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At HouseholdHacker, we solve your common everyday problems and create things utilizing items you find around your house. You might say we try to bring out the MacGyver in all of us. From kitchen hacks and tricks to getting rid of ants; we do it all.

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Comments: 100

  • Katrina Parrish
    Katrina Parrish Month ago

    How do enter your giveaways? I can never find the link. Are you just scaming us so we buy the products you show.

  • Noelle Yeung
    Noelle Yeung 3 months ago


  • wolfzed3 roblox
    wolfzed3 roblox 3 months ago

    omg #savegrantschannel

  • Pugs 4 life
    Pugs 4 life 3 months ago

    i have a hack roll up your dollar bills and take a large clothespin open it and put the rolled up bills in and than close the clothes pin

  • Giggle Guy
    Giggle Guy 4 months ago

    Youtube ain't what it used to be. =\

  • EZ Battery Reconditioning

    thanks for this awsome hacks and keep going

  • ange scott
    ange scott 5 months ago

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  • Fighter Ignite
    Fighter Ignite 5 months ago

    im a little confused of whats going on with this channel. The channel went down down for months. Then it comes back with what sounds like someone different. Did someone die?

  • Unidenified 36
    Unidenified 36 5 months ago

    can u do life hacks for your bed room?

  • rockyrottwiler
    rockyrottwiler 5 months ago

    post vids every week boi!

  • Jtheviper
    Jtheviper 5 months ago

    Can he pls upload more like fr.

  • Starbelle1 MC
    Starbelle1 MC 5 months ago

    R u ok?

  • Phoenix Fire
    Phoenix Fire 5 months ago

    think hes dead.

  • Fighter Ignite
    Fighter Ignite 5 months ago

    What happened

  • Maxwell Chen
    Maxwell Chen 5 months ago

    Uhhhh. so what happened to the channel?

  • Dimondback Kirby
    Dimondback Kirby 5 months ago

    My wife and I miss you! Come back soon! :D

  • Tyler van Noord
    Tyler van Noord 5 months ago

    Sleep well, my sweet prince.

  • Mohammad Dhorat
    Mohammad Dhorat 5 months ago

    No videos in 2 months.

  • Jonnybean
    Jonnybean 6 months ago

    he is dead

  • SalamandarJones
    SalamandarJones 6 months ago


  • BossKill24
    BossKill24 6 months ago

    hey man I've been reading the comments on your videos, and I realize that some people make fun of them but don't give up, it makes me and many others sad to see you gone...

  • charlie white
    charlie white 6 months ago

    vid soon

  • HeckingDoggo G
    HeckingDoggo G 6 months ago

    "New videos every week!"

    mmmm HMMM

    • Aisha Love
      Aisha Love 2 months ago

      Don't be so upset at least he isn't trying to kill people from asphyxiation by encouraging them to make a device designed to fill their room rapidly with C02 if he isn't active.

    • fadeddragon2469
      fadeddragon2469 5 months ago

      It's been like 3 months too... :-(

    • Willy Chng
      Willy Chng 6 months ago

      mmmm HMMM

  • Evan Landry
    Evan Landry 6 months ago

    he hasn't posted a video in two months

  • Valentin Siskind
    Valentin Siskind 6 months ago

    are you dead?

  • Moses Kaiza
    Moses Kaiza 6 months ago

    hi guyz I heard that theres window 16,is that true??

  • Hassy Wassy
    Hassy Wassy 6 months ago

    are you dead

  • GingerPrime
    GingerPrime 6 months ago

    videos everyweek my ass cmon guys where you gone we all love you

  • ĐvĐ Khôi Trọng
    ĐvĐ Khôi Trọng 6 months ago

    where is my man?

  • Leo Cruz
    Leo Cruz 6 months ago


  • wrenc h
    wrenc h 6 months ago

    check his fb

  • Agario King
    Agario King 6 months ago

    what happened r you died?????

  • richard fehr
    richard fehr 6 months ago

    what happened to the videos

  • Kings Men
    Kings Men 6 months ago

    get new hacks

  • emmyemm
    emmyemm 6 months ago

    where is he? :(

    BONEBRAKER 47 6 months ago

    DOES HE EVEN MAKE ANYMORE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Levesque
    Matthew Levesque 6 months ago

    Take the "new videos each week" down.

  • WhatsApp Hack
    WhatsApp Hack 6 months ago

    Please hack my household.

  • OM G
    OM G 6 months ago

    Hey, it has been a month since you uploaded a video. What happened?

    • Aisha Love
      Aisha Love 2 months ago

      Maybe he died from asphyxiation using his "air conditioner" a device designed to fill a room rapidly with C02.

  • Jimmy Tolle
    Jimmy Tolle 6 months ago

    new vid every week.... what happened its been a month

  • Abeezer Munniwala
    Abeezer Munniwala 6 months ago

    is he dead

  • Taha Basiouni
    Taha Basiouni 6 months ago

    unsubscribed due to lack of videos

  • Stewart Statham
    Stewart Statham 7 months ago


  • ProbablyNotSuperGamer Boi

    Please don't be dead

  • Sunny Chadha
    Sunny Chadha 7 months ago

    why no more cool vids

  • Constant Mathieu
    Constant Mathieu 7 months ago

    When it get too famous it stop making videos

  • Nick Bijkerk
    Nick Bijkerk 7 months ago

    Did you die?

    • Aisha Love
      Aisha Love 2 months ago

      Many people likely are though from watching his video intened to kill people from asphyxiation by encouraging them to make a device designed to fill their room rapidly with C02 and having intelligent people explain why that's bad.

    • Fighter Ignite
      Fighter Ignite 5 months ago

      Ya where is he. If this channel is dead, i dont think im going to be subbed anymore

    • Mister Chuckderp
      Mister Chuckderp 6 months ago

      They all do

    • Valentin Siskind
      Valentin Siskind 7 months ago


  • Sam Sachs
    Sam Sachs 7 months ago

    Wens the next video

  • Tektzby
    Tektzby 7 months ago

    I hope you will have an awesome new year 2017 ;)

  • Pugs 4 life
    Pugs 4 life 7 months ago

    upload more videos soon plz
    and fo what to do with old bed peices

  • JPKJ videos
    JPKJ videos 7 months ago

    Your videos are very good, show ball!

  • White Wolf_4786
    White Wolf_4786 8 months ago

    we have alot of old record discs can you make a video on what to do with them

  • Preetika Nannam
    Preetika Nannam 8 months ago

    you can make a video how you edittt!!!!

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 9 months ago

    4 million

  • Tariq Hissaund
    Tariq Hissaund 9 months ago

    Hey do you have any video on homemade survival kit?

  • Farmer Hank
    Farmer Hank 10 months ago

    hey i tried the screen shot for windows and it didnt work for me, have any suggestions?

  • MazaHakis
    MazaHakis 10 months ago

    Hey, let's be friends channels I subscribed

  • Beatrice Neniute
    Beatrice Neniute 10 months ago

    Are there some better ways to cure a headache?

  • Twisted-tornado120
    Twisted-tornado120 10 months ago

    my fravit is the cool ad shaoor

    DJ T-CREATOR 10 months ago

    can you share my youtube channel ;)

  • alamo 2914
    alamo 2914 10 months ago

    "More like "AssHoleHacker

  • Hunter The Whale
    Hunter The Whale 11 months ago

    Dude, Householdhacker, My friend Collin (or Collon) tried to trick me into thinking, even though i'm not that dumb, that he was your nephew and he now owns this channel

  • Evan Lao
    Evan Lao 11 months ago

    Please make an episode on neverwet/ hydrophobic sprays

  • lief green
    lief green 11 months ago

    i have a question will putting steel wool is my washing machine do any harm?

  • Don Thibodeaux
    Don Thibodeaux 11 months ago

    how to put page shortcut on desktop

  • नारिने राम्दिहल्ल

    Life Hack: Pimples, every teen's worst nightmare. If you're like me, however, most of them are caused by sugar overdose. The Cure? Water, and plenty of it. Don't drink it all at once, or you'll die, but keep drinking about one bottle every 1-2 hours.

  • Lady Aleena
    Lady Aleena 11 months ago

    Mental Floss supposedly debunks hacks in several videos, but sometimes the debunking is not sound. I'd love to see you check the hack they debunked and see if you can either confirm or deny the debunked hacks.

  • Vaibhav Shukla
    Vaibhav Shukla 11 months ago

    How did you got Window 16..?? Please share

  • The King Of Awesome

    do a how to make a grappling gun and hook project pls

  • IcewhipRoxx
    IcewhipRoxx Year ago

    I don't know if this really counts as a hack, but if you ever do a storage episode, I have one: You know those big tubs of ice cream? If you buy one, eat the ice cream (slowly, of course), and keep the tub, it's a fantastic was of storing leftover soup.

  • flaming firotechnix

    hello i am trying to reach 100 subs can you

  • Eline Vdb
    Eline Vdb Year ago

    Wow you must have a VERY CLEAN house and a less expensive life :) Great channel!!

  • 8Bobtails
    8Bobtails Year ago

    I would NOT advise using fabric softener on your couch...yes, it would make it smell nice...but it also contains HARMFUL chemicals...unless you're using a "safe" fabric softener...just a word to the wise...

  • 21kpatriot
    21kpatriot Year ago

    All of these "new" "hacks" formerly known as helpful hints, have been around for a very long time anything with baking soda and or vinegar are at least as old as those items have been on the planet. when these "hacks" went away (were forgotten) was when kids decided their parents were to old and stupid to listen to. Then when they had kids of their own, of course they told them none of those "stupid" ideas to save time and money. Now of course we have cell phones and people don't talk to people anymore, so thank God one of these "stupid" old parents started posting those ancient helpful hints on social media so the knowledge isn't lost forever and BINGO suddenly an old fool is metamorphosed into a swami !!! You kids probably think some 20 year old was in deep thought on how to make his whites whiter and BINGO again, A STAR IS BORN!! Hey everyone knows 20 year olds know it all, just ask one! They got all of that knowledge from not listening to old people and their crazy, out of touch ideas and tweeting about how to clean a shower head without harsh chemicals! They're "literal" Archimedes' !! "A-mazing!" I'm guessing the knowledge and wisdom of the Universe just magically "arrives at Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat by some Zen force like the the Jedi mind trick or something huh? I saw a comment like "oh i just don't know what life would be like if you didn't6 post these new "hacks" all of the time! You're so great!" Your parents or grandparents need to hear that, while you still have them. Also, although it may be a big deal to you to be mentioned on social media, it would mean MORE to them if you would go visit them face to face, look them in the eye and tell them you love them. Maybe even offer to help them with something and listen to them for a while, you may even pick up a new "hack" with no WiFi or no data or minutes used! It would be like a "Jedi mind trick"! No gadgets? What sort of witchcraft is this?? Wisdom from the mind to the mouth and then through thin air? Is this HELL??? Geez, when the lights go out there will be a lot of people in serious trouble!

    • 21kpatriot
      21kpatriot 10 months ago

      First answer is YES! From the time I could walk and understand English, my mother AND grandmother  had ALWAYS shown me such things as they knew some day I'd be grown up and would need to know these things to take care of myself and to pass on to my kids. I am not alone, families ALL over the world have ALWAYS done that. There WAS a time before Google when people (talked) to each other it's how humanity has survived ALL of the horrible things those elite few have done throughout history. As well My dad and the grandfather I had who lived, taught me day to day things to use and things to survive with little money or other resources. I am truly sorry you never had that, so you can't understand what you don't know. There were a couple of things I always wished were better in my family too (notice the two "o's") but I realize they are real and not fairy tales and don't put the people down who have been fortunate enough to have them. Your second question, you're damned right I said that! It's true and always has been and always will be as long as there are twenty year olds !!! I was twenty! I KNOW! Anything else? Because I have some other things to do. Good luck!

    • ActiveShard
      ActiveShard 10 months ago

      +21kpatriot This is what you said, and I quote, about the first scenario.
      "So you believe telling people to thank their older family members who tried to give them ALL of these "hacks'' ".
      Who has had a family member tell them, "Hey Bobby, did you know you can do this to make your white whiter?"
      as for the second scenario, I seriously want you to answer that question. Don't make excuses, don't avoid the question by bringing up the fact that I supposedly made everything up that I talked about. And by the way, here is your exact words, once again, to prove that you are the one making things up. "Hey everyone knows 20 year olds know it all, just ask one! "
      Hey, I may not be able to understand your comments very well, but at least I can understand them well enough to cite them to back up my own argument.

    • 21kpatriot
      21kpatriot 10 months ago

      I'm truly sorry About your upbringing. That does excuse you for thinking "I" must justify my comment. I explains a lot. Sorry for the "o" and still no hate here. You caught the "o" but misunderstand my comments? I don't understand that, yet I won't beg you to explain it to me. As far as your scenarios, you made them up, I said nothing of the kind, so I don't understand what you want from me. I don't believe I have the answers you need to hear anyway if you "could" understand what I meant. Good luck!

    • ActiveShard
      ActiveShard 10 months ago

      +21kpatriot kthxbye :)

      But seriously, you didn't justify your own comment by trying to bash me for pointing out your flaws. You need to see that some kids won't just go up to their parents and ask, "Mommy, can you teach me how to use this, this, and this to make this?"
      Seriously, tell me when someone will actually go through that scenario. Also, sorry to be a freaking grammar nazi, but you used "to" when you should've used "too". Also, are you or have you ever been 20? If you answer yes, then you have the right to say, "20 year olds know everything, just ask one!" Also, yes, I had someone pass away a few years ago, but that isn't your business, nor is it my business to thank them for teaching me any "helpful tricks", as they taught me none.

    • 21kpatriot
      21kpatriot 10 months ago

      So you believe telling people to thank their older family members who tried to give them ALL of these "hacks" long before that's what they were is hateful, am I reading that right? You believe i should "suck up my own hate"? Wow, someone needs a nap! Aren't you being just as little sensitive? Should you maybe overcome your own guilt, because I obviously struck a chord of truth in your heart. Is there someone you CAN'T thank now because they passed away? I can't help you there, nor can anyone but you. No hate here brother, just because I remind people where all of this REALLY came from and that MOST people were taught these things LONG ago and maybe forgot, isn't hate, at all! If you are carrying guilt, you should deal with that yourself. If you are just a VERY sensitive individual on top of the guilt, perhaps you need some professional help. Don't give up friend, what ever you do. There ARE people who care about you and won't give up on you and you shouldn't forget that! Soon your fears and hyper-sensitivities will be a thing of the past and you will be on the road to full and healthy interactions with others. Just hang in there okay?

  • doge much wow
    doge much wow Year ago

    da heck???

  • dbest322002
    dbest322002 Year ago

    love this channel!!!

    • tsuj eno
      tsuj eno 8 months ago

      Sub4sub Happy Holidays

  • OM G
    OM G Year ago

    Microwave life hacks!

  • Prabagaran P
    Prabagaran P Year ago


  • Tekdesign
    Tekdesign Year ago

    How to get rid of Springtails!!!

  • School of Survival

    Awesome stuff guys!!

  • Ari Diva
    Ari Diva Year ago

    Can u do I life hack of how to make money or that's not a thing

  • Erik Hartley
    Erik Hartley Year ago

    Should do a video on what to do with empty Protein containers.

  • Gary Stansbury
    Gary Stansbury Year ago

    fleas fleas to get rid of them or just temp repel them.

    • Eline Vdb
      Eline Vdb Year ago

      there are special shampoos for that at the pharmacist :)

  • Patsy Bahrns
    Patsy Bahrns Year ago

    how can I get rid of red lady bugs in fall time. they get in my house and cling to the ceiling then die and lay all around the floor. I have very high ceilings and cannot reach with vacum or broom. The dead lay behind and under chairs and other furniture

  • fashun008
    fashun008 Year ago

    Hello, got any ideas for getting rid of snakes on your property? They climb my trees also. I have tried lime, diatomaceous earth, etc. Thanks

  • Karen Bishop
    Karen Bishop Year ago

    How do you get dried blue nail polish out of oriental rug and bedding?

    • IcewhipRoxx
      IcewhipRoxx Year ago

      If it's been two months, it may be too late. but by saturating the area in nail polish remover. If that doesn't work, try pure acetone. Test it on a small, unoticable area first to make sure discoloration won't be an issue. If there isn't a problem, then go ahead and treat the area. You can also go in with tweezers and try to gently tug the hardened bits of nailpolish out of the rug fibers (that may not work on bedding). If worst comes to worst, you may have to cover it up with a small layer of fabric paint for bedding or cutting the ruined tips of the rug with a small, sharp pair of scissors.

  • Evan James
    Evan James Year ago

    I am so happy you guys have come back to youtube.

  • GreenCrafterLegends

    This channel is full of Great Ideas, so smart guys...

    • Aisha Love
      Aisha Love 2 months ago

      Notso fast with his dry ice air conditioner, he was trying to kill people from asphyxiation by encouraging them to make a device designed to fill their room rapidly with C02.

      When intelligent people explained why that's bad he attacked them like a rabid dog and insisted it was harmless despite objective scientific evidence.

      This filth has no regard for human life.

    • Eline Vdb
      Eline Vdb Year ago

      You can do better... Than go for it, or don't say it

  • Fang Fang
    Fang Fang Year ago

    how to get rid pf spiders plz

  • OM G
    OM G Year ago

    Great uses for soda cans
    Vacuum cleaner life hacks
    great uses for glass bottles

  • Tech Zio
    Tech Zio Year ago

    Can u help your biggest fan thats me plz help me by featuring my channel.plz

  • KnittAddiction - Brandy

    Grant tompson sent me!!!!!lol

  • the snake 99
    the snake 99 Year ago

    where is he its been a while

  • Kyoo Up
    Kyoo Up Year ago

    Great channel! I enjoy watching your clips. I'm looking for help developing life hacks for silicone earbud tips. I need to find at least 5. To be honest I'm just not that creative in this area, so I need to look or help. Let me know if this is something you can and or want help out with. Thanks and again great work in this channel.

  • Coolbeans Pizzaman


  • Jānis C
    Jānis C Year ago

    you ar briliant

  • 4 hands club
    4 hands club Year ago

    hello sir can you make a video on how to make a light panel or a lightbox

  • Metehan Güleç
    Metehan Güleç Year ago

    Nice Logo

  • king light
    king light Year ago

    is the safe still available to get in the mail.

  • Arash Khezri
    Arash Khezri Year ago

    Would you accept any ads on your channel? I have a campaign on Kickstarter:
    Kindly let me know if you could help me make my campaign more visible. Thanks

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