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Thomas Sanders

My Personality Q&A
5 months ago

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  • L Vazquez
    L Vazquez 8 hours ago

    Ok...... now I almost NEVER tell anyone this, let alone somebody who doesn't know me, but..... I love you Thomas! (In a family kind of way ) I am depressed, and you are literally sunshine to my black parade. You make me happy when I'm feeling like crap. ( AKA all the time. ) You have helped so many people, and saved lives. We ALL love, and cherish you so much. Keep up your FANTASTIC work. - Lisi

    • L Vazquez
      L Vazquez 8 hours ago

      Please like this so Thomas can see please!

  • Mr PowerTime
    Mr PowerTime 10 hours ago

    100 subs for no reason

  • ToaskY
    ToaskY 4 days ago

    IM SO SAD.. I've been planning a visit to New York since February to see Cats, and I'm leaving on the day of the meet thing.. right after lunch. THE PLACE I'M STAYING IS A 12 MINUTE WALK AWAY FROM THE MEET. IT'S AT A RELATIVES HOUSE. I DID NOT PLAN THIS. BUT I WAS SO CLOSE. and I dont have a ticket anyways

  • Luke Likes To Sleep

    You are my sisters favorite Viner, thank you for entertaining her.

  • T Fizzle
    T Fizzle 10 days ago

    Since my notifications are like tree hours slow, I have no choice but to sit on my bed and refresh the page every ten seconds so I can get the newest video as fast as virtually possible. no-mattter-how-long-it-takes.....

  • Fox Fire
    Fox Fire 10 days ago

    Hey has anyone seen the Thomas Sanders personalities animations? I really want to watch Thomas react to them.

  • Heavy Sixty Four
    Heavy Sixty Four 11 days ago

    I just rewatched "Growing Up" and now I want to see how "Patoncake" is played... Can you make a short or something about it? Also I wanted to say thank you for making these videos, that includes Joan and Talyn. You are one of the few sources I go to when life is tough.

  • Super Samepus
    Super Samepus 11 days ago

    wait tomas are you gay

  • LuKy_Icced
    LuKy_Icced 12 days ago

    Hey im new to YouTube can anyone help me on how to get subscribers?

  • Read more
    Read more 12 days ago

    You need to make Steven Universe videos! I would love to hear your opinions and theory's about the show!!!

  • princess sings LIKE A BAWSE

    Hi guys, gals and non binary pals!!!! :) <3

  • Vienna Hammon
    Vienna Hammon 13 days ago

    Thomas are you gay sorry i HAVE to know?

  • Vienna Hammon
    Vienna Hammon 13 days ago

    Thomas are u gay..dorry i havr to know.?

  • Watermelon Gaming
    Watermelon Gaming 13 days ago

    Does anyone else ship Roman and Virgil and also Patton and Virgil?

  • Sofia Soto
    Sofia Soto 14 days ago

    You should make another react video, but react to your video comments

  • Peppermint The Angel Dragon

    I really want to follow your Spotify but I don't know your page name. Please help me out?? ;^;

  • Izzy La Croix
    Izzy La Croix 16 days ago

    Hi Thomas. I was wondering if you were still doing QnAs, and if you are, heres my question:
    How do you not get stage fright when your doing a funny vid. By that, I mean, whenever i try to shoot a funny video, halfway through theres always that nagging feeling that says "this is stupid" or "people are gonna think your a weirdo". Have you ever had this before? And if yes, how do you overcome it or ignore it.

  • Josette Hauser
    Josette Hauser 16 days ago

    You need to see this animationACCEPTING ANXIETY ANIMATED : Thomas SandersBy colorful-unknown  they are awesome

  • YonderSpaceKing
    YonderSpaceKing 16 days ago

    Hi..... :|

  • KittenSneeze
    KittenSneeze 17 days ago

    Nobody knows this still exists - shhhh.

  • Artemis Goddess
    Artemis Goddess 17 days ago

    Also what state do you live in. Your videos are centered around one room but often to elsewhere. So where do your roots lay

  • Artemis Goddess
    Artemis Goddess 17 days ago

    So I'm confused. I love love love your vids but I'm still confused and there is nothing wrong with this people can do what they want to but are you gay or just really supportive of the idea of people being gay. Again there is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian or identifying as an attack helicopter I just want to know. R U GAY OR NO

  • roblox noob gamer yt

    love ur vids

  • Geeky Girl Gaming
    Geeky Girl Gaming 18 days ago

    Congrats on hitting 2 million Thomas! We love you and we always will!

  • Lucy Foster
    Lucy Foster 19 days ago

    Good voice!

  • Cynda Lee
    Cynda Lee 19 days ago


  • jesusmysavior911
    jesusmysavior911 19 days ago

    Hey! Do you think you could ever make a vlog over being a chemical engineer? I knew you must have had a day job or something, but now that I'm thinking about it, it s a good mix between curiosity and logic, huh?

  • Dogsrule580
    Dogsrule580 20 days ago

    Hello I just fell in love with you! :) Have a nice day!

  • NightmareFredBear ZeGeek


  • NightmareFredBear ZeGeek

    Post Vote Thomas sanders for president there

  • NightmareFredBear ZeGeek


  • NightmareFredBear ZeGeek


  • NightmareFredBear ZeGeek

    Thomas Why Am I Not Seeing new Vines I NEED MY VINE POWER AND MY VINE PUMP UP And Im Jason Hinson And Im 11

  • IronWarrior Hybrid
    IronWarrior Hybrid 23 days ago

    "I am bitterly Jittery, and not very Glittery."-Roman\Princey

    One of my favorite lines

  • DieSinging
    DieSinging 24 days ago

    I would like to request one (1) video of Patton playing Dream Daddy, should you ever have the time, please.

  • Sofia Soto
    Sofia Soto 25 days ago

    We need to make Thomas a Disney prince

  • Lizzy Evans
    Lizzy Evans 25 days ago

    hey Thomas i love love love love the song you posted 'Things we used to share' i was wondering if you could tell me where i can buy the song.......please and thank you

  • Ben Morgan
    Ben Morgan 25 days ago

    Hi Tom, I am writing a blog for my own blog site about youtube some point this week about my favourite youtubers... and wondered if i could use you as one of them. Thank you :)

  • Joshua Bohn
    Joshua Bohn 27 days ago

    hey Thomas how would someone 'come out of the closet.' Would you just not say until they ask or would you tell them as soon as possible. I'd really enjoy your advice.

  • Fern Green
    Fern Green 28 days ago

    Thomas. You have been such an inspiration to me in everything I do, and you help me get through each and every day. You gave me reasons to smile, and helped me be more sure of who I am. You gave me the courage to express my feelings, and showed me that I don't have to be a carbon copy of everyone else for someone to like me. You showed me I can be anything I want, like anyone I want, and do anything I wish. You showed me how to deal with my anxiety and ADD, and how to accept that. I just can't thank you enough. I love you. I love you so much. You are my reason to smile. Thank you for all that you do for me and the world. You, Joan and Talyn have truly showed me that if I don't want to be a girl, I don't have to. You gave me the dive to follow my dreams, and I truly thank you for it. I love you.

  • NerdHerd
    NerdHerd 28 days ago

    Hey Tomas, I was just wondering, have you ever considered doing a collab with Grace Vanderwaal?

  • hayden philyaw
    hayden philyaw 28 days ago

    Hey Thomas can you do a reaction video on Darci Lynne: 12-Year-Old Singing Ventriloquist Gets Golden Buzzer - America's Got Talent 2017

  • Alexis Meyerson
    Alexis Meyerson 29 days ago

    do you like doctor who?

  • Zane Man
    Zane Man 29 days ago

    post a video Thomas I am begin you

  • QueenYuki101
    QueenYuki101 Month ago

    Hey man, saw your cover of "Waving Through A Window" with two other awesome peeps and I just gotta say you guys sound wonderful. And well, on behalf of your fans, I'd like to ask if you'll cover "Sincerely Me" too because I think you'll sound awesome in it too

  • Hana Banana
    Hana Banana Month ago

    Thomas... you are too precious for this world- I'm not even joking, I love you and the big Fander Family, whenever I'm sad I know that I can come to your channel because just your smile can light up my whole world. Have a nice day/night whenever you're reading this ›3

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn Month ago

    How do I send you my fan art Thomas I have so much but don't know where to send it

  • Anxiety Sanders -MyChemicallyImbalancedRomance

    im too hype forthe next sander sides- i want anxiety back. i cant even sleep knowing hes currently gone

  • Lilly Fox
    Lilly Fox Month ago

    Pathos, logos, and ethos, Pathos is emotion and values, Logos is logic and reason, ethos distrust and credibility.
    Anxiety=ethos=ethan, or something else with ethos
    These words are methods of persuasion, the personalities are persuading Thomas in his every day life
    Maybe ethan is Anxietys name??

  • Karl Jacobus
    Karl Jacobus Month ago

    are you gay thomas

    • Falling Ashes
      Falling Ashes 22 days ago

      He is gay, yes

    • Calvin Cusack
      Calvin Cusack Month ago

      He has mentioned being attracted to guys, so he is at least gay if not bi, pan, etc.

    • Lilly Fox
      Lilly Fox Month ago

      He is fluid with his sexuality I believe

  • Mahzabin Rahman
    Mahzabin Rahman Month ago

    Hi my name is Mahzabin Rahman and I am 12 years old I first got to see you on vine and now I'm still watching you here and on Instagram and musically you are my idol I loved your work in 2013 and I still love your work now in 2017 I hope you get to see this and know how much me and a bunch of other people appreciate you and your work and if you're reading this thank you for all the amazing things that you've shown online

  • Mahzabin Rahman
    Mahzabin Rahman Month ago

    Hi my name is Mahzabin Rahman and I'm 12 years old and I Love all your videos I follow you on Instagram and on musically you're one of my idols and I really love your work if you ever ran for president then you know who I would vote for if I was 18.

  • Elizabeth McEvoy
    Elizabeth McEvoy Month ago

    Keep up the great work Thomas!
    Ps: love your videos about your personality they are my favorite ❤️ though princy and Anxiety are my favorites ;3 ❤️ #Anxiety #Creativity

  • Kieran Ulbee
    Kieran Ulbee Month ago

    i just watched your Google guess video and you should do Google feud it is an online thing that is kind of like your google guess game

  • JJtronlady
    JJtronlady Month ago

    Hi Thomas. On your latest video, someone posing as you was trying to scam people with 'free' gift cards. I've reported them, and I don't know if you've seen it yet, but I think you might want to report the fake too. I think that might carry more weight to the people who do quality control for YouTube than me or any of your other fanders reporting it. I'm so sorry this happened. I'm probably not the first person to report them, so hopefully, this problem will be solved before you need to do anything about it. Have a good night.

  • Soul Pig
    Soul Pig Month ago

    THE GIANT SANDERS' SIDES VIDEO IS COMING OUT TODAY AND I'M EXTREMELY EXCITED! His tweet *(on July 6th)* said something like, "I'll be posting a comp tomorrow and a Sanders' Sides on Monday," and it took me AGES to figure out that the 6th was a Thursday and Monday is TODAY! Idk why I didn't realize that. XP Have a wonderful day, scrolling people!

  • Emma Caparoon
    Emma Caparoon Month ago

    I hope that Thomas does another Yuri on Ice watch-along. I want to see his face when, shall we say, "it gets gayer".

  • Sad Pidgeon
    Sad Pidgeon Month ago

    Ahh you're so close to 2Mil!!! Hype! I'm so excited about that because you deserve it.

  • Purple Kunai
    Purple Kunai Month ago

    So, I see you were on an episode of a tv show, one that starts with a B and ends with an izaardvark

  • Cherry Venal
    Cherry Venal Month ago

    Thomas needs to make cover videos. He did a cover of "He's a Tramp" on instagram and I died.

  • Efsumi Panda
    Efsumi Panda Month ago

    Please consider making a talk video for Diabetes Awareness Month (I think it's November). There are so many misconceptions that make (an already difficult) life harder because people aren't aware. I've practically lived my whole life with Type 1 diabetes and I'd love to share some of my experiences if you'd like to message me. Just think about it. It is important.

  • Grace West
    Grace West Month ago

    hey thomas, whenever possible, make another sandersides video please? we love you!

  • Athon Killer
    Athon Killer Month ago

    Thomas-> Have you considered playing a combat oriented game? or maybe a game with great stories and adventures like in skyrim or mass effect (they just draw you into their worlds with their characters) . I don't know if this would put you out of your comfort zone but it might be fun to see you running across the a field while being chased by a giant. If you do choose to play a game like that I think you would enjoy the roleplaying behind the action. Good luck and may Fyrri guide you

    "Lle naa y' me'a a' nir', natula i' anar" Elvish (tolkin) Try and translate this and if you do, could you please put it into your video, thank you, really

  • Aoi Akuma
    Aoi Akuma Month ago

    Hey Thomas, you probably get this a lot but imma say it anyway
    on your Pokemon Prank (Vapereon) I checked to make sure Vaporeon can learn Mist and to my surprise it can't
    it was programmed into Pokemon Yellow to learn Mist as well as Haze at Lvl 42 but since Pokemon cant learn two moves with one level up Vaporeon only learns Haze. In later installments Vaporeon is never seen with the move Mist via Level up or TM.


    • Aoi Akuma
      Aoi Akuma Month ago

      the only way for Vaporeon to learn Mist is Via Red, Blue and Green.
      But as to which I don't know with you were going off those games or off of something else, but as for right now it's just a fun fact.

      As for the Muk Pokemon Prank
      Stench is not a move, it's an ability. Just in case you dint know that.
      Still love your Vines/Videos

      and singing voice.

  • AliceInsane21
    AliceInsane21 Month ago

    Hi there,

    This is urgent. FCC Chair – and former Verizon lawyer – Ajit Pai declared war on the Internet as we know it with his plan to kill net neutrality rules.

    I just submitted a comment to the FCC to protect a free and open Internet by REJECTING Pai's plan to kill net neutrality.

    Could you add your name, too?

  • DudleDude Guugles

    i like ur voice

  • DudleDude Guugles

    i like ur voice

  • matt mammone
    matt mammone Month ago

    You are a comic Mesmer...and a cutie!

  • Silver Fox Studios

    Why have I not subscribed yet? I mean seriously!!! You're such a fabulous person!!! WHY DO I ALEAYS FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO ALL THESE FABULOUS PEOPLE?! Anyways HI THOMAS!

  • Shawnee Staton
    Shawnee Staton Month ago

    Thomas I have a serious question but I don't wanna come off rude. But are you Bisexaul, Gay, or Straight or Pansexaul? I just really curious

  • cat
    cat Month ago

    kinda want Thomas's friends to have their own channels

  • Kaiama Verdis
    Kaiama Verdis Month ago

    Hello. I just have a simple question as well as a typical love for what you do and the videos about things like PRIDE and being happy. If you were ever given the option to do so, would you play as Evan Hansen? Just curious because you seem like someone who would be great at it. :) That's all, have a nice day.

  • SmiIey Face
    SmiIey Face Month ago

    SO CLOSE TO 2M! :D

  • Iker Mauro De Anda

    make the original netflix chalennge

  • JohnnyArk SayianD3w

    hey thomas why did you ever stop making videos?

  • Musical Potato
    Musical Potato Month ago

    Could you pray for me Thomas

  • chelsey morman
    chelsey morman 2 months ago

    Thomas your anxiety character should be named Alex. I'm not sure why. It just...fits him.

  • Emma Katz
    Emma Katz 2 months ago

    Does anyone know how to offer to be a caption author? Like is there a way to do that? Love you Thomas! :)

  • Renee Scott
    Renee Scott 2 months ago

    I know I'm probably never gonna get read or noticed. But I wanted to leave something here💕I'm 16 and agender, like Joan I use they/them pronouns. Anyway, I'm pansexual, but I lean towards girls. I'm still figuring stuff out, but I just wanted to leave this here.I have very homophobic parents. They are Christian and very strict. They have told me repeatedly that if I was 'gay' I would be cut off, and I think they believe being Transgender is bullshit. It's exhausting and I'm very unsafe, and have been closeted in Christian only areas has just expanded my loneliness. I'd like to say that your videos are very inspiring and meaningful to me, and are a constant reminder that I need to keep working towards celebrating myself.Happy pride month, Thomas! 🏳️‍🌈

  • VargusShowdown337
    VargusShowdown337 2 months ago

    Hey Thomas I'm going to Florida Miami soon and i just realized you live there so shout out to you when i get there? I guess never went into a discussion before so this is discussion so yeah.

  • Gerard Sta Maria/Terumi 310

    I just subscribed to your channel you're completely hilarious. You're the best Viner besides Lance Stewart.

  • Kixi Echo
    Kixi Echo 2 months ago

    Hello Thomas! My nickname is Kixi but I do not want to share my real name. I love your videos and they make me smile, if I had to look up to someone, by force or not, I would choose you. Everyday you are making people smile and you don't even know it! Having that power is outstanding! All over the world people enjoy and adore your videos, you are very lucky for that! Also your friends are the best, adding them in some of your videos is like give a delicious chocolate cake the frosting it needs! I would like to meet you one day, although I live in Arizona and you live in Florida(I think), so that isn't really possible. I am turning thirteen soon and my birthday wish is to meet you and all of your wonderful friends! I am not saying you are perfect, because in reality no one is, but people can be great, and you are! All you do is be yourself and that's all you need to have so many people love you! I have read some mean comments on some of the vines you do, no matter what, just be yourself and go for it!!! There is a whole galaxy and there is a place for all of us! If you ever feel let down or losing hope in something, then of the joy and comedy you bring to others! Knowing you are doing good for others will make you feel good! Don't ever forget you have SO much talent! I bet if you ever read this you will be thinking that I am over exaggerating, but there are so many good qualities of you that you can't wrap your mind around it! Please, don't lose hope in anything and be who you are and others will acknowledge that. Shine on!😊From someone who loves,Kixi👍🏻

  • Caleb Boland
    Caleb Boland 2 months ago

    Thomas I'm a massive fan I've been watching you videos since 2013

  • Avery Coker
    Avery Coker 2 months ago

    Hello Thomas Sander, my name is Avery Coker and I just needed to say that you inspire me to be my best, to show people how beautiful I am, but I still feel insecure. People always seem like there is something wrong with me and I know it's is nothin wrong it's just different. I just think people have a big impact on me, so when people tell they don't like something, I change it to make it look good for that person. I just feel like I always have to be somethin for people. So, keep doing what you do to help people like me. And again you are an inspiring guy, so keep your personality the way it is. :)

  • Pamalla Dipasqua
    Pamalla Dipasqua 2 months ago

    hi Thomas, I am now a high school graduate. it is very exciting, but I have had to say goodbye to my drama family. I have worked with these other kids for 4 years now. some shows I have done with them are, Into The Woods, Much ado about Nothing, Oklahoma, and my last big show was Godspell. for the first three I was background characters for the last I was the stage manager. they have become my family, I miss them dearly already. It was a lot of work, and I bet you understand how hard it is to leave a cast. they always become your family. I love everything you create, and I hope someday we could be on the stage or the set together. you are so talented, and thank you for always making me smile :)

  • Carlynn Ducena
    Carlynn Ducena 2 months ago

    ALEXANDER HAMILTON (i had too)

  • Sarah Roach
    Sarah Roach 2 months ago

    HEY THOMAS!!!! What's your favorite book/book series? Mine is the Hobbit.

  • tianshui long
    tianshui long 2 months ago

    Super like your video!!!!your now fans ,from China!~

  • Mikelle Mefford
    Mikelle Mefford 2 months ago

    Hi Thomas! I don't know if you'll get this, but in case you do I have something to tell you. I had an essay to write for science, but I lost pretty much everything I was supposed to base this essay on. So, after a while of thinking, I remembered your videos with your personalities, and thought that was pretty cool. So I kind of did a thing like that with my essay: Thanks for being such an amazing person, and for helping me with my essay! ;) <3

  • Pow pow Powerfly
    Pow pow Powerfly 2 months ago

    Thomas, From your most recent video i just found out, you know about mine craft xD, so think it would be an amazing idea if you did like, a "Thomas plays mine craft" or "Thomas reacts to mine craft" Sort of things, cause you are one of the youtubers I would love to see play that game!

  • Matthew Youngblood
    Matthew Youngblood 2 months ago

    Thomas You Might Not See This but I've been a Fan Since 2013 Your Videos Have Made Me Smile and Laugh For Years My Girlfriend Recently Left Me and It's Been Hard to Live Recentley but Your Videos Have Made Me Smile and Happy Again I Love You Thomas Keep Doing Amazing Things and Making Many People Happy We Love You
    Sincerley Matthew

  • LaryBary58
    LaryBary58 2 months ago

    Does Thomas have a P.O box?

  • marshmallowkittens
    marshmallowkittens 2 months ago

    Thomas, you are a literal sunshine and you make me happy when I'm down. Love ya king ♥

  • The Diamond King 25
    The Diamond King 25 2 months ago

    does thomas have a boyfriend/husband

  • Ariel Paquette
    Ariel Paquette 2 months ago

    Hi Thomas, my name is Ariel and I'm just obsessed with your videos . I've watched them hundreds of times. I'm even getting a phone case with you on it and a t shirt . Your just the drive in me. I hope one day we could meet in person . I love you Thomas, u make us smile all the time ❤😊😀😃

  • queennikitakinroff
    queennikitakinroff 2 months ago

    does anyone else think thomas should sing more often?? he has an AMAZING voice

  • Kawaii potato
    Kawaii potato 2 months ago

    have you ever thought about teaming up with tobuscus

  • Angelina Nichols
    Angelina Nichols 3 months ago

    I have made a discovery about anxiety and his name: Anxiety is always the person to rethink things and make people stressed about things and become undecided, Right? ANXIETY DOES NOT HAVE A NAME BECAUSE HE IS GOING THROUGH THE SAME CHALLENGES WE ARE! THEREFOR, HE IS UNDECIDED TO WHAT HIS NAME SHOULD BE/ OR TO TELL THE PUBLIC BECAUSE HE HIMSELF WILL GO THROUGH THE ENTIRE PROCESS OF ANXIETY HIMSELF! so we shouldn't put as much pressure on anxiety, we all know what it's like to go through anxiety, and as anxiety himself, he is constantly going through that process himself, so maybe he just needs a little bit of space like we do sometimes, and all will be revealed when he feels ready

  • Michaela Bidon
    Michaela Bidon 3 months ago

    Yo, i would like to give you a question for one of your q- thomas answers but i dont have a twitter or a snapchat... thats how socially deprived i am!!! Yaayyy!?!?!? Anywho, heres the question: im was planning on audtioning for Heathers in the future (preferrably wants the parts of Veronica Sawyer or Heather Macanara) But heres the sitch'- Im kind of squeamish about preforming the whole sexual stuff-. But it is not worth missing the opportunity of being in Heathers. Since you have been in it before, do you have any tips for getting used to preforming the kinkiest but best and most relatable musical on the freakin planet???

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