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OnePlus 5 Review!
2 months ago
Dear Twitter!
2 months ago
Dear Samsung!
4 months ago
Dear Apple! (2017)
5 months ago

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  • Nicolas Roy
    Nicolas Roy 5 hours ago

    Dude, you're the best, keep up the good work!

  • Epitheus
    Epitheus 6 hours ago

    Essential Phone!!!! I know you want it

  • Rubin Johny
    Rubin Johny 10 hours ago

    hey MKBHD.. big fan here.. couldnt see anything about the essential phone.. its pretty hyped dont you think?

  • Rahul Sundaresan
    Rahul Sundaresan 20 hours ago

    Where's the Essential first look?

  • IK SS
    IK SS Day ago

    plz promote my channel

  • IK SS
    IK SS Day ago

    plz mkbhd promote my channel

  • IK SS
    IK SS Day ago

    it is my humble request plz plz

  • IK SS
    IK SS Day ago

    kindly give me some tips to promote my channel plz

  • IK SS
    IK SS Day ago

    hi mkbhd iam very big fan of your videos

  • Cooper McGrath
    Cooper McGrath 4 days ago

    When are we getting another studio tour like the one you did with Casey Neistat?

  • BAD BOY 18
    BAD BOY 18 5 days ago

    Thank you Marques for the amazing videos it helped me a lot. Peace!

  • Niels O
    Niels O 8 days ago

    Hi Marques,

    Well I own a MacBook Pro 2017 and I really need a back-up/media external drive. What are the best thunderbolt 3 external drive solutions right now? I know Lacie has the D2 and Akitio the Duo Pro. What are your suggestions? Maybe you could make a comparison/video?

    Well let me know,


  • Bruno Chn
    Bruno Chn 8 days ago

    MKBHD... Funny, I actually discovered you via Linus!
    You guy rocks. I subscribed. I may even discard for a while Linus, as he's getting lame on the late ;-)

  • Braden Brand Sisters Reality TV

    Hi Marquez, Where do you join your group

  • DJ Tekromancer
    DJ Tekromancer 9 days ago

    Love your vids. I would like to see you do a take on the Mars Pro smart phone.

  • BuzzinTate
    BuzzinTate 9 days ago

    Please make a best of open back headphones video for 2017/18 if you can

  • Giallombardo Bruno
    Giallombardo Bruno 10 days ago

    Hey MKBHD! I really like your reviews so thx for all your videos. But I do have a question: What would you recommend to a guy who wants a regular smartphone (uses regular apps, doesn't play games etc...) but with a (very) good camera and preferably with OIS. I'm sick of these very good but very expensive "camera phones" . Why can't the companies just make low budget regular smartphones with an excellent cameras? I think a lot of companies/professionals would buy these phones right away.
    Anyway...let me know what you think!

  • Aman Kapoor
    Aman Kapoor 10 days ago

    A video showing all the features of Apollo. . ( i just really want to watch more of tesla cars and other youtubers are boring )

  • sreenivas narayan
    sreenivas narayan 10 days ago

    Can you do video of Sony RX100 VI?

  • Jirozi
    Jirozi 11 days ago

    Hi Marques,

    Will you be doing a SHARP Aquos 2 review anytime soon? :)

    Love the videos, keep up the great work! :)

  • NickDrinksWater
    NickDrinksWater 11 days ago

    Stay hydrated

  • ilan silver
    ilan silver 12 days ago

    It is extremely important if you are trying to be a journalist that you announce your bias's before a video. I mention this because I noticed you in a Samsung commercial on my TV. There is nothing wrong with you advertising yourself/brand. However you have come out with a few Samsung s8, and Samsung Note videos and you have not mentioned your bias's that you were in a Samsung commercial. This completely destroys any journalistic integrity that you have.

    • Gaurang Saini
      Gaurang Saini 12 days ago

      I am sorry but this makes little sense to me. "...few Samsung s8, and Samsung Note videos " are review videos. The commercials that he makes or shows up in are to probably pay the bills. Your assumptions that his reviews are obviously biased just because Samsung throws cash at him are baseless. He gets paid because he is good at his craft, which is video making. He just happens to be a world-class reviewer.

  • LaStaysha Nelson
    LaStaysha Nelson 12 days ago

    I'm waiting for the note 8 review. Do you know when you'll be releasing the phone review? it seams to be coming out on Aug. 23rd, want to know your thoughts

  • ChamsEddine Amara
    ChamsEddine Amara 13 days ago

    Nokia 8 review ?

  • Joyal Joy
    Joyal Joy 13 days ago

    Hii...will you make Lumix FZ2500 Review...?

  • Amit Agarwal
    Amit Agarwal 13 days ago

    Hi MB, Can you please share a feedback with Oneplus on fixing the camera bump of Oneplus 3 ? The camera bump design is flawed. I have been using it for last 9 months with a Spigen case and it was all good. Then I decided to remove the case and the glass on camera broke within 3 days. I know 4 more such cases. The (weak) glass is so much on the surface that putting it on a table will eventually break it.

  • Sam Schloegel
    Sam Schloegel 15 days ago

    Hey Marques,
    I'm in the process of creating a YouTube channel and one of the things that really makes yours stand out is the great opening MKBHD logo animations. I've been working on mine and it's coming along. I have some limited experience in both After Effects and Motion. I'm curious though - when you switched from Premiere to Final Cut, did you also switch from After Effects to Motion? Or do you use something else altogether?
    Thanks for your help!

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller 16 days ago

    Love your videos! Will you do a Tech Review of the new Surface Laptop compared to other laptops in it's class? You're awesome! Thank you for the high quality work that you do!

  • Sinan Ozdemir
    Sinan Ozdemir 16 days ago

    Hi MKBHD. Just wanted to say I liked your vids before but not any more. Your got ahead of yourself as soon as you started making some money.

  • vinay anand
    vinay anand 17 days ago

    Hi MKBHD can you make a video on Google Wifi?

  • Siddharth Shukla
    Siddharth Shukla 17 days ago

    Hi MKBHD, Can you please give review on Matrix PowerWatch X smart watch.

  • jasper1881994
    jasper1881994 18 days ago

    Could you do an update video on bixby voice if possible

  • kopiriyan rasalingam

    hey MKBHD, could you do a review on best 4k camcorders?? there are a lot of them

  • Gaurav Bhusal
    Gaurav Bhusal 18 days ago

    hi MKBHD tq for all videos get help but i want to know which is better one plus 5 or s7 edge as i m using s7 edge from 5 months and want to buy new phone less costly so.
    thank you hope to get reply soon.

  • Sawers
    Sawers 19 days ago

    Where is the review of the Tesla Model 3. Waiting ..............

  • Bhargav Negandhi
    Bhargav Negandhi 19 days ago

    Hey Marques,When do you think will the next Windows/Surface Phone be out? What are your expectations from the updated windows 10 phone OS ?

    DBKHD 20 days ago

    Marques, congrats on winning project LOVEDAY. When you made the video I was sure your was the best. All entries were really good but your was ON POINT. I hope we get to meet someday. It would be a pretty nice tech-talk.

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 20 days ago

    hurry up with the tesla 3 vid maaaaaaan

  • Brandon Brunkow
    Brandon Brunkow 21 day ago


    CONGRATS on winning the commercial contest! Awesome work.

  • Gobala Krishnan
    Gobala Krishnan 21 day ago

    Hi MKBHD,
    just a reminder. seems like one plus 5 survuves water test. Hope u'll have a look on it

  • Ranju Ravindran
    Ranju Ravindran 21 day ago

    Hey man, looking forward to your model 3 video.

  • Zunaid Khushro
    Zunaid Khushro 21 day ago

    Hi MKBHD, which camera do you use for your youtube video?

  • Martin Scerri
    Martin Scerri 21 day ago

    Grats on the Tesla Loveday Competition win :-))))))))

  • js4653654
    js4653654 21 day ago

    Congrats on winning Loveday, Saw you on LTT and been watching since.

  • Alexander Espinal
    Alexander Espinal 21 day ago

    Congrats on winning the Tesla contest!!!

  • Federico Rodriguez
    Federico Rodriguez 21 day ago

    congrats on the tesla award.

  • Jim McPherson
    Jim McPherson 21 day ago


  • TheCheckpoints
    TheCheckpoints 22 days ago

    congrats winning the tesla ads show

  • RiSk Fly
    RiSk Fly 23 days ago

    how did mkbhd make his logo

  • A
    A 23 days ago

    Hey Marques,

    Could you please do a comprehensive review of the best digital paper devices which exist out there to date (for reading, taking notes and sketching)? For example the "reMarkable" device or the "Digital Paper" from Sony. These EReaders could become widely spread in the future as they become more and more like real paper. Until now, real paper could not be replaced by electronic devices like tablets, laptops or computers and even epaper readers, because the properties of real paper have not been reached. This is why we still print stuff, because paper is still superior to our electronic devices. However, Epaper devices are makeing a big step towards the quality of real paper: it has no back lighting (which is positive), it can be written on and its surface feels similar to paper surface (rough texture). So i believe epaper devices could win the race towards replacing paper all together. And the market for electronic paper is big. Would be happy to see these devices perform in a review of yours, because i cannot find these readers in stores in Germany. So i must base my decision on video reviews from the web. As your video quality is very high people could be able to see the important details of these devices.


  • Sark Asadourian
    Sark Asadourian 25 days ago

    You should make a 54 hour or 48 hour film Festival short

  • TechEver
    TechEver 25 days ago

    Hey Marquess! I have a very big video request, which I guess everyone will love it! I know that time has changed , and so as your shooting style. I really want to see that how you set up your camera for your facecam, for overhead shots, etc. Can you please do this??

    Everyone please like this post if you want to see this video!

  • TechEver
    TechEver 25 days ago


    MKBHD is the best channel. He worked really hard, to get from a laptop webcam, to the RED(hope you got it).

    But Mr. Dwane, seriously, I'm from India and I know a lot of rock fans! Please do a collab with our YouTube bro, MKBHD!

    Hope he reads it. Thanks for reading MKBHD. PEACE!!!

  • Ratnanjay Sarvate
    Ratnanjay Sarvate 27 days ago

    Hey Marques,
    What is your opinion about chinesse phones eg.., "xiomi, honor, etc.." and if u want to buy a phone which u are planning to use for next 5 years then which one u will choose.

  • Ratnanjay Sarvate

    hey Marques,
    Every month a new smartphone comes out, and this has made the choices much more difficult. So i have a request for you, if you can make a video on - "Best smartphone you prefer (overall) in different budgets". it will be helpfull.
    hope you will read it, and will think about it.

  • Joeseph Hossain
    Joeseph Hossain Month ago

    You are the only tech YouTuber that put quality over quantity in action

  • sandesh scorpion
    sandesh scorpion Month ago

    Hi MKBHD... usually which smart phone offenly u r using..?

  • Workenesh Woldmariam

    MKBHD I Love you the great adia

  • Inshal Naqvi
    Inshal Naqvi Month ago

    What if I had to choose between getting a beatsX or beats solo3? which would you recommend?

  • Rishikesh Kumaran

    Bro, explain 'internet of things'

  • Philip Wong
    Philip Wong Month ago

    Will you review the Light L16 camera?

  • Benjamin Taylor
    Benjamin Taylor Month ago

    Hey I really enjoy your videos! I have been watching some of your headphones reviews, and I was wondering if you might be able to do one on the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 headphones? If you could compare with the ATH-M50x headphones too that would be great, thanks!

  • Voodoo God
    Voodoo God Month ago

    I actually I came here to ask obvious about buying a new phone. I want to switch to Android​, but it seems like a very anxious inducing transition. I'm currently using a 6s, here are the things that I want: bigger screen (really big), speed, and update reliability.

  • Voodoo God
    Voodoo God Month ago

    Hi MKBHD,  can you make more videos about the Red camera or videos about why you use Red? also Tesla! please make more videos about Tesla, can enough neither but still exciting to watch. and I think it's time for videos about the gears you're using.

  • Zeydra 18
    Zeydra 18 Month ago

    XZ Premium review? plz...

  • vivek james
    vivek james Month ago

    HI MKBHD , IS IPHONE 6 A GOOD CHOICE TO BUY IN 2017 ,please let me know u openion about it?

  • Nick V
    Nick V Month ago

    Hi! I'm a new subscriber. I'm just curious if you would ever do a review of the GoPro Hero 5? I just want to see what your thoughts are on it. Also do you think that they use the same type of behind the scenes tech that was discussed in your "shot on smartphones" video?

  • meeshvsfudgecake
    meeshvsfudgecake Month ago

    setup tour project 2017???


  • Mahavishnu Das
    Mahavishnu Das Month ago

    heyy mkbhd ,i love all your videos and the way you explain the specs of any given product,and i think you are the best reviewer in the world,but just a request since you are having connections with all the tops companies like apple and htc,could you insist a suggestion to why apple wont give a glow feature to their iphone ( apple logo),since they are charging a lot for it,and also it will look pretty nice. (i am vishnu from india)

  • Akash Sharma
    Akash Sharma Month ago

    can you make a project file of your intro please that would be a great help to me a MKBHD fan

  • Asfaloth 1859
    Asfaloth 1859 Month ago

    Please make a video on Net Neutrality to raise awareness among your followers before July 17th.

  • Victor Sue
    Victor Sue Month ago

    Hello, Marques, love your videos! But why not upload the 60fps videos like Nick Ackerman and others? I do think that followers are gonna appreciate that, once again thank you for making so many great videos for us all!

  • M K
    M K Month ago

    Can you get your "hands" on any inside info/rumors/gossip about Essential phone? Do you have any thoughts about this phone with the info you got? Regards m

  • woges
    woges Month ago

    The comparing videos are the best. Well done mate, love you channel!

  • Moiz Noor
    Moiz Noor Month ago

    hey good evening. unbox Sony xperia XZ premium and complete review about this phone please.

  • parthveer singh
    parthveer singh Month ago

    hi +Marques Brownlee love your amazing content but can you make a video on your youtube equipment means how do you set your cameras for shooting videos and your sound setup would love to see this video by you

  • mood sly
    mood sly Month ago

    Hello, why do you never review Huawei smartphones?, they are great well built phones and yet you never review them

  • Kobi Or Cohen
    Kobi Or Cohen Month ago

    Hi MKBHD, do you think the MacBook 15 2017 will be strong enough for me video editing work (proxy file with avid media composer). Thanks!

  • Alex Abrahantes
    Alex Abrahantes Month ago

    Nice Channel

  • Junaid Anik
    Junaid Anik Month ago

    Hey MKBHD, huge fan your work. I wonder why you don't given a thought on the Sony XZ Premium? A full review would be awesome. Thanks :)

  • Pro Windroid
    Pro Windroid Month ago

    I was amazed when I saw your channel a very wonderful channel .. Haha on the idea I am an Arab from North Africa and obsessed and I have a very small channel and I like my work on YouTube and I want to support all the failed Arab channels that take your content and publish it in its channels, I am bored of them I follow you and learn how to shoot how to perform but such things do not know ignorance but my only request and I hope to support my channel just a video or simple gesture in one of the videos Please ...

  • ehabsleman
    ehabsleman Month ago

    hi mkbhd i am from____ iraq___ and i watch all your videos and liek it thank you

  • Shayne D
    Shayne D Month ago

    All I gotta say is F that for recommending Dbrand What a goddamn joke that company is.. You should be ashamed man!!

  • Riyasthul Fahmi
    Riyasthul Fahmi Month ago

    why cant u take a video of which is best home theatre system ch5.1 and compare this yamaha ,jbl,sony,samsung. brand which is best or anyother brands is best

  • IndianTelephone
    IndianTelephone Month ago

    Hey Marques, will you do Nokia 6 review?

  • shreyash malani
    shreyash malani Month ago

    Why don't you review sony phones. I have seen them appear in some videos but never seen a review for them

  • diwa kant
    diwa kant Month ago

    Hi Maeques,

    Will you please review some of best budget ear-buds?

  • RayBs
    RayBs Month ago

    So are you boycotting Sony??

  • Felix Funes
    Felix Funes Month ago

    Hi Marques! It would be nice if you did a video explaining some of the classic internal storage problems from andriod or something like that... There are so many folders and no one ever knows what to delete!! Thanks for your videos!

  • Humeid Al-Habsi
    Humeid Al-Habsi Month ago

    Hi MKBHD,,, ur my Favourite reviewer ever,,, kindly review Rowkin Bit The World's Smallest Stereo Wireless Headphones,,, and compare to Airpods

    • Humeid Al-Habsi
      Humeid Al-Habsi Month ago

      or just a wireless headphones, review for the best 5 out there ;)

  • Nixon Bryan
    Nixon Bryan Month ago

    Samsung galaxy c7 please review

  • Adarsh Jain
    Adarsh Jain Month ago

    Surface Studio .....or ......iMac.......please review

  • rahul sindhav
    rahul sindhav Month ago

    do tech reviewer's pay security amount for the review unit which is sent by company..if not then what if they dont return the device..??

  • ibz4k zer
    ibz4k zer Month ago

    huawei reviews please mkbhd

  • ibz4k zer
    ibz4k zer Month ago

    Mkbhd your vídeos are awesome

  • V.I.N. Productions Legacy

    Hey MKBHD, how come you didn't change your name to MKB4K because all of your videos are in 4k now?

  • David Cipollone
    David Cipollone Month ago

    Where's the U11 review?

  • Stech S
    Stech S Month ago

    hey marques ..can i make a video of top 10 mobiles from review of your videos

  • Viddy Find
    Viddy Find Month ago

    Great work mate, love the channel!

  • Ragetorc
    Ragetorc Month ago

    HI Marques, nice videos, can i get you some free oneplus 5 accessories sent for some review?

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