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local news and weather

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  • Grassy Field
    Grassy Field Year ago

    Are you that one racist channel who cut off Obamas speech about black lives matter?

  • Roseann Newton
    Roseann Newton 2 years ago

    I just watched a video  about Chevy Curze and the smell & heater leakage. after they showed a form to print out and take to the dealership so it can be repaired. Can someone help me find/get/the name of the form? Please I own a Chevy Cruze and I am having the same problems! Thanks so much Roseann 

  • GoDoubleVision
    GoDoubleVision 3 years ago

    very true

  • Scott Sincell
    Scott Sincell 3 years ago

    Nice video news

  • Amy McGhee
    Amy McGhee 4 years ago

    Please upload the video footage of the Adairsville tornado as seen by the deputy dashcam featured a couple of days ago. Thanks.

  • Kelly Powel
    Kelly Powel 5 years ago

    Hey Channel2ActionNews That Was Awesome. Keep making videos.

  • Jessica Middleton
    Jessica Middleton 5 years ago

    How do i upload a picture

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