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Desi Perkins
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10 months ago

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  • Molly Mitchell
    Molly Mitchell 16 days ago

    Can you do a video with any hair products you use?

  • kristina porro
    kristina porro Month ago

    Does anyone know how we can send them some goodies? i cant seem to find any po box to send to :(

  • Ari Aliyah
    Ari Aliyah Month ago

    Hey,you commented on my first youtube video and i checked out your channel and subscibed i was hoping that me and you could do a collab just let me know if your wanting to and dm me on instagram @itsreally_ari

  • Ary Rosa
    Ary Rosa 2 months ago

    What days do you post?

  • marissa nicolaou
    marissa nicolaou 2 months ago

    Hi can you please do a beginners / teen makeup tutorial please. p.s i love you so much you are amazing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Klara N.
    Klara N. 2 months ago

    Could you please film some summerish, bright coloured makeup tutorial? For instance, blue, pink, purple or green?
    That would really refresh the collection.

    Have a nice day! :)

  • Jordyn Hason
    Jordyn Hason 2 months ago

    I have a pair of your Desi Perkins x Quays and I LOVE THEM!!!

  • Kenzie McGhghy
    Kenzie McGhghy 2 months ago

    How do you enter the giveaway??

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C 2 months ago

    Can I be entered into the giveaway!😁

  • Shanti Christina
    Shanti Christina 3 months ago

    SERIOUS FOUNDATION QUESTION: I feel like after i do my makeup it looks super great, and then like 2 hours later my face looks tired and not as fresh at all. I use a dior foundation and then top it off with laura mercier translucent powder. It just does not seem to last the entire day. How do you make your makeup (face makeup particularly) last your entire day or always look like it has such great staying power. Should I be using a primer? Any other recommendations?

  • randa0402
    randa0402 3 months ago

    Hi Desi - Love your videos. Could we please see a tutorial on the look on your favourite brushes video

  • Dani Stevens
    Dani Stevens 4 months ago

    You and Katy need to do more videos together you guys are my favorite!!!

  • Sara Mouj
    Sara Mouj 4 months ago

    How can I message your for a business enquiry?

  • Diana Villalobos
    Diana Villalobos 5 months ago

    Can you review the Himirror?

  • Tairica Brown
    Tairica Brown 5 months ago

    I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

  • Lia Fatica
    Lia Fatica 6 months ago

    Hey Desi! I'm looking for something to help clear dark spots, brighten, and moisturize my face. I did some research and was wondering what your opinion is...I want a serum or oil. If you had to choose between the taste maracuja oil, ole hendriksen truth serum, or the new pure truth youth oil what do you think would work best?! Or if you have any other suggestions id be happy to hear! I really am trying to stay under $50 if I can haha! Thanks xoxo

  • Lynn Dels
    Lynn Dels 6 months ago

    Why can't I find the hair video you recently snapped about? Feeling sad

  • Mary Kate
    Mary Kate 6 months ago

    Love your channel, long time subscriber!

    I also just recently started my own channel and released a 15 minute makeup tutorial in case you wanted to check it out! All the best <3

  • Yesenia M
    Yesenia M 7 months ago

    Need deets on your Instagram look!!! :-)

  • Leah Lopez
    Leah Lopez 8 months ago

    What contacts do you use, because they are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Kassandra Chan
    Kassandra Chan 9 months ago

    i honestly believe you're one of the most awesome person i've ever met. even though we have not met in person whenever i look at your videos and snaps we vibe....... anyhow i'm from the Caribbean a little country called Guyana we're not an island we're on South America.............
    question: what can i use to help get rit of spotting on my face, i have combination skin and around my brows, nose and under my eyes gets try and flaky. kindly advise.

  • Maya Montri
    Maya Montri 9 months ago

    Love your videos!! your technique is really good ! :-)

  • Tori Nakael
    Tori Nakael 9 months ago

    I would like an entire video on your backdrops, setting up for videos, good lighting tricks, editing, etc. because your videos are amazing and I want to know how you do it! TYSM!

  • demi mae
    demi mae 10 months ago

    Where did you get the black and teal ombré wig?

  • Lily M
    Lily M 10 months ago

    Can you please do a video on "baking"? Gracias!

  • Jenny
    Jenny 10 months ago

    Desi, please help my family and I by sharing our story.
    It would mean the world to me if you could at least read it..

  • Ola Lola
    Ola Lola 10 months ago

    please do the video on how you create your own custom jean shorts!!! Love <3

  • Gabby Perez
    Gabby Perez 11 months ago

    Check out the vlog Desi! It was so delightful meeting you and the rest of the squad! Thanks for coming to Miami! Much Love!

  • HUSE Leon
    HUSE Leon 11 months ago


  • Denelle Ball
    Denelle Ball Year ago

    I want to write to Mrs. Desi Perkins? Is there a way I can do this?

  • ACM
    ACM Year ago

    Hello Desi Perkins!!! Love your videos. But can you tell me if you have something with blue eyeliner. I wanna buy one.

  • Autumn
    Autumn Year ago

    Desi, I need your expert help.  I have been on the hunt for 6 months or so for the perfect foundation for my early signs of aging skin.  So few channels do good videos for my age group - or specifically geared towards my skin.  I have an oily t-zone, prone to breakouts, and fine lines.  I want a full coverage foundation, but every single one I have tried settled into my fine lines.  There must, must be one out there for us nearly 40 girls.  Recent foundations I have tried are Urban Decay All Nighter, Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Cream, and Tarte Double Duty Hybrid Gel.  I have even used different application methods, beauty blender and 3 different brushes.  Sigh... I have finally settled on Too Faced Born this Way and, while I like it, it doesn't give me the coverage or longevity I want.  Is there a foundation out there for me??  Can you do a video letting us late 30 something's know what foundations are best for us??

  • Alexis Natividad

    can you do a eyeliner video pleaseeee

  • TheVegan AndAnimalActivist

    Hi do you use products free of Animal testing and free of Animal ingredients?

  • Game Reviews
    Game Reviews Year ago

    Great!! I subscribed to your channel my friend. Please sub me back!
    Thanks you.

  • Julia Heimbach
    Julia Heimbach Year ago


  • Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson Year ago

    Can you do a video using products that are more accessible to people with a limited budget? Maybe using only products and brushes found at drug stores like CVS or Walgreens, etc... If you have already done this could you show the link? Thank you and I love what you do! Gorgeous!

  • k robi
    k robi Year ago

    You're videos are amazing. Great quality, and great content.
    Please subscribe to my channel...I need your tips.

  • boomb0stic
    boomb0stic Year ago

    Can you do a video on all the equipment you and Sven use to create the videos and vlogs. For example, Drone, Cameras, Lighting, Software etc!! And what you use on your phone =)

  • Madison Edwards
    Madison Edwards Year ago

    Desi, my name is Madison and I love your videos/attitude/love for makeup/passion. I'm a makeup junkie but I work with children at the YMCA and a soccer program and I'm in school studying to be an elementary school teacher. I'm the philanthropy chair for my sorority. I'm reaching out to you because I saw your snaps about how heartbroken and sad you were about the Orlando shooting. Let me tell you, I was heartbroken when I heard what had happened, but let it roll off and continued to my normal everyday life. Until today, at my summer camp job, a six year old child asked me why the flags everywhere were at half mass. I stared at him with a blank look and realized that I didn't know how to tell him that horrific things happen in this world. And then I got an idea. I want to help and I need to do something about it. You have millions of supporters. I can't think of anyone else that has a heart like you do and has such a following of people that you could make such a difference for this world and for the people of Orlando. I don't have details yet but I need to do something about this tragedy. I can't let these children grow up in such a scary world. Please join my journey on making a difference.

  • Atina Popovic
    Atina Popovic Year ago

    HEY :) Can you do a video on how you become such a famous blogger
    and give some tipps for beginner?PS.: I'm dying for your videos *-*

  • Cara Gluckman
    Cara Gluckman Year ago

    Hi Desi - you are the makeup inspiration queeeen ....Please do this look from the Versace official mfw of Gigi

  • TheMrDenlife
    TheMrDenlife Year ago

    can you tell us where you get ur musical inspiration from cuz the music is always great

  • alysha mclelland

    this may sound boring but will you do a makeup tutorial just using the naked pallet cause thats the only eye shadow i have right now i just got all new makeup and brushes just to any new eye shadows yet

  • Little Miss
    Little Miss Year ago

    Desi, I think you are absolutely wonderful, gorgeous and exquisite!! I watch your videos , and really enjoy the way you explain and use your products. I've been searching through your channel to find a BEST OF...or a ...HOLY GRAIL products and couldn't find any?????????....Would you do one for us? I certainly would LOVE IT! Thank you

  • Gressy Cuadra
    Gressy Cuadra Year ago

    Whats your soundcloud name I NEEEEED

  • Agnieszka Tęcza

    Desi, what is your best foundation looks very light and hardly visible ?

  • a macn
    a macn Year ago

    How to clean beauty blenders! Amazing, Thankyou!!🙌🏻

  • Laura Ulisse
    Laura Ulisse Year ago

    How about an updated full coverage routine? We haven't seen one in a while! XO

  • Sophia Fallon
    Sophia Fallon Year ago

    What are those Quay sunglasses John had on in your Snapchat story today?

  • Emily Stucky
    Emily Stucky Year ago

    I would love to see your version of a look using blue lipstick. Something along the lines of Jeffree Star Blue Velvet. I know you would look amazing as always. Love you very much, you bring me so much joy everyday on snapchat Happy Birthday!

  • adreey calderon
    adreey calderon Year ago

    can you do a demi lovato look please she always looks so good. please please

  • Dara Lungu
    Dara Lungu Year ago


  • Whitney Johnson
    Whitney Johnson Year ago

    Im looking to move to cali, what area are y'all?

    • Whitney Johnson
      Whitney Johnson Year ago

      +Whitney Johnson Does anyone know what area of cali they live? looks pretty

  • Elizabeth Eckhardt

    Hi Desi! Could you do a workout/food vlog video?!

  • Liliana Moyano
    Liliana Moyano Year ago

    Pleaaase do videos more often!

  • mittzi perez
    mittzi perez Year ago

    Hi Desi! I would really want to see a Marilyn Monroe makeup tutorial from you! Thanks. By the way. You look a lot like JLo. You could pass by her twin 😄

  • Brea James
    Brea James Year ago

    VICTORIA BECKHAM inspired makeup!!!! please :D you could even rock her "Little gucci dress" lol

  • Ilish Bath
    Ilish Bath Year ago

    can you please post a video on how to pick the right foundation and what undertones are?

  • Johanna Canonica

    That was a fabulous video! You are adorable and teach very well. Thanks for the brow tutorial!!

  • Makeup With Cynthia B.

    your so so pretty! I love your videos so much! I went ahead and liked a few of them to show support, and also subbed, please do the same to my channel. I have a giveaway open right now come over and check it out! You could win xoxo

  • Nabil Toni
    Nabil Toni Year ago


  • Victoria Castro
    Victoria Castro Year ago

    Desi!! I love your channel! I am so inspired by it and you are so talented.

    If anyone has any time to check my channel please do and let me know what you think about it!! Thank you so much, much love xoxo

  • Beauty and Fashion

    Hey. You have got an awesome channel. I subscribed to your beautiful
    channel. Could you spare some time to visit my channel too. Please,
    sub-back my channel.

  • Jennifer H
    Jennifer H Year ago

    Can you make a video on products that are hypoallergenic?

  • thankful516
    thankful516 Year ago

    I love your  video's!!!   can you please do one on an updated Jlo look? I see the Anastasia glow palette and would like to see you do one on that new palette.  I am you MAC color almost (NC42) and I love your looks!! and the MAC give me sun is everything to me!  all other bronzers make me look "dirty" ! so your looks best complement me.  thanks

  • Dalal Sabti
    Dalal Sabti Year ago

    can you do a make up tutorial on the look you had on in the massive holiday giveaway video please ?

  • Roosa Viloma
    Roosa Viloma Year ago

    Could you do Victoria Beckham look? xx

  • Babi Mart
    Babi Mart Year ago

    Desi pleaseee make a new tutorial on the VS angel´s makeup look! The one you´ve already made is my favorite from u :*

  • Nana Diana
    Nana Diana Year ago

    i'm dying to watch desi, katy and chrisspy and do makeover on each other. pleasee

  • Becca T
    Becca T Year ago

    Desi, could you do a bombshell look for Christmas?

  • Chelsea Adams
    Chelsea Adams Year ago

    I would love to see a "no makeup" make tutorial. I loved your no eye makeup look when you went on your trip with Tarte. I was obsessed on snapchat. I would love to see a tutorial on that.

  • Mercedez Lasiter

    Let's snapchat!! 😀

  • simplytaylorb
    simplytaylorb Year ago

    can you do a video on how you film and what you use to have such flawless results?

  • Sydney Triplett
    Sydney Triplett Year ago

    would love to see an honest beauty review/swatch video!!!

  • jasmine make up
    jasmine make up Year ago

    hi girls sucribe in my channel plz

  • Abbie Daniel
    Abbie Daniel Year ago

    Lovvvvedd the snap about your must have make-up products. I think you and Katy need to do a video on your ride-or-dies for your makeup bag. TYSM.

  • Jama Ismail
    Jama Ismail Year ago

    desi can you do a home tour video plz i love you

  • shaa zaty
    shaa zaty Year ago

    desi.. can u make video on Cleopatra makeup look?? your face the one who suit to this makeup look..i will like to see it..pleaseee

  • Kori Tumbarello
    Kori Tumbarello Year ago

    How do you get your hair cut?

  • Jenna Combs
    Jenna Combs Year ago

    I like your new banner :)

  • Judy Atherton
    Judy Atherton Year ago

    Desi do a make up redemption video of your hubby doing your makeup! Guide him! :D

  • alexandra nunez
    alexandra nunez Year ago

    What is a good moisturizer for oily skin?

  • Kristen Merino
    Kristen Merino Year ago

    Can you please do a pretty chola makeup look for halloween? and Morticia Adams??
    Love you girl

  • Dolly
    Dolly Year ago

    Desi I'm from the UK and I love your channel! I go to school and I have to take a reading book I would love for you to bring a book out all on make up and hair styles! You could put how to set out make up and what you love to use what you think is good for certain skin types. You could say what brushes you love and where you get these things from! 💄💌 and you could say what the make up is for all sorts of stuff what tools you use and make up and you can have steps for hair and make up and also you can tell us what skin products you use like moisturisers and all sorts make it loads of pages I love you so much I want a book from you !!! Colour full one and big like Lauren Conrad book called styled set out like that but yours would be better and better stuff in it !!! Please xxxxx

  • Tori Smith
    Tori Smith Year ago


  • junior teariki
    junior teariki Year ago

    Hey Desi, my names Melody Im using my partners profile atm but im just writing to say that I love how well you present yourself not only in your videos but in your snaps and instagram. Ive been following you on all three social media sites for quite sometime now and can honestly say that I just love your personality! You are a true role model! I have overloaded my laptop with your videos -_- hehehe I watch every makeup look you create however this will have to be the first time that I actually write to you. You are inspirational :) You have truly inspired me to become something more and actually go out there and follow my dreams. Congrats on the millie subbies as well! You have been my fav makeup guru and I don't think Ive found anyone else that compares to you? And I know theres plenty of makeup gurus out there so that's saying something :D

  • drug store makeup
    drug store makeup 2 years ago

    Desi, you are a very beautiful lady. However, I feel like your way to consided. I think alot more people would probably enjoy tatorials if you did a few with drug store products. Not everyone can afford name brand. My own opinion, but I feel that some drug store items are even better then some of the name brand.

  • Elizabeth Girdhari
    Elizabeth Girdhari 2 years ago


  • Elizabeth Girdhari
    Elizabeth Girdhari 2 years ago


  • Elizabeth Girdhari
    Elizabeth Girdhari 2 years ago


  • Elizabeth Girdhari
    Elizabeth Girdhari 2 years ago


  • Elizabeth Girdhari
    Elizabeth Girdhari 2 years ago


  • Elizabeth Girdhari
    Elizabeth Girdhari 2 years ago


  • Elizabeth Girdhari
    Elizabeth Girdhari 2 years ago


  • Elizabeth Girdhari
    Elizabeth Girdhari 2 years ago


  • Elizabeth Girdhari
    Elizabeth Girdhari 2 years ago


  • Elizabeth Girdhari
    Elizabeth Girdhari 2 years ago


  • Elizabeth Girdhari
    Elizabeth Girdhari 2 years ago


    Head Mistress (Brandi1525)4 months ago
    I was pleasantly surprised to see your comment on my video. Just wanted to stop by and show some of the love you shared with me ! Congrat's on your 1 Million Subbies. Be Blessed Beautiful Sister !!!
    Reply  ·  

    jocelyn campos1 month ago
    Desi, please do a make up collection video!!!!
    Reply  ·  4

    Brooke Chiasson1 week ago
    I would really love to start a tag that you ladies in the beauty world could do for me. I just don't know what i would call it so that it would be something trending that would catch on.  maybe, or  ...i honestly have no idea what would work. Please, take a second to listen. please.

    At 18 months old, I was struck with a 2 by 4, and that day forever changed my life in more ways you could imagine. LONG story short. After multiple surgeries, I ended up losing my vision in one of my eyes. Each surgery left behind scars that are not your typical scar that you would imagine. My eyes are no longer perfectly round and they do not both have the same shape. Cutting through the eye color pigment, changes your color every time they do it. My "good" eye, which i am -5.25 (-10 is legally blind, so i am more than half way there in my GOOD eye), is green. My bad eye that i am completely blind in, is a brownish color and the pupil is busted so i can not open my eye in the sun because my pupil does not constrict like the normal person's would. Light is painful for me. Sunglasses and tinted windows are a MUST in my life. 3 years ago, the love of my life, who passed away 3 months ago, took me to a 3d movie and leaned over to ask if i would like to see a different movie. I could not understand why the entire theater was jumping, ducking, and moving. Being the thoughtful man he was, he always tried to put himself in my shoes. He had closed his eye and realized that you can't see in 3d with only one eye having sight. I asked him why he was asking me that and he took off my 3d glasses and kissed my bad eye and said "because Bee, you can't see it".  :( the tear that ran down my cheek did not hit the floor because he wiped it away before it could fall.RIP Charles Benoit!  I never thought much of people always telling me that i have no depth perception because i only have one eye. I do not back into things, i can pull a camper, boat, horse trailer, haul trailer, and i can back them up with insane accuracy. Due to my lack of vision, everyone in my life is reluctant to let me drive their vehicles which makes me over compensate and perfect my driving skills of hauling things, owning huge lifted diesel trucks, and backing up things that i haul. I want to do it, because people say I can't. Proving people wrong has become an art that defines me. I assumed that being that the theater 3d glasss were solid black, that seeing that movie would be ok because they were no longer red and blue lenses. I was wrong. The glasses made the movie a clear picture to me and if i took them off the screen was too blurry to see it, however with or without them, nothing was in 3d.

    Cover your right eye for 1 day. Drive(not where you have a lot of traffic because a blind person's blind spots, are basically the entire car), do your hair, do your makeup, get on a computer, pluck your brows, ....etc

    Winged liner is damn near impossible. I can never get them even because of my vision only being on one side and even that one side is half way gone. I have a contact in that eye and have PERFECT vision in it and still can't do it because my even, and real even, are not the same thing. lol. (i can't find a surgeon that would take the risk of doing laser surgery on me to fix my vision in my good eye because if something goes wrong, i'm screwed). Dr Azar here in Lafayette, LA has done all of my surgeries and i owe him, EVERYTHING. I am blessed. Also for my parents. They spent so much time with me after recovery from all the surgeries, when working was crucial to keep money coming in to pay those bills. The song i always wanted to dance with my dad and may even my mom, at my wedding was Celine Dion Because you Loved me. ( you were my eyes when i couldn't see. I'm everything i am because you loved me). I am a true Southern Belle cajun girl and i, of course, have a cajun french/country son that i want to do my father/daughter dance to, but if possible, i would love to have that song played and dance in a circle with both of my parents while i ball out my eyes. Lol. :)
    when you look into my bad eye, like i said, my pupil is blown, so you can see through it. I've had cataract surgery and then had it removed. In other words, my eye is not a fake and is very real, however there is nothing inside. it is empty. This is causing my center of the eye to look white and cloudy. it's scary. When my eyes are diolated by a doctor, it is the scariest thing you've ever seen. I look like a freak show. My eye is already weird because the pupil won't restrict, so dilatation makes it open even more. Children are scared of me in the "dark" room at the doctor's office where they send people to wait while their eyes dilate. If you have ever had that done, you know that when you leave, they give you disposable sun glasses because it is painful to walk outside and have the glare from the sun, hit your eyes.They do not allow people to drive home and you MUST have a driver with you. That, is my every day life because my bad eye stays like that. Feeling my pain yet?
    As if that's not bad enough, My muscles no longer worked in that eye. I was a crosseyed freak and there was nothing my family could do, to convince me otherwise being that i heard it every single day at school. I did not know what suicide was as a child, but i did know that i did not want to be alive if being teased and hated was the feeling i would live with because in my eyes, i wasn't living. PUN ABSOLUTELY INTENDED! I got into my first fight in the 3rd grade, and got myself into a ton of trouble that would set the tone for my future. I felt pleasure when watching the boy who tormented me daily bleed out from his nose all over his clothes and cry. Calling me a crosseyed bitch monster in the 3rd grade, little did i know, would affect me for the rest of my life. 
    To this day, i am a very defensive person and i feel like I always have to prove myself, no matter the questioning if any question at all.  
    At 9 months old i thought i was a badass and tried to walk. I fell and hit the corner of a coffee table, and it landed me a trip to the ER and 4 stitches in my eyebrow. 
    My eye brows, even with done by a professional, are never matching because of that scar. plucking my brows is impossible with that scar and with only one eye, what is level and equal to me, is not actually true to the definition. 
    Are you getting a good idea of how huge of a challenge makeup is for me? In order to do my good eye that i can see out of, i have to close it.  While everyone is having FUN with the whole "blind fold makeup", that is my every day real life. I am not asking for pity or sympathy. I am asking for help. 
    Kids are so cruel and i have a son that will be 3yr  old in 2 months. Not even the court system has been able to get child support from his father, therefore i am lucky we get to eat, much less purchase makeup. Every man has a past. My eyes seem to be the main focus of any man's ex from his past, that i date. I will be 30 on Sept 23, 2015 (next month) and since my son has been born, i have given up dating. I have been celibate for 2 years now and i am having trouble feeling pretty enough to even attempt a social life. My son needs a male role model in his life and i should be able to give him that being that i made the biggest mistake every in choosing the other half of his DNA.
    Get to the point Brooke., what i am asking is that you give me some sort of trick to makeup application. When it comes to getting both eyes to match, it is impossible because my eyeballs are not shaped the same anymore due to so many surgeries, so doing the exact same thing on both sides will not LOOK the same at the end because of the way my eyes open, don't show identical on each side. my right side opens and shows a bit more of the lid then my other one. Makeup is the #1 thing that highlights my cross eyes. People notice immediately that i have, in their exact words every single time, cat eyes or catahoula eyes. I AM NOT A DAMN DOG! It draws so much attention to the colors of my eyes, especially if i have black in my water line. They notice that my eyes are different colors and then ask if i have color contacts or a fake eye. 
    At 16 years old i had a surgery called Strabismus, which took the muscles and cut them to remove a small section, and then tie them together. Today, my eyes follow true. If i am tired, or have a drink or two, the muscles relax and my eye drifts off a bit. 
    I keep bouncing all around and can't stay on topic. I apologize. I've had to stop and wipe my eyes a few times, i'm not even going to lie. It has been a very emotional roller coaster and it hits my heart pretty hard. I would be a liar if i said that the comments made to me, still today, don't hurt. They do. It seems to be the only thing people have in their bag of "tricks" when it comes to cutting me down or insulting me. I would have thought that by this age, when someone is mad at me or just pissed off that their boyfriend has moved on, that this would be their bullet they shoot at me.
    I use a ton of metaphors don't I. lol sorry.
    My bad, blind eye, always comes out somewhat okay, but when i have to close my good eye to apply makeup, i can't see what i am doing. I have even tried tilting my head backwards and looking down to leave a small crack in my eye to see in the mirror, but it doesn't help.

    So this is what I am asking....Join my disability for a tutorial and trial and error this with me. Try it and show me what you can come up with to help me find ways to make it work.
    I would be unbelieveably grateful. 

    All the love in the world.......Brooke Leigh Chiasson 
    Lafayette, LA
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    Christina Caputo1 week ago
    Hi Desi,
    I would love to redue a makeup look that you choose, You have inspired me so much and I just simply love you. Plus I'd like to show you what you have taught me for all your videos. This would be my first ever makeup look that I would like to share/start my YouTube channel on.
    Reply  ·  

    Soheila Hakimi2 months ago
    HI Desi! Was wondering if you could recommend me the best mirror with lighting combo you've seen/used. I have terrible lighting in my bathroom for makeup and I'm thinking of investing. Id appreciate any info or suggestions you have.
    Reply  ·  2

    Vanessa Baro1 week ago
    can you or chrisspy or both do a terminator tutorial please please please you guys are great i love you guys  
    Reply  ·  

    Jennifer Preece1 month ago
    who is Katy and where have I been living???
    Reply  ·  

    RosieRose293 months ago
    hello, can you show us what's in your travel makeup bag? 
    Reply  ·  1

    kesimone e1 week ago
    we should do a collab together :)
    Reply  ·  

    Sabrina Agredo3 weeks ago
    You should do a tutorial on how you keep your face so flawless & acne free ! 
    Reply  ·  

    ocotogon1 week ago
    Hi desi just wanted to thank you so so much! you're such an idol to me and i see you as my mentor. you're the sweetest woman and i love your channel! I hope to meet you one day!
    Reply  ·  

    Elizabeth Nguyen1 month ago
    Where did you get your heart necklace!!! I really want to get it :-(

    Sarah Cath2 months ago
    Hello Desi. I would like to know where I can by the make-up which you use. I'm from Mauritius and most countries do not ship to Mauritius. Thanks so much :)

    Much Love 
    Reply  ·  

    Rachel Micallef2 months ago
    What contact lenses do you use?
    Reply  ·  

    beautybyvictoria4 months ago
    Does anyone know what camera and on camera monitors she uses? thanks!!
    Reply  ·  

    Jacqueline Serrano2 months ago
    My selfish reason for wanting to win the giveaway is because I'm a fat cat and I want the bag to get in my belly, not sure if this is where I was supposed to comment but it's the best place I could find
    Reply  ·  

    Hannah Sabatino2 months ago
    DESI. Where did you get that black maxi skirt you wore this weekend?  It's so pretty I need it.  Thanks!!
    Reply  ·  

    LizLupita141 month ago
    Can you do a makeup collection/makeup room tour? You've never done a video like that! Pweeeaaaasee! :D
    Reply  ·  

    Jessica Badette3 weeks ago
    can you please do a makeup collection video!?!?!?!
    Reply  ·  

    Marina Rumppe10 months ago
    I would love to see a video on how you film, lighting, and editing :)
    Reply  ·  10

    Renee Korman7 months ago
    Mee too!  My lighting in my bathroom sucks!!!  I would love to know what you use since you look like you are in a studio doing your video's and there is no natural lighting.  Please let us in on your secret!!!  PLEAAAASSSSEEE
    Reply  ·  3

    veronica padilla4 months ago
    Yes! this would help a lot of us. i am currently looking for lighting and cameras. :) 
    Reply  ·  
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    Can you do a video/tutorial about how you edit your videos with tips and tricks?

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