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  • Lorelei
    Lorelei 2 months ago

    Please, upload the audio for Dangerous. There's nowhere a studio track on youtube and it's soooo needed. Please, please. <3

  • Jacopo Stinson
    Jacopo Stinson 4 months ago

    "I Dare you" deserved a music video,a stunning videoclip like "On Hold" or "Say Something Loving".

  • Alex Kharchuk
    Alex Kharchuk 4 months ago

    could i possibly bring this glass "X" sculpture to get signed by you all???

    -much love for u tomorrow and 4ever

  • DarkSoulWerewolf
    DarkSoulWerewolf 5 months ago

    Hello, I'm wondering if I can use Intro in a rap I wrote to it. If yes then I can send you a copy of the final project and I'll make sure to give you guys credit for the beat.

  • MCiencia
    MCiencia 5 months ago

    Adorei \o show no lollapalooza - BR! : )

  • paul redwood
    paul redwood 7 months ago

    Im here i copenhagen from london. Cant wait to see tonights show. And then agqin next month in Nottingham. ;)

  • Edson Pereira
    Edson Pereira 7 months ago

    YO! from Lawrence, Kansas. Wishing you guys have a BLAST at your opening. Excited to see you in TX. Peace.

    IERTEC 7 months ago

    Hi guys. I am very interested in using The XX-intro on our website, How can we do it? Is there any kind of, let's say, legal contact that we can get in touch with? Congrats for your music!

  • Taron
    Taron 8 months ago

    could.i get an acapella to remix on hold thanksxx

  • BlueBubblezation
    BlueBubblezation 8 months ago

    Hi guys, I was wondering why your new album I see you isn't available on YouTube in my country (Slovenia)? I love you and hope to be able to listen to it soon! <3

  • Z Proyect
    Z Proyect Year ago

    Do we have any restrictions at using your themes for videos in youtube? cause your music is awesome

  • Ankit vijayvargiya

    why didn't you upload The XX- intro ?

  • TV OSS
    TV OSS Year ago

    Hello , we are a web Tv on martial arts here in São João del Rei - MG, Brazil , and use your music(The xx - Intro) in a video tribute to Brazilian judoka Rafaela Silva , gold medalist in the Olympic Games Rio 2016. I would like you to give us permission to you how we use the music soundtrack ! Thank you

  • P s y c h e
    P s y c h e Year ago

    Pensé que tendrían más comentarios, esta es su cuenta oficial <3 (?

  • daniel palma
    daniel palma Year ago

    our song ?

  • Harbyn Agudelo Films

    hey felicitaciones, es un buen canal con demasiadas reproducciones en sus vídeos pero asombrosamente con solo 5,000 sub y lo mas escalofriante nº 2 en el rankin de social blade con A+++ solo superado por justin bieber, que cosa ¿a que se debe?