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Meanwhile 4?
6 days ago
Last Week I Died
4 months ago

Comments: 99

    GIGGLR 4 days ago

    I didn't choose the comment life, the comment life chose me

  • TwinklyLucasK
    TwinklyLucasK 3 months ago

    ASDF : Hi welcome to standing up school
    well we all failed

  • MrMilktray Man
    MrMilktray Man 3 months ago

    Screw it. I subscriberd to your Tumblr and both your channels.

  • CinemaSinsSins
    CinemaSinsSins 3 months ago

    where is last week ARE YOU OK?

  • WolfPack
    WolfPack 3 months ago

    Right, Tom, Serious For A Minute, *sighs*
    WHERE THE F IS LAST WEEK!!! :D hope its out soon lots of love!!!

  • Zouid_beris
    Zouid_beris 4 months ago

    (()` ``)\))),,_
    | \ ''((\)))),,_ ____
    |6` | ''((\())) "-.____.-" `-.-,
    | .'\ ''))))' \)))
    | | `. '' ((((
    \, _) \/ |))))
    `' | (((((
    \ | ))))))
    `| | ,\ /((((((
    | / `-.______.< \ | )))))
    | | / `. \ \ ((((
    | / \ | `.\ | (((
    \ | | | )| | ))
    | | | | || | '
    | | | | || |
    | | | | || | Blorp Blorp Im A Horse Said Blorp Blorp Im A Horse

  • Jack Stafford
    Jack Stafford 4 months ago

    can i ask why only some videos have subtitles or captions and the others dont? would be handy if they all did.

  • cloneza
    cloneza 4 months ago

    As I'm commenting this, this channel currently has 666,666 thousand subscribers.

  • TEZ Videos 33
    TEZ Videos 33 4 months ago

    Does anyone even look in here?

  • Alexandria Fawcett
    Alexandria Fawcett 4 months ago

    Were is last week? why r u a suk?

  • Hario338
    Hario338 4 months ago

    Toooom... Where's last week? it's 10 pm on monday! TOM ARE YOU SLACKING? TOM? TOOOOOOM!? *TOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!*

  • Alex Marquez Arizmendi

    dear tom,¿you miss your friend,edd?

  • DartDodger86
    DartDodger86 4 months ago

    hey tom, just got finished watching eddsworld a few days after you uploaded asdfmovie10, i love eddsworld AND you now, i hope tord is doing well... i dont want any fucking comments related to tord you internet trolls, im feel SYMPATHETIC for tord, unlike some dickheads in the fandom.

  • SeanYBoyxXHD
    SeanYBoyxXHD 4 months ago

    just so you no, someone streaming "beep beep I'm a sheep" forever. how do you feel?

  • ZwielichtsKatze
    ZwielichtsKatze 4 months ago

    Hey Tom,
    i really want to send you something, but i cant find the address where to send it?
    Can someone help me please?

  • Лесни пари от интернет с надомна работа онлайн

    My fingers are crossed for you reaching the million subscribers soon.

  • Imaginarysmasher
    Imaginarysmasher 4 months ago


  • Leukemia Skywalker
    Leukemia Skywalker 5 months ago

    Hey where is Last week 3/13-3/19?

  • Georgie
    Georgie 5 months ago

    maybe last week isn't out because tom is technically dead , he died today according to some website maybe it was Wikipedia idk

  • The Reference Guy
    The Reference Guy 5 months ago

    I want to hug you.

  • WolfPack
    WolfPack 5 months ago

    last week maybe ples, is not vewy nice??!!

  • Grumzz
    Grumzz 5 months ago

    My standing desk has become a dancing desk because I watched your 10 favourite albums video .. Streetlight Manifesto is awesome! <3

  • Somes Ones
    Somes Ones 5 months ago

    Is Robot Wars season 9 really starting March 5th ? :D

  • Connor8898
    Connor8898 5 months ago

    Hey Tom, can you tell me when are you uploading the last Scrap'd Week video?

  • acegammer5
    acegammer5 5 months ago

    Congrats! Dorkly thinks you're an animator!

  • Dachnaa
    Dachnaa 6 months ago

    Hello I just watched your video about your favorite movies (1 year ago tho) and if you really like watching movies i suggest you : Little Miss Sunshine.
    I don"t really know why I am saying this here, and I m not even sure that you gonna read this...But this movie is pure gold and because I really like your work, I wanted to share that with you.

  • Muddii
    Muddii 6 months ago

    Hey,tom! steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=861322206&fileuploadsuccess=1 Fanart!

  • Jahremz
    Jahremz 6 months ago

    Was a commentary for "Why I'm fat" video, wanted to make sure you receive it:

    I feel sorry for the personnal trainer who has not the intelligence to tell you: "I'm not the one who can help you"
    Two things: body and mind are one. And "Mankind Project". Helped a lot of men and was one of the greatest experience of all my life (so far), happened 3 month ago and lots of things are still moving inside. Change is slow but fuck! it worth it!
    Take care man.

  • Cakey Champion
    Cakey Champion 6 months ago

    ToM iS iN tHe sAmE STaTe aS mE *externally screeching*

  • John Scally
    John Scally 7 months ago

    i crown thee ozybantias, lad of lads

  • Dr.Peppers Geronimo
    Dr.Peppers Geronimo 7 months ago

    This is a random question, but can you please make a video on how to receive your YouTube money through PayPal services.

  • bob bob the bob
    bob bob the bob 7 months ago

    you are brave and strong admitting weakness or in fact anything to hundreds of thousands of strangers is a feat in and of itself some people let it destroy them but your better then that just remember

  • Daniel Copage
    Daniel Copage 7 months ago

    Yo wuddd up, I am cool kid. Love your work btw

  • Catulaster
    Catulaster 7 months ago

    hey, you don't need to update I understand how you've been struggling and honestly please don't push yourself, you're gonna be ok things will get better.As one of your fans, I want to support you not rush or push you. Thomas, you are creative, smart, Inspiring and honestly a wonderful person despite what you've been through.All I ask is that we don't lose you, too many creators die young and we can't afford to lose you too. Eddsworld was one of the things that held me through my years and I have so much to thank you for, I know you plan on leaving but any help, is help and maybe if you have some of that good ol tom power, you could do it. I believe in you.

  • Multi Trash
    Multi Trash 8 months ago

    u ded?

  • ATMurdoch97
    ATMurdoch97 8 months ago

    Thought I might finally be experiencing that thing everyone is talking about, where you don't receive notifications of your subscriptions. But no, there's...there just isn't a Last Week out yet. Waiting on you, Thomas - how else am I meant to live my life vicariously through a chunky manchild if you don't upload for me? :(

  • Addison Carslake
    Addison Carslake 8 months ago

    can you release the new last week now? im sad and i am in need of cheering up

  • Ky le
    Ky le 8 months ago

    fam. where is dis last week????????????????/

  • Der Fuchsbaron
    Der Fuchsbaron 8 months ago

    I know this might be stupid but where can I find an adress to send him fan mail?

  • WolfPack
    WolfPack 8 months ago

    And Last week Is Late Again, Hope Your Okay Tom, Look Forward To Watching!!!

  • Ruby Gee
    Ruby Gee 8 months ago

    Does Tom have that Zoella thing because he actually likes her or is he poking the stick at her? After watching all these Find Zoella-s i looked her up and to my dismay she seemingly has no talent or trick or anything, is she just a girly vlogger type person orrrr??
    Dont hate me, im just really confused and kind of annoyed.

  • Taylor Davis
    Taylor Davis 9 months ago

    Hope you're okay! No Last Week yet, look forward to them every week, please know your effort is appreciated!!!

  • Organized Scribble
    Organized Scribble 9 months ago

    Before you read this, this is postive!!!
    I saw your "The 7 Flaws of TomSka"
    Your really brave for doing that, I would never have to guts to say my true self in face. Well you were in a camera but still.

  • BlizzardWolf
    BlizzardWolf 9 months ago

    Cant wait for Tomska reaction to Trump

  • lionkingistheshit
    lionkingistheshit 9 months ago

    Tom, Tom, where are you, I want a new video, I miss you :(

  • Ratchetrpg01
    Ratchetrpg01 9 months ago

    Uh, not to be an asshole, but can you update the "Last Week" playlist? I want to binge watch it in order.

  • Dan Gomez
    Dan Gomez 9 months ago

    Whats the link to the recorder song by MCR in the latest week i really want to find it

    • mikncheese
      mikncheese 8 months ago

      its a youtube channel called shittyflute :)

  • Stephen Sanchez
    Stephen Sanchez 9 months ago

    Was Tom part of the HTC game "Accounting" because the phone guy sounds exactly like Tom? wth!

  • Tha Botmon
    Tha Botmon 10 months ago

    What happened to your "Fat loser" videos the last one was 5 months ago ?

  • Second Planet
    Second Planet 10 months ago


  • University Moose
    University Moose 10 months ago

    Hey does any body use this?

  • Alexa Yagami
    Alexa Yagami 10 months ago

    I freaking love you
    We all love you

    don't belittle yourself and make me cry
    you are a wonderful person, smart and very funny
    you are unique and I will support you all I can


  • Hiding in the shadows of the unknown

    Hi Tom. I'm just won't to let you know that you're funny . I love every video you make you and three other people have motivated me to keep living I know that sounds bad but I've been build by some people . Because of you I stopped carrying what they say so . We all love you Tom even your flaws

  • Erinand Loescher
    Erinand Loescher 10 months ago

    Dude, last video I sense you better, not only slim but with a little glow. I really hope you're doing fine. Let the past go away, you will grow a nice wisdom mustache with time and your amazing work. :)

  • Arbolito
    Arbolito 11 months ago

    HEY TOM!! im just a random fan, hope you are ok! ^^ you are an awesome youtuber man!! and i can tell, for your laste week videos, you are an awesome person too, yeah i am maybe just a random guy but man you make me smile and i just want to say thanks Tom!! to share, to make awesome stuff and thanks to be real... im in a rough spot too but i know im not alone.. you are not alone keep making people smile!! saludos de Ecuador!!

  • Shoesinabucket
    Shoesinabucket 11 months ago

    hi tom,, i really hope that you are okay I really really care about you???????????
    like i know im a random stranger but you motivate me to keep living and i love pretty much everything you do!!
    ok bye im really bad at writing comments like this and i have been exhausted because of school ,,,

  • MadGameBoy
    MadGameBoy 11 months ago

    I made a response to your recent 'Last Week' video. please take a look, if nothing else.

  • Tegnerens TegneBlog
    Tegnerens TegneBlog 11 months ago

    wonder why last week hasnt come out yet, hope everything is okay.

  • Lionlambmeat B
    Lionlambmeat B Year ago

    Hi Tom ( @thetomska ), do you think your style of comedy can be used in a 15 minute film?

    • Lionlambmeat B
      Lionlambmeat B 11 months ago

      Relevance? Or did you just want to comment?

    • Ben B
      Ben B 11 months ago

      You know, a style of comedy isn't really trade marked...

  • Rhys T. Newbert
    Rhys T. Newbert Year ago

    I just wanted you to know that I have always, and will always continue to.....read this channel name as DankSquidge.
    Sincerely yours,
    Some madman on the internet

  • Thalia Bristow
    Thalia Bristow Year ago

    Hi tom, I know you have depression, I do too as well as general/social anxiety, and I was wondering if vlogging helps with that at all? Like keeps you sane so to speak? Your Last Week videos always make me smile and it inspires me to do something similar ^^

  • The Animation Wheel

    You know, i'd be more than happy to animate some stuff for you! :)

  • Bobanoski
    Bobanoski Year ago

    dude look at this, its so cool. someone made an undertale comic of the hole.

  • agentsheep
    agentsheep Year ago


  • Somebody Productive

    Tom, for meat you should eat turkey, it's low in glucids and high in proteins

  • Gay Bart
    Gay Bart Year ago

    were is the new last week?

  • LisaDNAngelfan
    LisaDNAngelfan Year ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIR!! I hope you have a very good day today!

  • Emerald The cat
    Emerald The cat Year ago

    how did you get control of eddsworld? did u always have access?

    • liamcoll1998
      liamcoll1998 Year ago

      Edd's mum give him the details I believe

  • DeadPlay
    DeadPlay Year ago

    Tom, did you really voice act and helped one of the Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared videos?

  • Ben Tan
    Ben Tan Year ago

    I feel like i fall in love

  • niftymoth723
    niftymoth723 Year ago

    My friend, Profplum4, reminds me of you so much!
    Come to think of it, it would make not only his day, but his entire decade to make a collab with his hero!
    How about it, Tom?

  • Kate Sith
    Kate Sith Year ago

    If you would let people contribute captions to your vids, I would be happy to participate. =)

  • Rebellectic
    Rebellectic Year ago

    I just wanted to say that I enjoy watching your videos, but I do have a question. When did you start getting serious about youtube?

  • pineoines backup account

    Tom check the channel Eddsworld

  • Legna15
    Legna15 Year ago

    Tom you're one of the greatest youtubers out there and I just wanted to say thank you!,thank you for helping me get rid of my anxiety.Watching your vids make me seem more cheerful and happy so Iam going to spread my happiness to everyone :) ^u^

    KSSRVEVO Year ago

    You Used To Edit Your Videos. Aren't You Going To Edit Your Upcoming Videos?

  • Alashky IceFangs

    Hi Tom, I wonder if you had an e-mail so I can talk to you with a little privacy, It is really important, btw thank you for what you do, I love every one of your videos, don't ever dare to change a bit!

  • witchingwoolf
    witchingwoolf Year ago

    I just finished watching your video on Sexual Openness. I hope this doesn't feel like I am imposing anything on you in any way, but it seems like you're going through this really transforming life-journey (at least from what I've seen in your recent videos). It seems like you're learning a lot about yourself, exploring who you are as a persons, and just generally becoming more self-aware. Now, while it is not my place to affect the course of that journey, I do wish you the very best. Regardless of what hard truths you come across, what mistakes you make, or what direction you decide to take, I most certainly will support you and remain here, keeping up with your videos (and you as a person). I also want to contribute to this world and make it a better place, and I think it probably starts with introducing empathy into these sorts of spaces. I think, at least traditionally, youtube and other social media networks have come to harbor really harmful and slanderous people, but I'd like to think that we can bring some empathy and human connection into these sorts of communities. So, that tangent aside, I do support you and wish you the very best with your journey, wherever it may go. I'm not sure if that means anything, but it is true all the same. Good luck.

  • Kristenisnotonfire

    Hi Tomska! How are you doing?

  • Bob Bob Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Bob Bob Year ago

    hi tom u are the greatest person i know on youtube u inspire me to be a better cartoonist and u make me feel cool in a way

  • nick
    nick Year ago

    one of my friends saw you at screentest, was really sad I missed you

  • White_Fire
    White_Fire Year ago

    Hey Tom, just wanted to say that I love your videos and I 100% support you on losing weight. I hope that this entire thing works out in the end and you can finally be more productive and be happier. I like your videos and I don't want you to quit so... come on M8, do it.

  • Leanne Campbell
    Leanne Campbell Year ago

    tom why did tord return in the end?

    • six
      six Year ago

      It was symbolic for how Edd's cancer returned and fucked up his life.

  • Poorad
    Poorad Year ago

    Make a Film?

  • megan byrne
    megan byrne Year ago

    i apologize for that. that was ignorant

  • the nerd word
    the nerd word Year ago

    thank you tom for creating eddsworld to be the best to memorise edd

  • |Mc Chappington|

    Tom, i know how you feel (clearly not as severely as you feel, but i can understand). you can't help but see the downside always being able to pull the upside down with it. i can tell that severely makes it hard to even think something good can happen without a downside to follow. (i started crying when i thought of typing this) and sadly, i dont fucking know how to fucking fix this shit, my only defense is that i always make myself happy by saying jokes for no reason, no matter how shit they are. ill say anything that sounded ok in my head and will get pissed if people say im not funny "im not trying to be funny i always do this shit" and i tell myself that aslong as im alive, the only way to be smart is to insult eveone else into being dumber. but after a while, you run out of enemies to insult, so you be a dick to your friends and eventualy you hate yourself, you just called your girlfriend a bitch who cant even make money off of being raped, and you call your self the 30 year old equivilant of stupid, retarded, gay (as an insult for unnatural or some shit) and soon, you do 1 of 3 things, you deal with it untill you die natuaraly, you find ways to change your views and improve your life, or you think of how you soon to be suicide will effect everyone around you and cry yourself out of it. im not gonna even act like what i just typed means shit to you or anyone so.

    Tom, thank you for proving you don't need to cry yourself out of it. you can live your friends and families love until your out of it. i hate myself for writing this, i used to many ,'s and gave up on trying to understand you Tom. im sorry for this trash not making it to the bottom of your trashcan fast enough.

  • bob bob the bob
    bob bob the bob Year ago

    never give up on yourself not your body and the worldly posetions

  • TheEiv
    TheEiv Year ago

    Hey, I just saw your last FAT LOSER video, and you should definetely talk to a doctor and learn some biochemistry.
    About diets, why asking personal trainer, when a doctor is better? The problem is that a p.t. only thinks about losing weight and gaining muscles, so he chooses an iperproteic diet, without considering how much it damages liver and kidneys (just search about urea cycle).

  • luminal squid
    luminal squid Year ago

    Tom I have server depression, social anxiety, suicidal thoughts and suicidal tendency's. I have wanted to talk bout my experiences on line like you but don't know how to get started I just need help to do it. your a insperation m8. thnx

    PIXEL POOTIS Year ago

    Tom update KATATAK and add a sandbox mode!!!!!!!!!

  • Keith Pepperalive

    Hey Tom, I just wanted to say I love Katatak. On Survival Hard I am currently the top survivalist for the SPAS and the Sniper Rifle on the iPhone. I've never been number one in any game until you made this game. Thank you TomSka. I heart you very much.

  • Fire Wolf0
    Fire Wolf0 Year ago

    Bruh, Bruh I been here for ages, Bruh YOU CAN DO IT , come on private bowling ball do it for Hillary!!!!!!

  • Baconist
    Baconist Year ago

    What are or were your religious beliefs? (Even though my YouTube name is The Atheist Brony I will not judge you).

  • MistR
    MistR Year ago

    Isn't it funny that other famous youtubers get messages from fans saying they helped them from suicide and depression, but Tom makes jokes about suicide and had depression and all the fans just laugh along. You inspire me so much and wish I could get away clean like that in real life. Love ya dude

    • Althric
      Althric Year ago

      +MistR What I think is awesome about Tom is how he has all these problems to carry yet he can still actually make said jokes. He doesn't let life kick him in the nuts even when you can see he is genuinely depressed by them.

  • why
    why Year ago


  • Michael Foti
    Michael Foti Year ago

    Hey Tom... When's the next Toms day out coming out?! Just watched all of them n now waiting for the next one :3 Love you buddy!


    i really like both of your channels

  • 593 7
    593 7 Year ago


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