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FX is the flagship general entertainment basic cable channel of FX Networks, a business unit of 21st Century Fox. FX Networks is comprised of FX, FXM and FXX.
Launched in June of 1994, FX is carried in 92 million homes. The diverse schedule features a growing roster of critically-acclaimed and award-winning hit dramas series including The Americans, The Strain and upcoming shows Taboo, Legion and Snowfall; the limited series American Horror Story, Fargo, American Crime Story and the upcoming Trust and Feud. Acclaimed hit comedy series on FX include the award-winning Louie, Archer, Baskets, Better Things and Atlanta.
In 2016, FX received a basic cable record 56 Emmy® Award nominations and a basic cable record 18 wins, including 9 for The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.
FX is the former home of the critically acclaimed and award-winning hit drama series The Shield, Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me, Damages, Sons of Anarchy and Justified. The network’s roster of acquired hit series inc

Comments: 61

  • Dizzy Dezii's Content

    does anyone know why it says that AHS' channel is not available? any one else have that problem?

  • puscaria6
    puscaria6 2 months ago

    eat shit and die you jew pieces of shit

  • Mary Ciccolo
    Mary Ciccolo 3 months ago

    will feud finale be repeated on youtube?

  • Carol Walker
    Carol Walker 4 months ago

    keep fx on my tv best channel ever

  • nicodemus odens Carther

    i dont see white people in your cover image WHERE IS THE DIVERSITY, only black? why im paid to see your channel too, why my people is not included, ARE THIS CHANNEL RACIST? ANTIWHITE?

  • nicodemus odens Carther

    ANTI-AMERICANS TOO. america only for non whites?

  • nicodemus odens Carther

    ANTIWHITE CHANNEL where is the diversity, i only see blacks and blacks and only a very few white people on this channel, im paying to see this, why? im white, why i cant see whites on this channel i paid for, why?

  • Clint Hammer
    Clint Hammer 5 months ago

    Who cares about television? People here sound like it's some big relevant thing. In the United States television is little more than lies. It's not important. Take that picture of the Statue of Liberty off.

  • George D. Sanchez
    George D. Sanchez 5 months ago

    ¿Cuando van a dejar que sus videos se vean fueron de Estados Unidos?

  • Bruno Henrique
    Bruno Henrique 8 months ago

    It would be good for the videos to be released to be watched in Brazil...

  • yutube jode
    yutube jode 10 months ago


  • yutube jode
    yutube jode 10 months ago


  • Сергей МакКенни

    Danger | Legion Season 1 PROMO | FX
    "Пользователь, загрузивший видео, запретил его просмотр в вашей стране."
    По моему попахивает нацизмом...
    Ненавижу нацистов.

  • Mark Plays Smash
    Mark Plays Smash 10 months ago

    well a big FU to you too why cant people in Mexico watch a single video?

  • johnny blaze
    johnny blaze 11 months ago

    lol all the blocked countries complaining

  • Mertcan Cibooğlu
    Mertcan Cibooğlu 11 months ago

    Why are u racist? What happens if i watch your the strain trailers from your channel? Dont be afraid from Turkey or other countries like this, it is just video!

  • StevensonFabian
    StevensonFabian 11 months ago

    Don't u like Belguim or what ? why can't i watch a single video ?

  • kremlingrasso
    kremlingrasso 11 months ago

    what exactly you can possibly gain from my country NOT seeing a trailer? kiss my hairy Hungarian balls

  • Страна Крови

    Hello. Can you please open access for Russia to view The Strain trailers? Thanks.

  • G. Gayle
    G. Gayle Year ago

    FX can you guys please release more Archer stuff it is one of my all time favorite shows please. Like the cast spoke at comic con (Archer Live) and I would have loved to see the entire thing but I cant find it anywhere.

  • Molly M
    Molly M Year ago

    Mind lifting the geoblock on your trailers? Trailers are really just commercials, right? In the UK we have FX (Fox) and they show things like AHS, yet we can't see the trailers for the new series.

    Plus, again, they are commercials being shown on a free service. Missing out on a way to create demand for selling the rights to your content.

  • Harold John Rose

    Will the Strain return to the network and if so when can we expect it?

  • OrbPlasmatic
    OrbPlasmatic Year ago

    Archer promotional videos aren't available in my country? THE USA?

    • OrbPlasmatic
      OrbPlasmatic Year ago

      The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

  • BlackArro Cartoons

    What about the Strain Season 2 on blu ray?

  • MasterOfThings
    MasterOfThings Year ago

    A question for everyone - what is your favorite show on FX.

    • Carla Lussini
      Carla Lussini Year ago

      I don't thing you're getting the vibe of the room, dude! We are here cause we feel discriminated by FX, AND THEY WON'T EVER EVEN GIVE A RESPONSE, so yeah, no, we're not gonna play who loves them most with you. Sorry.


    OJ was found not guilty. Mark Fuhrman was convicted of perjury. Mark Fuhrman lied about where he was at the time of the murders. This should be the focus. Why was Fuhrman asked to have an alibi? To get to the truth about these murders, Fuhrman needs to be the focus of this movie. I have the proof about Fuhrman lying about where he was at the time of the murders

  • Matthew Murdock
    Matthew Murdock Year ago

    there's a few AHS teasers missing :( i'd love to watch 'em

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    Dear FX Management please consider the ways you could PROFIT from making some of your uploads (mostly the trailers, teasers etc., but also the non-content parts of your main web page) available outside the US:
    1. To promote selling your original shows in countries where you already have established commercial distribution for those shows.
    2. To promote that viewers ask local distributors to actually carry your shows in additional countries.
    3. To promote direct-to-consumer distribution of your shows (DVD boxes, digital permanent downloads, digital rentals etc.) Either direct from a subpage of fxnetworks.com or through existing sales channels such as Fox home video, Apple iTunes, Google Play store etc.) in any country where the regular broadcasting rights are not / no longer commercially profitable.
    4. By offering global advertising slots in worldwide Internet-casts of your channel (minus the 3rd party content for which you have only US/CA rights).  Some advertisers will want to send their ads only in the US/CA markets, some globally (like Apple and Samsung), some only outside the US/CA, your ad selling teams can basically slice and dice the slots globally, just as traditional networks slice and dice them across local US affiliate stations.  So when New York viewers see an ad for a New Jersey business and the Miami viewers see an ad for a different business in Ft. Lauderdale,  UK viewers could see an ad for a Scottish business and Luxembourg viewers one for a Belgian business etc.  Seconds later everybody sees an ad for the iPhone 8, then back to the show.

  • Mystical Woman
    Mystical Woman Year ago

    Thank you Kurt Sutter for creating another masterpiece!!! :-)

  • Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers Year ago

    You're are idiots, I can't watch your stuff, I bet you put your channel available only in 'Murica. Scums.

  • NoBoxLimit
    NoBoxLimit Year ago

    make "American Horror Story: Hotel - Hallways" available to watch all over the world you racist pricks

  • marielys bravo
    marielys bravo Year ago

    American Horror Story: Hotel - Hallways

  • Lauren McPants
    Lauren McPants Year ago

    Why can I not watch your videos? Bit unfair for everyone NOT in USA. C'mon!!!!

  • keTsoKuHn
    keTsoKuHn Year ago

    hey, i cant watch ur stuff (Poland)

    "Przesyłający nie udostępnił tego filmu w Twoim kraju."

  • Ts Morgan
    Ts Morgan Year ago

    შენ შიგ ხო არა გაქვს!!!  რატომ არ შეუძლია ქართველებს ვიდეოს ყურება???

  • alch3myau
    alch3myau 2 years ago

    How scummy do you have to be to restrict a tribute video for George Coe to countries that are not 'murica? .. Guess I will just wait for the torrent.

  • FrozenEternity
    FrozenEternity 2 years ago

    Can't watch the Fargo trailer :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
    Why you hate non- USA people???????

  • Marylou Ramirez
    Marylou Ramirez 2 years ago

    i watched the season 2 tyrant trailer and I cant wait to see it. who sings the song in the trailer though? I like it

  • thedementation666
    thedementation666 2 years ago

    Really ? You cunts dont even allow your trailers to be shown in other countries ?
    Wouldnt it be smart to show where people could go to buy the season ?
    No because youre fuckwits who are greedy cunts who then wonder why everyone torrents movies.

  • Dan Alfaro
    Dan Alfaro 2 years ago

    If FX bans Europe, Europe bans FX. I´m going to block this channel right now

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 2 years ago

    Why aren't your video clips available in the UK?

  • bored1ca
    bored1ca 2 years ago

    Do you people at Fox even read these comments? A lot of people who ain't American would like to why we can't see the videos you post here. Too much Yankee ignorance I'm guessing...

  • Shanthini Mahendran
    Shanthini Mahendran 2 years ago

    Why are the Archer youtube clips not made available for people from other countries to watch??? Please fix this! Archer has fans from all over the world, not just the USA!!!! 

  • Boris Müller
    Boris Müller 2 years ago

    Ok which country is FX available in? Because it's not any I know of.

  • Angela Lovell
    Angela Lovell 2 years ago

    Okay, in the vein of all the top comments I'm seeing, I'll try and put the same thing across in a different way. AMH is amazing. Everyone involved in its creation should be proud and your audience loves you for it. Freak Show has been especially inspiring and close to the bone with the casting of the wonderful Rose Siggins, Mat Fraser and Jyoti Amge. Ma Petite is close to all our hearts. And when we look for extra content, it is for comfort after our Test of Strength. That's why everyone's swearing and upset. Your global audience needs access to these videos. Please. Some may be pirates, but they flout the law in the name of American Horror Story and its sublime artistry, not to hurt FX, the WGA or cast & crew. I'm not blowing smoke. Please take mercy on the creations of your creations. Your work hurt our eyes, we need to balm them with Jyoti's real alive smile. That's all. From me, anyway. Thank you for American Horror Story. Thank you for Freak Show, and all the others. Thank you so much. But yeah, that's why we want to watch your extras. We love what you've made and we hurt with every piece that's chipped away to make the final, terrible and beautiful whole. So thank you and fuck you totally and please please keep going and please let us see Ma Petite laugh again. You made us fall in love, I blame you! Thank you, really.

  • Javier Padilla
    Javier Padilla 2 years ago

    "not available in your country" F*** you! 

  • iwantsquareballoons
    iwantsquareballoons 2 years ago

    "not available in your country". Well f*ck you too then

  • Emi Coronel
    Emi Coronel 2 years ago

    I hate this channel because they banned and prohibited videos for my country and I can't see them. . .

  • krnstc
    krnstc 2 years ago

    Could you possibly make your videos available in other countries??? Like Canada - we are your freakin neighbours our borders kiss all along would it be that hard?? Other shows make their vids avail to all the countries who air your shows

  • Xbox One Scene
    Xbox One Scene 2 years ago

    new freakshow !!!

  • svartlilja
    svartlilja 2 years ago

    Holland is blocked as well!! Thank you for showing your real nature and love to discriminate everyone outside america!

  • Laura M
    Laura M 2 years ago

    Please make the new AHS freakshow two faced teaser available outside the states??? Please???

  • Jason Newman
    Jason Newman 2 years ago

    Through cable tv in Australia I can we Legally watch SOA at 4.30pm WED 10th Sep. With the time difference that is 11.30pm Tues 9th Sep. Why restrict me and others from watching previews?  

  • Cristina Kilmister
    Cristina Kilmister 3 years ago

    make the american horror story trailer for freakshow available in romania please

  • Ludimyla Russo
    Ludimyla Russo 3 years ago

    Hey guys, do you know that you have a bunch of viewers in Brasil that pays lots of money to watch FX? So, why do you restrict the videos just for US? This is so lame and old fashion. C´mon. 

  • Paula Monteiro
    Paula Monteiro 3 years ago

    Please, don't block us (Spain). We also have a right to see the teasers and news of AHS (American Horror Story) So please, unlock us. Thank you!

  • Jon Henry
    Jon Henry 3 years ago

    the worlds going to hell ! nobody seems to care, have knowledge. car tier, piece of tin, refr. door. Alaganie, ohio, 3 river stadium, pittsburge Pa.Sept.1974! remember somethings ! Washington Pa. Dad had money out east.

  • Alex The Kaiser
    Alex The Kaiser 3 years ago

    "the uploader has not made this video available in your country."  You racist, cock sucking basterds. And then you complain that Pirate Bay steals your views.

  • MrNoosphere
    MrNoosphere 3 years ago

    Your trailer for Louie is geo-blocked.

    The TRAILER. 

    What?  The local distributor is going to lose $ because I watched a trailer?

  • SaviOr
    SaviOr 3 years ago

    Hi FX Networks! Thank you for blocking your new releases in my country. This giant, international middlefinger is sure to get you many new friends and viewers!

  • Christopher Croom
    Christopher Croom 3 years ago

    Hi FX Networks, Please upload Nip/Tuck full episodes from 2003-2010, don't stop uploading, keep the videos coming!! Thanks!!

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