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hi. i'm happy you found my channel. can you please help me find my shift and punctuation keys

17 days ago
My new life
Month ago
Why I Left Smosh
2 months ago
Adult theme park
3 months ago
is this sexy?
3 months ago
3 months ago
High in Amsterdam!
4 months ago
I suck at flirting
4 months ago
Am I Gay?
5 months ago
we barely made it!
6 months ago
6 months ago
6 months ago
WTF Anthony?
6 months ago
Our ny adventure
7 months ago
Portland Changed Me
11 months ago

Comments: 99

  • Christopher Malone

    Does anybody else have the feeling that something's not right with Anthony?

  • Honesttroll
    Honesttroll Day ago

    OK fine if no BUTT then if you think you have a swearing prob try: making a "clean paylist", try words like "damn it" dang, fsake crap and or keep the style you got from smosh that got you fans or do jokes like smashbits animation
    the good one almost made me ... from laughing

  • Honesttroll
    Honesttroll Day ago

    Hi Anthony i hope u still read this. Lately the videos on both smosh and you are like shit in the bad way. NO OFFENCE so co-work with smosh again PLS you still friends and fans will love it.

  • Lorraine Ls
    Lorraine Ls 3 days ago

    God you are such a lame drama whore now.

  • Drew Hagen
    Drew Hagen 6 days ago

    Hey dude, I've been a consistent viewer of your new videos and noticed that you didn't put out a video today. All I'm thinking is that I hope you are doing ok today!
    Best vibes!

  • Antasma1
    Antasma1 10 days ago

    Saw your deleted video. I may have missed it, but not the information of your average YouTuber. But that's not a bad thing, it's the truth for all creators

  • Phantom Forces ROBLOX-

    Anthony, I miss videos that you and Ian used to make

  • el novato
    el novato 11 days ago


  • andres benavides
    andres benavides 11 days ago

    vuelve a Smosh

  • furiuscat4323
    furiuscat4323 11 days ago

    Why couldn't you stayed with Smosh?? Remember now, Friendship always wins and you can't leave the channel like that.

  • Cameron Benally
    Cameron Benally 13 days ago

    P.S.- i would like to join you in a match on dead by daylight

  • Cameron Benally
    Cameron Benally 13 days ago

    i believe you should start doing more funny moments, and also play some games every once in awhile, like dead by daylight, H1Z1, or some day z

  • Eyeless Jack
    Eyeless Jack 16 days ago

    Anthony I think you should rejoin Smosh alone, no offence you kinda suck

  • allanGamer
    allanGamer 16 days ago

    que les pasa con los sub en español yo quiero mis subtitulos en españolllll

  • Katherine Johnson
    Katherine Johnson 21 day ago

    Also, since you seem to be looking for your niche, have you thought of trying out a house tour or a diy project? Anyways, good luck!

  • Katherine Johnson
    Katherine Johnson 21 day ago

    Hey, just wanted to say something. I was a subscriber from 2007 for Smosh. I still continue to support both these creations. Honestly, I am excited to see your new content and see some fresh ideas. I had no idea that you struggled with anxiety and panic attacks like I have these last five years (your courage amazes me). Thanks for making this new channel despite all those challenges. Keep posting and keep your head up!

  • Monkey Louman
    Monkey Louman 22 days ago

    Anthony please do not stop doing videos in smosh or just have some videos together

    MIM SHOP 24 days ago

    If you want it all you cannot be distracted by the illusions you've created. If you remain silent you can see clearly enough to enjoy your life and forget about your desires.

  • Karla Mancini
    Karla Mancini 24 days ago


    MINDA PEYTON 25 days ago

    Anthony of SMOSH, WILL YOU MARRY ME?

  • BaricaneTv
    BaricaneTv 26 days ago

    i went to website archive on your channel and turns out you have deleted videos that will never be revealed

  • 29 days ago

    Anthony, I wish I had the guts to audition for a pokemon side-kic, but I don't. I have a deadly fear of spiders. I hope u can find someone la-I-ca me, either Hally Berry, Michelle Phan or Glozell Green.

  • mlg hank propane
    mlg hank propane Month ago

    this channel is complete shit without IAN

  • hannah montana
    hannah montana Month ago

    ilu my dude

  • Caden Mitchell
    Caden Mitchell Month ago

    go back to smosh you could have avoided the woods by staying with ian so........ GO BACK BITCH!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie P
    Stephanie P Month ago

    I love your contents! i honestly look forward to them every time.

  • LadyYuri84
    LadyYuri84 Month ago

    Anthony, Ive decided to subscribe to you because I feel the same way as far as everything with smosh has changed. I used to watch you and Ian making fun videos and if it were just the same 5 ppl who teamed with u and Ian I felt like I would still be watching smosh games and smosh 2nd channel. I find myself ignoring those channels bc to me its not as entertaining as it used to be. Glad you made your choice. We will always be here to support you.

  • JessicaRBLX
    JessicaRBLX Month ago

    Anthony, since you left Smosh I have been crying my eyes out, i even had a dream about you leaving Smosh on New Years Eve because Food Battle had ended. We really miss you and you should come back to Smosh any time soon. Without you Smosh would have never been created. You were the one to be free spirited and happy. When you left Smosh you had ran out of ideas for YouTube videos. It is because you had left the Smosh community behind. You had became so down hearted and lonely. We could see it Anthony. People watch his videos for evidence. I hope you read this Anthony and become one of the Smosh crew once again. Like if you agree with me

  • Jacquelina Wiegers

    why do all of Anthony's videos end with him crying???

  • Jayden Candelaria

    Hipster/Me: I subscribed to Anthony Padilla, BEFORE he left Smosh!

  • Ausome Dude
    Ausome Dude Month ago


  • Christian Quintanilla

    Workout routine lol

  • JR nothing
    JR nothing Month ago

    will you return to smosh one day?

  • Peter G.
    Peter G. Month ago

    Anthony, are you going to make videos with Ian sometime?

  • Kees H
    Kees H Month ago

    is it just me or is this more like smosh was in 2010 than it is now, or before he left

  • MaRCeLLo
    MaRCeLLo Month ago

    hi guys i hope somebody can help me ,whats the ending son in anthony's video "selling my soul" please tell me if u know it ^^

  • Thurman Tieng
    Thurman Tieng Month ago

    bring back smosh

  • tw03
    tw03 Month ago

    yo anthony, plz do the pokemon theme song friday, somehow, i dare you.

  • Lukas Vlouder
    Lukas Vlouder Month ago

    Your videos become boring
    You were better at smosh -_-

  • Jack Gaming Studios


  • 小影手遊
    小影手遊 Month ago

    i am your fans , i suggest you thing about you past in smosh times is how to make a videos then inside to make a new funny and more people like video .Or you can talk with your friends ,to got a new idea

  • mikeala weti
    mikeala weti Month ago


  • Patrick Aro
    Patrick Aro Month ago

    Just live ur dream Bro, i have a request, why don u invite IAN jus for ur channel, miss the funny shit, im 29 , i watch smosh from the beginning.

  • Chance4Doom
    Chance4Doom Month ago

    Anthony, if you can convince Ian to leave Smosh, or at least assist you, you can recreate the old Smosh, although, with a different name. I believe that that would leave Smosh, not you or Ian, in a kind of struggling state, because we miss you and Ian, not the 'new' Smosh. Anyway, I wish you luck with your separation, even though it was a while ago.

  • Jayden Candelaria

    I was actually subscribed here before he left Smosh! I subscribed when the most recent upload was Anthony's Draw My Life! And he hasn't disappointed! Also, consider uploading daily! I really like your stuff, Anthony!

  • Jair Salasar
    Jair Salasar Month ago

    You need to make this channel one game so everyone will see you

  • Shogunchris
    Shogunchris Month ago

    Hi Anthony, my name is Shogunchris and I really would like you to succeed on your own. My cousin and I have a youtube channel to and it's called Sotoboyz. When he leaves, I do let's play videos and animation vids to make me happy making videos on YouTube.

  • Skullshooer
    Skullshooer Month ago

    Anthony can you be a gaming youtuber instead to be a youtuber.

  • Unnstoppable Fury

    good luck in the future Anthony i hope you do well and i certainly know your not gonna see this but i wish you the best of luck without smosh. Im sure you'll do great!

  • Shirogi Mutou
    Shirogi Mutou Month ago

    Your life has been like a rollercoaster, so many things happening to you i'm learning about just recently. I'm not exactly into Youtube celebrities and stuff, but i know i enjoy learning about you.
    To be honest, i found the later part of your acting in Smosh a bit forced, so i gradually stopped tuning in. Upon learning that you have decided to walk your own path, i'm back and interested.
    So please keep on making videos for as long as you enjoy it. You seem like you're tearing yourself apart to keep up with Youtube, and there'll be nothing more regretful than realising you've sacrificed your whole self to it.
    Hope you read this and know that there are some people silently rooting for you.

  • SwagManYea
    SwagManYea Month ago

    Hey Anthony, just wanted to ask you if you still remember a woman named Andrea Laguana from your High School days. I'd gladly like to know.

  • Kiya Namikaze
    Kiya Namikaze Month ago

    Hay Anthony, I'm a massive fan, I have an idea for a video, if you need one that is. Anyway, why don't you make a music video sketch comedy thing, like you sing something, say the pokemon original theme song, while also making some sort of funny pokemon cosplay to go along with it, it doesn't have to be pokemon that's just an example and was the first thing to come to my mind.

  • ItsAngel
    ItsAngel Month ago

    WAIT A MINUTE,?I THINK I HAVE A IDEA! how about you team up with pewdiepie like if agree

  • Simone Sivertsen
    Simone Sivertsen Month ago

    Why the krakenmunch would you make that "look here /check it out"(surprize for u) video. (And it was only an ad....) I thought about it for a long time and I've believed and supported both of you since the beggining. I've always had faith that you would do great things for comedy. You and beret and bereta were the first real sketch channels on youtube. I get why your brand got generic, because you sold it off, that is why I was so excited for what you would do with your creative freedom. As much as I laughed and enjoyed the skit. showing this kind of ad made a lot of us very dissapointed.. I wish I could say "I've been subscribed all my life" but it brings me more shame than joy. For the first time ever, I have unsubscribed.

  • ExplodingPotatoes

    i wanna f*ck him

  • Mario Santas
    Mario Santas Month ago

    vuelve a smosh

  • Luna Howell
    Luna Howell Month ago

    wow this channel is growing quite fast already. Congrats man!

  • jx eston
    jx eston Month ago

    pls antony,go tho the smosh pls :'v

  • Ignacio Valverde
    Ignacio Valverde Month ago

    Stay strong my dude, you're a great person, if you read this...then you got this man, life will hit yeah hard but you'll just swing up. Hope you will be better Anthony

  • 詹達
    詹達 Month ago

    Chinese! Chinese! Your video I cannat understand.

  • anonymous anonymous

    puto antony por que dejaste sohos puto cabron


    Fuck you for leaving smosh JUST FUCK YOU!!?!?!!

  • sol
    sol Month ago

    hola que hace

  • James Mintz
    James Mintz Month ago

    will you go back to smosh? if not thats ok!

  • Hebz
    Hebz Month ago


    • Hebz
      Hebz Month ago

      ikr it was hilarious :/

    • Joseph Gutman
      Joseph Gutman Month ago

      aw that was a funny video though

  • Anna Hendrick
    Anna Hendrick Month ago

    I remember I was in elementary school, I would talk to my friends every day about the latest smosh video. I remember staying up till midnight watch mail videos and laughing about the barbershop pole meme thing. I'm 16 now and even though I ended up drifting away from the channel right before all the big changes, this still really hit me. good luck in the world my man, you are a huge part of my childhood.

  • SwagWhite Gaming
    SwagWhite Gaming Month ago

    Anthony Is my Fav Guy in The Gang Smosh I just Want him Back He cant just do this And this is Anthony's Goodbye Song "I WILL REMEMBER ANTHONY....... WILL ANTHONY REMEMBER SMOSH....... HE'S MY FAVOURITE GUY...... BUT SOMETIMES CAN BE WORST...... IAN AND ME WILL REMEMBER ANTHONY.........DA DA DA DA" I love this song

  • zardiathemuteatsbleach

    Good luck with your new channel. Excited for the upcoming content.

  • Soul Gamer
    Soul Gamer 2 months ago

    Spread your wings dude you are privileged to be able leave and have your freedom

    GIGGLR 2 months ago

    If a zombie shat in the woods and there were no bears around to eat it, would fecal matter?

  • Moana Legends
    Moana Legends 2 months ago

    Good Luck Anthony San!!!!

  • Farzaan Rahman
    Farzaan Rahman 2 months ago

    this still sucks, i liked him before but now he is not good

  • Karlie Griffith
    Karlie Griffith 2 months ago

    I'm literally so excited for what's to come! Some people may whine and try to make you feel bad, but don't let that get to you in any way! If they're not willing to accept that this is what's happening then forget them because the most important factor of your work should be your happiness. Thank you so much for all the smiles you gave us through Smosh. I'm sure there are plenty more to come. :)

  • TSBooger
    TSBooger 2 months ago

    its friday!!!
    WHERES THE VIDEO !?!?!?!?!?!


  • Jack Pike
    Jack Pike 2 months ago

    Looking forward to what you'll put out soon, Anthony! =)

  • LittleFoxyYT
    LittleFoxyYT 2 months ago

    Plz, dude, you gotta go back to Smosh™

    • C. Han
      C. Han Month ago

      Unnstoppable Fury Money wasn't the big issue for him. He earned his fair share of money in smosh and had more than enough to survive. It was the censorship that made him quit. smosh videos had to be PG, and had to live up to certain standards. Anthony wanted creative freedom and so he quit. You'll notice that his personal channel (and the videos he's making now) include open cussing among other things.

    • Unnstoppable Fury
      Unnstoppable Fury Month ago

      he has to focus on his main channel he needs to get money for himself he cant live his life sharing money he needs money to take care of himself so he cant join plus he already left.

    • Crippablezx
      Crippablezx Month ago

      Smosh has already gone to shit after it's owned by a company and others joined

  • Mitch Carly Ashley Roblox Admin

    Do you think AnthonyPadilla will rejoin Smosh soon / Later? If yes reply to this comment and tell me what you think he will do.
    If no reply to this comment and explain why.

    • Mitch Carly Ashley Roblox Admin
      Mitch Carly Ashley Roblox Admin 2 months ago

      I think yes, he will rejoin Smosh very soon when he is ready and when he thinks the time is right to rejoin Smosh

  • SwagWhite Gaming
    SwagWhite Gaming 2 months ago

    2010-2012 : Best Channle in my Life 2013-2016 : More more! 2017 : Alot of People Died X_X

  • marilith2005
    marilith2005 2 months ago

    Just subscribed because I'm excited at the fact that I'm gonna be part of something that is going to be bigger in the future.

  • vlog alex
    vlog alex 2 months ago

    you mush come back man

  • vlog alex
    vlog alex 2 months ago

    come back the smoch dude
    You are the most important member of the team that you make me smile at the time you know it

  • Farzaan Rahman
    Farzaan Rahman 2 months ago

    this channel sucks i cant understand why he left

    • Synco
      Synco 2 months ago

      For creative freedom. He and Ian are not the ones who just make the content. They also have writers and are own by a business that will do the videos which means that with whatever control they had in the past is gone. Yes the money is probably great, but if you cant have a say with what youve created over the years then why do it? Why make your life miserable?

  • KittyChanGamez
    KittyChanGamez 2 months ago


  • MesIdeesAlaCon
    MesIdeesAlaCon 2 months ago

    Hey Anthony It would be cool to translate your videos in french ^^ I'm big fan of Smosh and I would like to see your vidéos but I don't understand all of your sketchs :'( Sorry for my bag english and go high with your own channel ! <3

  • JustChris_
    JustChris_ 2 months ago

    Good luck with future plans after leaving Smosh!

  • Dwyane Wade
    Dwyane Wade 2 months ago

    damn son

    DR.FATINEER 2 months ago

    wow last comment was last year lmao

  • Sadie Harper
    Sadie Harper 2 months ago

    I will support you in whatever you do, just do what makes you happy Anthony :)

  • Gary Dunne
    Gary Dunne 2 months ago


  • Gary Dunne
    Gary Dunne 2 months ago


  • SantyPliz
    SantyPliz 2 months ago

    Spanish plox

  • MinoCSGO
    MinoCSGO 2 months ago

    why do you have a second channel if you haven't posed anything #NoHate (Luv u Anthony keep doing what you love)

  • Riley Morrison
    Riley Morrison 2 months ago

    I cant wait to see what you do on your new channel! Whatever you do, I hope you make it your own and not let it go the way of Smosh in terms of funnyness and creativity. Stay original! :)

  • Antasma1
    Antasma1 2 months ago

    Ok, new subscriber, can't wait to see your new content

  • Kenneth Cortez
    Kenneth Cortez 2 months ago

    Good Luck Anthony You're the best Man You Made Laugh Alot

  • Cristian YT
    Cristian YT 2 months ago

    Haras canal en español?? Saludos

  • Josh Hoopes
    Josh Hoopes 2 months ago

    What's going to happen with summer games

  • matt trevino
    matt trevino 2 months ago


  • GlitchyPSI
    GlitchyPSI 2 months ago

    Stay strong.

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