Fight for the Future
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  • michael brady
    michael brady Year ago

    I will repeat that I believe your strategy of hosting rock and roll
    concerts is a terrible misdirection when it is essential that door to
    door petition work is needed to show Congress how the citizens of the
    USA stand on the TPP, TiPP, and TISA. I realize that feel good parties
    are fun and beating the streets in the summer is not fun, but hard work.
    Maybe that's why you don't do it. Again, I wonder if you are not
    hosting a losing strategy to confuse and dilute a movement to truly stop
    these trade agreements.

    • Eric Brian Breheny
      Eric Brian Breheny Month ago

      Unfortunately I live in Canada, I have left calls to your Congress, My ancestors were once the Founding Fathers that helped found Plymouth, Mass USA, my ancestors were driven out of the USA in 1755. Yessss The FCC what is it doing drafting Trade Agreements when the agreements are suppose to be Neutral and unbias.

  • Bashar Shamaa
    Bashar Shamaa Year ago

    I need to add Arabic translation script on the speech "I have a dream".
    Could I copy video and upload it on my channel with Arabic translation subtitle, and in the description of the video I will inform viewers that it your video is the original, or in other words in description I will clearly refer to your original video or write what you want!
    If not possible and there is any other way to add Arabic translation please inform me

  • Cretium
    Cretium 3 years ago

    For the people who don't live in the US, THEY SPY EVERYWHERE, you're not save! It's important to get back our privace before anyone in a government could abuse it.

    • Eric Brian Breheny
      Eric Brian Breheny Month ago

      Sadly Internet Neutrality is being abused by the big corps Multimedia, just today another of my pictures I copied off an free Public Website after I edited the anime picture was STOLEN OFF MY COMPUTER BY MICROSOFT AND VERSON because I am using their Movie Maker! They want to know my content of my video AMVs I am making so they might get bribe money from me! That Pisses me off to no end.

  • luke thomas
    luke thomas 3 years ago

    how about this, let's stop using the internet and rebuild a better one not based off of the government. it's a great idea because with modern technology it would be very possible and easy if enough people helped and joined in.

    • Eric Brian Breheny
      Eric Brian Breheny Month ago

      I agree but sadly the intermet multimedia corporations might jail us for COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IF we pirated an new internet system.

  • Begoña Garcia Romo
    Begoña Garcia Romo 4 years ago

    muy bueno pero fasebook dice que no soy yo tengo meses de querer entrar ellos ponen muchas trabas y ustedes nos mandan con ellos mejor por Google gracias