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  • Dillonbninja
    Dillonbninja 15 hours ago

    "IGN was never good." - Every gamer ever

  • Tom Pearce
    Tom Pearce 4 days ago

    Random 2017 comment just passing through

  • RC NY
    RC NY 6 days ago

    Hi. Stumbled on your channel. Very cool. I think youll like mine too. Sub me.

  • ceco enev
    ceco enev 8 days ago

    Just look how every person here is talking about how much viedeos they have uploded today and how its crappy content

  • GhettoThuggy
    GhettoThuggy 9 days ago

    GO IGN:-)

  • Bogoo
    Bogoo 9 days ago

    hi IGN

  • Alec Rathermel
    Alec Rathermel 10 days ago

    My name is Alec James Rathermel. We need to talk. IGN when Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite comes out, please don't say bad things about the game. Listen I play the demo. I think it's pretty good. My older brother Brett plays the demo. He thinks it's pretty cool. Sure the game maybe a little mess up, but at least the gameplay is fun. It's decent and solid. When Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite comes out please just PLEASE don't say bad things about the game. Just at least say it's Okay. If you say bad things about Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, it will break my heart. Listen I'm not telling what to do. I'm asking you for my sake. Please.

    Alec Rathermel

  • Aliens218
    Aliens218 10 days ago

    Post the Gladiator and Highlander executions/emotes.

  • Pandamation
    Pandamation 13 days ago

    i want to punch you in the face.

  • Carl Adams
    Carl Adams 15 days ago

    IGN (Imagine Gaming Network) And also they liked my tweets at Twitter.

  • Carl Adams
    Carl Adams 15 days ago

    Hey! IGN Did a great job for making us a good choice including me!

  • Carl Adams
    Carl Adams 15 days ago


  • toxikrocker
    toxikrocker 18 days ago

    Where's prepare to try ep 10???

  • The Best Around
    The Best Around 19 days ago

    Why do you put Game of Thrones spoilers in the video titles? Please show some common etiquette.

  • nilesh pawar
    nilesh pawar 20 days ago

    Hello guys you are doing great jobs I wanted to know that can i post your videos on my website

  • Dylan Houghton
    Dylan Houghton 21 day ago

    why didn't you give Alpharad a friendly booyah

  • Confussed-Oddish
    Confussed-Oddish 23 days ago

    IGN why didn't you give alpharad a booyah

  • The Mojo Dojo
    The Mojo Dojo 24 days ago


  • GrilledRedBox
    GrilledRedBox 24 days ago

    Why didn't you give Alpharad a booyah?

  • Trowel Knight
    Trowel Knight 24 days ago

    Why did you not give alpharad a booyah?

  • Hhindley2005!
    Hhindley2005! 24 days ago

    Why did you not give alpharad a boo yah?

  • Rumz
    Rumz 24 days ago

    0/10 didn't give alpharad a booyah

  • CookieDough
    CookieDough 24 days ago

    why didnt you give alpharad a booyah

  • Hector Manuel
    Hector Manuel 25 days ago

    We need Epic Mickey 3.

  • Shane Trevor Ruhrmund

    Please IGN stop putting spoilers in the titles of your videos some of us are in South Africa so are way behind you guys please warn of spoilers before hand and do not put any spoilers for series in the video titles, otherwise I love your channel good job

  • Camelo Miller
    Camelo Miller 26 days ago


  • Camelo Miller
    Camelo Miller 26 days ago

    I just realized I was asking the wrong people yet again

  • ConnorW8
    ConnorW8 27 days ago

    100K+ vids omg wtf

  • mich corgy
    mich corgy 27 days ago

    where are the games?

  • BillBotelho
    BillBotelho Month ago

    IGN: 7.8/10 not enough water.

  • Noah Matthews
    Noah Matthews Month ago

    im on to you for copyrighting valve ING you lost a sub

  • adam kent
    adam kent Month ago

    You guys know what a spoiler alert is?? Granted, I suppose most would say your game of thrones videos are not really spoilers... thanks for just letting me know what happens in the episode with titles and pictures, when I'm trying to avoid it until the end of the damn season. You are the only channel that just goes, "By the way, that thing you can lose friends over from saying too much too soon, here. We're not friends anymore." Unsubbed. Learn how not to spoil things.

  • chris kuypers
    chris kuypers Month ago

    trash and dumb to smoke

  • Lazlo Gogolak
    Lazlo Gogolak Month ago

    "The game is bad. 9/10"

  • Salty Bacon
    Salty Bacon Month ago

    You guys steal other peoples ideas. You're a disappointment.

  • BOT #Iwasboughtbythischannel

    Could you guys at IGN stop it with the trailer-stealing? It's getting ridiculous.

  • Blake McCoy
    Blake McCoy Month ago

    Don't mind me, I'm just patiently waiting for this IGN First Destiny 2 thing to kick off............

  • Cbj008 G
    Cbj008 G Month ago

    Great channel! Halo fan here

  • Mr H. Ice Cool
    Mr H. Ice Cool Month ago

    do you guys have any new about Edge of Eternity  video game ?

  • paweu19
    paweu19 Month ago

    Why did deleted PTT latest episode?! :( I haven't finished watching it, and suddenly its gone...

    • Rhodri Phillips
      Rhodri Phillips Month ago

      It's still in the playlist but they have made it private for some reason. Can't remember them saying anything too bad in it.

    • JrimsaCJ Bech
      JrimsaCJ Bech Month ago

      was watching it, and the video started to stutter around 30 min mark, so perhaps they are reuploading it

  • R-Fire flame
    R-Fire flame Month ago

    Why'd you delete the prepare to try video that came out most recently ?

  • Dashawn Williams
    Dashawn Williams Month ago

    Hay I am leaving a thums up for every one on here ok ;]

  • Dashawn Williams
    Dashawn Williams Month ago

    I love your videos bro

  • BOT #Iwasboughtbythischannel

    worst "game media company"

  • BOT #Iwasboughtbythischannel

    Directly and blatantly stole Valve's "Expiration Date" (gave no credit)

  • DeebO
    DeebO Month ago

    You stealing Steven Suptic's content was almost as bad as NowThis trying to steal SourceFedNerd's subscribers.

  • Tony means Anthony

    IGN is 10/10!
    I just followed them on Google+! ;) :D

    • DeebO
      DeebO Month ago

      And how long have you worked for IGN?

  • Modo Nerd
    Modo Nerd Month ago

    Sub sub
    Sub sub

  • Kyle Rowland
    Kyle Rowland Month ago

    How the hell does IGN have 8.5m subscribers yet struggle to break even 150k views on videos? Some series mismanagement going on somewhere behind the scenes with all the low effort content they're putting out.

    • kyle williams
      kyle williams Month ago

      probably cuz they have so many videos. You'll notice that channels that have lots of videos don't get nearly as much views as people with the same subs and hardly upload.

  • xxBluethunderxx123

    pokemon ruby/saphire remakes should have a 9 like most pokemon games do.

  • Daniel Tamkin
    Daniel Tamkin Month ago

    Loved watching you guys for awhile now, but stealing Steven's and Suger pine 7's style was the lowest of the low.
    If you guys can't admit what you did that's just even worse. Un-Subbed.

  • Clevepath Lichtenstein

    Oh No dude!

  • clashermaster
    clashermaster 2 months ago

    where is linked together 15?

    GIGGLR 2 months ago

    Who reads rad YouTube comments anyway..?

  • Ianni Ex
    Ianni Ex 2 months ago


  • albeto pro
    albeto pro 2 months ago


  • dragonborn2135
    dragonborn2135 2 months ago

    IGN 9/10 not that bad

    • peepnpeep2 .-.
      peepnpeep2 .-. Month ago

      not that bad? They blatantly stole Valve's "expiration date" by naming it as "love and war", adding THEIR OWN watermark, and gave absolutely no credit to Valve! Ridiculous!

  • FullMetalJedi
    FullMetalJedi 2 months ago

    Thanks to their "sonic was never good" opinion i will never support or even watch anything from ign again other than to give them a thumbs down. Don't like talking about people losing their jobs because but i hope they do and then find employment in something they are good or at least decent at.

  • Bidhan Neupane
    Bidhan Neupane 2 months ago

    is there going to be a new prepare to try episode this week?

  • egamebosshd
    egamebosshd 2 months ago

    Hey, I'm into video gaming... Feel free to drop by my gaming channel to take a peek at it sometime... =)

  • DJQ
    DJQ 2 months ago

    were is resistance 4 and bloodborne 2

  • Vinicius Gomes
    Vinicius Gomes 2 months ago

    galera sou dono do bope no server dos amigo aceitamos rc,ts, skype e etc interessados chama chat so comentar e passa algo skp ts ou rc discord

  • Phil McPhilsalot
    Phil McPhilsalot 2 months ago

    7.8/10 Too much pokemon

  • Phil McPhilsalot
    Phil McPhilsalot 2 months ago

    7.8/10 Too much oxygen

  • oni
    oni 2 months ago

    in one fukin day i get 99+ videos for IGN

  • captain first
    captain first 2 months ago

    E3 2017 live stream is great but if there was synchronized rundown(add it in video) under YouTube for an info to watcher will be good, as i didn't how far did it go and which part are being showed in "live streaming" as not many watcher is located in US, the timeline is useless to us

  • quicklern818
    quicklern818 2 months ago

    SONY: Too many technical difficulties, overshadowing the first three games that were supposed to be an awesome lead-in to the conference. Felt a little too phoned in the way Bethesda's showcase felt. Personally I think Xbox had a better show, but Ubisoft had the best presentation overall so far. 7/10

  • Josias Perez
    Josias Perez 2 months ago

    Hey ign what gives? The uploader has not made this video available in your country. i live in Puerto Rico

    9,999,999 views 2 months ago

    I Love Games

  • ryan thorold
    ryan thorold 2 months ago

    the only one I can see with helpful feedback is nik t. Good one nik!

  • lhagwa Milk-beer
    lhagwa Milk-beer 2 months ago

    Celebrating 100.000th video xD

  • Leandro Peixoto
    Leandro Peixoto 2 months ago

    Why there is country restrictions on some videos?

  • Mikrobyo Zero
    Mikrobyo Zero 2 months ago

    Hey fuk u IGN for not making videos available in my country. Again fuk you!

  • Wyatt Bryan
    Wyatt Bryan 2 months ago

    if anyone wants to minecraft tell me and please you to ING

  • Damn Trash Modding
    Damn Trash Modding 2 months ago

    GREAT VID!!!

  • Tyrese Maraj
    Tyrese Maraj 2 months ago

    forza motorsport 7 im awaiting ; )

  • Rose Thorn
    Rose Thorn 2 months ago

    when are you going live to e3

  • TheCybercoco
    TheCybercoco 2 months ago

    No support for PC gaming in E3 2017? Count me out of following IGN for E3 2017. Console centric coverage is so 10 years ago. Time to get with the times. IGN.

  • Хайп Хайпович

    99 000 Videos? Stupid

  • No29594
    No29594 2 months ago


  • No29594
    No29594 2 months ago

    And I'm NOT Subscribe thier channel

  • No29594
    No29594 2 months ago

    Everytime i see a review on Kingdom Hearts, they RUIN the fun and THAT imbicle who said Roxas is a trash that nobody cares about. Idots :(

  • Justin NYC
    Justin NYC 2 months ago


  • Julius Szentadorjany
    Julius Szentadorjany 2 months ago

    wanted to ask , a pc game from 1-2 years ago, where you could pick up all devices , free environment

  • artemorbid
    artemorbid 2 months ago

    I have not played any video games since Sega, looking to get back into it, anyone have any suggestion on new gaming consoles or cool games I should look into?

  • Flint Bedrom
    Flint Bedrom 2 months ago


  • Toby Gonzales
    Toby Gonzales 2 months ago


  • sunday
    sunday 2 months ago


  • Elijah Edwards
    Elijah Edwards 2 months ago

    I have a question about Destiny 2 One when will the beta come out. 2 Will the first mission be like we transfer all are destiny stuff to this one or will we have stuff if we bought Gold will we have equipment at first then not at all

  • joe shmoe
    joe shmoe 3 months ago

    where are the prepare to try boyz????

  • ken law
    ken law 3 months ago

    where the hell is keeping it reel?

  • Janishi Zitexion
    Janishi Zitexion 3 months ago

    I wouldn't mind getting a job at IGN, maybe as a game tester or even as a janitor. Too despreate?

  • Caleb Long
    Caleb Long 3 months ago

    What does IGN even stand for?

  • Ben Stout
    Ben Stout 3 months ago

    There needs to be better separation between the ign us content and the ign uk content. imho

  • Jaylyn Moore
    Jaylyn Moore 3 months ago

    mr meeseeks talk plz :C

    FULLM3TALPR0 3 months ago

    I'm not even subscribed why am I still seeing your content???

  • gull
    gull 3 months ago

    I hate how they always put the token "pretty girl" in the thumbnail simply to get more views.

  • Wyatt Dilley (2025)
    Wyatt Dilley (2025) 3 months ago

    i can't wait for destiny two same with my friend he pre ordered it.

  • Derek Moises
    Derek Moises 4 months ago


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