Rachel & Jun's Adventures!
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Rachel & Jun's Adventures!

We're an American/Japanese married couple living in Japan, traveling places, bothering our cats, and doing dumb stuff for your enjoyment!

This is our vlog channel. I make no guarantees as to the quality of content on this channel.

We also have a channel about Japan: www.youtube.com/RachelandJun
And Jun has a cooking channel: www.youtube.com/JunsKitchen

Yoshidamasaki Inc. Rachel & Jun
Tokyo, Minato-ku, Kitaaoyama 3-9-5
Okamoto Biru 201
A Day in Ota
3 months ago
Our cat is dumb
9 months ago
What is Poki?
11 months ago

Comments: 34

  • Tintin Chua
    Tintin Chua 9 days ago

    Can you please do a video about your plants? and how you keep them healthy etc? thank you in advance :)

  • Koru Lyn Kita
    Koru Lyn Kita 10 days ago

    I want to be jun's friend....

  • Rousey the Miniature Pinscher

    Greetings from Philippines! I love you both <3

  • Ellen Shimada
    Ellen Shimada 18 days ago

    Hi Rachel!

    Any plans to create a video on self improvement benefits from vlogging/YouTubing? The one you made about anxiety was so helpful, I'd love to hear your insights about this topic!

  • dave bean
    dave bean Month ago

    Question about food. Is it true that MSG (Monosodium glutamate) is commonly used when cooking Japanese food and/or in prepared foods? And if it is, what are your thoughts on using this flavor enhancer. Thanks

  • 賞金総額80万円!締切9/11! 大田区商店街PR動画コンテスト事務局


  • Life in Vegas
    Life in Vegas Month ago

    Awesome channel.. You have some awesome footage!! Subbed

  • 1PumpkinTart
    1PumpkinTart 4 months ago

    Hi Rachel, hi Jun! I love your hilarious crazy Poki. Please post more Poki videos or even make a channel just about Poki. I laugh every time I see him pop up on your channel. Love your videos <3

  • Queen Cersei
    Queen Cersei 5 months ago

    Do either of you know anything about Japan's mental health care system? Asking because Rachel has mentioned anxiety in a couple of videos. Also how hard do you think if would be for someone with a severe shrimp allergy (but only shrimp) to live in japan?

    • Queen Cersei
      Queen Cersei 5 months ago

      Let me rephrase the mental health part. Do you think Japan's mental health care system has improved at all over the past couple of years?

  • Sir Mason
    Sir Mason 5 months ago

    I have discovered that this channel does not belong to Rachel & Jun, but Poki and Haku. It's all a conspiracy to make you watch more cat videos! ON NO! ITS WORKING! OH GA~~~~~~ What was I saying? Cat's are the cutest things!

  • anna ko
    anna ko 6 months ago

    Hello I am Anna and I saw one of your videos on 9gag! It was very funny keep up the good work :D So actually I was wondering about how you ( Rachel) managed to study in Japan even though your Japanese were not so good like you said in an other video. You see I am actually considering going to study in Japan but I would like to find a program like yours I guess where they kinda paid for the whole thing... Thank you very much!

  • Helen Matthews
    Helen Matthews 8 months ago

    I was wondering whether shop-lifting is a problem for Japanese merchants?

  • shunesburg
    shunesburg 8 months ago

    Can you try an adventure in Hokkaido ? I'm interesting in the Ainu culture.
    If you don't know Ainu there is some video bellow.

  • Rhiannon Parks
    Rhiannon Parks 9 months ago

    Thank you guys so much for live streaming this morning. It was comforting being able to listen to you guys talk about how fast Rachel speaks (lol) while getting ready for work, rather than freaking out alone in my apartment.

  • Haden Jonah Rowling-Sami

    Hello guys,
    really good show.we are watching you fromLondon UK. quick question. my partner and me are looking to buy a property abroad to then rent until we decide to use for us. how easy is it for foreigner to buy in Japanned is it expensive ?
    thank you so much for your help and carry on with your funny video

    • Rachel & Jun's Adventures!
      Rachel & Jun's Adventures! 10 months ago

      +Haden Rowling We haven't been through the process of purchasing property yet so I can't really say what it's like. Sorry! Price though will be entirely dependent upon how rural the area is.

  • Eugenia Rights
    Eugenia Rights 10 months ago

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  • GoldenSirius
    GoldenSirius 11 months ago

    You're from Nagoya? Go there!

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown 11 months ago

    I would love to move out of the States. Was learning Japanese hard? Or learning how to not disrespect? I know Americans are very rude. LOL!!

  • mika30000
    mika30000 11 months ago

    Hello there im the french guy during the movie we had little chat, at the airport in nagoya i enjoyed the chat , nice to meet you , sorry my english prounouce is horrible . Keep it up there with the good show.

  • Nancy Kraus
    Nancy Kraus 11 months ago

    Your videos are great. I am having to search through them for Jun's cooking as his channel does not have many cooking videos. I found some hiding in this channel and your other one. Any chance they could all be linked onto Jun's Kitchen and all be in one place someday?

  • Soup_Er
    Soup_Er 11 months ago

    Rachel's amazing, but Jun's one of the coolest people on youtube, hands down.

  • Mary Weaver
    Mary Weaver 11 months ago

    Hi Rachel & Jun! I have been watching your channel for a while now, and I am so grateful for everything you do. I especially enjoy exploring Japan with you. It is very obvious that you have a lot of passion for this project, and I feel it is very well done.
    I was wondering if Jun finds exploring Japan as interesting as Rachel or if it seems more common place since he is native to Japan? I don't mean this as a critique, I am honestly curious. I have lived in Washington State my whole life, and the idea of rediscovering it, while being a nice adventure would also seem common place to me. I was simply curious as to how Jun feels about rediscovering his home country.
    Also I would like to say that Jun's English is extraordinarily good, and he should be very proud. Rachel, although I can not speak more than a few sentences of Japanese, I feel that you have become very fluent and it is enjoyable to listen to you even when speaking in Japanese.
    My husband and I love your channel. You both are about our age, and we relate to your story very well. We enjoy watching a husband and wife collaborate together with such consideration for one another. Way to go! Thank you for very thing you do!

    • Mary Weaver
      Mary Weaver 11 months ago

      That makes sense! Thanks so much for responding!

    • Rachel & Jun's Adventures!
      Rachel & Jun's Adventures! 11 months ago

      Hey! Great question!!
      Jun actually hasn't been to many places in Japan (or if he did go there, like Kyoto, he went when he was a young child). Even though it takes us about an hour-ish to get to Kyoto, a trip like that is mentally quite a large deal to Japanese people, so unless they're really travelers a lot of them don't really go very far very often. So about 90% of the places we've gone are new to him, and most of them are probably places he never would have gone on his own if we'd never met. So he's enjoying it quite a lot!

  • TheOrchia
    TheOrchia Year ago

    Sorry for disturbing, but while my son was watching youtube I saw some footage cut from one of your videos. Specifically Jun cooking omurice. I know that you put lots of time and hard work in your channel, and I don't think you allowed this. The link is below.


  • Madame Noire
    Madame Noire Year ago

    Hello, I love your videos about the stray kitty, Poki, that you rescued and nursed back to health. I wondered if you could look at a YT video about a stray kitty in Tokyo in a park. I really love this little stray kitty and I wonder where he is located in Japan. This is a video of him: tvclip.org/video/UdxsS2gPWok/&index=4&list=FLZ7i2Qw3L_Z-9LkkRmiHWRA
    I do not know Japanese. I really want to find him so I can adopt him. If you could help me I would be very grateful. I am truly worried about him because he is a stray. I am so worry about him so much. Thank you in advance for your help. Bless you! :)

  • Nina 0
    Nina 0 Year ago

    rachel and jun by the way i like the name jun anywas XD i like ur channel it really inspires me to move to japan and yes i have been worn and no offence jun japanese people are kinnda weird and i am not trying to be rasist so plz dont be mad XD but arigato

  • goohz has a channel

    Get better Jun !!!

  • AejaVu
    AejaVu Year ago

    Hi Rachel and Jun! I am a newbie who just stumbled across your videos about a week or two ago because my boyfriend gets to travel to Tokyo and then Okinawa next week and we've been researching all about Japan! I love Japan and would love to travel there someday and I am SO jealous that he gets to go. I realize that this is a small issue, but I have one (odd) burning question to ask. I watch a lot of Asian T.V. shows and have noticed something. I never see anyone interlacing their fingers (like when holding hands and stuff). Since I literally NEVER see this, I figured this is a cultural thing that must have a reason behind it, but come up with nothing when trying to look it up online. I was wondering if maybe you could help me out with this subject. I know that this is such a small thing to focus on, but I think the reason it makes me so curious is because I am having so much difficulty with finding the answer lol. Hope you are doing well, and I hope that relief efforts for the earthquake are going well as well! Thank you so much! Your videos are wonderful and extremely helpful <3

  • Lord Metroid
    Lord Metroid Year ago

    Why do you have two channels?

    • Tshefeua
      Tshefeua Month ago

      ones for adventures and the other for more concrete things like their trips to educate you about places in japan and what not; think of this channel as more of like a vlog

  • Domingo Garcia
    Domingo Garcia Year ago

    Heads up! You guys may want to report this video: www.facebook.com/CulturaColectiv/videos/1160946150582964/

  • Jade Dawes
    Jade Dawes Year ago

    I'm going to have a gap year when I finish collage (only 9 months, so not sure if it'd still be called a gap year). I want to spend 3 in months Japan: learning the language & new drama skills, 3 months in Spain: learning the language & new drama skills, then 3 months in France: learning the language & new drama skills. I wanted to live with a hoat family in all 3 country's. I'll be 17/18 when I'm on the trip. I would like the trip to be as cheap but enjoyable and good quality as possible. So I was wondering if you knew about any good companies that would do the trip.

  • Alexis Suzanne
    Alexis Suzanne 2 years ago

    Hi Rachel you are so cool with I could hug you I wanted to ask a question as I'm Jewish is there a lot of Jewish people in Japan and what the main religion as I've always wanted to know Hughes to you and jun

  • Dolany Jimenez
    Dolany Jimenez 2 years ago

    Hi Rachel and Jun, I am from Colombia. Congratulations for your educational  and entertaining videos about Japan. I have followed you guys since last year. This time I dare to ask you something that some of Colombian people say on street;  I really want to know how japanese people feel and perceive latinoamerica and Caribbean. Would you mind sharing information about music, just for start?

    Rhythms like reggae, salsa, samba, merengue, son cubano, soukous, bossa nova, and so on.
     I mean, I have heard that japanese people like salsa music, actually, we, in Colombia, we know an old and... kind of popular orchestra called 'Orquesta de la Luz'. They did not speak spanish, they imitated the lyrics. Their music was good, though.

    questions as: are there salsa clubs in Japan? Who hear those rhythms? young people, adults?
    Sorry if I made a spelling mistake, I am still practicing my basic English. jijijijijiji (shame laugh)


  • Fogheart
    Fogheart 3 years ago

    *opens treasure chest* DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN!
    :O secret page is secret!?
    Wohoo more videos to watch :)

  • kristen birse
    kristen birse 3 years ago

    I Just found this page. You guy are awesome :)

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