698 9 months ago

    Is he done with that Hillary crap?
    Can I resub yet?

    • TheProteanGirl
      TheProteanGirl 9 months ago

      exactly!! I unsubbed him for that garbage, trash video and now i think he took it off so no worries safe to come back for the physics!!

  • Brian Cunnie
    Brian Cunnie 9 months ago

    Hey Henry, thanks for your videos. I enjoy them quite a bit, esp. the illustrations. Keep up the good work!

  • Fissionable Dalek
    Fissionable Dalek 9 months ago

    I don't get why anyone was surprised by his political opinion. No well educated person that has seen Trump's climate change policies can support him, even if the other option is Hillary.

    • The Doge
      The Doge 7 months ago

      I don't get why people vote Hillary despite the fact that her policies will bring war with russia. Sometimes, the current threat is bigger than future one(this is the case).

  • Redax101
    Redax101 9 months ago

    Why is this guy not verified?

  • pmyou2
    pmyou2 9 months ago

    URGENT REQUEST: Please make a quick video showing the shift in temperature due to global warming, ~2 degrees, will not eliminate winter. Show temperature scale and mark annual variation range for a location. Mark freezing, etc. Show shift of the 2 degrees. Point out that if snow was falling in previous years, that 2 degrees won't stop winter.

  • Harvey Sia
    Harvey Sia 9 months ago

    how does heat travel ?

    MIKOSKOPIA 9 months ago

    If you like science, nature and beautiful videos come to my new channel called MIKOSKOPIA.
    Please share with me your ideas and suggestions for improving the channel and making awesome new videos :).
    Of course thank you Minute Physics for your amazing videos.

  • Raja Williams
    Raja Williams 9 months ago

    freeom of speech

  • Olaf Lipinski
    Olaf Lipinski 9 months ago

    Why did you take the Clinton video down?

    • Neoptolemus 11
      Neoptolemus 11 6 months ago

      ......Annnnddd now that everyone realizes their mistake in electing Trump, hopefully we can get back to prioritizing science and rational thought rather than worrying about bathrooms or if the value of an immigrant's life is worth less than our own.

    • Jacob Griffin
      Jacob Griffin 9 months ago

      The people who are in favor of just Clinton or Trump think the undecided vote for whoever they "hate the least".
      But some people who don't like either candidate sometimes vote based on the party they agree with the most.

    • SpyingDutchman
      SpyingDutchman 9 months ago

      Probably ashamed that he supported a system that used lies, violence & corruption to try to win elections. 
      I would be ashamed too if I was stupid enough to let myself brainwash by the lies from the MSMedia

  • Carl Sagan
    Carl Sagan 9 months ago

    Could you do a video explaining the physics of the colapse of the WTC twin towers?

    BEY0NDtheINFINITY 10 months ago

    A video about de-Broglie's pilot wave theory would be great

  • kapserdeleewu
    kapserdeleewu 10 months ago

    Hi MinutePhysics,

    Have you read the recently published article 'Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe' by Erik Verlinde?
    I seems like an interesting topic for a new movie.
    What are you thought about this hypothesis on the macroscopic emergence of gravitational force?

    Cheers ,


  • Adrien Mott
    Adrien Mott 10 months ago

    Hey Henry, could you do a video explaining what is known of the EM drive? I read the paper and feel more confused than when I began. Thank you for your time.

  • TheSageDad
    TheSageDad 10 months ago

    If you want to list out "rights" then you forgot #2. Ya know, freedom to bear arms. Funny how you ignored that one... I'm guessing you live in the people's republic of California.

  • MrDami123
    MrDami123 10 months ago

    Where is your Clinton video?

  • Shamit Ofree
    Shamit Ofree 10 months ago

    why does friction produce heat, i know it does but why? why should rubbing my hand together make it warm? can you guys explain in a details

  • Keith Shaw
    Keith Shaw 10 months ago

    Stop watching main stream media, look into the alternate media. Please wake up and see the brain washing going on. I unsubscribed btw. You'll get me back if you post a video about Hillary's crimes and why she shouldn't be President.

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    "freeom of speech."

  • mad kobra
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    he deleted the political video lmao... at least have the backbone to stand behind what you say... i guess you cliton supporters are just like cliton. flip flopping, saying whatever it takes to get elected.

  • Nictator
    Nictator 10 months ago

    Channel banner starts with "freedom of speech".
    Supports Hillary.
    You do know what freedom of speech is designed to protect, right?

    It's designed to protect unpopular or controversial opinions, believe it or not. If you have to ask if someone should be allowed to say something, then that is the type of language that freedom of speech is supposed to protect.

    • Numerous Rhizobia
      Numerous Rhizobia 9 months ago

      Supporting freedom of speech, doesn't mean you have to condone or agree with any particular controversial opinion. It just means that you believe that expressing such opinions shouldn't have legal consequences. And in any case, it's trump who has spoken about things like strengthening libel laws to make it easier for him (and others who can afford it) to sue people who criticize them, not Hillary. I would imagine that you would find that idea concerning, if you care about freedom of speech.

    • TheSlavicDude
      TheSlavicDude 9 months ago

      Its not Freedom of speech, its FREEOM of speech

    • Jacob Griffin
      Jacob Griffin 9 months ago

      It also means that the government can't shush out what you say or censor what you write.

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  • TheSlavicDude
    TheSlavicDude 10 months ago

    "Freeom of Speech."
    what? (In the Channel Art)

    • Jacob Griffin
      Jacob Griffin 5 months ago

      I can see they finally corrected it now.

    • Jacob Griffin
      Jacob Griffin 9 months ago

      freeom of speech.

    • noahdouble07
      noahdouble07 10 months ago

      I was just about to point this out

    • TheSlavicDude
      TheSlavicDude 10 months ago

      Still says Freeom of Speech, Is that how it's supposed to be spelled?

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    Does anyone have this cunt's vote hillary video? I'd like to reupload it for archive reasons

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    Could you make a video about the recent advances in the subject of dark matter made by Erik Verlinde?

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    You shouldn't have used your channel to defend a dangerous criminal person like Hillary.
    People subscribed to your channel to learn a bit of physics .

    Good bye, cuck.

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    bet you feel dumb now you fag

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    Enjoy Donald Trump as your next president, you pathetic fucking loser.

    • Abdul Rabiu
      Abdul Rabiu 2 months ago

      Harsh, why are you so angry at him? Does he not have the right to have political views and *be respected for them* not attacked because of them. You don't have to agree, but respect his views.

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    idiot faggots
    fuck hilary in your ass idiot physics monkeys

  • geopoli313
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    Why I'm Voting For Hillary Clinton
    phisics video?
    another propaganda videodont subcribe anymore at this channelis full of politic shits

    • Abdul Rabiu
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      One video and it's suddenly "full of politic shits"

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    just one last comment from me - HAHA!

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    Piss off with the election bullshit. I'm not American, I don't live in America and I don't wanna hear it.
    I clicked that video on accident and I just wanna let you know you didn't deserve the slight view count contribution

  • Vaysm
    Vaysm 10 months ago

    Thanks for making your last video. It means a lot that you were willing to risk posting something you knew would be received poorly because you knew it was the right thing to do. I respect you Henry.

  • PixieTheDude
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    fuck your channel you sellout

    • Mr crazyattire
      Mr crazyattire 10 months ago

      Vaysm you do know that you are a failed youtuber? I mean your opinion is void because you play minecraft.

    • PixieTheDude
      PixieTheDude 10 months ago

      +Vaysm a deserved loss, just like Hillary's campaign

    • Vaysm
      Vaysm 10 months ago

      He lost so much from making that video. Replace the 9V battery powering your puny brain you dipshit.

  • M.W. Vaughn
    M.W. Vaughn 10 months ago

    I agreed with Henry's political video, but from a business perspective, maybe that wasn't the wisest move...

    • Vaysm
      Vaysm 10 months ago

      That Kangaroo guy is nutso

    • Vaysm
      Vaysm 10 months ago

      That's why I respect him so much now. He did his duty even though it hurt his channel.

    • Fortifed
      Fortifed 10 months ago

      His videos are educational.

      He was probably paid by the Clinton foundation.

      "How much were you paid by the Clinton foundation to make your last video? Enough to be worth all the people that both un-sub and hate you now?

      Please don't act like you weren't. It's painfully obvious with the falsification of information that you've just put out.",
      says Kangaroo Shorts.

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    Austin A. 10 months ago

    Don't listen to all the haters

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    Hang in there Henry, some people just aren't polite. Ignore them.

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    Pewien Autysta 10 months ago

    I subscribed for popular science videos, not for political campaigning. Pathetic.

    • MrBiochronic
      MrBiochronic 10 months ago

      +Ivan Haboić I Guess you're right. He shouldnt have made the video in the first place. Pushing his political agenda on his science-fanbase was just stupid.
      Plus he didnt even bring up legit arguments for her. Didnt mention the FBI, CNN, Bernie, other concerns . he just said trump is worse. plain. so much for a scintific channel with analysis and stuff~
      I don't care about his politic intersts, he just disappointed me with such biased arguments and the lack of "real" research and legit arguments for clinton.

    • Ivan Haboić
      Ivan Haboić 10 months ago

      I would've deleted it aswell. More hassle than it's worth. He'd also lost the money he made on it.

    • MrBiochronic
      MrBiochronic 10 months ago

      He made it private. you can still see it with the link in his tweet a while ago. "standing up for what i believe in" - takes the video down after the lection. Pathetic.

    • Beorn
      Beorn 10 months ago

      That video disappeared?

    • Ivan Haboić
      Ivan Haboić 10 months ago

      It's his channel. He can suddenly start uploading game Let's play videos. he can do whatever he wants. You can choose whether to watch or not.

  • matt Peace
    matt Peace 10 months ago

    Could you talk about greenhouse effect?

  • Franimalist
    Franimalist 10 months ago

    Can you name some of your sources for information? Blogs, websites...anything. I really appreciate your work and I think it's awesome. Thank you in advance if you respond.

  • Matt Watt
    Matt Watt 10 months ago

    man the comments section for the Purpose of Life video exploded!! threads with over 50 replies...
    makes me feel like those should be happening here instead, let everyone follow along... my bad too

    • Matt Watt
      Matt Watt 10 months ago

      disclaimer; I feel disappointed by the title, I've been having an existential crisis (Philosophy of BoJack Horseman) but technically, one of the def; "the reason for which something [...] exists." well, Existence precedes Essence

  • Yuvi the smarty
    Yuvi the smarty 10 months ago

    Please tell about Imagination of Brain.. I mean where its centre is, how it is created, how the picture forms in Imagination..

  • Yuvi the smarty
    Yuvi the smarty 10 months ago

    I will be Glad if you tell that why light bends towards normal everytime when moved from rarer medium to denser one and vice-versa. I mean why not the reverse happens that light bend away from normal when moved from rarer to denser medium, i am not talking about the mathematical reason but a scientific explained reason?..

  • Peter Henriksen
    Peter Henriksen 11 months ago

    I never believed in the supernatural and always believed in science. But
    then i heard about quantum physics and now i've given up understanding
    this world/vers. I stil believe in science. I'll just never get it. The
    world just doesn't make sense to me. In my mind things should work as
    Dam you Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Louis de
    Broglie, Arthur Compton, Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrödinger, Max Born,
    John von Neumann, Paul Dirac, Enrico Fermi, Wolfgang Pauli, Max von
    Laue, Freeman Dyson, David Hilbert, Wilhelm Wien, Satyendra Nath Bose,
    Arnold Sommerfeld, and God/Gods or nothing. Yeah, dam you nothing and go to hell!

    • Jacob Griffin
      Jacob Griffin 9 months ago

      Anaximenes, Anaximander, Aristotle, Plato, Isaac Newton,
      Edwin Hubble, Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus,
      Leonardo da Vinci, Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku,
      Bill Nye, Buzz Aldrin, Ray Kurzweil, and other scientists...

    • Vaysm
      Vaysm 10 months ago

      Haha, now you're getting it! :D :P

      I dunno if this is helpful, but this is the way I see things: ants don't think to question the world, to monkeys the world makes sense until they see a mirror or a car - things which they cannot comprehend. We are limited in the same way - but that doesn't mean the world stop being like clockwork. Just means we don't understand it... yet ;)

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    Could you do a video about eletric attraction/repulsion? It would be awesome!

    Finally, this is just the best channel there is!

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    More videos in spanish PLEASE

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    Why can't we smash electrons like we can smash everything else?

  • Kartsa
    Kartsa 11 months ago

    Hi! Your latest video about entropy raised few questons in my mind:

    If we assume that the faith of our universe will be the big crunch (I know it seems not to be with the current knowledge), what would happen to entropy from the point the universe begins to shrink to the big crunch? Does the second law of thermodynamics fall apart in such a situation because we don't have quantum gravity theory (or something corresponding) yet available? In addition, what kind of relation there is between entropy and time in my formerly described situation (all the way to the big crunch)? Thank you for the aswers!

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    Just a quick message to say THANK YOU for the continually amazing content!!

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    I made Italian subs for the video: "Do Cause and Effect Really Exist?"
    Hope you publih them.

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    plz make a video on Eagle Nebula's Pillars of Creation

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    Hiroman17 11 months ago

    Can someone solve me this. i herd this from my uncle and i tried to solve it for a weak now i am still unable to do it plz help i don't know who i need to ask dis question. Here is the mathematical puzzle: father gives his son 20 dollars to buy a pair of shoes. The child both the shoes bat realized that the shoes are on the same foot. So he decided to sell them to 2 disabled people for 12.5 dollars each so he earned 5 dollars. Bat his father told him that earning from disabled people is not allowed so he went to the disable people and gives them each 1 dollar and keeps the rest 3 to him self so 12.5-1=11.5x2=23+3-26 bat he had only 25 from where did he got a additional dollar ?

  • Greg Letter
    Greg Letter 11 months ago

    If the environment that we live in and learn from helps dictate what we think and do. If our race and gender helps dictate what we think and do. If our DNA helps dictate what we think and do, and if our intelligence level helps dictate what we think and do.

    If these things dictate what we think and do, then do we have free will or are we just dictated to think and do what we do.

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    I would like to communicate to the creator of this channel can anybody tell me how?

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    Mrluiginono 11 months ago

    I think you should do a video on Tectonic Uplift. I searched it and could only imagine little hand drawn figures explaining the concept... except in this case i still don't know how it works.

  • Franimalist
    Franimalist 11 months ago

    What program are you using to edit videos?

  • Ben Fuller
    Ben Fuller 11 months ago

    Can you do a video about Angular Momentum? or Bose-Einstein Condensates?

    • Cecil Khokhar
      Cecil Khokhar 11 months ago

      he already made a video on angular momentum

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    I was wondering...
    Why is MinuteEarth verified, when you aren't
    Thats all.

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    You should explain the gauss principle!!!!

  • Advocate For A TYT Canada

    You really do show your character when you hate on the "10thdim". I've heard your reasons and they leave me wanting and weary.

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    "roses are red, violets are blue, and purple in a rainbow is a supernumerary hue" - this alone is worth a contribution... but the other videos are also great :)

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    Why doesn't minutephysics have a 'verified' symbol? 3 million subscribers! And I've seen channels with 500,000 subs, and they have a 'verified' symbol!

    • AmpJamer
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      I just asked that question, and even weirder, MinuteEarth IS verified. And it's made by the SAME PEOPLE.

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    Can you please fix all the audio issues in your videos, you always use the same super bassy "music" and your voice is really dim, it's really hard to understand what you say, I end up feeling a bit deaf and dizzy after your videos, actually I can't stand them anymore fir that reason. Try to hear your videos with other speaker, it may help you notice what I say. Otherwise I would love to see your videos, music is not that important, the important part is the content, so please fix it.

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    Just found this channel....I have discovered my people.

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    I'd like to see how a catalyst actually does its job. ah welp, you are probably not looking for ideas.

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    Love your videos. Can you make one on the EPR paradox?

  • ננסי טראוטמן

    I assume our atmosphere is why daybreak and nightfall is gradual.  If we were on the moon with no atmosphere, would daybreak and nightfall be instant?   Like turning off and on a light switch?

    • AmpJamer
      AmpJamer 11 months ago

      That is a great question, but I'm pretty sure there isn't daybreak/nightfall on the moon because of the lack of atmosphere, so thank Earth's atmosphere for the beautiful blue sky (and sunsets/sunrises!).

  • ThePyromancer13
    ThePyromancer13 Year ago

    Could you make a video about diffusion in wind.

  • Kat Arrasmith
    Kat Arrasmith Year ago

    Say I was ballistically sending a probe to the outer solar system with a rail gun from the Moon: no rockets for course correction. It takes hours for the reflected light from the outer planets to reach our Moon, and gravity 'travels' at the speed of light. Would my highly detailed and precise gravitation model of the solar system use the apparent position of Jupiter from the Moon or its actual position, hours and many thousands of miles further ahead in its orbit?

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    hey world I got a big question to ask is it cheaper to go to the coffee shop and get a coffee, spend the day there. as compared to spending it back home?

    • Gary Collin
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      sorry  i must had a lot strass at the time. I was trying to say if your not working can you save money by spend $2 - $4  dollars a per day for a month at a coffee shop then being at home for a month and will it help drop your power and heating bill for the month ?  thanks for pointing it out.

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      I am unable to comprehend what you are trying to say.

      a.k.a. whaaa?

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    What no olympics related videos this year?

  • Chari Zard
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    Could you make a video about weird sounds that are coming from the sky in all parts of the planet? I've heard it today, but they appeared everywhere through last several years, people recorded it, but no normal explanation is on the internet except speculations on armageddon or ufo. We need some real science!

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    please make a video upon syllabus related to class 11 and 10 also please
    the physics portions and quantum are of special interest

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    Not sure if you fixed this yet but, If you "ghost ride" a bike or ride "no hands", it will not turn left to turn right etc.

    • rcgldr
      rcgldr Year ago

      If leaning to the left at the right speed, a bike will steer left enough to roll it to the right back to a vertical orientation. The counter steering effect relates to recovery from a lean back to vertical orientation.

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    Don´t let them rule you over your own knowledge!!!luis felipe massena misiec google plus for mathwork gravity speed faster than light

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    I like your videos a lot - one thing that I didn't manage to understand: if gravity speed is equal to light speed - how can it escape a black hole? How does the universe "see" the black hole at all? I know that things falling into a black hole get red shifted (seen from the outside) so they seem to fall endlessly. So mass gain through stuff falling in isn't the problem (or am I wrong about the endless falling?). And what about the original mass of the black hole from when it formed? Does it also never reach the final "real" black hole stage (viewed from the outside reference frame) but only gets closer and closer? The only other conclusion (I can think of) would be that gravitation can transport information faster than light. Would be really glad if you could clear that up!

    • AmpJamer
      AmpJamer 11 months ago

      The reason a black hole is black is because you need to go faster than the speed of light to escape it, so it sucks in all the nearby light making it seem black (because it actually isn't black).

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    make a video about the science of sharpening a knife, you know angles of the knife and those things

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    Hi Henry Reich, I am Hung D. Bui from Vietnam

    Your channel Minutephysics is one of the best channel about popular science that I've seen
    in order to improve passions with Physics and also science for Vietnamese youth, I want to use your ideas for the Vietnamese version of Minutephysic
    Firstly, I want to contact you for the permissions to use your content.
    Thank you so much for give us good channel about science!

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    To dispose of all waste except nuclear, the thermite furnace can do the job, burning not as hot as but more like the Sun. Thermiting reactions happen between many metals but iron oxide and aluminum are the hottest and most convenient. The byproducts are burned down to the atomic level. Nuclear waste is not made less radioactive by this but can be concentrated for asset storage.

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    Video Idea:  the ENTIRE life spam of a photon of light... I want to know how it ends.... like,  if im in a room standing between 2 mirrors (one in front, one in back) and I shut the lights off, what happens to all those photons of light??? the room instantly goes dark, but why doesn't the light continue to bounce off the 2 mirrors over and over and I still be able to see that?? eventually the photons "die" I guess.. but how, why, explain the death of a photon please.  it cant just "end" can it... there has to be something left behind... information.... anything?? can those dead photons be "dark matter"

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    I'd like to contribute on the Indonesian caption for the subtitles.. If you have any opportunities for such contribution, I'd be happy to look on it.

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    Hi MinutePhysics. I would like to suggest a topic to one of your videos if you don't mind. Would you please explain the issues of straight lines in the Universe? Could you explain how in a flat model of the universe euclidean geometry fails to describe reality on a large scale and only non-euclidean (Riemannian geometry) can achieve that. Because straight lines to not exist at very large scales there are some very idiotic voices out there claiming that calculus is a complete delusion because an equation such as y = ax + b describes something that does not exist when considered at the scale of light years.

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    The music has been too loud for the last 3 videos or so now. Makes it really hard to actually want to listen to the videos (doesn't help the music isn't that nice to listen to)

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    Just found out about your channel 2 days ago from WheezyWaiter's video "I Met Hillary Clinton" were Wheezy gave you a quick shoutout. Your channel is great, and I've already subscribed! Now the YouTube channels I watch are, WheezyWaiter, MinutePhysics, Kurzgesagt-In A Nutshell, and Good Mythical Morning. Thx!!!

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