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  • wonderglory
    wonderglory 3 days ago

    I dare you, I double dare you, I triple dare you to take the ice bucket challenge. Harty har har!

  • Scott
    Scott 3 days ago

    Hey Nile, greetings from the US, big fan of your content. I'm a big fan of gymnastics and have huge respect for the strength and power you little guys have, especially on rings. I've just finished up rowing for my university for four years at an elite level. I got fast enough to join the US national team, but decided not to pursue that path because I'm too short to be successful, 6'1" and 98 kg in a sport dominated by 6'5" and 6'7" giants, and height really is important. Thinking that I want to keep training my body, I've fallen in love with the idea of doing advanced moves on the rings, like l-sit iron cross, victorian cross, and ring planche. I'm curious if I'm just too big to become really good at rings, or if I would be able to build up enough strength even if it took longer. I've done one ring muscle up already, so I'm confident that I can progress, but I just want to hear your thoughts on if you have heard of anyone my size who has ever been able to do those really advanced moves. I'm certainly no stranger to hard work, so if that's all it will take, then I'm certainly game. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 3 days ago

      Hey mate, you're definitely not too big at all. And by the sounds of it your willing to work to get where you want to be! Give it a try mate you'll smash it!!

  • Matthew Dodsworth
    Matthew Dodsworth 3 days ago

    Alright or Alreet ? whatever... Bing yourself (rather than Google) and you'll see that Bing has got your profile pic wrong ! Just sor thi' norrs :)

  • Stefan Koenen
    Stefan Koenen 6 days ago

    Hey Nile! Im following you for a few months. Congratz on your comeback! I think you and Austin Dunman should meet up ones, maybe you can learn from each other.

  • Maz Dela Cerna
    Maz Dela Cerna 11 days ago

    Loved your vid!! Really interesting!! Don't stop making vlogs!

  • אמתי מינאי
    אמתי מינאי 11 days ago

    hi man, my name is Amitay and im from israel. I can do HSPU easily but when it comes to free handstand my brain goes crazy and i just can manage this movement any advise
    u r a great inspiration and and a great athlete

  • Argiro Troumpa
    Argiro Troumpa 12 days ago

    Hey Nile <3 You inspire me every single day and thank you for that <3 I was a gymnast for 5 years but I had an injury on my knee.I was trying to continue my big love of gymnastics for 2 years more but then another injury made me stop. Now after 2 years of only hard work at simple gym and stretching I decided to turn back to gymnastics. Do you beliveve that I can do what I was able to do then?I'm not in pain or sth like that anymore but 2 years out of gymnastics,you know it's not the same. Thank you <3 Keep smashing it <3

    • Argiro Troumpa
      Argiro Troumpa 7 days ago

      omg thank you for your answer and this is why you are an ispiration to everyone <3 <3

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 12 days ago

      Course you can! The only limitations in life are the ones we set ourselves!

  • Aunty J
    Aunty J 12 days ago

    Hey Nile, would you consider doing a video about your coaches? What is like for them to coach at the Elite Level, what they do to keep motivation etc? I am in NZ and am coming to see you in Gold Coast 2018! Can't wait. Keep up your great work - you are great inspiration! I am 52 and was in my oldies aqua aerobics class the other day telling myself to Train Smart and Keep it Real (with a Leeds accent no less!).

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 12 days ago

      Great idea! Thanks for the support!!

  • Chloé Crocker
    Chloé Crocker 13 days ago

    Hiya Nile, just wondered if you could give me some advice. I've had multiple injuries, mainly ankle sprains due to my hyper-mobility, over my 18 year career in gymnastics and now trampolining which have held me back from progressing physically and mentally. I know you've had a few bad injuries as well, and I wanted to know how you get past that fear of re-injury and anxiety in training new skills. On a separate note, I've been following you for a while, loved seeing your progress up to Rio, looking forward to 2020! Thanks a lot!

  • devon Thomas
    devon Thomas 15 days ago

    hi nile, my name is Devon i do Acro and it is beginning to get boring i really want to do mens artistic but they didn't let me join because of my age i was 10 and now i am 14 do u have any tips u can give me and if you do can u reply. " thank you " :)

    • devon Thomas
      devon Thomas 15 days ago

      train smart keep it real.

    • devon Thomas
      devon Thomas 15 days ago

      thank you so muck.

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 15 days ago

      Hey Devon mate, Check out my Body Bible plans! They'd be awesome for you!! Best wishes bud and keep smashing it! Nile

    VANKYOU LIVE 16 days ago

    I want to see you doing some combat movements ^ _ ^
    i'm baha eddine from algeria

  • עדי אשל
    עדי אשל 17 days ago

    you are kind as an aspiration in my eyes of how manly parent character should be . as a teenage that doesnt have it and has no father around in one hand its sad eacause making remember over and over that fact ( which i have no father ) but in other hand an asperation and example of this how this character should be ( think you give good model of it )

  • עדי אשל
    עדי אשל 17 days ago

    awsome nile just wanted to say you are great person so talent and modest in same time. love you and kisses from israel ( personally loved the video of you and johana the most , you look with amazying connection each other and plesure watching it .)

  • TomTomEdits
    TomTomEdits 18 days ago

    roughly how many hours do you put into gymnastics everyday?

  • François M
    François M 21 day ago

    Hi Nile, Would you know of some international asociation / federation to contact to find gym classes for over 40s? It proves kind of difficult to find any proper classes open to adults... so far, I found none (in Barcelona and in Brussels) and weight lifting bores me to death... Maybe you should start the business yourself :) Thanks!

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 21 day ago

      Sorry mate I'm not too clued up on that! Would recommend checking out my Body Bible plans though as a lot of the workouts can be done at home! Best wishes, Nile

  • Gymnast Kat3677
    Gymnast Kat3677 22 days ago

    where do you go to get a t-shirt? that's if there are any left x

  • Sustainable Innovation Initiatives

    Hi Nile. Love the videos. Can you please do a video with Simonster ? (See Simonster Strength)

  • mr. zion
    mr. zion Month ago

    your such and inspiration to me i love your videos and its so cool how you do all of those flips

  • bboysoulzero
    bboysoulzero Month ago

    gymnast meets dancing ^^

  • Brian Matthews
    Brian Matthews Month ago

    Hey Nile, greetings from an old fart yank, who is a big ole anglophyle... I have absolutely loved watching gymnastics since I was little. I am just amazed at what the human body can do. My favs are the high bar for men, and the balance beam for women is just phenomenol to watch. As you can see I have a 3 yr old neice who is the absolute light of my life...dont have little buggers of my own so I just dote on this one and my nephews. To get to the point, my neice is very active and climbs everything, and loves doing physical activity. We have programs for little ones in gymnastics, what age do you think is a good time to see if she would be interested in gymnastics, and what would be some suggestions of your own cause I see you enjoy working with youngsters. Before I end, on a personal note I love that someone is on youtube that has such a positive outlook, and attitude, and just seems to have it together with being close to your family, etc. Congrats on the bronze, keep "smashing" it, and all the best of luck. You will be World Champ and Olympic gold some day...i just can see it. All the best, Brian

  • akuseru
    akuseru Month ago

    Ey up Nile, how you doing? I reckon it'd be interesting if you gave parkour and freerunning a shot for a video

  • Nick E
    Nick E Month ago

    Nile are you going to or have you done a Gymnastics meets crossfit?

  • Mike Brady
    Mike Brady Month ago

    I have a fun video challenge for Nile Wilson, Brine Bevan (damaged wrist??), and Gaius Thompson: English Walnuts have thinner, easier-to-crack shells. With your forearm muscles and using one hand, either the right or the left, can you crack open 2 English Walnuts while holding 3 English Walnuts in your hand (8o)? Can you do it with either hand? If your successful, capture the surprised looks on other peoples faces when you crack some walnuts for them. "Want some walnuts?" "Yes, but I don't have a nut cracker." "Oh, CRACK ... here, enjoy." ; )

  • Patryk Szaruga
    Patryk Szaruga Month ago

    Hi, do you plan to record some front/back flip programms in the future?

  • tout josephine
    tout josephine Month ago

    I helped subtitle one of ur vids please accept it

  • anthony briones
    anthony briones Month ago

    buenos videos ..felicidades ..saludos desde Peru!

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels Month ago

    Hey Nile, have considered trying the bring Sally up pull up challenge? I think it would make for an interesting UGC.

  • Shawn O'shea
    Shawn O'shea Month ago

    Hey Nile, I like videos, very inspiring, and glad to see someone out there takes the time to help others. I really like your challenge videos, they can be funny. I suggested this before, but you should do a challenge video with Edward Upcott or George Wood. They are great gymnasts like yourself.

  • Aaron Windham
    Aaron Windham Month ago

    Hi. My name is Aaron. I'm from the US. Recently I've been looking for something to motivate me to start working out again. I swam for a number of years but my body is nowhere near the shape it was in then. Time and money are limited so I wanted to try a workout regiment that I could do at home. Watching your videos has inspired me but I know I could never do the things you do. I'm just looking for basics. My diet is horrible. I actually just finished a plate of fries. Do you have any words of encouragement or any advice?

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson Month ago

      Set some goals Aaron and write them down.. Where do you wanna go? What do you wanna do? The only person who can do this is you... be the person you strive to become! You can do this!

  • Anniken Killingberg Døsvik

    Hey Nile:) ( sorry if my english wrighting is bad)
    how yah doing, ya alright!!!!

    My name is Anniken, and I am from Norway. I have practised gymnastics my hole life, and my mom is a gymnastics coach. We both love your videos, and think you are a great rolemodel for all gymnasts. My mom liked specially the one with your dad in the gym:) Keep up the hard work, and you will manage to qualify for the upcoming championship .

    In the end I where just wondering when your shirts will be instock again???

    • tout josephine
      tout josephine Month ago

      hey Nile I subtitled one of your video the no going back one ? I hope you like it its Josephine by the way

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 2 months ago

      Hey Anniken, thanks so much for the support!! They will be back in stock in early August!

  • Rae-Anne Chu Wai chow
    Rae-Anne Chu Wai chow 2 months ago

    Nile Wilson your my all time favourite gymnastic member, I love watching you perform in different competitions and in Rio 2016 and your my inspiration.

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 2 months ago

      Thanks so much for the support!! Keep smashing your dreams!

  • NtinaX team
    NtinaX team 2 months ago

    i love you so much <3 <3 <3 you are the best <3 <3 :) :)

  • Zack j
    Zack j 3 months ago

    hi are you making yubetube videos today

  • šimon Lesko
    šimon Lesko 4 months ago

    Hi Nile, i have got problem with stretching my lower back, can you give me any suggestion what should I do ? Thank you so much .... fan from Slovakia :-D .

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 4 months ago

      Stretching is sometimes painful you just have to work through it 💪🏼🤸🏼‍♂️

  • lindsaysimplyliving
    lindsaysimplyliving 4 months ago

    Heyya Nile, Lindsay from Canada here. I have been a gym fan for as long as I can remember, but I have also struggled with my weight and depression for all of my life. I reached 350 pounds at my heaviest, but have worked hard to lose 60 pounds. I have always wanted to try an adult gym class, but I'm so far from being able to go that I don't even know how to start. Might you do a video on some simple, basic conditioning exercises for adults that are not in good shape that would help us get ready to get into Adult gym? Thanks so much - your channel is very inspiring.

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 4 months ago

      Hey Lindsay... great to hear from you & that's incredible you've lost 60 pounds! Keep smashing it 💪🏼.. I would check out body bibles new site .. The bronze package I think would be perfect for you which is a 12 week handstand programme starting from very beginner. My mum has been doing this & seen some great weight loss results. There's also nutrition & mindset tips on there which will help also... let me know what you think & best wishes ! Nile

  • Tom Wagner
    Tom Wagner 4 months ago

    Hey jo, would you pls upload more often ? I already added u on snapchat, but i could see u more often so pls make more videos :DD

    Greetings from Germany !

  • Isabel Button
    Isabel Button 4 months ago

    Hi. i am a new subscriber

  • Heidi Preston
    Heidi Preston 4 months ago

    Hi Nile. Watching you overcome your recovery and staying positive has been inspiring. You have helped me to overcome my depression that I have been struggling with. It has changed me into a positive and stronger person, thank you. Could you come do a meet and greet down under : ) Keep up the videos! Lots of love from Australia

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 4 months ago

      Thanks for the support!! Best wishes!

  • gbriank1
    gbriank1 4 months ago

    Nile, are there other activities outside of the gym you engage in to increase stamina?

    • gbriank1
      gbriank1 4 months ago

      With perseverance, you can keep asthma under control. Awesome!

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 4 months ago

      I tend to do a couple of sessions on the bike each week to improve my CV as I have asthma so it is pretty poor!

  • Hannah Wadsworth
    Hannah Wadsworth 4 months ago

    Hi Nile i go to Lymm high school and we are having an auction to raise money to take sports equipment out to South Africa when we go in 2018 and we were wondering if you would be willing to sign something. Also love your videos and have been following you since the commonwealth games.

    • Hannah Wadsworth
      Hannah Wadsworth 4 months ago


    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 4 months ago

      Hi Hannah, please send me an email at and will try get it sorted!

  • Freesouls'z
    Freesouls'z 4 months ago

    Nile how tall are you ? ;D

    • Freesouls'z
      Freesouls'z 4 months ago

      because you are as heavy as me but dont stop trainning gymnastic because you are awesome and make us fun and dont forget we support you ! :)

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 4 months ago


  • Bradley Heinz
    Bradley Heinz 4 months ago

    Hey what's the opening song you use? "You are the sunshine..." etc. I'd love to hear the full version

  • Icovy
    Icovy 4 months ago

    Dude your videos are lit and entertaining. I just started watching and automatically subscribed. Keep up the good work.

  • eric rusu
    eric rusu 4 months ago

    Hey man you are such an good inspiration for me and my friends.You help t me so much that i can see the deferens betwen me from one month before and the present me thank you so much and please continue making videos.

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 4 months ago

      Thanks for the support! Keep smashing it!

  • Eli Weinstein
    Eli Weinstein 4 months ago

    Hey man you are just amazing and such an inspiration to so many people! I love the fight and grit you have but at the same time the love of life and humor that makes everyday fun. I was wondering. Was is the song in your intro to your vids?

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 4 months ago

      Thanks so much for the support! The song is Tom Zanetti - Darlin

  • M G V gsღ
    M G V gsღ 5 months ago

    bro u like soccer?

  • James Bulbrook
    James Bulbrook 5 months ago

    hey nile weren't u on take me out

  • Gigsta
    Gigsta 5 months ago

    Btw you are my Inspiration :))

  • Gigsta
    Gigsta 5 months ago

    Hey Nile, I have a gymnastics YouTube channel, Do you have any tips on how to grow your channel ?

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 5 months ago

      Just be consistent with your content and get a feel for the vids people enjoy!

  • bass boosted bear
    bass boosted bear 5 months ago

    are the massage balls out of stock, if so when will they be back?

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 5 months ago

      They will be back on sale on my new website!

    FESTIVEHURDLE 28 5 months ago

    Nile will you be doing a meet and greet at the o2 ?

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 5 months ago

      Unfortunately not as I am there working for sky sports! Will try get to meet as many people as I can though!

  • Martin Wiesiolek
    Martin Wiesiolek 5 months ago

    Nile, you and your buddies are such an inspiration! I am 51 and thanks to you I have started gymnastics. I thought I was fit until I tried some of the exercises you guys do. Oh my gosh! Thanks for sharing and keep posting your challenges and adventures in gymnastics.

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 5 months ago

      That is absolutely awesome!! Keep smashing it!

  • ukau lamontagne
    ukau lamontagne 5 months ago

    Hey man I think of something nice ;) Can yo do a video with some calisthenic guys ? example BarsStarzz, Chris Heira ... etc and show to this guys how Hight level gymnast do on bars and kicks some ass ! If you can, that would be fucking amazing haha :D Continu to train hard and do what your doing, your a beats and you have bull strenght ! :)

    FESTIVEHURDLE 28 5 months ago

    EYUp Nile
    I am going to the wold gymnastics event at the O2 on
    Saturday and would like to arsk will you be taking part there and will you be selling your t shirts.


    Keep it real

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 5 months ago

      I won't be taking part or selling T-shirts but will be there! Working for sky sports. Hopefully see you there!

  • Peter v K
    Peter v K 5 months ago

    Oi! You there! Eyup... Just continue!!! Well done for all, it is so reassuring to see that you are part of a generation, that, it would seem, is using this new social world, to finally trigger inspiration! And you are doing it very well! Well played. (no distractions!...) And yeah, "chuffed". Your family support, your "never give up and smile" attitude. The Brinn, kid too. I hope it gets even better for you with more challenging responsibilities ahead. 10/10 (Go on...1 question! Bown or White rice?)

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 5 months ago

      Thanks so much for the support!! I like both hahaha🙈

  • marwan fartassi
    marwan fartassi 5 months ago


  • Jim Langley
    Jim Langley 5 months ago

    Nile Wilson, I just watched some of your You Tube. You are doing great except for one major thing. You have a few spots out of place in the neck, stomach and lower hip area.
    I attended classes in Canada 26 yrs ago on body management and learned how easy it is to be balanced. I hadn't been skiing for 2 yrs and after being balanced in Canada and learning how to do it, I went skiing at Silver Mt in kellogg Idaho. (longest gondola in the world) I couldn't fall literally and my 5th grade son who had only skied a few times a year before just blew his mind at how much better he was balanced left and right and could stay right with me the whole day. call me and I would love to share 406-251-3276. It's for real. One fellow won the 1500 in Boston not long after he was balanced.
    A minor head bump or slight concussion can out of balance a lot. That's easy and was discovered in Germany, (how to balance a concussion in seconds.
    You can win gold or close with a true balance and keeping it.

  • Stephanie Konig
    Stephanie Konig 6 months ago

    Hello Nile! I joined an adult gymnastics class in January and am having so much fun! I discovered your videos a couple days ago and love all the energy, motivation and inspiration coming from you, your family and your teammates! Makes me want to train a whole lot more. I'm sad I've missed the Handstand challenge but hope you'll have some more in the future. All the best in your recovery! Cheers from Canada :)

  • Amelia Davis
    Amelia Davis 6 months ago

    'Ey up Nile, how you doing? Y'alright? :) I absolutely love watching your videos, you are such an inspiration! I aspire to have your level of positivity. I know you must be busy, but I wanted to ask - what advice would you give someone who is afraid of starting gymnastics and actually going to a gym to start training? I ask because I'm 20 years old and have wanted to do gymnastics since I was very young - I am now in a place where I have the opportunity to do this, but I find that as a complete beginner, I am scared to start this up.
    Also, I wonder if you have any advice for someone who is scared of practicing and learning basic skills, for example, a backward roll or handstand. I am terrified of attempting these skills as I fear I will injure myself.
    I appreciate any reply from yourself, and hope you are smashing your training! x

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 6 months ago

      Eyup! Thanks for the support!.. You need to change your self talk & beliefs... I imagine you're scared because your thoughts are 'I'm scared, 'What if' 'I can't' etc... Imagine switching that around & really focusing on just having fun with gymnastics & being excited to learn new skills!! ... You can do it 😉👊🏼🤸🏼‍♂️

  • Ignelis
    Ignelis 6 months ago

    Hay Nile Wilson can you show how do split ?

  • Bailey Crowe
    Bailey Crowe 6 months ago

    Hey Nile, have you ever gave tricking a shot? I know you're really into gymnastics and some gymnasts look poorly upon tricking because the lack of form and everything else that can come with it. But i think it might be worth a shot for a video? :)

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 6 months ago

      Cool idea yeah I'd love to give it a go 🤸🏼‍♂️

  • meenakumari362
    meenakumari362 6 months ago

    Inspirational videos and nice channel. Keep up the good work and all the best dear! :-)

  • Zoe Martin
    Zoe Martin 6 months ago

    i found your channel last Saturday and i sat down and watch every single video you have uploaded and you are so inspirational! my favourite parts in your videos is watching the little boys stand around and watch you and they look up to you so much, i was wondering if you coach any of them or are thinking about coaching in the future? and also what is like sharing a gym with the younger kids? love from New Zealand

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 6 months ago

      Wow thank you so much! Always wanting to help the kids & maybe get into coaching in the future ☺ best wishes 🤸🏼‍♂️

  • Dynamiten
    Dynamiten 6 months ago

    Do you got a playlist for your music? love the videos btw!

    • Nile Wilson
      Nile Wilson 6 months ago

      Yes have a playlist on soundcloud!!

  • Charly Boneca
    Charly Boneca 6 months ago

    Hi Nile, I stumbled over your channel a few weeks ago. I root for you, though I'm not British. I see you dancing to House and Popmusic, really nice.My question now is I published 2 songs of whom I think you would like here in Germany.I would like you to use them in your videos, wherever you see them fit. I would send them to you for free and you play them. That would be so amazing! Take Care :-)

  • Totally Random as
    Totally Random as 7 months ago

    How often do you upload?

  • Трейлеры фильмов и сериалов

    Hello help pozhaluystarasskrutit channel, we want populirizirovat nash sport and show everyone how gymnasts conductive my free time I ask to help because our people think that this is only the flip gymnastics

  • Jun Chan
    Jun Chan Year ago

    Congrats on the Bronze on horizontal bar!

  • Lynne Heal
    Lynne Heal Year ago

    Very  very PROUD of  you  thank you  always  too.

  • Yoadd Zaguri
    Yoadd Zaguri Year ago

    what were the foams you put in your wristbands in 2014 world championships even finals on high bar

  • john hodgson
    john hodgson Year ago

    Hey, can you do a video on progressions to the splits?

  • jackokurzgymnast
    jackokurzgymnast 6 years ago

    hey man ur an awesome gymnast. how old are u?

  • Reid Mcgowan
    Reid Mcgowan 6 years ago

    Yo just wondering if your going to go Youth commonwealth games? might see you there?

  • Lewis McDowell
    Lewis McDowell 6 years ago

    subriced as you asked ;)

  • Alex Wittenberg
    Alex Wittenberg 6 years ago

    hey man, I've noticed you have an awesome tkatchev and I was just wondering if you do any drills for the sit-up motion after you release because I am having trouble getting the counter rotation

  • MrDarkKobe24
    MrDarkKobe24 6 years ago

    Awesome videos! I subbed, wanna sub back? :D